Saturday Question: What favourite scent do you want in a bottle?




Hello Fellow Fumies,

At APJ we have a Saturday Question. Everyone gets to chime in with an answer, chat with other responders and it’s a fun event each week. Taking sides never means taking offence and everyone keeps it respectful and light, even though we can sometimes trawl the depths.

The idea is you’ll see it on the weekend or chime in through the week. Hopefully you will come back regularly and see if anyone has responded to your comment and you can reply to them. The aim is to generate real conversation and connection even though we are scattered around the globe.


Over 100 responses I will draw a Scent Sample Pack (from my collection)
This week:
Sample Pack

  1. CHANEL Coco Extrait
  2. Pour Un Homme De Caron
  3. Guerlain Shalimar Extrait (20th century)
  4. Hermès Equipage Geranium
  5. Ungaro Diva (20th Century)

Last Weeks Winner: Crikey

eMail me at (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with your address please

Saturday Question: What favourite scent do you want in a bottle?

This week we are talking those things you smell and love but don’t seem to be in a bottle yet. You know, the kind of thing Demeter is famous for. Not really perfumes but smells. Like Grass, Candy Floss, Gin & Tonic or Christmas in New York. What smell do you love that you haven’t yet found in a bottle.

My Answer:

The list is endless obviously but a couple that I think would make excellent perfumes are

Dog Paws

My pups have the best smelling feet. It’s freaky but true. There’s something so warm, friendly, animalic and sweet about them. Sometimes when my greyhound Paris and I are cuddling he’ll put a paw up to my face like he’s going to pat me. The smell is so good I just want to sniff it till the end of time.

Delhi International Airport (before the renovation)

Getting off the plane at Delhi International was a sensory experience like no other in the world. It wasn’t a bad, or a big smell but it was unique. Hot air, aircraft fuel, car fuel,  dust, dirt, humanity (clean and unwashed) and something el;se I could never put my finger on that was completely Delhi. Now it’s as sterile and lifeless as almost every other major world airport. Sad.

Jin Wearing Bottega Veneta EdP

Nobody smells as good in Bottega Veneta EdP. Jin brings a healthy skin, spiciness and voluptuousness to it that I’ve never smelled on anyone else who wears it. Entrancing. He lifts the fragrance to something holy, id follow that smell almost anywhere.


My Saturday Question to you is:

What favourite scent do you want in a bottle?

181 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What favourite scent do you want in a bottle?

  1. I cannot think of a thing I‘m afraid. I love the smell when I walk into the gym, and I love the way my cat‘s ears smell. But I sure as heck don‘t want them in a bottle.
    Maybe a few drops of you would be nice …. I could just squeeze the seat belt out. Bussi. ❤️


  2. Aubrey Organics GPB Original Scent Shampoo…the old formulation used a secret blend of essential oils.

    Jergens Original Lotion (Mr. Marzipan says the smell reminds him of his childhood….hence I am on an almond/cherry almond scent quest)

    Fresh mown grass in Autumn which is what I smell now when I mow the lawn

    the smell of a cold snowy morning in my neck of the woods

    the smell of the onset of spring in my neck of the woods


      • Portia- I am mad at you (no not really!). I wore the Bottega today because I knew I had a sample of it in the basement because you mentioned it in this post. First time I wore it a while ago I thought yeah, it’s OK. Today I am loving it-LOL! No more purchases for me though!!!! At least not for a while. But this could be the one and only leather I would own in full bottle. (several years ago I had a bottle of Ineke’s Evening Edged in Gold which i think is also categorized as a floral leather but I wore that one so much one winter I drained that bottle!!!)


      • And yet the smell of snow in NYC is completely different . I would love that bottled too. Manhattan streets of slushy snow, chestnuts roasted for sale by street vendors and fresh Christmas 🌲 for sale on Broadway. That is the scent of my childhood.

