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Hey Hey Perfume Junkies,

APJs new Thursday thing for September. Hoping to combat the guilt I feel when so much arrives and so little gets written about, the idea of New Sniffs emerged.

The idea is that anything worthy of comment, either good or bad, that’s passed under my nose through the week will get a short write up. Up till now I have kept APJ positive comments only, those days are gone. If I think something is terrible, shamefully lazy, greedy or stupid and you should know about it, it will be said. Not everything works for everyone and it would be pretty boring if it did >>> YMMV. I’d love it if you all agree, respectfully disagree, have any thought-out opinion and want to share, do so in the comments below. The point is starting a conversation.

New Sniffs Aug 2018

Anything that I’m not keeping becomes a super simple GIVEAWAY. All comments are entered. Next week I’ll tell you who picked. If the winner doesn’t eMail me during the week it will JACKPOT to next weeks winner who will get both.

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New Sniffs: 13.9.2018

I’ve got some Surrender To Chance samples here that have been neglected a bit so this week I’ve tried to get some on my skin.

The Orchid Man by Frapin

This is so weird. Just by smelling it I thought it was a lavender fragrance and was about to say how much I like the resurgence of the stereotypical late 20th century aquatic barber shop menswear. Once I look at the notes I realise that I’m completely mistaken. Pepper is the only thing I really smell from that note list, maybe some leathery birch and patchouli later but not really.

Lumière Noire Pour Femme by MFK

I have longed for a bottle of the mens version and thought I should meet the femme. Equally as radiant and industrial. The patchouli is king and it’s happily set within a rose/cumin combo and there are sneaky woods that could easily be taken for a modern synth oud. I will keep this sample though, I like it.

Ether de Lilas by Parfumerie Generale

This wears as a barely there slightly astringent, metallic and sour lilac fragrance. A little herbal, leafy and some very clean musk. It’s the sort of thing I can imagine being worn by people who want to change the air around them without smelling like they’re wearing a perfume per se. It is quite functional smelling, as of an  uber luxe hotel lobby.

Also Dawn from DSH Perfumes sent me some VdP oil samples recently. I have been wearing them between my thumb and pointer finger to work out which ones really take my fancy.

Arabesque VdP oil by DSH Perfumes

Chocolate, coffee, woods, animalic honey, sticky sweetness all poured over a potpourri dry rose. I had to revisit Arabesque because the first time I wore it it attacked me. It was such an unusual response from my nose that I thought a second chance was in order. Second wear proves that it was the day, not the fragrance, that had my nose sizzling and sneezing. There is something feral lying beneath the beauty here in a manner that reminds me of some of Olympic Orchids badass offerings. I’m loving it today but warn you to expect a heavenly beast.

Shimotsuki {Frosty Moon} EdP oil by DSH Perfumes

Interestingly the hawthorn in the parkland across the road is blossoming and it does send a scent out quite similar to the opening of Shimotsuki. Vegetal, amber and iris with hefty musk, resins, coconut and fluffiness. The greenness in the opening is quickly overtaken by a fragrance that I can only define as the feeling of putting on a polar fleece jumper in the middle of winter.

Narciso Rodriguez Poudree

There has been chatter here and on Perfume Posse about this lately and I admit my interest was piqued. I happened to wander past the perfumery while doing other stuff today and gave my left arm 5 hefty shots of Narciso Rodriguez Poudree. It’s a wearable linear soft focus fragrance, the musks are clean and it has a metallic vibe all mixed in with the floral fabric softener style fluffiness. I got an unsolicited compliment over an hour after application and it has continued pumping itself volubly for the last 4+ hours.

Have you tried any of these? How did they work for you?
Portia xx

50 thoughts on “New Sniffs: 13.9.2018

  1. Hey Portia,
    Yay for this being a regular feature!
    I haven’t tried the Poudree version but the Narciso in the white bottle is surprisingly good at a distance. I didn’t like it on paper but always admire wafts of it from my work colleague whenever she wears it.


  2. I’m afraid I’ve never tried any of your new sniffs.
    This week I went to the store of Dusita. Pissara is a very lovely and charming lady! I went to sniff Le Sillage Blanc because I love green and leather perfumes and LSB is just in the same vein as Bandit. It smelled wonderful. I smelled the others too and they were all quite lovely.
    If it weren’t for the price I would have cracked right away. But I didn’t. I got a sample so I’m gonna try it more and really have to debate whether to get a bottle.
    Nicolaï has a new Néroli Intense. I’ve tried it and it was also very beautiful. I can see myself getting a 30ml bottle in the short future.


  3. Yeeey I won! I’m not even sure what I won but I’m sure it’s going to be super! Thank you. 🙂
    The NR Poudree sounds up my alley. One of my fave powders is Valentina Poudre and it has a similar, very simple combination that is so calming. I wear it on days when I cannot handle anything “loud”.


  4. I’ve bought Narciso Poudree for my Mum as a birthday present. It was her choice. It’s not bad but for me it is too musky, too powdery and too superfluous.
    I think I would like Ether de Lilas by PG.

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  5. Only so far from your list was the Lumiere Noire, and I will diplomatically say it was not for me and leave it at that. 🙂 The DSHs are on my list to try, especially the Shimotsuki. Hope you’re all having a lovely week!


  6. I love hearing about fragrances that I don’t know about or haven’t gotten to try! Thank you! The only one of these that I think would actually work for me is … maybe… the frosty moon. And that depends on the musk…there’s musk and there’s musk. I love a good green fragrance, but it’s sounding like this loses that aspect very quickly?


    • I don’t fall into that demographic at all, but I’m a fan-girl (old woman) of virtually everything that NR has offered us, with one big exception. Fleur Musc. No. Just no! Try them if you see them on your travels, you may be pleasantly surprised. One caveat: you need to like musk as it forms the base of all the perfumes, the NR equivalent of Guerlinade.


  7. I love this new format, Portia, please, keep these reviews going, no matter how short they could get (there certainly are perfumes that aren’t exactly thought-provoking).
    I have tried none of these. Dawn’s perfumes have been on my radar for a while, and the Shimotsuki does sound interesting. The rest, I could live without. Probably 🙂


  8. I love your dog’s shnose beside the New Sniffs headline! Kiss his/her sweet face for me! OK, now on my exploration list is Parfumerie Generale/Pierre Guillaume perfumes. I’ve been wanting to sample Indochine and now your suggestions. I wasn’t a big fan of the NR line probably because musk isn’t my favorite; however, I really enjoy NR Poudree and I’m so happy you sampled it and wrote a review. I just sampled Chanel Paris L’eau trio, and quickly purchased Venise; Oriental accord with Neroli, Vanilla, and Tonka. It will be lovely for fall. Deauville, orangey/green/basil was nice but not me, and Biarritz was lemony fresh cologne-like. They are all very transparent and light, so spritz lavishly!


    • Hey Kathleen,
      Pierre Guillaume is woefully underrated. His new Jasmin frag is getting rave reviews too, I can’t wait to try it.
      NR Poudree, so simple, so good.
      He He he. I bought all three CHANEL Colognes for splitting. Also simple but smooth as glass. Love them all.

      Oh, not my pup, photo from the WWW
      Portia xx


      • You’re awesome! I have no doubt you wear all the Chanel Paris L’eau well! Pierre Guillaume Jasmin! One of my favorite notes. More sampling here I come! xoxo

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  9. I have not tried any of these. The PG perfume and the DSH one, are the two which grab my attention. I am not usually fond of musk, so the NR line is not something I would actively seek out.


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