Scent Diary: 3.9 – 9.9.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

SO MUCH Fragrance this week. I feel like my mojo came back a bit. Having a week with only a few social engagements meant i had more time to spritz and sniff. Aside from everything you see here as my full body wear fragrances there was always something on the back of my left or right hand. Hella fragrant!

Scent Diary: 3.9 – 9.9.2018

Monday 3:

It’s raining and I’m still a bit sick. Love the rain bit. Jin and I walked the dogs through the finest spitting rain this morning and it was beautiful.

SOTDay: DIOR Mitzah. Bloody fabulous! I was going to wear Shalimar but something moved me towards the MItzah, I’m glad.

Cleaning day started at 1pm after Jin went for work.
Washing loads
Bathroom mats

Hand washed tile floors

Watched a couple of GRIMM eps while having coffee & raisin toast> YUM!

Has some new arrivals in the mail today!

TRIVIA Q&A got in a bit early and had it all finished by 2am. WOO HOO!

SOTTrivia: DIOR Sakura. Very pretty sour cherry and clean floral musk.

Tuesday 4:

Day with Scott doing Office Stuff.

Still sick.

SOTEvening: Guerlain Cuir Beluga. The sweet warmth and luxurious leather never fail to send me swooning.

64 players tonight at Parramatta RSL. Fun night.


Wednesday 5:

3am and I’m wide awake. Insomnia is such a rare thing for me I’ve caved to it, jumped out of bed and am early morning blogging. It’s so quiet and calm, except for my trumpeting as I blow my nose and cough. Cue gratuitous office selfie.

Didn’t get to sleep till about 6am, Jin got home around 7am, fed and walked to dogs at 9.30am.

SOTMorning: DSH Perfumes Venus & Cupid VdP sample. A cool, floral breeze whipped past mimosa, jasmine and violet, some torn leaves and soft honey. Barely there but whispering of calm.

Jin and I had Bacon Sandwiches for breakfast/lunch and then I lay on the lounge watching GRIMM.

Had a bath then my SOTEvening was Cuir Amethyst by Armani Prive. Imagine Daim Blond and Bottega Veneta EdP had a lovechild.

Work was sensational tonight. We had 9 teams at the start and the room was pumping.  Fingers crossed Greystanes Inn has turned a corner….

Home and already fed & walked the dogs. It’s a perfect night, crisp & clear.

Spent some time trying more of the the DSH Perfumes samples that Dawn sent me. They are VdP oils and I love the roller ball applicators on the samples. A couple have stood out so far. Reviews pending.

Thursday 6:

This morning I was running late so the dogs got fed and walked in uber quick fashion.

Gave myself some big spritzes of Tauer Eau d’Epices and ran out to collect my mate Wendy.

We had some breakfast. A modern take on Eggs Benedict. It was bloody disgusting. I hated it. BLEAUGH! Why would you mess with perfection?

We did some shopping. Just some essentials.

Then we met up with Sue and Liz for a cuppa. It sounds like nothing but it was the best day out. We had loads of catching up to do, helped Liz with her iPhone, got Wendy a stylus for her phone, had some drinks and generally enjoyed ourselves for an hour or so.

Back home by about 3pm and onto the computer to get some stuff done.


SOTEvening: Guerlain: Mon Guerlain. Still can’t decide if I love or hate it but it definitely is more-ish.

Friday 7:

Woke up to Jin getting the dogs food ready. We had a fabulous walk in the sunshine with me wafting CHANEL Coco EdP. I bought this bottle second hand and it smells and lasts like it was half full and has been topped off with perfumers alcohol. Still, it does have the Coco vibe going on and is perfect for a morning ramble with the dogs.

My mate Kerri took this stellar pic of Sydney Circular Quay this morning. It was too fabulous and I asked if we could share it here. So moody in all the greys.

Rocking out to see Ainslie Walker for lunch I gave myself a healthy overdose of Samsara EdP. All the yummy ylang & sandalwood.

Lunch was super fun.

RAIN!! We had real rain in Sydney. Hail in some parts too. YAY!

