Scent Diary: 17.9 – 23.9.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

Out and about a bit this week. Saw some buddies, ate, drank and got a little merry. Wore some bloody stellar fragrances too. A killer week of scent.

Scent Diary: 17.9 – 23.9.2018

Monday 17:

MORNING! Woken at sparrows fart by the delivery man. Yes, you guessed it, more perfume. I’ll open it later. Jin’s home so we walked the dogs together in the morning sunlight. Beautiful.

Some days I really love cleaning. It’s been a perfectly zen way to spend the morning. I might have rather overspritzed the Fort & Manlé Charlatan but WOW it’s fabulous at full volume. Floating.

Went and lay down in bed to read my book (The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do) but fell asleep with Paris in my arms. Woke up at 5.30pm. WOW! Must’ve needed the sleep.

Cooked Jin and I dinner. Pulled pork pie (made by the butcher, I only heated it) with mash potato, spinach and garlic/onion/carrot/bacon ragout. I loved it but Jin was not very enthusiastic.

We watched the newish animation movie NextGen. Cute. Not a patch on Big Hero 6 but entertaining enough and I did have a little cry at the end.

Before I start writing my TRIVIA Q&A gave myself a good wash down of Hermès Monsieur Li. Perfect for focus.

It’s not so late and I’m finished my TRIVIA Q&A. Did it in record time tonight. Not even 3am yet.

Just so you know. THIS made me laugh out loud for quite a while…..

SOTBed: Vintage Mitsouko extrait from my lighter bottle. MMMMMM swoon.

Tuesday 18:

Had some new arrivals today from shopping a friends wardrobe as she clears it out. YSL Opium Fleur de Shanghai, Boucheron Trouble (Extra), Hermès Monsieur Li (Back up) and Hiris and lastly Annick Goutal Heure Excise which was my SOTD.

Today was hectic. Scott and I worked like House Elves to get all the boxes and bags out from the FiF and Masque orders. There were some lucky APJ winners to be organised and sent. We did the mail and sorted it, fortunately no bills!! Had some lunch and went to the Post Office and the Banks. It’s amazing how much we get done when we have a list and deadlines.

Bathed and shaved I decided to try a full wearing of another beauty that arrived today Masque Milano Russian Tea! OOOOOH so good. No wonder this is the big hit of the line. Its dry smoky resinousness is captivating but not overpowering.

GRIMM and bed

Wednesday 19:

Woke up with a headache just buzzing around the periphery. Like it’s waiting to land.

Gave myself some decent spritzes of Parfumerie General Drama Nuui for a spring jasmine rush. So satisfying. It’s a 5ml decant but I seem to be going through it.

The dogs were in fine form this morning and we wandered further than normal. I’ve upped my minimum steps per day from 5,000 to 7,000. Yes, I know 10K is what I should be doing. I will get there. Theresa came and washed them both and clipped their nails this morning. They are doing their Spring Moult. For about 4 weeks a year we have to dehair them weekly with a special tool. Their bath does an amazing job at it too.

I have a half day to myself. Don’t need to do any shopping or organising, the house is clean and the dogs walked. I’m going to spend it blogging and TV watching. OH NOOOO I finished GRIMM again. Bloody hell, that went quick.

WORK! YAY! Grabbed Wendy and we had a very early dinner there. Mine was delicious.

Went to work tonight wearing lashings of Hermès Hiris. I could smell it all through work but it was well gone by the time I got home.

Once home I grabbed the dogs and we wandered around North Parramatta. I’m really pleased because I hit 7,488 steps today. Only just over my 7K goal but it does feel like I’ve done something positive for myself. That two days in a row.

SOTBed: Myrrhiad by Huitieme Art. So rich and resinous.

Thursday 20:

Woke up lazily this morning and the weather has turned cool and we have had sprinkling rain. Walking the dogs was so nice. It felt like an autumn morning so I spritzed some Boucheron Trouble Legere and wandered around in the lovely coolness sniffing my gorgeous self.

