Chemical Bonding by Ineke Ruhland for Ineke 2006




Hiya Fragrant Fumies,

I had totally forgotten that there is a bottle of todays fragrance in my collection. It has been sitting lonely and ignored for at least a year. While doing a reshuffle in the perfume room I came across it and thought it must have been my Evening Edged In Gold. Didn’t even look at the bottle or title and gave myself 4 hefty chest spritzes and one to each arm before realising. What a happy mistake.

Chemical Bonding by Ineke 2006

Chemical Bonding by Ineke Ruhland

Chemical Bonding Ineke FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Blackcurrant, Tea, Citruses
Heart: Peony
Base: Amber, Powdery notes, Musk, Vetiver

Does your skin ever warm when you spray perfume on it? Nope? Me either, except for Chemical Bonding by Ineke. It’s like my skin is so excited to be wearing this most unusual beauty again.

A stunning burst of citrus and the dry ache of tea open up on spritzing. It’s refreshing and zingy, a tingling wave of happiness. Don’t think you’re getting photo realism here, it’s not. Like a modern artist capturing the essence of the idea of the subject, maybe seen through prisms, smoke, memory or a broken mind, here we are offered all the tart and calming aspects of citrus and tea. Imagine the brightest citrus and black tea infusion with a little wafer thin slice of lemon, let it cool a bit and you’ll know the idea.

Chemical Bonding Ineke Hubertine Heijermans Salon de thé FlickrPDI

Dry down is still tea but with a dry rasp of something I smell more as broken bamboo stem and a very soft sweetness, not sweetness like lollies but sweetness like the warm freshly bathed skin and the powder adds a fluffy coolness.

There is a chem. edge to the fragrance, nothing smells natural (whatever that means) but it’s not a CdG wannabe either. Wear time is excellent but you’re only fully fragrant for the first couple of hours and even that is quite sheer. Personally it works so beautifully on my skin and I’ve been wearing it non-stop for two days straight. I love it so much that I bumped tonights post so I could write about Chemical Bonding.

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Did you get your sniff on Chemical Bonding yet?
Portia xx



15 thoughts on “Chemical Bonding by Ineke Ruhland for Ineke 2006

  1. I am so happy to see you write this stunning review on such a great under the radar scent that never got as much love as Field Notes….I like it too and imagine it blooming and warming on your gorgeous skin, P! Thank you for this lovely review.


  2. I like Ineke (the brand) and have positive feelings about the person (we met on a couple of events since she is from SF). I even have multiple bottles in my collection (and 3 of them are real favorites) but with this perfume it didn’t work out: it was too… chemical for me. I’m not sure now if it was a power of suggestion (because of the name) but I thought it smelled too artificial (said she who runs away from the all-natural perfumery). I’ll check if my sample is still OK (the one of your initially intended perfume went off when I checked it recently 😦 ) and test it again.
    But I’m glad that it works for you!


    • Undina,
      It’s really good that you found a house that there are more than a couple of loves. It would be difficult to find a house where every release suits you perfectly. I bet though if you try it again and think of it as a tea fragrance your reaction may still not be love but it might be less chem-ish revulsion.
      Always a huge pleasure to see you here at APJ.
      Portia xx


  3. How has this one escaped me?! I must investigate. I’ve tried many from the brand but the only one that has spoken to me so far is Idyllwild, and that one is a permanent fixture in my life.


  4. whoa, another one added to my must-sniff list. I enjoy Poet’s Jasmine and Scarlet Larkspur, and can clearly see I need to explore the offerings from Ineke ASAP. 😀 Thanks for the inspiring review!


    • Hi Tiffanie,
      The Must Sniff List just keeps growing, doesn’t it? Mine is still as long as my arm.
      Portia xx


    • Tiff- I recommend that you get the discovery set…the packaging is exquisite and the sample sizes are quite large (and sprayers not dabbers!) and if you end up liking one you get a certain dollar amount off your first bottle having purchased the sample set. Do check it out on the Ineke website! Each sample also comes in its own box so I have actually used them as stocking stuffers, valentine’s gifts and Easter basket fillers …you could do the same if any of the fragrances don’t suit you. Also, the floral curiosities are being d/c and right now are buy one get one….just sayin’ 🙂


      • Wonderful! Thanks for the good advice. My sampling wish list has several discovery sets already. Ineke is a great one to add.


    • And if you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll know when they have a free shipping (they do it a couple of times a year) – so you’ll be able to use your coupon for buying a FB and get a free S&H.


  5. I adore all Ineke’s perfumes and am so sad that they are not available in Australia. I have tried to purchase from Europe and the USA but they can’t be sent here anymore.
    please correct me if I’m wrong and I will be delighted, as flying across the world to buy some is something I can’t justify 😳


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