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  3. Since Miss Greedy-Pants above picked more than one, so will I.
    Similar to you, Portia, the smell of big boy’s (aka Harry’s) paws. Harry was my huge Irish Wolfhound cross that I took home from the SPCA some nineteen years ago. He lived to the ripe old age of sixteen and I remember vividly the smell of his enormous paws. Warm, earthy, nutty and incredibly comforting.
    The smell of Germaan. He was my most difficult dressage horse, but smelled better than any horse has a right to. Slightly leathery, barely animalic, a touch of sweet hay and that same smell of warmth that Harry’s paws had.
    The smell of my eldest daughter’s crib, linens and pj with her in it at about 6-8 months of age. I used to use Ivory Snow to wash all of her clothing and crib linens, then line dry them in the spring sun. Bending over to pick her up as she awoke from a nap I was always struck by the most incredible smell. Clean, warm, happy baby. And yes, happy babies smell different than angry ones 😉. A gentle blend of her pristine, incredibly satiny soft skin, the airy, sunny, breezy, slightly Ivory Snow tinged bedding melding with that clean, warm baby smell was absolutely incredible. At once a smell of happiness, contentment, safety and love.

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  4. First off, congratulations Crikey 👏🏻
    My smell list – top of baby head, top of my dog’s head (sort of warm and nutty), grass just turning to hay, hot sun on your sheets hanging on the line, petrol fumes, warm tarmac being layed, hot sand, , jeez I could go on, but I’ll stop now.

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  5. My beagle’s paws smell like Fritos corn chips so I’m not going to choose that! I don’t know that I have a smell that I want replicated . I love various cooking and baking smells but not as perfume. Same with rain and snow- like the smell but probably not on my skin!!

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  6. Congrats to Crickey
    I haven’t got a dog any more, only a cat. I know what you mean about doggy smells. My daughter has just got a new puppy. She smells lovely and warm and cuddly.


  7. I’m still looking for the ultimate marine scent. The fresh scent of the North Sea or the Atlantic on a day with cool weather and waves. We’ll see if Un Air de Bretagne comes anywhere close, a sample is on its way to me.

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  8. Definitely the smell of my cat’s fur. It is so incredible….people tend to say “i guess it smells like any normal animal or familiar” but it smells so so good and clean and “catlike” , i cannot explain myself how is she doing that :))). Probably you people that own one or more cats, know exactly what i’m talking about 🙂 I’ve also had the chance to test from Demeter the “Kitten Fur” fragrance and i was really disappointed, it smells just like an old (in a bad way) powdery musky spicy with a bit of vanilla….a joke.


  9. Absolutely yes to dog feet, fur on the heads of cats…don’t want to smell of them necessarily, or frying bacon or the air before a thunderstorm.
    But can someone please make a true brown boronia perfume?

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  10. The smell of the cooler air hitting the warm air when a storm rolls in and rain begins to hit hot slate sidewalks. Just petrichlor doesn’t capture it at all. It only lasts a minute or so… before you get the “usual” storm smell. It happens right at the air exchange.

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  11. Thank you, Portia!

    Sunbathing cat: warm dust and pastry.
    The haar: this is an unbelievably place-specific smell. It’s the sea mist that comes in to Edinburgh, which has mixes stone and salt and not-quite-cold and promise and mystery. I try every single “fog” scent that comes along, but nope. One of my very favourite smells and sights.
    The smell of cold fireplace in my old house–brick and ash and iron and wood–particularly after I’d been pruning the apple trees.

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  12. Cat fur yes but more than that geranium leaves! I love the earthy smell when you rub them. Still hoping for a geranium perfume that includes this.


  13. I’ve been reading everbody’s Smells with great interest and appreciation. Great topic, Portia.
    Inspired by Cassie, another one of my favorites: a nicely aged stack of apple and cherry wood waiting to be burned in the fireplace.


  14. Oh no. Just thought of something else amazing😮. The smell of our living room at Christmas time when I was young. My mother would always surround the tree with loads of clementines. Back then, both Christmas trees and clementines smelled so much more powerful and better. If they could bottle that, I would definitley wear it.

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  15. 1st of all congratulations to Crikey.
    Now, one is hard. Like others I am going to select more than one.
    # I used to collect night blooming Jasmine ( Cestrum Nocturnum) on the way to school. The refreshing morning wet dew and the invigorating smell of Jasmine is just utterly beautiful. And I can still feel the smell from my memory.

    The next two are special because they are very unique..

    #Walking in a tobacco field on a hot day.
    # Squeezing marijuana leaf on a sweaty palm.. don’t get me wrong. The tension and the excitement with the haunting smell is just too good..
    # GUCCI ENVY for man. I don’t have a bottle at this moment. But I would love to have it again. So many memories with that fragrance.