Jumped into the bath around 11am and filled it with Annick Goutal Musc Nomade bubbles. The Kiehl’s Original Musk lotion and to top it off Malle’s Musc Ravageur.

Jacob came to mine and we drove to town to the Art Gallery of NSW. I smelt bloody AH MAY ZING all afternoon at lunch and the gallery. Bumped into one of my mates Gareth Ernst in the Members Lounge so the three of us had lunch and then we all took a Free Gallery Highlights Tour. Lovely afternoon.

Once home I had a lazy afternoon. Jin had asked me to make him Sausage Rolls and I thought he’d be home tonight for dinner so got the makings. Sadly he was work late and gymming so he’ll have to eat them tomorrow at work

Started reading Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe By Benjamin Alire Sáenz. I think it might have been a gift from Tara at A Bottled Rose.

I watched the Bodyguard movie. Kevin and Whitney! What a soundtrack.

It’s 3am and I can still smell my Musc Ravageur. SOTBed: Mitzah by DIOR!. I really needed another heavy hitter to overlay and BOY is it fabulous. YUM!

Friday 21:

Morning wake up call by the upstairs apartment workers. Sounds like they might be doing a bathroom overhaul. NOISY! No, it’s downstairs and the NBN guys putting in our cable internet.

Gave myself a lovely overload of Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur. If only it lasted longer before becoming a white musky amorphous nothing. I do love the fresh citrus and herbs cologne opening though. Perfect dog walking in spring scent.

Mail came! Postcard from BFF Kath and Alice Bali holiday.

HOPELESSLY and chronically unmotivated today. I did take the covers off the lounge and give them a wash, quick vacuum and bathroom clean, walked down to the Post Office and then our local Coles for tonights provisions and wrote some postcards that I found in a packet in a box.

Currently listening to the new Kira Puru EP. It’s so damn cool, I feel like dancing around the house to it. Medium speed, funky, plenty of time between beats for my old body to get to cool kid dancing.

Wanting something a bit more substantial for the afternoon I gave myself a couple of spritzes of Guerlain Lys Soleia. Good choice, I smell lovely.

Dinner tonight with Hyun and Jin. VERY low key. We did sniff a bunch of frags though. I have been finding some unopened mail that goes back to February this year. Got a good sniff on.

Hung out at the computer for an hour or so. Back to my book and then bed.

SOTBed: Miller et Bertaux:  Indian Study Santal ++++. It really feel like a logical progression from Lys Soleia. Very nice step up.

Saturday 22:

A beautiful morning for dog walking and getting some Vitamin D. I wandered the streets in a singlet to get some sunshine on my body. It feels better already.

Sublime Balkiss by The Different Company. Inspired by one of our beautiful commenters (Diana) I found a 10ml that’s been here for a while and forgotten about. So pretty. Blackcurrant, lilac and soft focus patchouli. I also smell boozy cherries. A cooling fragrance for a perfect spring day.

Late this afternoon I jumped into a steaming bath of Niki de Saint Phalle Bath Oil, overlaid by Madonna Truth or Dare Naked lotion and Miss Dior EdC. Smells pretty damn good around here. Just so you know I don’t lotion and spritz the same areas, they are kept quite separate. Also, I chose the EdC because i am off to the theatre tonight and didn’t want to skunk my fellow thespians.

Got the bus and train into town where Jin collected me and we went to dinner together.

Dinner with Jin and Sammy. It’s so rare that we get to see Sammy and it was fun. went to an old favourite restaurant and everything about it was shit. Service, food, atmosphere. EVERYTHING has turned to shit. I’ve been eating with this crew since the 1980s. Very sad.

Sammy and I are off to the theatre. Jin went home because he hates musicals and musical theatre.

On the way we walked past Art and About Sydney. Where photographs of Australia are displayed in public area and thoroughfares around Sydney on a large scale. It’s a great initiative and made the perfect spring evening walk even more enjoyable.