Doodled around the house this afternoon with Jin. He went to dinner with one of his old work buddies and I had Take Away Chinese!! YAY! So bloody yummy. Egg fried Rice, Shred beef, King prawn omelette (I pick the prawns out for Jin), Boneless lemon chicken and Veg spring rolls. Left overs for Sunday brunch!

Still wafting soft gusts of Samsara but I want a revue so Miller et Bertaux Indian Study/Santal +++. Too good.

Saturday 8:

Jin got home from his boozy bender at around 3am. He called me to pick him up but I was sound asleep. He and his mate went to McDonalds and then Jin made his way home. Finally landing on our couch where I found him snoring like a freight train this morning.

SOTMorning: APSU by Ulrich Lang from a decant I’m trying to finish so I can use my bottle.

I walked the dogs and started on a hearty pumpkin and vegetable soup for myself, my mate Wendy and BFF Kath’s Ma & Pa. The whole house smells amazing.

We also finally found a spot for our Korean Marriage Ducks. They are in the Relationship corner of the room in the relationship corner of our house. Hopefully very auspicious. They will also get some sunlight on them for a small part of each day.

TinaG popped around for brunch and made us this incredible Strawberry Slice that we had with yoghurt and cups of tea. We sniffed a few things, chatted and laughed.

Afterwards I jumped into the bath for half an hour and then Jin and I went to see Crazy Rich Asians. SOTMovies: Parfum d’Empire Equistrius.

O M G! Crazy Rich Asians might be a tale as old as time, and there are some fairly clunky jumps in narrative, and some of the casting is questionable for it’s too obvious nature. BLOODY BRILLIANT! We laughed, we cried, we saw Singapore at its absolute best (did the Government there bankroll this film?) and it was so entertaining. Loved it, from the first minute to 2 minutes before the very end (when the lead girl starts smiling so out of character and breaks the illusion…. GRRRRR).

Afterwards I went and had Sushi train dinner and Zumbo sweets with Evie & Lola.

Then we went to see Mission Impossible Fallout. Boy! Has Tom Cruise got old! Some of the shots in this film he looks so unrealistic and his face has changed, it’s thicker skin or something that doesn’t move properly. Looks like he’s running hell for leather after the fountain of youth. BUT the film was awesome! We were absolutely on the edge of our seats and sometimes I forgot to breathe. Heaven. Enjoyed it immensely.

Came home. Blogged a bit.


SOTBed: La Via del Profumo Mecca Balsam

Sunday 9:

Today is gorgeous. Sunshine is warm, air is fresh and the dogs were happy to be in it.

SOTMorning: Exultat by Maria Candida Gentile. Woodsy incense both calm and cool.

SOTAfternoon: vintage Miss Dior EdT

Later I had my bath and dyed my beard ready for a week of glamour.

Got a bunch of the blog organised and gave myself a huge overspritzing of DIOR Granville. So refreshing, cologne plus fabulous.

Now I’m getting ready for work so Have A Wonderful Week!


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

61 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 3.9 – 9.9.2018

  1. Yay to your mojo being back!!!! I am NOT going to harp on my horrible work week. I will focus on the good stuff fragrance wise. I won a draw (on APJ!!!). i also realize that I can easily and happily wear just two fragrances for an extended amount of time. As much as I enjoy sampling I am also content having a curated collection. spent most of the week in GAP Heaven and SSS Incense Pure….two comfort scents for me.


    • Thanks Birgitte for your ever zestful comments. Sorry about your shit work week but glad you are discovering things about you that are new.
      These two fragrances are not things I’ve had my sniff on. Why do you find them comforting?
      Portia xx


      • GAP Heaven is a pure olfactory memory of an extraordinarily happy time in my life (the beginning of my relationship with Mr. Marzipan) and it has weaved in and out of my perfume wardrobe since 1994 (that’s a LONG time!!!) It is so simple and joyful- citrus, white flowers, moss and musk and a scent you could wear anytime and anywhere. Incense Pure is an almost natural blend of base note essential oils which are spiritual in nature and I find the blend to be extraordinarily soothing and comforting. While I have had samples of it in the past the full bottle is relatively new and it is serving to make new associations for me that are positive so I think it will be in my line up as long as I don’t use it to often and finish the bottle -LOL!


