Scent Diary: 10.9 – 16.9.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

For a week that very little happened I seem to have been quite busy. Loads of fragrance and fragrant moments. A few friends mainly around our place and some very low key fun.

Scent Diary: 10.9 – 16.9.2018

Monday 10:

How did Monday get here so quick? Dogs are fed & walked. First load of washing on and the dusting done. Beautiful spring morning, 21C, sunshiny and fresh. I still smell of last nights DIOR Granville but want something a little different and more luxurious feeling for my cleaning day. So what remains is a soft pine and herbal scent and what feels like a bunch of laundry musks, actually it’s leaning a bit modern chypre. So SOTDay: Vintage CHANEL No 19 EdT and Parfum.

Met BFF Kath for lunch. We had Japanese. Katsu Pork Curry, Chicken with rice and Beef Seaweed Roll. Delicious!

Had just a bit more cleaning to do when I arrived home. Only 4 loads of washing for us and one for the dogs.

Wanted a fragrant pick me up after all the cleaning so I grabbed Amouage Epic Woman. I can’t remember the last time I wore it but boy is it gorgeous. A herbaceous rose backed by an assortment ofd woods and warm sweet amber.

Watched some GRIMM while happily wafting to myself. Lovely lazy afternoon.

Jin came home and declared we were having Vietnamese Rolls for dinner. We gorged on them. It’s all fresh chopped fruit & veg, some super thin cut boiled beef and rice paper rolls with chili satay sauce. BLOODY DELICIOUS!

SOTBed: Vintage Hermès Amazone parfum

Tuesday 11:

Liberté by Cacharel. Its zingy sizzling citrus was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Scott didn’t come this week and Jin has the day off so we are going to hang.

GORGEOUS day. Walking the dogs this morning was very social, loads of stopping and chatting. Saw a little crew of Rainbow Lorikeets feasting on the newly opened Grevillea Tree flowers.

Jin has been pushing me to go have bloods, urine and stool samples because I’m turning 50 in a couple of weeks and haven’t had them done since the first year we met. We went to the doctors today where she took about 150ml of blood in a bunch of different vials, made me do a wee, gave me two different poo testers to be used over 3 days (that’s going to be fairly ghastly). She also prescribed a cream for my psoriasis.

Had leftover Vietnamese Rolls for lunch.

The afternoon sped by with naps and Trivia organisation. My bath and getting ready for work.

SOTWork: Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations. Now Trayee is not my favourite of the NVC range but some days it is EXACTLY what I’m after. I went crazy and gave myself 8 big spritzes. It was heavenly wafting around work this evening and getting gusts of it rolling around me.

Home, did some blog commenting. Watched some GRIMM.

Wednesday 12:

It’s WARM! I woke up a bit sweaty this morning. Walked the dogs. Now I have a half day to myself I’m going to get some samples on my skin for New Sniffs.

It got to 30C today. Bloody warm. The dogs coats are off and I’m in a singlet.

Got ready for work. SOTWork: YSL Opium Posie de Chine

Watched some Korean TV with Jin till he hit the hay then I watched some GRIMM.

SOTBed: Aedes de Venustas; Pallisander d’Or. The top is very 20teens but it gets better and more interesting through the heart. Fabulous dry earth meets cut wood and balms tonight but it is layered over the dying gasps of the Opium.

Thursday 13:

I’m loving this warmth. Today we walked the dogs while wearing singlets.

SOTMorning: Accord Oud by Byredo. I like the aquatic version of oud that it opens with.

Found this meme today and it spoke to me.

Had lunch at my favourite local, Cafe Lipari. Jin was sleeping so I went and met one of the fabulous Turbo Queens there, April Fools. We happily ate and chatted away an hour. Both of us had sandwiches. Mine featured Turkey, Avocado, Salad, Tabouli, Tasty cheese and Cranberry sauce on White bread with a mug of Flat White Coffee to wash it down. FORGOT to take pics, sorry.

Did a little shopping, took some Pumpkin Soup up to my girlfriend Wendy and had a lovely chat on the front porch in the sun.

Didn’t get back home till around 5pm as Jin was leaving for work.

SOTAfternoon: INeKE Chemical Bonding. Doesn’t smell like a failed science experiment.

