Scent Diary: 22.10 – 28.10.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,


Last week I got to do a Guest Post on A Bottled Rose about some favourite Autumn Fragrances. I forgot to tell you all. Please jump over and have a read.


Scent Diary: 22.10 – 28.10.2018

Monday 22:

Monday, Monday….. Up early, did some blogging. Fed and walked the dogs in the crisp spring morning air. We wandered for over 1.5km through the neighbourhood. They have come back from the trainers a little stinky after the rains and mud so I’m not letting them inside till they get washed.

This morning I spritzed YSL Opium Fleur de Shanghai.

I’m not cleaning today. The place was pretty spotless when we went for our Hamilton Island holiday last week. We are hosting an Engagement Party on Friday and a Friends Dinner on Saturday. There will be well enough cleaning done then.

Getting a head start on TRIVIA Q&A

Went and hung out at the mall for a couple of hours with my friend Hyun. We spritzed ourselves with loads of stuff. I ended up a sparkly scented glam man. What fun.

We loaded our arms with Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmer Oil. Smells freaking AMAZING!!

Over that I added by Kilian Gold Knight and Commodity Orris on each arm. I was fairly fragrant as we wandered around. SERIOUSLY FRAGRANT!

Jin made Chicken Penang Curry and brown Rice for dinner. It was as good as shop bought. MMMMM. No, it was better.

TRIVIA Q&A done and dusted by 11pm. then I spent an hour fart arising around on the computer.

SotBed: Silences by Jacomo. Desiccated galbanum and greenery with oakmoss and stuff. Heaven!

I woke top about 5am for a toilette break and spritzed vintage Miss Dior EdC. It was good to wander back to sleep down those familiar olfactory routes.

Tuesday 23:

Jumped out of bed this morning so full of beans. Spritzed a LOAD of A Quiet Morning by Miller et Bertaux. It was a perfect accompaniment to the dogs wander. We did 1.9km in the glorious sunshine. 9am and already 25C, it’s going up to 31C today.

Jin and I were doing some stuff to get his car back and on a whim I asked if we could go into the lighting store because Kath needs a new fan light at he apartment. WOO HOO! They are having a massive sell out with 30% off boxed stuff and even more off floor stock. We may have gone a little crazy. We bought some things for the next apartment we buy (HA! that’s at least 4 years away). Also as a replacement light in case we ever sell Parramatta we bought a very pretty 21st century modern chandelier, we’ll take the Hogwarts Floating Jellyfish Light with us. These girls were excellent SAs, we had a ball.

Got home to a new fragrance Sahara’s Heart by Olibere Paris. YAY!

Did I tell you all that I’ve been watching The Good Place? Nearly through Season 2.

Also reading Mademoiselle Chanel : A Novel by C. W. Gortner. I bought it on Kindle because they’ve changed the cover and I didn’t realise I’d already read the book a couple of times. No matter, I’m enjoying it. It’s a fictionalised account of her life.

Bathed and wore Sahara’s Heart to work tonight. It smelled wonderful. I still have remnants floating around me after 5 hours  of running around.

Home, dogs walked, watching The Good Place.

Wearing 3 big spritzes of Annick Goutal Grand Amour. I smell all kinds of fabulous.

BOLLOCKS! The Good Place is now dropping WEEKLY!
Started on Daredevil Season 3.

Wednesday 24:

After the dogs this morning I quickly triple spritzed Pour Un Homme de Caron. I seem to have fallen madly for this lavender lovely.

Then went to visit Ryan, my dentist. 3 monthly clean day. All went well.

Had to drop into Kryolin to grab some make up on the way home. I only grab new supplies every 6 – 12 months so it’s always quite a large outlay. Today I dropped nearly $500 which was a bit of a surprise TBH. Oh well, can’t be a beautiful lady without it.

Home, ate some of Jin’s Chicken Penang Curry and Brown Rice leftovers and watching Daredevil.

For work tonight I chose vintage Boucheron EdT. WOW! I forget how stellar it is between wearings. That 1980s BWF with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in.

We had an excellent crowd in tonight. Wendy and her team won by a country mile. Smiles all round.

Home, Daredevil.

SOTBed: Maria Candida Gentile Exultat. My favourite incense.

Thursday 25:

Dogs then Jin and I went to Aquarobics. It was really fun.

Grabbed some of the food we need for our dinner parties Friday and Saturday night.

Bathed, napped and got ready for HALLOWEEN! A halloween themed fundraiser for Australia’s earliest HIV/AIDS help charity. Keeping people living with the disease living with dignity. It’s hugely important. Joyce Maynge was my co-host and Romany Brooks our auctioneer. Paddington RSL was the venue and I think everyone had a good time. We definitely raised some money.

Friday 26:

Cool, overcast morning. I love this weather, so ominous. Expecting it to bucket down on me while on dog walk.

SOTMorning: Pour Un Homme de Caron. AGAIN! I am loving it.

