Scent Diary: 3.12 – 9.12.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

This week has been a flurry of activity. So many wonderful people, faces, places and the obligatory Xmas shopping adventures. Fragrances have been running with and against the warm weather, loads of diversity. I’m going to need a holiday from my life pretty soon, a few days of forced calm.

Scent Diary: 3.12 – 9.12.2018

Monday 3:

Woke up. Took the dogs for a wee.

Went down to the Sydney Olympic Park Pools. Did 400m before Aquarobics. Did a Shallow Aquarobics class. Did 300m. Deep Aquarobics class. 300m. WOO HOO! I finally got back to 1000m (1km). So happy with myself.

Came home and weighed in. VERY happy with todays result. 111.0kg is 9.1kg lost. WOO HOO! Nearly half way to my goal of 20kgs.

SOTDay: Be Beautiful by Jessica Mauboy. Muguet and melon done in a light fresh summer way. Very close to the Hermès Muguet Porcelaine.

Went and had a moments hang with my mate Faycal (owner of Maison d’August girls fashion company) at a photo shoot for the new frocks. Another mate Patrick was there and model Mila. It was fun. There was a group pic taken of us all.

Went to grab Wendy and take her to the Doctor. Her feet are getting better but they’re still a bloody fright. Object lesson right there. To cheer her up a bit I took her to get a haircut. She got 100% zuzhed.

Came home STARVING!! Ate.

Got home just in time to say goodbye to Jin as he went off to work.

SOTEvening: Niki de Saint Phalle

TRIVIA Q&A. It’s been impossible to concentrate tonight. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. Going to make some dinner and then come back and have another crack at it.

Tuesday 4:

WOW! Today has sped by.

I fell asleep last night without finishing my TRIVIA Q&A. So up early to get that done.

SOTMorning: CHANEL Coco EdP

Had some brekky and walked the dogs.

Jin and I went out to look at travel backpacks because that is how Jin would like to travel Europe next year. We found an excellent one for a reasonable price in the Pre-Xmas Sales. They should have his colour choice in by Friday. This is his Xmas present from me.
While we were out we popped into his favourite shoe and accessory store BALLY. There was the most fabulous pair of sneakers there. Leather, brightly coloured, great design and on SALE!!! Reduced by 80%. Last pair in this colourway and hard to sell in Australia because they are a really small size for men; a BALLY 40. Well they went on like a dream and looked so fantastic he had to have them.

Bathed, shit and shaved. Put my eyebrows under and while they set I had a nap.

SOTEvening: Aqua Allegoria Teazzura by Guerlain

Work was fun tonight.

Came home, walked the dogs. Saw a late night Kookaburra, he even gave me a burst of joyful laughter as we walked underneath him

Did the New Sniffs for this week. Some excellent stuff.

VERY FRAGRANT! Jin kicked me out of the bedroom because I was so stinky.

Wednesday 5:

Aquaarobics and a gym session at the Sydney Olympic Park Pools with Jin! Even more fun with him around.

Did some shopping and I was so hungry. Jin went off to do some stuff at the bank. He came back to find me nearly in tears because of all the gorgeous foods I’m not allowed. HA HA HA HA! What a dipstick I am.

On the way out we were walking past a pie shop and I let out an involuntary moan of longing. Jin was like, “Just Bloody Have It. You’ve exercised for 2 hours this morning, You are completely on track to have this diabetes beat. If it will stop you feeling awful and be yummy then have it” and then he bought it for me. Reader, this man, this wonderful Jin, is just incredible. How was the pie you ask? Every bit as bloody delicious as I dreamed it would be. A Curry Beef Pie with light, fluffy, flaky pastry, full of yummy curried mince and a sneaky sachet of tomato sauce. HEAVENLY!

SOTDay: Coup de Foudre by Parfums DelRae

We had a REALLY busy pub when Wendy and I arrived for dinner but by the time Trivia came around we only had 5 teams. It was a fun night though, we al had some laughs.

Home and looked after the dogs. Bloody Paris pissing on the balcony as I arrived home. Seriously;y WTF. He was always the good dog.

SOTNight: Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations. Continuing the roses, just getting a lot more light & shade.

Thursday 6:

I slept soundly till Jin came home around 6am. Then I was restless so jumped out of bed.

SOTMorning: L’Eau d’Issey PHI by Issey Miyake. I can’t even tell you why I love this so much but it seems to fit so many moods. Cold water plus so much more. It’s like those Hockney paintings of diving into a pool.

Started cleaning up the big table. It’s been awash in samples and decants, Christmas card paraphernalia and the box of office necessities strewn hither and thither. Considering it’s only about two square meters it holds an enormous amount of stuff.

Jin is lying on the couch watching Korean TV. He’s going to have to skedaddle at 1pm because I’ll be cleaning.