Had Chinese reheats, watched GRIMM and ate junk food.

LATE night bath. SOTBed: Guerlain Vetiver. I wanted crisp, clean, green to waft me off to sleep. PERFECT!

Friday 14:

So I didn’t go to bed till about 3.30am. Got caught watching GRIMM and could not stop.

Jin got home at 7am and we went and had ourselves waxed. Cleaning up for spring. Lovely.

I drenched myself in Lolita Lempicka EdP. Perfect spring sweety.

Saw the bank about refinancing Jin’s loan now that we are married. It wa a good experience.

Had the WORST Korean food, even Jin hated it. We both left more than half our plates. BLEAUGH.

First In Fragrance order arrived! YAY! I love getting boxes.

This afternoon I felt like something more substantial. Lolita Lempicka dried off quickly today, it’s still there but only a whisper. Keeping in the sweet range of frags I went towards Yuzu Fou by Parfum d’Empire. It’s a citrus sweetness cut through with lovely fresh mint and greenery. Perfect spring wear.

Did a very quick vacuum and got my prep work done for dinner tonight. Really simple meal. Pumpkin Soup & fresh Bread. Fat Beef Sausages, Mashed potato, Carrot straws and Bacon/Onion Gravy. A very light Adelaide Hills Region Moscato and then a new Australian liquor for dessert.

Alice and TinaG came over and we spent hours eating, chatting, sniffing perfume and walking the dogs.

Watched some GRIMM.

Now I’m set for bed. SOTBed: Vintage Bal A Versailles extrait by Jean Desprez!

Saturday 15:

Oud Spirit. Aussie oud frag producers Grandawood. This is oud done pretty cleanly. Opening is quite fecal and medicinal but 15 minutes in a cozy warmth envelopes me. Though I’m sure there is a lot of synth oud in the Grandawood product to bolster their real deal oud the fragrance smells very natural, like some of the incredibly expensive ouds from the middle east.

Went to the doctor to get our results. I am 100% fighting fit in every section except sugars. I tried to tell the doctor that I hadn’t fasted for the full 8 hours but he can only go on the results in front of him. So in 2 weeks I’m off for a sugars test. HEALTHY eating and exercise for two weeks.
Jin was having a bunch of problems 3 months ago but his new exercise and less rubbish eating plan payed off. Everything was well within normal range and he is thrilled.

Then Jin and I went for brunch with our buddy Matt. Excellent catch up. I forgot to take a photo, sorry.

A bit of shopping for tonights dinner and home for a nap.

A bunch of people were posting their dogs with CHANEL so OBVIOUSLY I had to get in on it. Paris was like, “As if Bitch!” but Jinx wanted to lick it all up. So he got the shot. No filters or tricks used, just a very lucky shot.

Tonight Jin used his new electric table grill for the first time. SUCCESS! We had Korean BarBQ at home. SO delicious, fresh and healthy. The excess fat runs down the grill and away.

Here’s my boy Paris. He really doesn’t like the camera and I can only ever get shots of him trying to get away from it. He looks like he’s smiling at Jin in this shot.

SOTBed: Madonna Truth or Dare

Sunday 16:

Brunch with Kath and Michael here at home. We had Bacon, French toast and Maple syrup with Stove percolated coffee. I forgot to take a photo, sorry.
Kath had a busy day so she left early and then Michael and I sat around sniffing new stuff for another hour or so. It was fun and relaxing.

Had my bath, dyed my beard, did the obligatory shavings and faffed around on the computer till my alarm went off to start getting ready for work.

SOTEvening: Elizabeth & James Black.

Jin and I walked the dogs together tonight. We did a longer walk so I’d hit my 5k steps. Done & dusted I’m going to spend the rest of the evening lounging.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

42 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 10.9 – 16.9.2018

  1. Love your photos
    Love your food
    Love your babies

    Just getting used to getting back to work. After managing to go numerous months of a NO BUY on full bottles y’all made me cave and I bought a full bottle of Heaven and a full bottle of Reglisse Noire (which hasn’t arrived yet but once it does that may be all I will be wearing for days!!!!)

    Samples some lovely marine scents given to me by a dear friend (including Secretions Magnifique which was divine on my skin….seaweed/marine and soft milkiness combined…must be all the marzipan I eat that makes my skin amp up sweets!)