We went and saw international singing sensation Trevor Ashley and his alter ego Cleopatra Coupe. They got half the night each. Two one hour shows. It was unbelievably fabulous and trevor had us laughing our heads off. I even got a mention.

It was nice to catch up with old mates. These girls have been in my life over decades. I rarely see them but it’s like time never passed whenever we do. Jane, Penny D, Mama Shirl and Colleen Windsor looking lovely as ever and all in black.

Home. Jin is so sweet. He waited up and picked me up from Parramatta Station when I got back. How did I get so lucky?

SOTBed: Serge Lutens Arabie

Sunday 23:

SOTDay: Mecca Balsam by La Via del Profumo. Over the very soft remnants of my Arabie from last night. A perfect fit for a sunny but blustery spring morning.

Jin took me out for a pedicure and Yum-Cha this morning. I was supposed to invite people but somehow Sunday came and I hadn’t. It was really nice though, just the two of us hanging out. He spent some time trying to explain that salt worked on food through Osmotic pressure. You know osmosis? Basic science apparently. I was lost but he REALLY enjoyed explaining it.

Jin is fighting with Optus, our internet service provider. We were basically taking over a minute to load a page on the computer and Jin’s TV was buffering constantly. The ONLY time he gets really huffing mad is with these guys. I had to take the phone off him and talk to the woman. He was so angry and frustrated that his English was deserting him and he was starting to shout. Poor guy, once he calmed down he was so apologetic to her. I think they found a solution.

Dyed beard, Bathed, Shaved and feeling clean. LOVE IT!

SOTWork: Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations. All the roses surrounded by herbs, spices, resins, woods, patchouli and vanilla.

They had a 50th Birthday Party for me tonight at Austral Bowling Club. Eve brought flowers and a cake. Rita bought sex toys and a cake. WE ATE CAKE!! It was freaking delicious. These guys make me feel so special and loved.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

93 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 17.9 – 23.9.2018

  1. I love the Mitsouko lighter, and really need to try the Kiehls Original musk lotion.

    Unfortunately we lost our other dog to lymphoma cancer last Friday, from the time we found the lump until his death was barely four weeks, it was very aggressive. He passed peacefully in my arms at home, which was a blessing. I miss him so much and am still reeling from the grief of losing him. Both dogs gone in less than 3 months, it feels unreal.


  2. What a great week! How cool the Austral crew threw you a party. What stars.

    Very curious about what you make of Annick Goutal’s Heure Exquise.

    Yes, I did send you that book. Hope you’re enjoying it. It’s a sweet and easy YA read.


  3. loved reading this -and your pics, so fun! Sublime Balkiss is one of my faves for fall – crave it! Really need to try Mohur. . . .


  4. You’ve had a lovely week, Portia. Lovely to be surprised with cake. Happy days, Wohoo. What I want to know is, are you treating yourself to a little something of the smelly variety for your Hawaii 5 ohh? I’m mad jealous that you’re in Spring there, we had our first storm here earlier this week. Normally don’t get hit until at least mid October. Gonna be a loooong winter methinks. Your haul this week is also making me envious. Trouble. Want.🙄
    Only one newbie for me this week, my Ylang Ylang Espresso is really really nice. Or maybe even nicer than that. I’m trying not to buy anything more until Christmas. Wish me luck.


  5. Yay for birthdays! We had Morroccan with the gang for Mr B on Friday, and for mine today went to the Kings Park wildflower display, so lovely to wander around in the sunshine. I wore Clive Christian X, hard to describe this one, like rhubarb over wood.
    I treated myself to Laura Mercier bath foam, have you tried it? Almond and coconut yummyness!


  6. Happy Birthday Portia!!! (I know I am early )
    You have had a very lovely week…I always enjoy reading about your perfumes, food and friends and am a tad bit envious because my life is so boring-LOL!
    Thanks to cookie queen’s post I dug up my Hermessences samples from the cave (a/k/a basement) and have been wearing them pretty much all week….Brin de Reglisse today (I like it)…the one I absolutely adore is Paprika Brasil and it DOES last on a cotton shirt….woo hoo! Or maybe NOT woo hoo cause I sure as heck cannot afford it 😦
    and I love that Diana inspired a scent purchase for you!


