Scent Diary: 29.1 – 4.2.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

This week turned out to be all about fragrance and friends. We also got the go-ahead to buy a new townhouse so VERY excited about that too. Life has been very generous with us and we are grateful in the extreme.


Scent Diary: 29.1 – 4.2.2018

Monday 29:

Woke up with a funny throat. Doesn’t feel quite right. Fingers crossed it’s only a snoring upshot.

My frag mate Evan came over for a whirlwind visit with all his new purchases. It was excellent to hang out and chatter. Jin  was lying half asleep on the couch watching Korean TV and we all had a very nice time. Sometimes the smallest things are special.

Wearing Tom Ford Lavender Palm and Laundano Nero by Tiziana Terenzi.

After Evan left I dropped in to see BFF Kath’s Mum & Dad and took them some of my Beef, Barley & Vegetable Soup and Jin had bought them a jar of Scorched Almonds. It is always fun to sit with them and exchange stories. Dad has been a member of ToastMasters for decades and I told him I was thinking of joining. It sounds so wonderful and I love to improve my work so this week I’m going to take the plunge.

Back home and I decided to get a head start on the Trivia Q&A. The weeks Jackpot Questions and Games were all written by 8pm. YAY!!

Walking the dogs tonight the air had lost its heat and a lot of the humidity, clouds were scudding across the sky and the moon was bright enough to mark my way by. We only walked a few blocks but it was beautiful.

Home to finish Trivia Q&A and get some of the blog sorted. This week is a funny hump week where I have to write 7 days of content and I only remembered tonight. OOOPSIE!

SOTBed: Cacharel Liberté

Tuesday 30:

O M G! Sitting down makes me sweat. It’s so freaking HUMID and hot.

Scotty came over for office day. We got loads done and I sent home home early so I can sweat in peace.

I’m waring some of Teone Reinthal‘s perfumes because we were decanting them today. I smell fabulous. You have no idea. A mushroom cloud of fragrance.

After my bath I wear INeKE Chemical Bonding. It’s totally different from anything else I wear and my skin warms where I spray it for about 10 minutes, like it’s excited to wear Chemical Bonding again.

Another $1000 JACKPOT WIN tonight at Parramatta RSL. The I Concur team got out 3 Jackpot Questions right. It’s a big deal when they win.

Got home and poor Jin has eaten something that’s violently disagreed with him. 10-15 minute toilet calls. He’s in a bad way. Doctor tomorrow morning.

Wednesday 31:

Had the best day today. We have had a cool change and the weather stayed around the 23C area with some lovely cloud cover. Walking the dogs this morning was so lovely, they were like puppies.

I’m wearing INeKE Chemical Bonding again today because it seems to fit my current mood perfectly. It’s dry and fresh, light and interesting, none of the things i look for in a fragrance but there you have it.

Grabbed my mate Wendy and we went and did some shopping, nothing important, just the basics. We had a cuppa to get us started, then off to the Priceline Chemist (Drug Store) for toiletries and vitamins and then Big W for some clothing essentials.

Then we went to Sue’s home and met up with Linda & Liz for lunch. Chicken & Veg Filo Parcels, Baby Potatoes and Garden Salad. Chatter, laughter, stories, food and some delightful Pinot Grigio Spritzers. Around the table we have Sue, Liz, Linda and Wendy. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how freaking lucky I am to have wonderful people like these women in my life. They all have such interesting stories, I think I bored them to death with mine but they were kind enough to listen. He He he, that’s love right there.

Dessert was Liverpool Trifle and we all went OOOOH when they came out. It was a wonderful afternoon and I enjoyed every minute.

Came home and Jin is still not 100%. Poor little fucker. He had decided that we’d have his famous Spicy BarBQ Pork for dinner though and the house is thick with smokiness. Can’t fault him for anything, what a guy. Don’t tell him but I really love him to bits.

I might have had some arrivals from the big sale at Fragrance and Art. SHHHH! They were HALF PRICE! It would be rude to ignore that kind of deal. PLUS I had to reach a certain limit to get FREE SHIPPING! Totes worth it. Woo Hoo!