  2. Always fun to read about your fragrance choices Portia. I need to sample Dior Mitzah! I’ve been wearing some perfumes that haven’t been worn in awhile. Narciso caught my attention and I’ve been comparing the EDP, EDT, Poudree, and For Her. I’m quite enjoying them and have decided on Poudree as my favorite. I’ve sampled the new Auphorie which were not a hit for me; besides my favorite Binturong and Mayura, I’m coveting Red Crown which sadly has been vaulted. While hiking last weekend in the mountains with my pup, wore Tauer Les Annes 25, fabulous!


  3. It’s been a really tough week here, just 2 months after the death of my heart dog, my other dog has been diagnosed with cancer. Can’t seem to get a break this year. 😦

    Givenchy Encens Divin is comforting me, I find incense very soothing.


  4. Portia, I loved reading about your week: I like it more than mine :). I didn’t know you dyed your beard: I thought the beauty was natural ;-p

    I don’t want to complain, everything seems to be fine more or less but I have a crazy project at work that just doesn’t want to move as quickly as it needs to for us to meet deadlines. And some stupid health-related issues do not help feeling content. But I’m fighting and testing a lot of samples from my library to finish some, throw away spoiled and give away those that I do not care for.


    • Ha Undina, Yes, underneath I’m white as Santa Claus. He he he OR should it be Ho Ho ho!

      Luckily I’ve never worked in that kind of environment but my BFF Kath deals with that every day. One cog moving out of sync will bring the clock to a crunching halt.

      You OK? Nothing serious I hope. Get well beautiful.

      Yeah, I need to get more on my skin too.
      Portia x

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m fine – thank you, dear. It’s so great to have this outlet where you can complain and someone will fine a good word or a warm wish for you.
        I plan to get about 8 or more hours of sleep now – and tomorrow will be another day to put out some fires while keeping others burning. And I’ll wear something absolutely wonderful, and everything will be fine.
        ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. Hey Gorgeous, good to hear Greystanes is picking up. It’s my favourite venue in terms of food and staff. I wrote about some of Scott’s decants this week which was fun and brought back memories. Post up tomorrow. Love your Marriage Ducks!


    • Hey Tara!
      Yeah, fingers crossed the Greystanes Inn Trivia keeps looking up. The venue and staff deserve it to be busy. I’lll tell them on Tuesday how much you’ve loved em.

      Woo Hoo! Scott is SO generous with his perfume. I’m a right sting next to him. Can’t wait to read your thoughts.
      Portia x

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  6. As usual your quiet week isn’t really that quiet. You always manage a few outings 😉 Nothing of note happened here this week. Work was busy and infuriating at times but nothing that won’t improve. It’s hard being an old dog having to learn new tricks. Was busy buying stuff as well. Got some Fragile for my daughter for Christmas. It’s hard to get full bottles of this now without having to sell a kidney. And scored a very lightly used Frangipani for my backup stash. Plus two large decants of Montale Intense Tiaré. Went totally apeshit on shoes (four pairs plus one pair of boots.) Don’t judge me😳. And my Island arrived in total perfection. Might hold off actually wearing it until my anniversary just cuz I’m a silly old bat.


    • Hey Cassieflower,
      Oh yes, there does always have to be a few catch ups and outings. Jin is a real homebody, except for food, sometimes he just shakes his head at me.
      Fingers crossed for quick work improvement.
      FRAGILE!! I love it. JPG sure made good fragrance.
      That’s half my complete shoe wardrobe, how lavish. Anything exciting or are they all replacements?
      Portia xx


  7. Glad that you’re feeling better, Portia! Love the Marriage Ducks and the portrait with you and Jin!
    I’ve seen the newest Mission: Impossible as soon as it was released, loved it, too. Tom Cruise does look unusual at times but hey, who doesn’t :)?

