Scent Diary: 29.7 – 4.8.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

The weather in Sydney this winter is absolutely glorious. Not so good for our drought but wonderful for living, travelling and hanging out with mates. Good news is that my sniffer is getting back into working order, PHEW! Loads of fun fragrances to celebrate.

Scent Diary: 29.7 – 4.8.2019

Monday 29:

Walked the dogs through the warm winter sunshine, we went a bit further today because I was enjoying it so much.

SOTMorning: Secret Joly by Oriza L Legrand

Today is one year since Jin and my Wedding Party. Can’t believe it flew by so quickly.

Keep thinking about the fabulous Rocco & Vera Wedding on the weekend. It was wonderful. I hope they know such a fun, calm, settled, loving first year as Jin & I have had.

Got loads of APJ commenting in this morning. I’m starting to feel the lifting of my sickness. Still a bit bunged up but more energy and purpose.

Cleaning, Clothes washing and the regular Monday whizz through the house. I even went in and cleaned the floor of Jin’s bathroom today. Normally I give it a quick vacuum but it was hands & knees scrubbing today. It was utterly vile and I seriously could not stand being in the house with it. HA! Rant over.


SOTAfternoon: Umbra by Ramon Monegal. New arrival last week. I opened it up and gave myself some spritzes of citrus/resins goodness. MMMMM

Jin came home and we had Sausages and a Potato/Onion/Bacon/Parsley fry up. It’s not often that Jin gets excited about my cooking but he loved it tonight.


SOTDeskJockey: Patchouli Absolu by Tom Ford. Grassy and earthy patchouli, yum.

Tuesday 30:

Good Morning Tuesday. We are back in cool winter weather now.

SOTMorning: Cartier: L’Heure Convoiteé II

Heard from Fair Trading about the job that went south today. It’s nice to chat with an impartial person on the phone about it. She was really helpful. She explained what the process is, what the other party wanted and I was able to say that I’d made an incredibly reasonable offer of recompense. Now we will go to Tribunal.

Bubble Bath time and I used up the last of one of my Sung Shower Gels. Excellent bubbles and scent, white flowers with a lightly animal backdrop, could be narcissus.

Bought this bottle on the ScentSation Bus Tour of LA with Perfume Posse in 2013. I’m finally having my long awaited Patchouli epiphany and thought I would grab it out for some spritzing. Very pretty and wearable.

Came home and watched Korean TV with Jin. I think he is still sicker than he’s letting on. The cough is mighty chesty. The antibiotics should clean him up soon I hope.

Watched some TV after he went to bed.

SOTBed: Bois Bleu by Robert Piguet. Salty winter sea breeze and spicy woods.

Wednesday 31:

No reason but I woke at about 6am. Went to the bathroom and grabbed the dogs inside. Cuddled and slept with Paris on the couch till 9am. BLISS!

Fed and walked the boys in the wan winter sunlight.

Jin and I had breakfast together, brunch really. I did smashed omelette, bacon, salad and toast. It was yum, perfect start to the day.

COMPUTER doing my Invoicing for the month, getting APJ up to date for August, doing some Perfume Posse writing.

Watched some ARROW with the dogs while Jin had an afternoon nap before work tonight.

Had a British Sterling by Dana bubble bath. It was fabulous, hot and steamy. Smelled nice too.

SOTEvening: The Aoud by Mancera

Wasn’t hugely busy at work tonight but the food was delicious, the players had a good time and the staff are all really excited about Super Hero Weekend. We’ll be raising money for Bear Cottage, the only childrens hospice in NSW.

Home now and cleaning up the kids room for their arrival tomorrow morning.

SOTCleaning: Pour Un Homme de Caron.

Thursday 1:

Jin arrived home from work this morning with our Niece (Sindy) and Nephew (Daniel) in tow. They are practically adults now.

We had breakfast together then they all went off for a sleep.

SOTMorning: Granville by DIOR. I really couldn’t decide what I waited to smell like and I thought to myself, “Portia, what will give you a lift and smell killer without overwhelming?” Granville was my instant response.

Caught the train into town and had lunch with one of the great loves of my life, Craig. We went to a cool restaurant near his work, had burgers and chattered away the better part of an hour. It was an excellent catch up, for me anyway, and now I know how easy it is to go hang with him hopefully it will happen more.

Came home and Jin & the kids have parked themselves in front of the TV.

They had Korean for dinner and I had some cold chicken and fry up of potato, sweet potato, onion and leeks. YUM!

Spent the afternoon/evening blogging. I’m very fragrant right now.

SOTBed: Eau de Minthé by Diptyque.

BTW How did it become AUGUST already?!?

Friday 2:

Awoke, walked dogs, breakfast with Jin and the kids.

I have two funnies that tickled my fancy this week.