Did a big Multi-Order at First In Fragrance tonight for the Aussie Fragrance Network crew and a little something for me in it too. It’s terrifying spending other peoples money.

Thursday 1:

Jin and I were up and barking at the banks early this morning. To be fair they all played as nice as they can, which is only mildly nice. One joy was seeing my fave operative at Westpac, the very handsome Orio and our Loan advisor at BOQ is also very sweet, steely but sweet.

I wanted something pretty and refreshing to keep me cool under pressure so went for Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cologne. Very wearable, softly but insistently puffs out a citrus/fluffy white musk vibe that keeps the world looking peaceful, even in the face of the banks. Will win no awards for excellence but it is a solid, wearable, modern cologne.

Back home and trying to catch up on work left hanging.

Nah, had a nap.

Off to picnic with Alice tonight. It’s quite a bit cooler here so I’m gong with DIOR Mitzah. So bloody gorgeous. MMMMMMMMM

We had a beautiful picnic and watched the sun go down behind the Sydney Opera House. Ate left overs from Jin’s BarBQ last night on super fresh Bread Rolls with lashings of butter. Some lime infused Mineral Water, a picnic blanket and the world was swept away as we happily chattered away a couple of hours. When it was fully dark we upped stumps and went to the cafe below Alice’s place for some tea. It was a perfect nearly zero cost evening.

Home to walk the dogs and the freaking heavens opened upon us about 250m from home so we ran our hearts out. The dogs loved it. they were bounding along smiling big cheesy greyhound smiles and looking back to make sure I was OK. Sweet.
Home now.

Got to chat to Tara from A Bottled Rose tonight on WhatsApp phone. 30+ minutes of planning for her Australian visit and laughing. So lucky to have this beautiful woman in our lives.

Some blogging, more Mitzah and bed.

Friday 2:

Bugger. I went to bed but sleep eluded me. Came to the living room, made a cuppa, put the TV on. Just watched 20 minutes of Real Housewives Of Orange County. Had to turn it off. Umm, they all looked like Franken-Hookers. They are stitched up like quilts, and so many fillers etc that it’s like looking at excruciatingly thin Chesterfields. They all seem so horrible too. Is this the lure of it?

2.30am. Caron Nocturnes

Quickly fed and walked the dogs this morning.

As I was running out the door I gave myself some very healthy spritzes of Fort & Manlé Charlatan. I smelled fabulous all day.

Jumped in the car and came to the closing down sale of one of Sydney’s original theatre make up stores. There was a school of theatre make up here too. I taught Drag Makeup here a couple of times when they needed a helping hand. 3 Arts created many of our famous theatrical/fashion/wedding/commercial peeps.

The weather is perfect today. Lightly cloudy and 23C. It’s so luxurious to have spare time and no destination for 2 hours.

I still had some time before my next meeting so I parked the car at Kath’s and wandered around Redfern. In the nearly 10 years since I was a permanent resident here a lot has changed. Gentrification is well under way. Loads of wealthy young professionals, new cool furniture shops, art galleries, multicultural eateries and LOTS of prams. I sat and had a coffee and watched the world go by for 40 minutes.

Then I jumped on a train to Museum Station and wandered up Oxford St to my next destination.

Lunch with Rod and Laydee Kinmee. We are helping Rod with some language, thoughts, life experiences and philosophy of working drag queens for an idea he has. Hopefully more on this later.

Home and I had the most fabulous Bubble Bath in Tabu Shower Gel. So freaking glam, cost next to nothing but amazing. Kiehl’s Original Musk Lotion and a drenching in Bogue OE. You can bet I am smelling MIGHTY FINE!

I know there are never enough dog shots for the puppy lovers. The problem with such big dogs is they are difficult to capture from up close. So here they are having their dinner. Happiest moments of their days.

Blogging, seriously. I’ve been so naughty lately. Writing tonight and tomorrow’s posts. Hopefully I will still have it in me to get next weeks Contributors posts edited in as well.

