Scent Diary: 8.10 – 14.10.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

Life is change and mine is in flux. Yes, I have headed back to the gym for the first time in eons. Diabetes eating has arrived. 50 years of treating my body abominably (and loving every minute, mouthful and lazy couch hour) has come home to roost. I’ve got a year to turn it around or it will be a medical regime forever.

In other news perfume, pals, pets, fun and laughter ruled the roost. Wonderful week. So much self created variety in every day.

I would also like to say how much I enjoy all the chatter, banter, lives, stories, fun and fragrance we have on the APJ SOTD thread each week. I can’t answer every comment but I read almost all of them. It gets confusing when the chains of each comment get too long and I give up. Your stories make me smile and think and sometimes shake my head. Just like family. I love it. Thanks.


Scent Diary: 8.10 – 14.10.2018

Monday 8:

Up early, dogs walked and off to the doctor for my results.

Everything in my graph is well within reasonable limits except a bit of naughty bacteria in my intestines and a really high sugar count. The doctor immediately offered to give me medication for both things but I asked for a dietician instead. I have treated my body abominably and want to give it a chance to heal itself before hitting the drug route. A year of eating more healthily, exercising and weight loss should pull me back within safe bounds. This is a chance to spend a year really taking good care of myself and not being such a hedonistic eater. Seriously, you have no idea how badly I eat. I thought because I’d nearly made it to 50 without diabetes while being a complete shite to my body that I was immune.

Jin took me for Yum Cha to celebrate my new year of good life choices.

Got the initial bits of my TRIVIA Q&A done! It’s a lovely feeling.

CLEANING DAY! Everything is getting the full spruce. Clothes, floors, dusting, bathroom (mine, Jin can look after himself) and kitchen all going to be sparkling clean.

SOTCleaning: Vintage Shalimar parfum and modern EdP. I smell FAB U LOUS!


SOTEvening: YSL Opium Fleur de Shanghai. A breathy summer flanker from 2005. A very pretty rendition.

All done with TRIVIA Q&A!! It’s only 12.30pm. I’m going to watch some TV and then go to bed.

SOTBed: Oud Spirit by Grandawood. Sweetly skanky!

Tuesday 9:

Up with the dogs. It’s really warming up here in Sydney town.

SOTMorning: Huere Exquise by Annick Goutal.

Went off to see the podiatrist. there are loads of things I have to learn about my newfound diabetes. Including checks to make sure everything is working properly, also for baselines so they can tell if there’s any deterioration.

This afternoon I had a bubble bath in a gift from my mate Tim. Duel by Annick Goutal! Having the fragrance as well makes me extra DUEL! Smelling fine. Quite masculine leaning. It’s a dark green smell, lightly bitter and softening out to a lovely leather woods dry down. Later the musks will be making decidedly well worn body noises.

I ate a carrot. This is not normal. It replaced my usual afternoon munch of a pack of biscuits or chips. Funnily, the carrot filled the same void and I was SO HUNGRY that it tasted like a gourmet dinner. Learning every day.

Work was fun. Scotty wore vintage Ma Griffe and blew me away with his gorgeousness.

Home and walked the dogs with Jin. Then we went out late to buy fresh produce to help combat my diabetes. I love an 11pm grocery run. It was busy too.

SOTBed: Grand Amour by Annick Goutal. All the flowers! Honeysuckle, hyacinth, mimosa, jasmine, vanilla and myrrh combine to create a spectacularly rich panoply of fragrance. Perfect bed time spritz.

Wednesday 10:

Deliciously crisp this morning. Walked the dogs through spitting rain.

Have I told you guys yet that I’m reading Reckoning: A Memoir by Magda Szubanski. Grand Australian funny lady, one of our first international movie stars to come out as a lesbian.

Reckoning A Memoir by Magda Szubanski BookDepository

Ambre Céruléen by Huitième art today. I wanted some cozy, warm, amber fluffiness. Perfect.

Suddenly the heavens opened and it was chucking it down. About an hour of teeming rain that ws so thick it felt monsoonal. Great gouts of water. We haven’t had a spectacular rain like it here in Sydney for a long time. I can’t remember it ever since I’ve been in Parramatta.

Jin and I went to the gym. Walking across that threshold was BIG. Once inside it was business as usual. It’s been YEARS but everything seemed pretty much the same as every other gym I’ve worked out in. Jin has an app that he is using. It’s so easy because they show you how, your form and the speed. We did chest, tris and calves.

Came home and made Rissoles with Corn on the cob and Spinach. YUM


Woke up and my arms are so weak I can hardly lift them. HA! Serves me right. It’s a good feeling, long forgotten.