SOTMorning: Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations

Hung out with Jin and the kids. They brought KFC home for lunch.

Watching The Originals on Netflix



SOTEvening: LouLou by Cacharel

Worked for a fundraiser at Greystanes Inn tonight for Bear Cottage. It’s the only hospice for children in NSW. Worthy cause. I took Jin and the kids. It turned out to be a fun night.

Home. watched more The Originals.

SOTBed: Evening Edged In Gold by INeKE

Saturday 3:

Up early and walking the dogs in the crisp cool air. Excellent way to wake up.

SOTMorning: Oriental Brulant by Guerlain

Took the kids down the southern end of Sydney to Oak Park in Botany Bay. They did a SCUBA dive to refresh their memories, next weekend they are doing the advanced course.

Jin and I sat in the sunshine and chattered away an hour while they were out. It was so relaxing. It’s the middle of winter here. Sunshine and 17C, there was a little breeze and Jin felt the need for a jacket but I was in a T-Shirt.

Came home, had some lunch and a siesta.

Dinner with the kids, Alice, Kath and us at Korean BarBQ. I completely forgot to take photos. It was fun to catch up.


Stayed up after everyone went to bed watching The Originals on Netflix with the dogs.

Sunday 4:

Slept in till about 10am.

Lazy morning. Watched some Korean TV with Jin then came to answer your comments on the Saturday Question.

Dyed my beard, shaped it and shaved, had my bath.

Made myself into a dirty old drag queen.

SOTEvening: Vintage Mitsouko extrait. Lashings of it. MMMMMM

Work was fun tonight.

I’m bushed. No reason, just incredibly tired. I’m going to watch a little bit of TV, do a load of washing and then go to bed.

SOTBed: 1969 by Histoires de Parfums


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

15 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 29.7 – 4.8.2019

  1. Sindy and Daniel are in town! Wonderful.

    Pleased to hear you had a good conversation about the dispute Portia. It’s ridiculous it came to this but hopefully it will get resolved.

    I went to a festival and bought some CBD oil yesterday. Will see if it helps with my anxiety. Worth a try.


  2. Winter sunshine is so wonderful, we have been enjoying it here too.
    Scentwise I have been notified that Tiziana Terenzi Laudano Nero is a scrubber…can’t imagine who taught him that word!!


  3. Congrats on your one year anniversary, P!!!!! You are the most adorable couple! Wishing you many many years of happiness 🙂

    Love the quotes…

    Evening Edged in Gold is my absolute favorite Ineke. I have maybe one squirt left in my just about empty full bottle 😦

    What did you think of Eau de Menthe? It got lukewarm reviews but I loved the patch drydown…you already know that I am a patch fiend…will wear it straight up…e.o….without apologies.

    Spent the week in Guerlains and then segued into Auphorie thanks to Kathleen. Have now moved on to Dior week!!!!

    Nothing new on the home front except work , work and more work. But I have a three week staycation…lots of stuff to do around the house…currently working with Mr. M on cleaning out our gutters…my goodness the mess that is in them!!! Nasty business!!!! LOL!


  4. Wait, it has been just a year? It surely felt a lot longer than a year since you and Jin got married, probably because you have been together for so long. However, lots of congratulations. Your marriage is a proof our world is gradually becoming a better place for everyone.


  5. Wow, one year already, congratulations! Glad you and Jin are on the mend and the dispute is on its way to being resolved. We had a houseguest this week too, my husband’s adult son came to Montréal and we had a good visit. Hard to believe it’s August already, but I’m happy as it’s been too hot for me and I’m ready for summer to wind down. Fall is my favourite season.

    I’m having a patchouli phase too, need to try that Dolce Patchouly. This week I got to try Patchouli Patch. It has no doubt been reformulated many times, but it is a soft easy wear now.


  6. Happy Anniversary Portia and Jin xxx
    Wedding of Rocco and Vera and a funeral for my father in law… have been my last two weeks …I wore Oud Isaphan for both, which I love.
    Thank you for being there Portia and Jin xx
    Happy Scuba diving guys !!


  7. Dear Portia,
    Congratulations to you and Jin! Stay healthy and happy many-many years!

    I enjoy reading your weekly reports and feel constantly amazed at how many different perfumes you manage to wear: your day feels longer than my 🙂

    A tough week for me: it started with a dental surgery (went well), soft diet (of course, I want everything crunchy and chewy when I can’t have it 🙂 ), and a lot of work to make up for a lost couple of days with uneasy feeling that I managed to do less then I should have. But I wore my favorite perfumes for all days but the one with the surgery (I slept through the most of it anyway), and I bought new bottle of perfume (you’ll see which one in my recent post 🙂 ). Oh! And I got a postcard in the mail! It was a really nice surprise when I returned to the office. Thank you! ❤️


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