    • Thanks Brigitte,
      I think your two buys were well thought out and planned, not just off the cuff. Also, REGLISSE NOIRE!!! Gorgeous. Forgive yourself and start again.
      Yeah, SM was a light floral on me with a seaside vibe. I find a few other things infinitely more disturbing.
      Portia x


      • Thank you for reinforcing that my mind is not crazy and my nose is not wonky!!! SM is definitely a full bottle contender…which is hysterical because you know me 🙂

        and yeah,Reglisse Noire is impossible to come by in the States now. I had to order it directly from Jessica’s website so it will be coming from Grasse…oh la la! Now THAT is luxury 🙂


  2. Ha, we were scent twins for much of the week, Chanel vintage 19, Epic, Trayee. A spice odyssey.
    A good week back at work. I try to avoid defining my worth by my profession but I do feel happier and more fulfilled when I teach.
    Planning my husband’s 60th birthday next week, dinner at a Moroccan restaurant. My birthday is the day after, two Virgos should never get along, apparently!


  3. Well done for going for the tests, Portia. It would make me really happy if you managed to cut down on your sugar, if nothing else. We need you around for as long as possible.

    I’ve been wearing a couple of early autumn frags this week – Seville a L’Aube and Coromandel. It’s fun to switch up with the change of seasons. Gradually getting rid of stuff around the house in case this move actually comes together.

    Jin’s new grill looks amazing!


    • Thanks Tara,
      Yeah, a little bit of care would see me launch healthily into the future.
      Interesting that you think of Seville a L’Aube as autumn. It never occurred to me that it could be a goodie for then.
      Good idea. Do you have a big bag for Charity? I always feel better about cleaning house if most of it is benefitting others.
      Come back here so you can have Grill Dinner.
      Portia x


  4. Glad to see you had a lovely, quiet week. And result on your med tests, good gurl yourself, as we say around these parts. 30 degrees heat makes me want to weep and wail as we head into long, dreary winter😢Nothing much of note here, visited friends for a couple of days so it was a case of eat, drink, walk dog, eat some more, drink some more, and repeat next day. IKEA for a looksee and a heap of stuff I want but didn’t purchase, such as a complete new kitchen and bedroom. But did cave for some picture frames, and a spanking new teapot that takes tea leaves, plus a pile of paper napkins in my kitchen colours and four plain white bowls that can be used for noodles, soup, pasta or stews. Saw a fab light that would work brilliantly over the dining table. Will revisit soon, with hubby in tow because self-assembly😤. Fit in a few days and nights of work. A tiny bit bold buying unsniffed Ylang Ylang Espresso which will arrive tomorrow. Also scored backup of OJ Frangipani, because I never ever want to run out of this. My Montale Intense Tiare arrived in all its summery, beachy glory. But I didn’t buy any shoes or boots!
    But MAJOR news on the personal front- not mine, but hubby’s. He was adopted at birth and his birth mother has been found, and wonder of wonders, she went on to marry his birth dad as well and had a HEAP of kids. She has been talking to the intermediary and is happy to meet. There’s a very sad part of this tale both for my darling and his birth mother – she was told he didn’t survive the birth. So this came as a wonderful/terrible bolt from the blue for the poor woman. But given what we already know about mother and baby homes here none of this came as much surprise for us. But still, hubby is gutted for her. He’s also excited. He has several natural siblings. But that’s a long way down the road, it’s a slow and careful process, she has to inform all her kids, only two know the details so far. Time will tell how things pan out.

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    • That is an absolutely astounding story. I hope you will have your husband’s permission to keep your APJ family up to date. Life is always full of surprises and unexpected blessings.


    • I love going to IKEA Cassieflower. always something new to see.
      Ylang Ylang Espresso sounds fun. Who by?
      WOW! I’m also adopted and have been urging Jin and BFF Kath to find my birth parents. What a sensational story for you guys. Fingers crossed they are amazing.
      Portia x


      • Never too late, Portia. Go for it, I say.
        The YYE is by a company called Floral Street. I know absolutely zilch about them, but this frag popped up somewhere, the notes sounded good (hope they smell good) and 10ml bottles are hard to resist. Going to find out more about this crew now. Nighty night.


