Poet’s Jasmine by Ineke Rutland for INeKE 2011


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Hello Frag Family,

Do you know how some houses feel like a really good fit for you right from the start. Even the name and the nose feel spookily familiar the first time you read or hear about them. Maybe you see their bottles or someone sends you a sample and you swoon? From the very first review I read about Ineke I really thought it was going to be a good fit for me and when I finally got some samples they were. Not the all encompassing, eye rollingly gorgeous, over the top WOW of this first Amouage or by Kilian that I tried but a deeply comfortable, easy to wear, fits all occasions feeling that has continued with each one I try.

Somehow though today’s fragrance completely passed me by and I don’t know how I missed it…

Poet’s Jasmine by INeKE 2011

Poet’s Jasmine by Ineke Rutland

Poet’s Jasmine Ineke FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Citrus fruit, star anise, rosemary, absinthe, wormwood
Heart: Frankincense, jasmine, cardamom
Base: Henoki wood, guaiac wood

This was part of a set put together by INeKE for Anthropologie, which I think is a chain of stores in the USA?. Hang on, google-ing it now. OK, Anthropologie are a fashion and beauty store who are mid-priced with some expensive and cheap lines. I was impressed with some of their fragrance offerings for the price point, clever.

Clean, green and woody opening, sharp and lightly sweet. Interesting and it has a kind of lacquer vibe, as if the wood is being varnished. Maybe that is Inez’s way of playing the alcohol in absinth. I like it, the sharpness is mildly repellant but also enticing. Remember the smell of texta pens at school, very slightly reminiscent of them.

The heart of Poet’s Jasmine is only lightly jasmine on me, much more about the woods, greenery and incense. Jasmine is here but it’s shrouded in mystery, not instantly discernible as itself.

Plot’s Jasmine is awkward on me. I can’t think who would be the target market for it. I really like the interesting juxtapositions and the frisson between the notes, the sharp green and cool incense that seem to push against the very clean, robo-jasmine effect. Not a loud fragrance but noticeable because it’s so unexpected.

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First In Fragrance has €39.90/15ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $5/ml

INeKE - Scent Library FiFFirst In Fragrance €19.90 5 x 2.5ml INeKE Sampler

Did you ever get on board the INeKE scent train? Did you have a favourite? Does Poet’s Jasmin sound like it might be your thing?
Portia xx

5 thoughts on “Poet’s Jasmine by Ineke Rutland for INeKE 2011

  1. Yes, I did! I have them all, and wear them all. Her sample boxes are wonderful and the FBs never disappoint. I’m on FB two of Evening Edged in Gold and Field Notes From Paris. If you haven’t tried them, jump in!


  2. Hi Portia,
    Sadly, the INeKE I’ve tried has not worked for me, but I haven’t tried Poet’s Jasmine yet!
    Azar xx


  3. I partially on the Ineke train. There’s a few I love and some I like. Field Notes from Paris is a love for me. I’ve got a bottle of that one. I really like Poet’s Jasmine but don’t yet have a bottle. I wouldn’t mind a bottle of After My Own Heart or Hothouse Flower.
    I get more jasmine from this than you do I think. It smells less green to me too.


  4. I have two INEKE bottles from the main collection – Hothouse Flower and Field Notes from Paris – and enjoy wearing the first one and smelling the second one on my vSO.

    I also have all 4 “volumes” of their Floral Curiosities line (to which Poet’s Jasmine belongs), but I bought them for the packaging (cute books for 15 ml bottles) and do not wear – though I could wear at least a couple of them if it weren’t for many more bottles in my collection that I love more.


    • Hey undina,
      LOVE that you bought the line for the packaging, those 15ml bottles were excellent and I wish more companies would follow suit.
      Portia xx


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