  16. Like some of you guys, I’d like to find a nice marine scent, maybe some petrol but the one I’d really pay for is the scent of burning autumn leaves. They used to burn them in the street in my hometown, – it’s prohibited now, of course, but someone always breaks the law (as long as they don’t burn plastic I don’t mind).


    • Aww. Same here with my sweetest big boy Harry. I loved that dog like nobody’s business and he always, always smelled so incredibly good. I’ve read that some breeds can be quite stinky, beagles seem to come to mind. That’s a concept completely foreign to me. My yellow lab before Harry also smelled fantastic.


  17. There are arab desserts with saffron in them that smell as good as they taste. I want someone to bottle them in perfume. Tom Ford Noir femme explores the idea but still misses it by a long distance. It should not smell as sweet as noir femme and should have amplified notes like saffron and white rice.

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  18. Congrats to Crikey! Enjoy your goodie bag.
    There are two smells I’d love to have around forever for they gave me the feeling of safety – my mum’s and my dad’s skin smell. Mum’s skin had the smell of cotton balls, not perfumed but somehow powdery and dad was a smoker so his skin was impregnated with cigarette smoke and the Eau Sauvage he used as an after shave. That would be it for me.


  19. Congratulations to Crikey! Wow, so many wonderful smells you all have described! I would like almost all of them, so I won’t repeat, but a smell I love is the glogg (hot wine punch) I make during the holidays. Lots of red wine, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, orange peel, raisins, almonds, etc. Heavenly! But I have to warn people: one cup will make you feel all warm and cozy and festive — more than one, and you might end up on the floor.


  20. Just thought of another smell that I need to revisit soon. I spent many years living in the Eastern Townships – an area of countryside/farming about two hours south-east of Montreal. The smell of the evening dew lightly dampening the dirt road and ripening hay fields in late summer was THE BEST EVER. It was under these circumstances that I met my husband, so a particularly memory-laden smell for me.

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  21. Ages ago I answered a question on Fragrantica about the perfect smell of a man. Mine was body warmth, clean skin, horses and saddlery, sunshine, a touch of cigarette smoke, a touch of woodsmoke, espresso, hay, and saltwater. I would definitely buy that. And if anyone could suggest something that comes close to it …!
    Congratulations, Crikey.


    • Will you share that man when you find him? Or at least his scent. Big yes to the horses, saddlery and a touch of cigarette smoke part. I quit smoking a few years ago, my husband will have one very occasionally, and if there’s just a small whiff of it on him, it’s great.


  22. Coffee! Best aroma I can think of.
    I also love the smell of my cat’s head, I lean in and give a big sniff every day. I can never quite figure out what it smells of: a bit sweet, a bit musky maybe.
    Snuffed out matches and candles smell fantastic, too.

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  23. Since Portia has already asked for vintage Delhi airport (I’ll thave a FB and few backups of that, please), I will go for the scents of Diwali!

    Omg, the heady rush of ALL the scents- limestone whitewashed walls, ghee and fire cooked sweets, cardamom and clove, marigold, jasmine and rose garlands, fresh sandalwood paste, ash and vermillion for the altars, the smell of the ghee in the diyas (lights), smell of new dresses and sarees, the sulphur and phosphorous of the fireworks, the cool night air of Delhi. The most magical mix of scents.

    Yes, Diwali in a bottle for me.

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  24. New favorite smell alert! Walking into a quality tack shop. One that sells not only new saddles and bridles, but used as well. The smell of the old, cared for leather mingling with the cleaner new saddle leather is beyond gorgeous.


  25. Sorry guys. I really love to involve in a conversation and I do love this group. My phone is funny with this site also last couple of weeks been very busy..


  26. I want to smell the Dutch cookie Speculaas in a bottle. The Belgians spell it Speculoos. Similar to gingerbread, but way better.
    Now I need opinions here. I may have found it. A perfume called Le Speculoos by l’Antichambre perfumes.
    Has anyone out here in APJ land ever tried one of l’Antichambre’s perfumes??
    Do let me know please. I am on the verge of buying a 10ml bottle of the pure perfume! Help! 😬😬😬


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