  7. I’m living a song from Hamilton: “Work work!” It’s fine, though, sitting idly by is no way to go through life. I’ve got plenty of students this year since everyone must pass a series of unified state exams after graduation from school to enter a university or a college, some of the kids have chosen English (and in a few years it might become compulsory for all students). The exam itself sucks royally (not for me, of course, but for them), I think passing IELTS or TOEFL would be easier 😦

    Nothing new fragrance-wise this week but I wore all the “greatest hits” – my Guerlains and The Different Company perfumes, also Dzing! and Dune so I feel satisfied.


      • Why exes, Cassie? Early 90-es versions can be found on eBay for affordable price. I got mine last year and paid something like 20 bucks for a 30 ml bottle. Perhaps, you don’t feel the same about it.


    • Diana,
      Ironically Jin has just signed up to learn Russian. He’ll be going to Sydney Uni on Saturdays. Very exciting.
      Where are you in Russia? Is it near the big cities or the Trans Siberian? We’ll be there next year and I’d love to meet you.
      Portia xx


      • Portia, how exciting for Jin! He is truly da man. I’m not sure I would want to learn Russian if I were born somewhere else, there are too many darn exceptions to every single rule. Please let me know if Jin decides to practice his newly-learnt skills (it might prove a bit problematic to find the time for Skyping what with the time difference and our schedules but it’s doable, besides, I’m always ready to read and write an email 🙂 )
        I live in the southern part of Russia, if you look for, say, Yeisk or the Sea of Azov in Google Maps, that’ll be pretty close to my current whereabouts. Not sure I’ll make it to Moscow, St. Petersburg or Siberia in time to meet you both but if my undying hope for winning a jackpot comes true, I’ll be there!


  8. Portia, I’m liking your bathing rituals. Good in a wonderfully excessive way. Hope you won’t mind if I copy because I like excess too. Speaking of excess, I ate piggish amounts of cake at yesterday’s birthday. So I’m joining you in CAKE ecstasy Portia! And birthday celebrations. Have a happy one!
    Part of my birthday haul from me to me: Aftelier Antique Ambergris, PG Arabian Horse, sample pack of 1000 Flowers, Sedona Sweet Grass ( that was a middle of the night sleep clicking purchase) and two bottles of non-vintage vintage Shalimar.
    As my birthday weekend continued, sprayed non-judicious amounts of Carnal Flower today. Weird but sooo good, and the drydown…omg, incredible. Got my girls, a quick 20 minute drive to the Lakeshore. Gorgeous day. Beautiful walk checking out all the sailboats. Sat in the sun. Capped it off with more excess. Strawberry sundaes all around at the DQ. Haven’t had one of those since my teens. Still super good.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Enjoy your birthday celebrations Portia! Oh my goodness, Boucheron Trouble! How did I forget about that perfume and bottle? I had a bottle eons ago and loved it, can’t even recall what happened to it. I need to research if it’s still available, doubtful though.
    The most sincere thank you for introducing me to Niki de Saint Phalle. I purchased a bottle and I am so in love! xoxo


  10. Last week was a weird one; it included a quick trip to New England to visit my dear father in law, who had been in hospital with a bad infection and is now at a rehab facility. Luckily he seems to be recovering well and he’s a very good patient — works hard at all the PT and OT, etc. I took one travel spray with me: Hermessence Santal Massoia. I like it a lot, but it’s not a love. However, it is a comforting, warm scent that doesn’t overwhelm, so it worked for this visit. When we got home, I pulled out my new travel spray of Zara’s Vibrant Leather EDP — cheap fun! I think I’ll pass it on to my teenaged son. In late good news, my staff member who has been out on leave thinks he will be able to return next week — woohoo!


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