SOTCleaning: Amarige by Givenchy. LOADS of it. The house is fairly REEKING of it.

With the house cleaned two hours earlier than I’d anticipated Jin and I had time to hit the gym. Back, biceps and abs today. I’ll be sore tomorrow.

Came home. Showered in Jin’s bathroom for the first time ever.

SOTAfternoon: One spritz of Granville by DIOR. Just enough to hum quietly in the background.

Tonight we had Anna Maria, her husband Johnny, Michael and Scotty over for dinner and Barbra Streisand’s A Star Is Born. So fun rewatching an old favourite movie you haven’t seen for about 20 years. It was still a good story and Kris Kristofferson was amazing.

We sat around and had some sniffs afterwards while Johnny and Jin snored on the couch.

Cleaned up and now ready for bed.

SOTBed: Vintage Vol de Nuit by Guerlain.

Friday 7:

Woke up early and went to the spare room with the dogs and we all cuddled for am hour.

SOTMorning: A Quiet Morning by Miller et Bertaux

Had some breakfast and checked the computer. FB, Insta, blogs etc.

Aquarobics class. I had two old dears next to me talking the whole class. They didn’t do one move in 20 and kept me riveted with their happy griping and gossiping. At one point I was chuckling and swallowed a lungful of water. Good class.

Jin and I were meant to go collect his major Xmas present today but we are putting it off till next week.

Came home. Ate this enormous brunch. Do you like the new placemats Jin bought for me? Scandi Birds it’s called. So cute.

SOTAfternoon: Evening Edged In Gold by INeKE

Slept for two glorious hours under the fan.

Jin and I had a wonderful meal at our mates Graham and Phillip’s home. It was a raucous bunch and almost no stories got finished because there was explaining, additions, reminiscences and so much fun that we never quite got there. Phillip is a chef so the food was to die for. Oysters for nibbles, Cheese soufflé for entree, Salmon and some very glam froths (Graham and I had Aubergine and lentil stacks) and Summer pudding and cream for dessert. UNBELIEVABLE! It was so bloody good, you have no idea. Jin is usually quite reticent but he’s so comfy with Graham and Phillip that he really came out of his shell and was hilarious.

Sadly, Jin must be awake at 3.30am to start at 5am. We had to skedaddle at 9pm. Very churlish guests indeed.

Home now.

SOTBed: Feminite du Bois by Serge Lutens

Couldn’t sleep. watched junk TV till 1.30am.

Saturday 8:

Up and at ’em. Quick 1/2 bowl of cereal. Dogs wandered. Out the door.

Collect Tim from his place and we hit the Perfume Sale at Libertine. WOW! Did a load of my Christmas shopping. Almost everyone is now getting candles and shower gels by L’Artisan, Carrière Frères and Amouage. Very good shopping day.

Had some brunch with Tim.

Alice called and reminded me I was taking her to the sale too. SHIT! No sweat, we wandered back and took her through. Then we all went for a cuppa around the corner and had some laughs.

Dropped Tim and his frag haul home.

Went to my BFF Kath’s. It’s her Birthday tomorrow so we had a BFF date today. Pressies, then a four course degustation lunch at the Westfield Tower 360 Bar & Grill with a couple of glasses of wine and the most wonderful view of Sydney you can get. It revolves, so we got to see the whole spread. Achievement unlocked, she had a great time.

Came home and I just got comfortable on the couch when Jin rocks in and we are off to the gym together. Shoulders and calves today. I only gave 70% of myself to it but still I sweated and groaned. Now I’m feeling a bit tight so it will burn tomorrow.

Invited to a 50th birthday party. I was a last minute invite this afternoon. It would have been a stellar party but I just can’t. Feeling like I would have been going for all the wrong reasons and wouldn’t have enjoyed it at all. I’ll call her next week and have lunch.

ZONKED! Couch potato time.

VERY late bath in my new bubble bath called Acs in Paris from Anna Maria. Beautiful.

SOTBed: Savoy Steam by Penhaligon’s

Sunday 9:

Dogs walked in the heat this morning.

Straight to City Perfume for my in store visit. It wasn’t very busy but we met some really nice people and got to chat perfume. This Histoires de Parfums Petroleum might have fallen into my bag too. Thanks Thierry!

Scott and I had a Santa photo. That was cool fun.

Drove over to BFF Kath’s Ma & Pa house. Alice was there too. We had an excellent catch up and I even gave myself a teaspoon of birthday cake.

Trivia was cancelled tonight so I organised with Evie and her daughter Lola to go see A Star Is Born.