Ran out to work tonight with zero fragrance on. Driving the car was quite an experience with my poor sad arms.

Tonight, inspired by Sandra’s Leather Lover post I wore DIOR Cuir Cannage from a large decant I bought from Surrender To Chance. I thought I already had a bottle of it when we found out it was DCd in Paris earlier this year but sadly NO! So, of course, I became DESPERATE to have it.

Thursday 11:

O MG! I am stiff and a little sore from yesterdays gym adventure.

The dogs got the most cursory of walks as it started raining about 5 minutes after we started. They did their business and we came straight home.

SOTDay: Hermès Monsieur Li. Something about this simple, oily, citrus and resins fragrance gets me every time. It’s beautiful. I recently bought a back up in a friends FB sale. It’s perfect.

Went to lunch with a couple of my very longtime friends Nicola and Patrick. We had an excellent catch up and some laughs.

Then off to greet the returning French designer Faycal with Patrick. We had SO MUCH to catch up on from everyone. Faycal has just started a new business creating dresses for young girls. The idea is they are designed to grow with your girl for 3 years. They are impeccably created with the most delicious fabrics and designs. You will ADORE them. Maison d’Auguste is the brand. All prices are in Australian $$ but they will send to the world.

SOTAfternoon: Lolita Lempicka EdP.

OK, day two in the gym. Look at Jin’s GUNS! He He He. We have fun doing it together and he’s really good company.

BATH TIME!! I’ve earned it. Radox and Prada L’Eau Amber bubbles. I’m now wearing Olympic Orchids Olympic Amber.  MMMMMMMM So divine.

Friday 12:

JIN IS HURTING ME! Well, he is taking me to exercise which has caused all sorts of soreness and discomfort. 5am this morning we got up to do an AQUAROBICS class. Now I’ve done aqua before but this crew take it SERIOUSLY! All of them 300 years old and they are doing the bits and pieces, no problem. Jin and I are DYING! It was a serious workout. FUN! We can’t wait to go back.

Then I had a Dieticians appointment. WOW! Portion control. Never heard of it. What a surprise! Basically, I have been doing the wrong things even when I thought I was being good. Not to mention all the shit stuff I eat every night.
I know it will all make sense after I stick to this for a while.
One good thing she said was that some things I love like nuts, bananas, eggs, wholemeal bread and breakfast cereal (Low GI) can still be consumed, in limited quantities. That’s good. It was looking a little bleak there for a while.

Spent the afternoon cleaning, tidying and organising the house for TinaGs birthday Party tonight. Jin has done the cooking. We are having Make Your Own Vietnamese Rolls. The table is groaning under the weight of freshly chopped fruit and veg, ready to be added to Teriyaki Chicken and Crispy Thin Sliced Pork Belly.

The crew had a wonderful time. TinaG was feted and loved. Chatter, laughs, excellent food, loads of sparkling wine and a chocolate mud birthday cake (them, not me), we were all replete.

TinaG, Kerri and Simon stayed back and we had an impromptu sniffy with cups of tea. Santi Burgas, Parfum de Nicolai, Oriza L Legrand, DSHPerfumes, Parfumerie Particulaire and Memory Motel were all given a good going over. There were a few more brands but I forget. Quite the collection of touches.

I’m bushed. SOTBed: DSH Perfumes Violette de Murano oil. MMMMMM So good on skin.

Saturday 13:

BEAUTIFUL MORNING! It was even too warm for my long sleeved T-Shirt. I could have been rocking a singlet.

Having done all the cleaning up after the dinner party before I went to bed last night I find myself with a free morning. How luxurious! I’m going to get my New Sniffs done for next week from  those things we all tried after dinner last night.

For some reason our internet has been on the blink today. It goes in and out so I got about 1/4 of the work done I was hoping to. Bum. Had a good rest though.

Bath time with Clinique Aromatics Elixir oil and then Aromatics Elixir fragrance for the night. Smelling mighty fine.

Tonight was Norman’s 60th birthday. It was a super fun night full of the Austral Bowling Club peeps. I sat with Anna Maria and Johnny, Eve and her sister Mary, plus Carmel and her ex-husband. we had a hoot. the food and entertainment were good too.


SOTBed: Patchouli Absolu by Tom Ford.

Sunday 14:

Woke up this morning so groggy. It was like I was walking through treacle. This going to bed early caper is a real shock to the system.

It’s raining. We got a lovely half hour walk in through spitting rain but it was starting to get serious so headed home to warmth and shelter.