Saturday 3:

I had a perfume free day.

Jin and I went for lunch on our Barefoot Investor date but we needed to get some other things finalised before we move forward, planned for Monday.

BLOGGED! Did a bunch of the things for February that don’t need me spritzed. It was a nice break, though the perfume room is fragrant enough to provide ample scent.

Tonight I’m off to judge the Drag Competition at an event. It should be a bunch of fun. I’m wearing Guerlain Shalimar. Smelling very nice in this cooler weather. MMMMM

We had a stellar night at Heaven Social Dance Talent Quest 2018. My co-judges were Beverly Buttercup and Malicious d”Amage, we did what we do best; JUDGE! Then there are our 6 finalists. Five that I loved and one that really set my teeth on edge.

Sunday 4:

This morning we got up early and went to meet BFF Kath at the dog park where our mate Moose works in the cafe. It was all very social. Bumped into a mate of mine from school, Richard, who has remained a constant in and out friend my whole life. We were so busy chatting and catching up with everyone, looking after the boys whose first time to the park it was and generally keeping an eye on the other dogs that I forgot to take photos. Sorry.

Here’s one that BFF Kath took.

Home to bathe. LUSH Rose Jam bubble bath, Madonna Truth or Dare Naked lotion and Lanvin Arpege spritzed lavishly for work tonight.

Time to become a beautiful lady. Well, a fugly approximation.

Home and wearing Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur for my glorious nighttime fragrance. MMMMMM



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

32 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 29.1 – 4.2.2018

  1. What an amazing week you had Portia! and it is also APJs anniversary month 🙂

    My week has had its ups and downs with nasty weather (still sore from shoveling heavy wet snow) but no meetings at work and I rather enjoy the wash, rinse, repeat kind of days. Best part of the week is my best friend sent me a three month early birthday present…huge box filled with fragrant goodies of stuff she isn’t using…in there was a 100ml bottle of Nocturnes (one of a very small handful of fragrances that I have used religiously over the years…I am currently hoarding my last vintage bottle). I am happy to report that current formulation is equally as good and now I have loads of it so I can spray lavishly. I noticed that you wore it at 230am? Hoping to see you elaborate on it one day.

    Please pass me some of that Liverpool Trifle….my kids want the spicy BBQ pork….the younger two are very much into Korean food and we have made two separate trips into the city to explore Koreatown in Manhattan…for my birthday this year we might actually go into Flushing (my childhood friend of 50 years still lives in Queens as do my parents) and venture into the restaurants and Kbeauty shops that are everywhere.


    • Hi there CM,
      There are a couple of excellent Korean places in NYC Koreatown. I can’t remember their names but we had some super yum meals there. Jin checks out EVERY Koreatown in every city we visit. It’s a big deal for him.
      Nocturnes is freaking gorgeous. Doesn’t get a lot of wear here but every time it does I love it.
      Portia xx


  2. Jam Rose this week in my line up too. Congratulations on you new property. I loved Toastmasters but assume your skills are quite good considering you are a professional performer. I learned that no one knows if I forget a piece of my speech. Oh, also that my feet perspire if I have to give a speech in front of more than 10 people.


    • Hey KateSpritz,
      I haven’t been to a meeting yet but it’s in the cards. HA! Sweaty feet! I wonder if I do that?
      thanks, property is nerve wracking but exciting.
      Portia xx


  3. Picnics! Puppers! Perfume! Pork! What a cracking week. And it must feel so very good to get a break from the heat.

    I’m on yet another train. Having just come back from London on Tuesday night, I’m almost back there now (and return in about 30 hours.) Crazy. I’ve done more trips to London in the past two months than I have in maybe four years together. Five, even.

    But the trip with the beloved was pretty marvellous, even though I’ve been running a low level lurgy the whole time and needed to retreat to naps more than one. Sunday I saw the Basquiat retrospective, even though it meant queuing for a couple of hours. Then met up with Snarl over in Whitechapel. I had complicated feelings about the extent of gentrification around Spitalfields and Brick Lane and Shoreditch, but slightly mollified by the continuing existence of the beigel shops.