If you haven’t seen it yet. DON’T MISS IT ON THE BIG SCREEN. Seriously. If you see no other movie ever make sure you see this. Flawless. Absolutely freaking perfect. Everything from the script, performances, songs and everything. I was there 100% with the story from the get go. It felt so real, so natural. I laughed, cried, smiled like crazy and felt the true wrench of love from Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Can’t wait to see it again.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

37 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 3.12 – 9.12.2018

  1. Wow another jam packed, Portia. Just as well you don’t have a 9 to 5 job, you couldn’t possibly fit it in.

    Nice pic of Kath looking really happy with her birthday treat.

    So impressed you’re halfway to goal weight already. That pie was earned. Jin is a star and so are you.


  2. Portia! Portia! Portia! You fabulous thing-getting closer and closer to your weight goal and having fun while succeeding. How wonderful. : ) You are lucky to have Jin and he you. ❤

    I rediscovered my vintage Balmain Jolie Madame and have been enjoying it in this cold December weather. It's heavenly under sweaters and thermals. Next Thursday I will be 66. Where have the years gone?! Once again, your blog reminds me to enjoy life's simple pleasures and the folks around me.


  3. You go Portia!!! Excellent news on the health goals!!
    I have been spending my week thunking lots of stuff…. spraying lavishly and enjoying every minute… life is too short not to 🤣😄😎


  4. Geez, how do you manage to get so many things done, Portia?! But then again, you seem like such an upbeat person, juggling so many things must come natural to you.

    Unlike you, I was in a sorta foul mood this whole week but I managed to see the new Robin Hood movie which I hoped would cheer me up. Spoiler alert: it didn’t! Still, I love watching films at the cinema.
    What a coincidence: I’ve watched the whole Actors on actors segment with Gaga and Lin-Manuel Miranda this morning. I hope to see A Star Is Born one of these days and Mary Popping Returns as soon as I can. I’m a huge fan of musical theatre.


    • Hey Diana,
      Sorry to read you were in a foul mood this week. I hope it has dissipated for you. No, I’m so far from upbeat sometimes, the black dog pays regular visits. One of the reasons I enjoy my life to the fullest whenever it’s possible. Other times I need to squirrel myself away.
      Was Taron Egerton lovely in Robin Hood though? Wasn’t he visually enough?
      Portia xx


      • Thank you for your kind words, Portia, I feel better. I love dogs, but not this particular kind 🙂
        And yes, Taron is sight for sore eyes, I enjoyed each and every close-up, lol! I can’t wait for the Rocketman movie.


    • I hope that your mood picks up, Diana. I’m convinced that winter is causing a lot of us to feel crappy and sort of depressed. But I’m sending some happy vibes to you, since I have some to spare 🤗


      • Why, thank you, Cassie! Those happy vibes have arrived and started unpacking their stuff. You’re so right about winter. I haven’t seen the sun for days 😦 Still, no sunshine means I can start my eternal youth course i.e. apply my retinol cream every night without worrying about dark spots appearing on my face. Silver lining, etc.


  5. You’ve had a fit and fabulous week. And, I am noticing that the weight loss is beginning to show. Especially around the face, which is typical, but deadly when you get to be my age. Since you’re still a young whipper snapper, no worries for you.
    Paris is being a pill! Except, it does make me laugh. Sorry. (Not).
    My week was a shit basket. One client changed her mind about a drapery material at the last second forcing me to re-jig the entire decor scheme. An order of tiles for a bathroom project was missing two boxes. None left in Montreal, so I had to drive to Toronto (where there was still sufficient stock) and back (14 hours) pretending to be an errand boy. No choice as the tile setter was hired and on the clock.
    Tried Kiki extrait de parfum hoping for a Pour Un Homme but with a bit more oomph. The lavender and caramel notes led me to think it might have a similar vibe, but not on me. I find it rather rough, but maybe my nose has to get used to it.
    My husband is back in da house. Brought home a magnificent Fraser fir Christmas tree which looks absolutely stunning in the living room. Been to the Christmas market. Eating stollen. First Christmas party done and dusted last night. The next two weeks are magical for me. No gifts to buy as we stopped that about five years ago. So lots of family. Friends. And fun.


    • HA! Yes Marcella, Paris is naughty but nothing we can’t handle. A few extra outings is helping enormously.
      There is no way I could be a decorating project manager. There are far too many variables and I would stress out constantly. Even doing our own places renovations got me near axe murderer stage.
      Kiki is a horse of a different colour. Pour un Homme is so utterly plush that anything else worn i the near time frame with lavender will seem wither too rough or lifeless. Wear some other still for a week and try it again, Kiki is well worth the effort.
      Enjoy your Xmas partying.
      Portia xx


  6. Had a sniffing afternoon today, where about eight of us also had wine and snacks – definitely worth going out in the slashing rain for. We got to show off the Black Friday purchases which have arrived so far. Alas that some were evidently put into the panniers of little donkeys, but with luck the rest will arrive before the holidays!


