Chemical Bonding by Ineke Ruhland for Ineke 2006




Hiya Fragrant Fumies,

I had totally forgotten that there is a bottle of todays fragrance in my collection. It has been sitting lonely and ignored for at least a year. While doing a reshuffle in the perfume room I came across it and thought it must have been my Evening Edged In Gold. Didn’t even look at the bottle or title and gave myself 4 hefty chest spritzes and one to each arm before realising. What a happy mistake.

Chemical Bonding by Ineke 2006

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Poet’s Jasmine by Ineke Rutland for INeKE 2011


Post by Portia


Hello Frag Family,

Do you know how some houses feel like a really good fit for you right from the start. Even the name and the nose feel spookily familiar the first time you read or hear about them. Maybe you see their bottles or someone sends you a sample and you swoon? From the very first review I read about Ineke I really thought it was going to be a good fit for me and when I finally got some samples they were. Not the all encompassing, eye rollingly gorgeous, over the top WOW of this first Amouage or by Kilian that I tried but a deeply comfortable, easy to wear, fits all occasions feeling that has continued with each one I try.

Somehow though today’s fragrance completely passed me by and I don’t know how I missed it…

Poet’s Jasmine by INeKE 2011

Poet’s Jasmine by Ineke Rutland

Poet’s Jasmine Ineke FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Citrus fruit, star anise, rosemary, absinthe, wormwood
Heart: Frankincense, jasmine, cardamom
Base: Henoki wood, guaiac wood

This was part of a set put together by INeKE for Anthropologie, which I think is a chain of stores in the USA?. Hang on, google-ing it now. OK, Anthropologie are a fashion and beauty store who are mid-priced with some expensive and cheap lines. I was impressed with some of their fragrance offerings for the price point, clever.

Clean, green and woody opening, sharp and lightly sweet. Interesting and it has a kind of lacquer vibe, as if the wood is being varnished. Maybe that is Inez’s way of playing the alcohol in absinth. I like it, the sharpness is mildly repellant but also enticing. Remember the smell of texta pens at school, very slightly reminiscent of them.

The heart of Poet’s Jasmine is only lightly jasmine on me, much more about the woods, greenery and incense. Jasmine is here but it’s shrouded in mystery, not instantly discernible as itself.

Plot’s Jasmine is awkward on me. I can’t think who would be the target market for it. I really like the interesting juxtapositions and the frisson between the notes, the sharp green and cool incense that seem to push against the very clean, robo-jasmine effect. Not a loud fragrance but noticeable because it’s so unexpected.

Further reading: EauMG and Now Smell This
First In Fragrance has €39.90/15ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $5/ml

INeKE - Scent Library FiFFirst In Fragrance €19.90 5 x 2.5ml INeKE Sampler

Did you ever get on board the INeKE scent train? Did you have a favourite? Does Poet’s Jasmin sound like it might be your thing?
Portia xx

Fragranze 2014 Photo Essay: Cookie Queen in Florence


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


Hey All,

Val sent me these pics and I thought they would make a fun, light look at the Fragranze 2014 experience.

Portia xx

Fragranze 2014 Photo Essay: Cookie Queen in Florence

Fragranze 2014 #1Arriving after 8 hour drive

Fragranze 2014 #2Chatting with Jeroen Oude Sogtoen.  Absolute highlight.  So passionate

Fragranze 2014 #3On the way to dinner on the first night, bumped into Yosh Han and her friend Ineke

Fragranze 2014 #4Heading in on the first day

Fragranze 2014 #5Sorting out some VP samples so I don’t have to empty my own bottles!

Fragranze 2014 #6Florence by night

Fragranze 2014 #7One of the ceilings in the Santa Maria Novella Farmacia.  Beyond lovely

Fragranze 2014 #8One of the ceilings in the Santa Maria Novella Farmacia.  Beyond lovely

Fragranze 2014 #9Checking in with Portia.  Live texting.  Haha!

Fragranze 2014 #10Vero

Fragranze 2014 #11Neela sharing secrets.  Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more


Hothouse Flower by Ineke Ruhland for INeKE 2012

Hello Fellow Fumies.

I have a great online fragrance buddy, Undina from Undina’sLookingGlass, she is smart, cool and always a step ahead. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get a small Undina curated frag pack in the mail of things she thinks I will like, or that I must sniff. This one got slightly lost in transit but when the shiny blue package arrived I was over the moon. Swapping is a great way to find out more scents with only the charge of some decanting supplies and postage. Thank You Undina again

Hothouse Flower by INeKE 2012

HotHouse Flower FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Green tea, green leaves and cypress
Heart: Gardenia, galbanum, fig and olibanum
Base: Guaiac wood, musk and corn silk

My first thought upon spritzing is gardenia, I so love that fresh fragrance and when it feels green, broken branch, sap and crushed leaves overlaid with gardenia I am in fragrance heaven. There is a luscious creaminess in Hothouse Flower that hovers above the green making our cool, sunny Autumn day here in Sydney feel like Spring. I feel as if I should walk outside to see the daffodils and spring runner iris in bloom instead of the Camellias flowering and the Liquidamber just starting to turn red at the top. A fresh gardenia with only the very slightest nod to its skanky, animalic deep notes, Hothouse Flower is a fresh burst of crisp that warm slowly over time but not a lot. It sweetens and the resins add a hint of amber or caramel, maybe it’s the fig adding a sweet milky note? We have a long waist high gardenia hedge four doors down the street and when it’s in flower we get a beautiful soft and elegant waft of an evening that drowns all other natural smells in the street, this smells like that hedge from our front yard. It is both fabulous and alluring, no wonder Billie Holiday chose it as her signature flower. In case you haven’t got the message, I freaking LOVE Hothouse Flower and will make it my first purchase from Scentsation in LA, May 11.