    Monday we went to explore the new Tate Modern extension–amazing stuff, and some terrific works now on display–and ducked into the main building to play on the swings that are part of the installation in the Turbine Hall, and hang out in the Rothko room until everything felt right with the universe again. A slow wander along the South Bank for extra concrete-admiration, and a chance to see the just-reopened Hayward’s new Gursky exhibition. I’ve always liked his work, but I’ve only seen the odd piece here and there–and given the scale of them, reproductions just don’t cut it, and have a completely different effect. And then a good walk back to Bloomsbury. Tuesday was archive day, and then home on a train that seemed to take forEVAH.

    work, work, nonsense corporate bullshit, and work.
    But: I am back to the gym. Working with the tiniest weights, and the most careful movements, but I’m in there again. And that feels amazing.


    • WOW! So much art.
      Did you Fish & Chips in Spitalfields? Val the Cookie Queen takes us there everytime we are in London together. I didn’t know it had been gentrified, was it working class?
      Work is good.
      Jin has me back in the gym next week, maybe.
      Portia xx


      • it was total art immersion!

        Spitalfields and Whitechapel, historically, has been one of the poorest and most working class parts of London–the old East End. It’s always been an area of immigration–from the Huguenots, to Russian and Eastern European Jews, to Bangladeshis–and radical politics (including the battle of Cable Street that saw off Moseley’s fascists, various long-standing anarchist and left wing publishers, etc). There were patches of real affluence–particularly the 18th century master weavers, which explains the very beautiful Georgian buildings–but also deep poverty (see Dickens, Jack the Ripper, et al.) It was the garment district for several hundred years–still is, in parts. The huge outbreak of skyscrapers is the spread of the City of London’s financial district. It’s been a magnet for art and artists for ages, certainly since the Whitechapel gallery opened a hundred+ years back and lead the way with the first shows of Picasso’s Guernica, Pollock and Rothko’s first exhibitions in the UK (gilbert and george have lived there since the 70s, tracey emin, sarah lucas…)

        The gentrification was already underway but it was just hitting a new velocity when we left at the turn of the century–our landlord tried to hike our rent by 35%. So we pushed off. Seeing a Chanel boutique in the market made me realise the extent of the change, and the amount of time that had passed. But some of the new stuff on Brick Lane and round there is pretty cool.

        Oops. Sorry. holding forth!

        If you head to the gym this week, I hope it’s enjoyable, rather than just a chore 🙂


  4. A very low key week for me, except for work and other important obligations, we mostly stayed home in an effort to avoid the flu. Lately I see many people wearing face masks, even children. That’s a new development in this area. Hope Jin is feeling better by now.

    Portia, your comment about meeting with Rod to share your thoughts reminds me that I have often thought you should write a book! An autobiography or a story based on your life would be fabulous reading.


  5. Ha! LOL’d at RHOC. They are the worst and give us here in OC a bad name. Just got back from Paris and Barcelona and surprisingly, saw more frag in Spain than France!


  6. Hi! Busy week. D is back at school. H is going back to Tafe. Work is full on, as usual. Overtime each night and had to work Sat.

    I failed miserably at wearing Poison Girl for more than one morning. The humid heat wave knocked me around. I fell into the arms of Teone’s Dragonboat, Chanel’s L’Eau and Romeo Gigli’s Romeo Gigli edp.

    Wishing each of you a week of comfort and safety. Xx


  7. It’s a quickie response from me this morning as I’m off to do a couture sewing techniques course in Sydney town today. Super excited!
    Last week, my fragrance highlights were Seville a l’aube- L’artisan Parfumeur and La Belle Helene- MDCI .
    Happy week folks?
    Portia, you melted my heart with the comment about the cheesey greyhound smiles – love 💖


  8. It was a nice week for you Portia. I liked the pictures of the Sydney opera during your picnic. What a great idea! I never do picnics. And yes, you’re lucky to have so many great friends. It’s good that you’re aware of it 🙂
    I had a usual working week with a few customer visits, nothing special. I looked forward to a girls’ wellness weekend but then Friday it started snowing and I realized that it would take us hours to get to the hotel we booked so I cancelled it. We were already on our way and there was so much snow and we were crawling on the highway so I turned around and drove back home. The positive thing was – I had no other plans for the weekend and was free to stay at home and do nothing, so I read books and watched old movies and enjoyed my leisure time.