  7. Fantastic achievement. Halfway there already, you’re playing a blinder. Laughing that you almost went into emotional meltdown over a curry pie🤣. You’re soon going to have to do a clothes dump, and re-stock, if you haven’t done so already.
    It’s been a crazy week for me too, hectic at work. And I wasn’t out playing at all. But the absolute best thing that could happen did happen, Hubby and I met up with his birth parents and two of his sisters! She was almost struck dumb and crumpled when she walked in and saw him, and his dad looked comically bemused. They all seemed to burst in the doorway at once and couldn’t wait to touch him. Everyone was in floods of tears. There wasn’t a second of awkwardness and the conversation flowed so well that the social worker suggested that we all take ourselves off for lunch. I couldn’t take my eyes off his dad as the resemblance is so strong, but hubby has his mother’s eyes. All quite surreal. We’ve exchanged phone numbers and email and can’t wait to see them again. There’s a lot of catching up to do.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hey Cassieflower,
      Fortunately my pants line has remained fairly steady, it’s the gut that’s decreasing. I wore an XL even when I was thin because I have child swimmer shoulders, so the one size up to fit my gut wasn’t OTT either.
      WOW! As an adopted person I love to read these meet up stories. I’ve never met mine, though I’m open to them finding me. Clearly I was not a good fit at the time and they couldn’t have left me in better hands. I was loved and given the sort of advantages that made my life.
      Congratulations to your dude for finding his and that it all went so well. Beautiful.
      Portia xx


      • You can’t ever guess at the background to adoption. The story here is quite shocking. And it’s not that the parents always choose that option, sometimes it’s forced upon them.


    • cassie- thank you for sharing. From the moment you told us about this (way back when..I think before APJ was highjacked) I had been curious of the outcome and was hoping for a happy ending…sounds like your husband got just that….so wonderful!


    • Awww shucks! That’s so wonderful to hear. So very happy for hubbie and you. These situations are fraught with anxiety, a veritable minefield of things that could either disappoint or fail to gel. And it couldn’t have come at a better time of year. Big hugs to you both!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Beautiful news and such a touching week. I hope the future brings only the best for all of you and that this is just the beginning of a better future. What a week for you too…!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. What a lovely week! And congrats on all that aquatic exercise. Getting to the 1k is a big deal.
    And some envy-inducing nosh, too. That meal you had with Kath looks bloody *amazing*.

    I’ve had many adventures this week–and so much time on trains. Down to college on Monday for the department’s research day. Really good day–meeting up with the other doctoral students to talk about what we’re working on. It’s invigorating. Having struggled madly to get any work done lately–the black dog has been very much in residence in my brain for some weeks now–I managed to pull together a decent presentation that went down very well, and stirred up some useful questions and lively conversations. The meeting the next day with my supervisor was brutal though. I got read the riot act: write or die time. So, time to get to serious work if I want to get this done (and I do, I do.)

    Back to Edinburgh for a couple of days, and then down to Manchester on Saturday. Up well before dawn on Sunday for a 0730 weigh in, and my first powerlifting competition in 17 months (and 2 days, but hey, who’s counting?!) After the stress of weight refusing to come off as fast as I had needed it to, I had changed up my weight class so as not to have to fret about that. Still, 54kg isn’t too bad and pushing to get down under 52 in time could have flattened me. Had an excellent day. Decided to play it very safe. The goal was to qualify for the nationals, so, made the choice to leave my ego at the door and not worry about having to prove anything. Got three for three good lifts in, with all white lights. Small lifts, sure, but more than enough (50, 55, and 57.5. I only needed 40.) So, delighted to be back on the platform and keep on working back to my full strength. Lovely to have my fabulous coach with me too. He’s the bomb.


    • OMG I’m lying gasping on the floor just reading this. Well done, you’re also playing a blinder. I feel like a big lazy shite in comparison.


      • thank you!

        If it’s any consolation, I’m absolutely bloody knackered now. I’m curled up with a blanket and a small cat, pondering a nap. (Getting home at midnight, plus the 1 to 2am repeated interruptions by a falling-down-drunk lost girl in the hallways banging on our door didn’t help.)


    • Oooo! Just read this! Good stuff Crikey! Absolutley excited to read this. I know how much mental fortitude it takes. Loads. So, you’ve qualified and that’s terrific. Keep training and keep it smart. Kudos to your coach as well. They’re a big part of any success.


      • thanks, marcella. ten and a half weeks to keep training and keep working on getting stronger again. And yep, I am madly lucky to have my coach–he’s pretty special.

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    • You’re amazing! I wasn’t breathing while reading about your weight lifting. What a week, what an achievement! Congrats Crikey 🙂


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