Did some blogging. VERY EXCITED! Tara and I have bee talking for ages about doing some guest spots. So now I’ll be doing four Seasonal Posts a year on A Bottled Rose! My Autumn faves will be coming up soon over there. Let’s see how that goes for a year, eh? Here we are on our holiday in Cairns earlier this year.

Bath and getting ready for work tonight. The sun has come out and it has turned into a lovely warm day.

SOTAfternoon: Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise Blue



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

57 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 8.10 – 14.10.2018

  1. Please take good care of yourself , Portia! Getting old surely is not for sissies but I think it can be done gracefully and well. I too am enjoying all the chatter on APJ and thank you for resurrecting this wonderful place and for hosting. I have been inspired and prodded on by fellow APJers to pick up the weights after years of neglecting my body as well. Hopefully we can all support each other with regard to better eating and daily exercise.

    The eldest mini Marzipans were home Thursday through Sunday for the Fall break from university. They go back this morning ;( I have enjoyed seeing them as well as sample sniffing with them all the recent goodies that came in after they left for uni in August . And speaking of goodies, I also received my surprise draw win from you and have been enjoying new sniffs. Thank you for that!

    and I am in full agreement that you should allow yourself the opportunity to reclaim your health without drugs. I think you can do this!!!! xxoo


  2. Loved your week. Spent most of mine doing job-searchy stuff and recovering from said job-searchy stuff… I find writing resumes and cover letters to be ridiculously draining. It makes me itch for actual work where I don’t have to umm and ahh over phrasing for hours! Sunday is housework day for me so it was nice to get it all done. I took a leaf out of your book and wore something FAB during/after cleaning; the No.5 vintage sample Scotty sent up. Very lovely, and being a big aldehydes/powder fan, I finally understand all of the appreciation for this scent.

    Never been great at going to the gym, but I do love swimming. I am a real water person – beach, pool, bath, rain, whatever… I’m happy if there’s water and I get to be in it. Bonus points if I don’t smell like chlorine after. I found a very effective anti-chlorine shampoo (also works as body wash) which is worth its weight in gold, I’m always recommending it to people.

    I’m tempted to keep a little scent journal as well, these must be so good to go back and read, little snapshots. But I don’t think I get up to enough interesting stuff to warrant it. 😉 Subject to change!


    • P.S. If you’re in the mood to chat diet, you can always HMU. You know I’m all about that nonsense these days! I’m always finding new noms, it’s all about substituting for things that are slightly more healthy but still long-term sustainable. My newest discovery are little flavoured, roasted fava bean snack packs. Surprisingly yum.


    • Hey Morrigan,
      WATER BABY! I am one too except the smell of chlorine is my FAVOURITE! I love that smell and won’t shower after being in the pool till next day. Weird right?
      Good luck with the job search. I still think you’d be excellent working a bar or restaurant.
      You are diabetic? Did I know?
      Portia x

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      • That is weird. I kinda get it though – even though I don’t like the smell it does have good connotations. The worst for me is bleach… I cannot stand the smell of bleach. Now, if you tell me you love bleach we gonna have some side eye happening. 😛
        Not diabetic but I have insulin resistance from PCOS which is a bit similar. And now because of diet, I try to have less sugar in general. There are some things I really miss (Skittles! Fruit bars! Oh my god FRUIT STRAPS!) but I manage okay. 🙂
        Fingers crossed! Then I’ll be a rich beetch:


  3. I laughed out loud…you ate a carrot! Hahaha. Keep up the good work! Food IS medicine.
    I have been doing hydrotherapy for my knee injury and always run into the aquarobics set, it seems to be a pickup scene for the elderly, I have been chatted up by the European gentlemen as I do my battements fondus! Love it!


  4. Congratulations! I’m dead impressed by your decision. It’s amazing what can be done in a year with determination–while remembering to be kind to yourself along the way! I’m busy relearning the eating and exercise habits I worked so hard for, and then foolishly abandoned when I was sulking about not being able to lift. Eight weeks in now and I’m starting to feel so much better in my own skin. Long way to go, but I know how rewarding (and frustrating) that journey is.

    Quiet week here, other than some fabulous perfumed packages. And the small amusements of cat-and-squirrel and cat-and-magpie on opposite sides of the window in my study. Plus one gorgeous walk on a sunny autumn afternoon, setting up some research interviews which are going to be a lot of fun to do, and trying to un-stick my writing.