    Another quiet week for me, – still watching Parks & Rec (the sixth season now). Received an almost FB of De Bachmakov by TDC, the green beauty, – I heard a rumour of it being discontinued so grabbed an oldish bottle while there was one. Besides, I’m still going through that pile of samples I got last week, – it’s odd how my impressions differ: I may like something at first but the next time i’m wearing the thing just smells different. This change in my perception is just astounding.


    • Thanks Diana,
      Oh yeah, the portrait is a gift from Jin’s best friend at school. It’s weird but sweet.
      Phew! I thought it was just me on Tom Cruise. What a fun movie. So many twists & turns.
      Funny you should mention De Bachmakov by TDC. I’ve often wondered about it and read really good things. What kind of green is it; swampy, cool, herbal, airy, dark?
      Yes, fragrance is a chameleon at times, plus we broaden our experience and perception of nuance all the time. Nothing about this hobby is solid.
      Portia x


      • Haha, I thought it was only I who was wondering about Tom Cruise’s looks nowadays. Still, the legend, and the movies have got even more interesting!

        The first sniff of De Bachmakov reminded me of young birch leaves, – not the birch tar, of course, but stll something sharp. I used to study in the central part of Russia, and whenever I was going home to the south (by train), I was looking forward to the moment when the uniquitous fir trees in the windows got replaced by birch trees. This is De Bachmakov for me. Also, there’s a strong shiso note in it, and cedar. They claim that there is a “Esprit de Russie” note here, I can’t object. I think you might like it since we have quite a few common faves but then again, you have smellt far too many scents 🙂


  8. Not found my stride yet in my new non-job life. I think I am declaring last week a holiday, and not feeling guilty about it. I just kind of fell over with brain tiredness, and did little to no writing or research. Got some rehab and strength sessions in though, and completed my dealings with the pointless bureaucracy of ScotRail, so not a total loss. Onwards and upwards next week. Words on the page: produce the super-rough draft of the next chapter.

    And, after some digging around, long conversations, and emptying a large chunk of cash into the registers at Space NK, seem to have found a couple of products that are making my rosacea better and not worse. (It’s not massive, but when it flares up it’s painful lumpy blisters all over my cheekbones–and swimming is making it worse.) Cursing the change of career of the lovely woman who used to do my eyebrows though–the one I went to yesterday made a right old mess. Thank the stars for brow pencil!

    An interesting sniff around at the new Le Labo shop here, and finally getting to try one of the perfumes from Kingdom, a brand new house based here in Edinburgh.


    • Every time I see mention of Edinburgh it makes me smile…partly because it is not pronounced the way it looks, partly because it is a real place that Alexander McCall Smith writes about in his fictitious novels and partly because I really want to go there one day.


    • Finishing a job is tough Crikey, everyone needs some time to lick their wounds an recover. Good on you for taking the week to do that.
      Good luck with the rosacea and the eyebrows.
      OOOH! New from Edinburgh! How exciting. What a fabulous city you live in. So beautiful.
      Portia x


  9. What a lovely week Portia – so much amazing perfume. Thanks for sharing. First full week at the new job and last week of house sitting for me. Some long days at the office trying to get my head around the new stuff and how to catch up and make it all work. luckily they seem like good bunch of people so as long as I’m making some progress I think we’ll be good. Glad to be packing up and heading home – it’s been a long house sitting stay this time. I always seem to have more stuff to bring home than what I came with (thanks to some great clothing finds at the op shops) A good stay but looking forward to being home,


      • House sitting is fun, it’s like a mini holiday. I’ve been ‘siting’ same house on and off for 12+ years. We call it my ‘summer house’’. It’s a lovely, big old home, the kitchen is huge so I quite enjoy being there. As long as I don’t kill the garden or break things it’s all good. I do lots of me things there like reading, knitting and watching series the better half not keen for.


    • Glad to hear good news. The new job can be overwhelming but I’m pretty sure that soon you’ll blend right in (and teach your collegues the art of perfumery 🙂 )!


      • Thanks Diana overwhelming is a good word. No one has been in the role full time for six weeks so I’m playing catch up big time! Oh well, it’s a challenge I’ve accepted so here I go. At least I’ll be smelling amazing while I sort the mess out 😂😘


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