Mure et Musc by Jean-Francois Laporte for L’Artisan Parfumeur 1978


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Hey Hey Fragrant Family,

Jean-Francois Laporte founded L’Artisan Parfumeur in 1976. It was among the first of the niche lines, maybe even the first, and it started producing in 1978 with some very interesting fragrances that many of you will either have tried or own: L’Eau d’Ambre and Mure et Musc are both still available and the 1979 introduction L’Eau d’Navigateur was only discontinued this year. Let’s have a look today at what is known as the first ever blackberry fragrance.

Mure et Musc by L’Artisan Parfumeur 1978

Mure et Musc by Jean-Francois Laporte

Mure et Musc L`Artisan Parfumeur FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Amalfi lemon, orange, mandarin orange, basil
Heart: Blackberry, red berries
Base: Musk, oakmoss

1978 was a very good year, it’s the year that my partner Jin came into the world. No matter what happens with us over time I will always have a soft spot for 1978 because of him.

So Mure & Musc, the first time a perfumer decided to add a sparkling fruity aspect to musk, what a weird choice to add screechy, urinous blackberry to something as softly animal as musk. Yet, it’s a perfect pairing and one that has become more and more common over time, basically fruity musks are all you can buy in the laundry department nowadays.

Mure et Musc L`Artisan Parfumeur Jin Portia Eve Lola Low Head Lighthouse 2016

Here we get a shimmering sparkle of fresh citrus with a soft creamy herbaceousness that leads to slightly squeaky and zingy berries. Already from the very first minute the musks play a fluffy soft and grounding powderiness that keeps Mure et Musk on the dry side. Considering how sheer and delicate the whole fragrance is the lasting power is excellent, especially if you happen to spritz your top as well as yourself. Dry down is furry and friendly, people write about woodsiness, I get very little of that. It’s all cuddly musks and oakmoss to dry down with the merest sweetening from the fruit.

I wish I’d thought to bring Mure et Musc on our trip to Tasmania last weekend, it would have been the perfect scent for the cool temps outside when we stayed in the low Head Lighthouse Keepers Cottage right on the bluff overlooking the meeting of Bass Straight and the Tamar River. We loved it with my childhood mate Evie and her daughter Lola. You can see I’m wearing the Green Beanie made for me by Vanessa at Bonkers About Perfume, best investment I ever made. Kept my head warm and so soft, it also is made exactly for my head so no slippage or creeping. Thanks Vanessa. She’ll make you one too, very reasonable price, pop on over to her blog & ask.

Mure et Musc L`Artisan Parfumeur Jin Portia Low Head Lighthouse 2016

My Mure et Musc is from vintage 15ml(?) manufacturers sample spritzers with the original curvy inverted cone lids, I’m not sure how the modern one fares.

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20 thoughts on “Mure et Musc by Jean-Francois Laporte for L’Artisan Parfumeur 1978

  1. I’ve never tried a L’Artisan perfume and this sounds a good one to start with. Blackberries and musk! A good winter fragrance, and it’s certainly winter weather round here right now. Follow by email. 🙂


  2. Love love love L’artisan! There is few from the line that I dislike. Mure et Musc is one of the l’artisans I have yet to try. For some reason I think of a jammy sweet and powdery scent?
    Hmmm my fav L’artisan? That’s hard.
    I think it would be premier FIGUIER. It was the first fig scent I tried and inevitably loved. I’ve been after fig scents ever since.
    Such a great give away!
    Thanks Portia xx

    Following by email


  3. Thanks Portia for the giveaway! I have never tried anything by L’Artisan so it would be great to give it a shot with what you so greatly described. This is probably the fragrance I most want to try so far. I follow via email. Once again, thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone!


  4. I follow APJ on WordPress blog delivered to my email. I like Artisan for the quality of their fragrances. Have not tried Mure et Musc and I like berry fragrances so hope to get a sniff. Thanks!


  5. I follow by email. I love Tea for Two and Passage d’Enfer particularly. I’ve never owned any fragrance that had blackberries in it and I would really like to try this. Thank you for the giveaway.


  6. No need to enter me in the draw, as I have a friend who loves this scent and I will ask to sniff her bottle some time – can’t bring Mure et Musc to mind, though I know I have smelt it. It’s not an obvious combination of notes as you say, but it is a winning one.

    And you look great in your beanie! – glad it is keeping your head warm in your winter, as it must be now over there. Very kind of you to mention me in my ‘flitterknitter’ as well as -sniffer capacity.;) x


    • Hey Vanessa,
      The beanies are my FAVOURITE!! So comfortable and warm, THANK YOU.
      Portia xxx


  7. Portia, thanks for the giveaway and the tip about Bonkers for Perfume! I’ve never tried a L’Artisan fragrance, or one with blackberries (urinous?). Obviously fruity notes aren’t as simple as I usually expect them to be. Anyway, I follow by email.
    Much aloha,


  8. Ooh ooh ooh I love Safran Troublant! And Passage d’Enfer! And Séville à l’Aube! I love l’AP! Thanks for this. I follow by e-mail!


  9. Thank you for the chance to win this fragrance. I’m always on the lookout for a musk that rocks my world. Maybe this would be it! I follow by email and have the site bookmarked.


  10. The L’Artisan creation which is my favorite is Saffran Troublant. I have Mure Et Musc Extreme in new formula and I would like to try vintage Mure et Musc to see how similar the new and older formulas are and how similar are the regular and extreme versions. Thanks for the generous draw. I follow APJ through FB and email.


  11. i really love this line and enjoy so many of their offerings.i probably wear drole de rose the most.i am unfamiliar with this one so i am interested to give it a go.i follow by email.thanks for the giveaway.


  12. I follow by email, and my favorite L’Artisan is maybe Passage d’Enfer, closely followed by Safran Troublant. Thank you for the review and giveaway!


  13. I think my favourite l’artisan is one I have never tried – Fleur d’oranger. I also love their tuberose – one of zee best!



  14. My favourite L’Artisan is Traversee du Bosphore – i adore it. I do like the sound of blackberry and musk…. hmmm. I follow by FB and email. Thanks for the draw.


  15. I’ve tried La Chasse Aux Papillons, Mûre et Musc and the new Bucoliques de Provence and loved all three.
    Thank you xx


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