        • Hi! Floral Street is a new fragrance company whose flagship store is in Covent Garden — right by the actual Floral Street! I visited their booth at this spring RHS Chelsea Flower Show, tried some of their scents (I really like Iris Goddess) and brought home their discovery set, but haven’t opened it yet to retry them. The store in Covent Garden is beautiful!
          What a huge event in your family’s life, for him and his birth family to discover each other! I wish you all the very best as it unfolds.


    • That is a remarkable tale. Has the potential to have an exciting, rewarding and happy ending. But as is the case when such monumental revelations rock one’s own personal reality an adjustment period is necessary, I think. And given that quite a few people are apt to be affected by this discovery I’m thinking slow, gentle, careful steps are required in moving forward. However, it really is an exciting discovery and I wish lots of happiness and fulfilment for your dear hubster and, of course, for you. Good luck as things unfold. Beautiful story 😘


  5. Portia, your quieter weeks are still a lot of fun. Paris and Jinx are so cute!

    It’s only mid-September and I’m already swamped with work. It’s great, of course, but it seems I’ll have trouble properly keeping in touch with you all, guys.

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  6. It’s so wonderfully relaxing to read how your week unfolds, Portia. Half way across the world, but everyone’s lives seem to have so much in common. Household chores, work, dog walking, outings, friends and the love of perfume keeps us bonded in a wonderful little community here. You are a terrific blog host. Sharing the trivial and not so trivial events in your life allow for such a nice, intimate feel. Paris and Jinx are greyhounds? Lovely dogs, so gentle and often a wee bit timid. Generally very adoring with their owners. Hope yours are! I am positively green with envy at the wild life beauty you enjoy in Australia. Those Rainbow Lorikeets are just so beautiful. I used to keep a White-Bellied Caique. He lived with us right to the ripe old age of 39. A complete clown and as bold as they come. Plenty of work to look after tho.
    Of note perfume wise I am totally smitten by the three Malle decants I have. Dans Tes Bras, Carnal Flower and Musc Ravageur. Some tough decisions coming up there.
    Also working on a few Artisans. Dzing, Safrant Troublant and Passage d’Enfer. Really like the first two, but the latter smells like straight up soap on me. And not a posh one either. Hard pass there.
    This week brought dental excitement, road rage garbage and got to play a rousing game of ‘go find a doctor who will inject your hip privately so you don’t have to wait a year if you go through our rubbishy health care system’. Never mind tho. Life is grand with lots of family time, four dear kitties, nice friends, good work opportunities and stunning late summer weather.
    Over and out from this side of the world!


    • Hi Marcella,
      Yes, they are greyhounds who never were fast enough make it to the racetrack. My boy Paris is as friendly and outgoing as anything. Jin’s boy Jinx is terrified of everything, people, noise, places, everything. They couldn’t be more different.
      Birds live so much longer than I’d expect. The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo can live to 100 and when you buy one nowadays you have to provide for it in your will.
      Musc Ravageur is my favourite of your current pinings by far. Sensational stuff.
      Did you find a doctor to do the injection?
      Portia x


      • Silly dogs! So alike but so different. Glad to hear they were never racing hounds. We have several adopt-a-greyhound rescue organizations as I’m sure you have and the potential adoptee is obligated to sign an agreement promising to refrain from walking their adopted dog off leash. They are so trained to set their sites on something and just run. Oh! Don’t mean to take up all your time, but I was told that the Greyhound’s build prevents them from being able to sit squarely on their haunches. True?
        And thank you about the hip inquiry. Yes. I have found a private clinic that will do the procedure. I have secured an appointment in the last week of this month. That’s good. It will suck up MR money. That’s bad. And I do think MR will end up being my FB out of those three Malles. I think I would reach for it most often. DTB requires a certain mood. CF has such a unique opening I could see my nose becoming jaded/tired of it if worn too frequently. MR is just so darned good and easy to wear!