Jin and I went to the gym this morning. It was fun. Only my third week and I’m not feeling the same muscle incapacity afterwards, though still a happy burn.

Went to the Post Office and picked up this fabulous postcard from our mate Alice, it’s all pics of our Hamilton Island trip and a thank you.

Came home and Jin cooked, I cleaned.

SOTEvening: Vintage Boucheron EdT. I loved it so much on Tuesday that I wanted to do it again.

We had our friends Robert and Peter’s Engagement Party here. Ten at table, mainly families from both sides. Jin organised Vietnamese Rolls and the most amazing Chocolate Mud Cake for dessert. Vietnamese Rolls are great for my diabetes with so much fresh vegetables. I only had three teaspoon sized bites of cake but I did have a large glass of the cocktail we created for the night. Brandy, Vodka, lightly sparkling pink  Moscato with Orange/Mango juice and a sprig of Mint.

We had most of the clean up done within 40 minutes of them all leaving, including two sets of wine glasses hand washed and dried. There is some hand wash cutlery and another load for the dishwasher in the morning.

SOTBed: La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens. YUM!

Saturday 27:

SOTMorning: Guerlain Le Frenchy, from a decant. Cologne. Dogs, gym, shopping.


Bath. Blissful 40 minutes soak in Prada Amber bubbles. Oh So Good!

SOTAfternoon: Perfumery Generale PG15 Ilang Ivohibe from a decant. Tropical Ylang, citrus, vanilla.

Had some more mates around tonight. I forgot to take a photo, sorry. Dinner was fun and Jin created another triumph.

Afterwards I headed off to Scott’s Legendary Annual Halloween Party! It was bigger & better than ever this year but the music was terrible. Great catching up with the crew though.

Sunday 28:

Jin left for work around 4am. I kissed him goodbye and then slept til dog walking.

SOTMorning: Pour Un Homme de Caron. I am seriously addicted to this lavender beauty.

TinaG came around for lunch and a sniffy session. Then we went down to Parramatta Pride Picnic 2018. Super fun.

Home, beard clippers and dyed. Bathed and moisturised.

SOTAfternoon: Ambre Céruléen by Huitième Art. Bloody gorgeous.


Last week this crew won the $100 Jackpot but we didn’t get a good photo. So we did tonight!


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

40 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 22.10 – 28.10.2018

  1. Caron Pour un Homme is such a bargain, great scent!
    This week my students did their assessment, they danced their hearts out and I got a bit teary. ..which made them laugh!
    Have been wearing the autumn scents…amber ones after the memory jolt last week, and smokey ones like Anubis and a Nanban sample which came from you Ms P.


        • I really like Nanban, but it doesn’t like me. Both times I’ve worn it I’ve been smacked about the skull with a headache about 30 minutes in. Rare for me to get that with a perfume.
          (Some of the Beaufort ones hit the same cargo ship on fire edge, though, in a lovely way…)


  2. Another slice of the fabulous life of Portia Turbo. Love it.

    The host for Dita Von Teese’s show last night, Johnny McGovan, was fabulous and made me miss you more than usual.

    Is that By Kilian really called Commodity Orris?!

    Right, I need to check out Daredevil season 3. i LOVE that show. Maybe I should pick up The Good Place again too.
    Scott’s Halloween party sounds like a real annual highlight.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Tara,
      It has been happily hectic.
      Was Dita Von Teese amazing? I was jealous as all get out.
      They are two different scents. I forgot to put photos but they’re up now.

      OMG! Daredevil Season 3 is SO GOOD! I’m nearly done and it makes me want to watch all three again straightaway.

      Halloween is unbelievable. I should have taken some ambient photos. The whole house and yard are transformed.
      Portia xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • She was amazing. Just magnetic. The other girls were grest too. Think you would have got a kick out of Dirty Martini in particular.
        Fabulous, diverse crowd too. Excellent people watching. So many of us got dressed up. It was super fun.


  3. Well of course you out-glamour my week in spades, and eat gorgeous things because you’ve got a Jin and I haven’t. Oh well. My week of no-glamour started with early phone call from hubs about car trouble. Luckily he was driving when it occurred because if I was behind the wheel I’d have grabbed my stuff and ran, and car would be a burnt out husk. He had presence of mind to prise off battery leads which stopped it in its tracks as it was an alternator fault. Several hundred euros later it’s back on the road, better than ever. Phew, disaster averted.
    Things improved with the arrival of Portia’s Packet, a couple of new things for me to try, plus revisit of a couple that I haven’t worn in yonks. Fendi was one of those, so good, and such a shame that it’s hard to find now (here anyway). Friday saw the arrival of daughter and The Smallies. Fun times with them for the weekend, I took them to a music show for kids yesterday and they had a ball dancing and jumping around. They go back tomorrow so it was a quick visit this time.
    My no-buy is going pretty good, I only bought one decant this week, and last week I bought a travel spray for hubby of Gucci Guilty Absolute. It is a tremendous spicy leathery concoction and I may just have to steal a few squirts.