Though I can smell Hothouse Flower and feel extremely fragrant it doesn’t have a huge projection, nor does it take over a room quickly but half an hour later I come back to the room and I can smell a tiny pretty faded gardenia memory. About 4 hours of fragrant before I am left with only a whisper.

Raw Umber on Fragrantica said it excellently: Hothouse Flower smells like Spring erupting on all sides. It’s Spring on steroids. It is extremely uplifting and soothing….. It’s like natural anti-depressants. If you like gardenia, but dislike those heavy, sneeze-inducing, overpowering florals, this variation on a true to life green gardenia should help you begin your day on the right foot.

Hothouse Flower InekePhoto Stolen INeKE

Further reading NowSmellThis and Undina’sLookingGlass
INeKE has $95/75ml in the USA but doesn’t ship to Australia
SurrenderToChance starts at $3/ml

Have you tried this line? I liked Field Notes from Paris and thought it excellently done. Have you a favourite from the line yet?
See you tomorrow,

Portia xx

Portia’s Christmas For The Boys Shopping Guide

Hello Fraught Funies,

OMG!! How is it Christmas again? I used to be a done all my Christmas Shopping by the end of the July Sales kinda person but the last few years I have put it off and put it off and then end up in a mad December scramble. I am composing a list of the things I’d like to grab for my partner Jin this year and letting you look over my shoulder as I do it. He will probably only get one from this list as I have a couple of other things in mind to add in.

Portia’s Christmas For The Boys Shopping Guide

CasswellMasseySandalwoodSoap GraysOnlinePhoto Stolen GraysOnline

Caswell – Massey Sandalwood Soap 3 x 5.8oz: This is a well packaged and deliciously scented set of Sandalwood smelling soaps. They act as a great base for loads of mens fragrances and give back a little of the rich buttery sandalwood missing from so many modern incarnations. There is also a 243ml body lotion pump pack. They both come in boxes for ease of wrapping. At FragranceNet I found the pair of them after discount for under $35

Yatagan eBay

Caron, Yatagan EdT: Named after the curve bladed Turkish sabre Yatagan is a green, woodsy, leather, spice and sweat mixture that is surprising, interesting, masculine and dead sexy. Released back in 1976 Yatragan is a manly masterpiece for a super great price. FragranceNet has 125ml Edt spray for under $40

LorenzoVilloresiSampleSet FirstInFragragrance

Lorenzo Villoresi – Fragrance Collection – Sample Set: I found this stunning set and have been panting after it for myself. 16 x 1.5ml sprays showing a fabulous selection of the range for only €30 on FirstInFragrance and a little hint, if you are shopping Internationally you pay no tax so spending around 100 and the shipping will be the same as the saved tax. Woo Hoo!

L_Artisan_Batucada_Eau_de_Toilette_100mlPhoto Stolen L’Artisan

L’Artisan Parfumeur, Batucada EdT: Spicy, salty citrus tempered by flowers, flesh and sea in a lovely nod to cocktails and samba in Brazil on Ipanema Beach. Bright, bold, fresh and daring while being a completely modern masculine, and those engraved hexagonal bottles look so rich and have great heft in your hands. Parfum1 has 50ml for $100

JuniperSling lovelypackagePhoto Stolen lovelypackage

Penhaligon’s, Juniper Sling: Recently I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Juniper Sling from TheCandyPerfumeBoy and I can’t stop spritzing. It is a fabulously boozy cool climate forest walk that gives you a sharp slap in the face to wake you up and then warms on skin into a deliciously warm masculine clean body smell. OMG! Seriously gorgeous stuff and EssentialMall has 50ml for as little as $101. BTW The box is even more lavish looking in real life

Maître ParfumeuretGantierDiscovery FirstInFragrance

Maître Parfumeur et Gantier – Les Masculins – Discovery Set: Discover the universe of Maître Parfumeur et Gantier. A choice of 15 fragrances presented in 13 ml refillable atomizers, personally I think this is ridiculously good value and look at the presentation. FirstInFragrance has this gorgeous set for €119


Slumberhouse, Pear + Olive: If you want something so completely different to anything else available, you are buying for a perfumista, want to look like you are all over the best new stuff by the coolest crews and are way ahead of the game then this is the best buy you could wish for. The juice is a surprising almost clash of sweet and savoury, is dense and light simultaneously, warm, ferocious, cool and charming and comes in a killer engraved bottle with plenty of heft that will look totally now and retro on every vanity. Get onto the Slumberhouse site where 50ml will cost $150 + $12 International Postage. this is the good shit!

inekeeveningedgedingold LibertinePhoto Stolen Libertine

INeKE, Evening Edged In Gold: I know that you wouldn’t normally pick this as a masculine fragrance but it smells terrific on my partner Jin, a spicy, floral woodsy fragrance that sizzles on him in the most alluring way and makes me want to get really close. The bottle is a beautiful work of art too. Libertine in Australia has 75ml $160 including postage

Picture 3357Photo stolen LucyScent

Amouage EdP Miniatures Men’s Gift Set: Really want to spend some money on a lavish gift? Try the six best selling Amouage Men’s Fragrances in miniatures. Each 7.5ml bottle is a perfect mini replica of the real thing. Included are: Lyric, Jubilation XXV, Reflection, Gold, Dia & Silver. Many of the world’s stores are sold out but Libertine still has some in stock for $280 including Postage

Did that help at all? It has certainly sorted some stuff out in my head. What fragrant gifts are you thinking for the men in your life?
See you tomorrow,

Portia xx