    • Hey Crikey,
      I think the determination is to be more kind to myself. Sometimes tough love is the only one that will fix the problem. No worries. I gave up smoking cold turkey after 26 years and about 40 a day, never had one since. This should prove more challenging but i’m up for it.
      As for the gym. I know in a few weeks it will feel routine again and my strength will be its own reward.
      Your quiet week sounds lovely. Walking through Autumn!! What fragrance were you wearing?
      Portia xx


      • It was T-Rex on that walk–an elegant beast that is good for a stylish stomp. I also managed to find a rather lovely print on that walk for mr crikey’s birthday, and they will even have it framed in time. Hurrah!

        Another ex-smoker here–coming up for four years without a cigarette after three decades–though I do still use a vape. In some ways that is so much easier: you stop, and that’s it. It’s not like eating, where you have to keep feeding yourself and making the good choices every day. But I think you are right on the love: doing this because you value yourself is very different from the type of destructive dieting and exercising because you hate your body. And a lot more sustainable.


  5. Portia I’m so impressed at much you’ve worked out and adjusted your eating in just one week. I’m really excited for your year ahead because I know you’re going to benefit loads from these lifestyle changes and you’re more than equal to the task. Very proud of you!

    I went to A Star is Born yesterday. I love Bradley Cooper but Gaga was mesmerising.

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  6. Soon you won‘t have time to do Scent Diary, coz you‘ll be doing an extra session in the gym.
    Our shop nearly burned down this week, lucky I was in it to catch the neighbour‘s fire before it trashed our place. cxx

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  7. I love reading about your exploits. But I always seem to feel hungry afterwards. Wonder why that is??? Turning 50 seems to set off all sorts of alarms within the body. I know so many people that were happily zooming along through life when boom, shit happened. My hubby was a case in point, not one but two major events that almost wiped him off the face of the earth. But the gods were smiling on him obvs, and I’m always joking with him that he survived only because if he’s gonna die it will be because I kill him. I made it to 51 before the old carcass realised it had hit 50, but nothing that behaving myself won’t cure😉. I lol’d at the ‘poor sad arms’ line. But the soreness of working muscles is kind of nice. You’ll be in the rhythm of it in no time. And who knew that aqua fit classes were such a pickup joint? I was thinking of going back to them to add a different dimension to exercise, it’s been a few years since I’ve been there. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for any shenanigans.
    I’m waiting for a couple of mini parcels to arrive, new tries for me, mostly leathery. My Fougere Bengale that I ordered a couple of weeks back still hasn’t arrived and I’m getting peed off. It’s only coming from Holland for Gawd sake, not outer bloody Mongolia! If it’s not here by tomorrow action will be taken. Ok, rant over.
    Be good, and kind to yourself. We need you in tip-top form. It will be good to see your gentle transformation in your diary pics.


    • Hey Cassieflower,
      The body loves to surprise us. Glad your hubs stayed around so you can deliver the coup de grace.
      HA! Aquarobics was really fun. Love to hear how you enjoy it if you go back.
      FOUGERE BENGAL! What a fragrance. I hope you love it like I do.
      Portia x


  8. Say hello to my little friend 🥦. You’ve joined the club. No worries, Portia. You’ve got this. Frankly, we all get there eventually. The excesses of the past sneak up on us and presto! time to make some changes. Best thing EVER- your decision to avoid immediate pharmaceutical intervention and allow your body time to heal. Brilliant decision. Too many people rely on the quick fix cuz they’re not willing to make the effort to do the work that will repair the underlying condition. The body has amazing regenerative abilities and you’ve decided to help it do what it does best 👏.
    I’ve had a rubbish week fighting this horrific flu/pharyngitis mess. Ghastly business that has affected my noses’ ability to enjoy pretty much any smells, never mind perfume. Everything is leaving me feeling slightly queasy. Never mind tho. I’ve been well entertained by the shenanigans of the APJ crew. And for that, I’d like to thank you. You’ve given us all a wonderful place to share, care, laugh and behave in all sorts of ridiculous ways. It really is a treat! Here we go – 🥒🍓🍅🥦🍠🥕🌶 -meet your new friends.


    • Hey Marcella,
      Thank you. Let’s see. I’m surprised at my own audacity to be honest but I really feel that turning it around through healthy choices will be better in the long run.
      Good luck, get better. Being sick is a bummer. Sending healing vibes in your direction.
      That’s exactly what we are here for. A fragrant getaway.
      Portia xx


  9. Here’s to your healthy eating plan, Portia! It’s going to take some doing but you’ll be fine and healthier than ever. I hope I’m not overstepping your boundraries here but ask your doctor if taking cinnamon supplements would help you to reduce blood sugar level (I didn’t become a doctor as I dreamt but I enjoy reading about new ways to improve my health and help those I love to feel better).