  4. A fun week with puppy antics. My mother says I lead a boring life, I suppose she is right. Mostly I am having a big clear-out of unloved jewelry, purses and perfumes. It’s a big job and will take time. Purses are done, jewelry and perfume up next! I am not a minimalist by any means, but I do like a good clear-out every couple of years, it feels good.


  5. Nothing overly exciting in my neck of the woods…the plague is running around my place of employment (flu, bronchitis and strep throat) and I thought for sure I would get one of them but after two days of resting I am feeling a tad bit better.
    Portia- you are making me want to try that Caron Pour Homme because 1- I adore lavender and 2- it is a bargain and practically free on line for a huge 6.8 oz bottle which means I could bathe in it and 3- I want to be a 93 lb lavender lollie!!!

    Portia- you have created the worst lemming for Bottega Venetta which I am wearing again today. First time I tried it I wasn’t impressed but now…WOW! I will sit on my hands and wait until it reaches a more reasonable price which I think it will eventually.

    gearing up for the upcoming week and I continue on my KNITTING HATS extravaganza!


    • OK so I just found a twenty five ounce ( I typed that out so that you don’t assume I was referring to 2.5 oz…nope 25 ounces!!!) bottle of Caron Pour Homme on sale for 86 USD….this could literally last someone a lifetime and it is cheap as chips!!!!!


      • Delivery of that would probably cost two fortunes though! That’s around 750 ml for us. You could scent everyone in your ‘hood for ages with that😃


        • I was thinking just that. As it is I make decants and samples for my parents all the time . 750 ml would mean a lot of decants!!! And delivery is free in the States


      • Pour un homme is a truly great scent, both vintage and the modern version, but buying 25 oz. does seem like too much. I bought my bottle four years ago, still have more than 3 ounces left 😉 Just go for the tester, they’re even cheaper 😉


    • I stand to be corrected but I am thinking that the BV is discontinued so it won’t be dropping in price. Keep your eyes peeled for any deals.


    • Hey Brigitte,
      Yes, go for the 2.5oz Pour Un Homme de Caron because it is a spritz, much better.
      Bottega Veneta is sometimes on sale at the discounters but it’s still quite pricey, but it’s worth it. MMMMMMMM
      Glad you’ve dodged the illness at work. Being sick is a bore.
      Portia xx


  6. A bit of study, a good amount of training, and a trip down to Manchester to see my coach. He’s very pleased with the progress I’ve made (yay!) so he’s added in some new daily evils to my program. Fretting about making weight now that I’m just six weeks out from the qualifier. It will be tight!

    Just home from a lovely ambling long walk with mr crikey–to see new graffiti on the big legal wall by the docks, and then the long way around along the Water of Leith, through the park, and via a late breakfast in cold, bright sunshine.

    oh, and the good luck wishes from you lovely lot a few weeks ago when I was panicking about that deadline? Thank you. They worked. My paper proposal has been accepted for the conference. It’s not till April, though.

    Liked by 1 person

      • merci! 11 weeks in to training again, that’s an extra 25kg on the bar. Still a long way to go, but progress is progressing so I am not complaining. Fingers crossed that I can keep this linear re-building going on. I’m already lifting above what I need to qualify. The perks of being old! 5kg still to lose from the carcass though. Bleh.


  7. Exciting week, Portia, so many great events!
    Since I was feeling a bit under the weather (and coughing terribly) I stayed at home, binge-watched Brooklyn 9-9 and exchanged countless messages with a newly-met perfumista. It’s a funny coincidence that ever since I came to APJ last December, I suddenly started to meet new fragheads all over Russia, too, without trying.


  8. Love the Good Place! Any chance of Jin sharing some of his recipes? They always sound so good!!! I think I had one of the best cocktails ever this weekend – a Vieux Carre made with Stroopwaffle infused brandy and rye!!!!!!


  9. Sounds like you’re doing Halloween up in style, Portia. No surprise there. Glad to have read little tidbits relating to the ‘taking care of health’ category.
    A stressful week leading up to my youngest daughter’s upcoming move into her new apartment. Dealing with painters, electricians, complicated purchases, loads of time spent in IKEA and kitchen appliance stores not to mention coping with all the minutiae of tableware, bathtub plugs, shower curtains, bed linens……aargh! One impressively good purchase was an antique wrought iron headboard, dating from 1901-ish. Obviously no queen beds existed back then, but this one had been ‘stretched’ by an expert welder to accommodate a queen size bed. At least this purchase will hold it’s value. Oh! And a totally adorable mint green electric kettle by SMEG. TO DIE FOR piece of cuteness.
    Another week of this logistical nightmare continues, but with any luck she will be safely ensconced in her new digs by the middle of next week.


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