  9. What a great week you had, Portia! I saw nobody all week other than my husband because I was hiding. I had skin needling done and I looked like I had been dragged behind a horse, all bruised and battered. Took 4 days before I could leave the house. And the best part is that my skin looks exactly the same as before, not a tiny wrinkle less! Martin just shakes his head and says “Women!”
    My only comfort this week was vintage Fidji that came in the mail. I had forgotten how gorgeous this is.


  10. Thanks for sharing Portia – what a lovely week you had.
    After I read your post i stop to think about my week and i usually go – shoot i dont remember what i did!! Bit of a flat, ordinary week for me but after some soul searching and a stern talking to myself i think i’m back on track. Had some perfume arrive in the post too. Found a couple of treasures (Habinata, Kieko Patchoulissime & JHaG MMMM) but also a few that were not as exciting as i had hoped. Best part, my new bottle of Bond No9 Chinatown arrived.


  11. My week is fairly documented… BP issues. However I can say that this morning Monday I awoke WITHOUT a headache!!! I think the medication is beginning to take effect.
    Highlight of my week? I met and fell in like with a dog!!! I’m not really an animal lover {I don’t like animal cruelty}.
    This dog ,named Rosie ,was like yours Portia; a rescued greyhound


  12. I love your pictures Portia! Yeah on the bank and the townhouse! We are still moving, refinishing my childhood home, scraping paint and sanding floors, but I moved into “my office”–still need pictures and my books, but most of it has been done. It’s so great. I’ve never consulted with “Feng Shui” before, but the way my desk was arranged was, well, NOT Feng Shui. So I looked up an office layout and went through the whole deal of moving bookshelves etc, to create a calm, productive space. Much to my surprise and much against my natural inclination, I moved my desk facing the doors. I usually line everything up against a wall to maximize space, but oh my goodness. It worked! I’m now looking out two windows, with my back in a corner (it’s a good thing).
    Then I put the plants and the pictures of people I love in their spot, and I’m so surprised. The way I usually lay out my office space over the years is totally different, but I swear this new way “works.” I love my space in a way I never have, so I guess the wisdom of ages leads us to the right path.
    I spritzed and cleansed my office space in part because there are some vibes here that need to go, and, hey, incense and herbal spritzes and salts smell good! For good measure, I sprayed a decant of O’Unknown by Imaginary Authors on myself (just picked it randomly out of my far-too-many decant).
    I really can’t stand it. After an hour, it became a nice powdery scent, but I’m gonna try one more time, and that’s it. I don’t think it’s me. But I like the space that I’m in to try my scents, and like the brand and the concept but a few are more hit than miss. We are still going back and forth between this house and the other, so it’s tiring, but it’s coming together. I loved the pictures of the opera house and your pooches!


  13. So happy you got a break from the heat and were able to wear Mitzah! Love the opera house and puppy photos. 🙂

    Homeopathic Arsenicum Album works wonders on food poisoning, I have it on hand at all times. Hope Jin is feeling better by now. I have a dodgy stomach and have to be careful about what I eat.

    I’ve started Iris month with Undina’s blog – when I checked my fume closet I found 32 scents that feature iris! Clearly a top favourite note.


  14. I have been wearing O de Lancome all week somehow really loving it!
    I got my biopsy results all clear !
    love your week Portia truly #blessed


  15. I made it into my favourite post of the week – Scent Diary!
    Keeping everything crossed I get to experience Jin’s BBQ skills 🙂

    Lisa, Mia and I snuggled up watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on Saturday. Lovely.


  16. I am so in love with your Scent Diaries, Portia. There is always so much love, life and goodness oozing out. It brightens my life 💕


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