    There was nothing special about my week except for fragrant packages from you, a new friend, and also a bunch of supplements, and some people pissing me off (I certainly could live without the latter!). Screw them, the perfume joy prevails 🙂 !


  10. So happy to hear Portia that you are acknowledging what is truly important to you, your health and happiness and are taking the opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The world is a better place with you in it and you need to be healthy! I’m proud of your determination to pursue a healthy diet and exercise, and especially not taking the option of pharmaceuticals as first choice. I look forward to all of us supporting you through your transition to healthier living.


  11. Hey lovely Portia! Good on you for taking control of your health. I have 15 years on you. The last 10 years were spent engaging in emotional eating and drinking (although not so much drinking) after a partner’s suicide in 2008. All of that got me up to a size 3x (American size 22-24) and by January of 2018 I was close to a 4x and could not even walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like I was going to need oxygen. In early April of this year, I started eating keto life style and as of this month, I am down to an American size 14. I feel wonderful, I can wear “normal” clothes and pants with real waists, not elastic waist old lady pants. I walk for about 30 minutes every day and do yoga for an hour 3 times a week. YOU CAN DO IT!

    You have a dear, handsome husband which is a bloody good incentive to take care of yourself so you can spend a few more decades with him. The first month of changing habits is hard but you take one step at a time. I look at it this way-the money one saves from not consuming crappy food is money ear marked for new scent and wonderful new clothing! : ) I wish you well on your journey to excellent good health.

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    • Oh Cee,
      I’m so sorry your husband suicided. That must have been shit.
      You are an inspiring story.
      Good point about the expense of eating junk. Jin is as determined as I that diabetes be gone. We are watching a diabetic girlfriend slowly fall to pieces from neglect and he definitely doesn’t want to live through that.
      Portia xx


  12. How nice you have a gym buddy! I know Jin will be a great help to you as you embark on your new healthier lifestyle. I started yoga at 49 to help me get in shape and fight anxiety/depression and it has helped immeasurably. I eat reasonably well, but have been on the grief diet this summer after the death of my two beloved dogs, so my goal is to eat more and recover my strength. The really good news this week is we got a new puppy! Her name is Mila and she’s a cuddlebug. I still have crying jags about my lost babies but she is helping me look to the future instead of dwelling in the past. May the upcoming year be a healthier and happier one for us!

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    • Hi TaraC,
      I think I’ve said this before but losing pets is harder than losing parents. It really takes the rug out from under you.
      Woo Hoo! A new baby pup. Welcome Mila.
      Yoda will be put in the mix too. Jin and I are juggling conflicting time schedules this week but tonight we go do weights.
      Wishing you a healthier, happier future too.
      Portia x


  13. SO much fun, thank you for sharing your week with us. I love Grand Amour, have a sample, I must find it. I ordered the Grand Amour sample thinking I was getting Quel Amour, oops, quelle suprise! I also love M. Li and have neglected him. Today’s his day for an outing. Thank you for the fragrant inspiration.

    I’ve come over to “the dark side” and embraced exercise and wellness after age 50. I love to walk, and so do you with your puppers, yes? Walk more! Add half again the distance, then in a few weeks double it. It’s great for your whole body. 😀 Cheers to your good health.


    • YAY! We super snap on Mr Li Tiffanie
      Walking the dogs is perfect exercise and I have been extending their walks when weather permits. It’s a rainy Spring here (thank goodness).
      I have to add extra though in the form of formalised classes and weights at least 3 times a week to really knock myself back into a reasonable healthy being.
      Cheers to your good health too.
      Portia xx


  14. We are funny folks. People used to wear shalimar in the past when they would be going to a fancy dinner or a party and we wear shalimar while we clean our places 😀


  15. Portia, thanks for sharing. Good on you changing some of your ways and not doing medication. Your enthusiasm and dedication is fantastic. Carrot sticks here we come! Not much happening here except for some long days at work. Collecting overdue payments is not the best part of my job, however it’s made more manageable by wearing awesome perfume. Which I excelled in thanks to the lovely house of L’artisan.


  16. My husband is diabetic, too. He gave up drinking beer entirely, which was difficult for him, but it made a huge change in his A1C. He walks on the treadmill while watching tv every night and is able to manage this thing without insulin. It is difficult with so much delicious temptation out there, I know, as the rest of our family eat what he can have in support, and in return we are all the healthier for it. Best wishes to you on this journey and happy that you have an encouraging partner alongside.


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