        • In most of Australia Greyhounds must be leashed and muzzled at all times out of private property. We do a have a thing called Green Hounds where they can be leash and unmuzzled or unleashed and muzzled.
          Our guys were training to hit the races but they just weren’t fast enough. Most dogs that don’t make it are killed or drained for blood (did you know greyhounds have universal dig blood) and then killed.
          Nope, our guys sit. No worries.
          Yeah, Musk Ravager gets a bit of wear around here. I love it.
          Portia xx

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          • Oh Gawd! I never knew about what happened to GH’s that did not make the cut as racing dogs. That’s horrific! I’m so glad that Paris and Jinx ended up with you and Jin. Equally glad that they can sit. I figured that was a piece of misinformation, it sounded just not right to me. Thanks, Portia.


          • My God, I knew, of course, that greyhound racing is a cruel industry but killing them by draining their blood is as bad as forcing the poor dogs to run ’til they drop dead. Jinx and Paris are so lucky to have you two.

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  7. This week I quickly purchased Chanel Paris Venise after finally sampling the trio. And I also purchased Mendittorosa Rituale, so excited for it’s arrival! I wore it walking my dog and couldn’t believe the gorgeous scent following me in the fresh fall air. Twisted Lily has 20% off through today! I stopped by Nordstrom, and they now have sample vials to make your own samples. So generous, and what a change! I brought home a few samples; Valentino Poudre which is similar to Hypnotic Poison but so gorgeous I may need a bottle. It’s reasonable at the discounters. The new Dior Joy is surprisingly fun for me despite the general haters on reviews. The new Guerlain Meterorites is nice but not full bottle worthy IMO, although I love Meteorites face powder. And I’ve been busy building my new “want” list with Pierre Guillaume samples after reading Portia’s New Sniffs post.
    Portia I love your Paris. And early Happy 50th Birthday! You are gorgeous, and now we know healthy! xoxo


    • Hey Kathleen,
      Venise is so pretty, you’re going to love having that in your fragrant arsenal. Mendittorosa Rituale! Cool kids frag. Enjoy it. I bet you smell killer in it.
      DIOR Joy is not bad, I think the haters are more angry at the naughtiness of LVMH and DIOR in taking the most glamorous and iconic of fragrant names and turning it into a sparkling sweet nothing.
      WHAT? Guerlain has rereleased Meteorites?? O M G! How did I not know this. There are a couple of decants of the original around here somewhere…. oooooooh! Gotta get my nose on it.
      I’m hoping Pierre Guillaume astounds you. I love the way he can riff on an old idea and make it his own, as well as bringing new ideas and big change. His way with sweet is so deft he even leaves Guerlain in the shade.
      Paris! He is one of a kind. If ever you’re in Sydney come and meet him.
      Thanks. Hawaii Birthday!
      Portia xx


      • Kiss sweet Paris on the lips fro me, and big birthday hug to you. I get it with LVMH and Dior. I was prepared to hate Joy as well; but surprisingly I didn’t. It’s realky pretty.
        Not as fabulous as Rituale will be though! And Chanel Venise is fabulous! I could bathe in it!
        You have the original Meteorites? Envy, I missed that one and now barely available. Yes, Guerlain recently released a new version. I’ll keep you posted on my Pierre Guillaume journey, super excited after reading about his creations.
        Oh, I bought Jacomo Silences per your recommendation before it disappears. Absolutely love it! xoxo


  8. Beautiful quiet week Portia and Jin! Glad you both healthy yay! Great advert for Christalle with your perfect Pooch,Chanel would be proud. Jin and his grill, homemade Korean BBQ made with love.


    • Hey there Anicasunny,
      So glad to see you last night after your hectic week! I’m still laughing about Johnny asking if someone farted when you wore Guerlain Santal Royal. He is bloody hilarious.
      You guys need to come for a Jin Grill Night.
      Portia xx


  9. What a lovely week Portia, thanks for sharing. Vietnamese cold rolls – yum yum. Now I want some for lunch!! Sadly my new work suburb only seems to have bakeries nearby and no Vietnamese roll places. Good work week for me, super busy – reminder emails for overdue accounts, reallocating monies to invoices, claims and the such. Trying to find my ‘rhythm’ or style but there’s a bit much catching up to do first. Yet, I’m enjoying it. Perfume wise – well, having not bought anything for ages and ages I ‘may’ have splashed out. Some samples and couple full bottles – will keep you posted as they arrive and are worn in SOTD xx


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