aroma M Geisha Botan by Maria McElroy 2018


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Afternoon from Europe APJ

I am in the middle of getting ready to go to London for the weekend, taking my daughter along to look after me, you know?  Make sure her mother can cope with getting on the Tube.  Stuff like that.   I am meeting up with a A Bottled Rose and with The Candy Perfume Boy.  I am gonna pick up a vintage N°5 Perfume that Portia sent home with Tara.  I have noticed recently that it does not always get a lot of love from bloggers, but I adore it.  I think the fact that I booked a ticket to England to go pick it up, says how much.  BUT before I go, let me briefly introduce you to the new Geisha Botan from aroma M.

aroma M Geisha Botan by Maria McElroy 2018

Maria sent me samples of the Geisha Botan quite a while ago.  I promptly lost them. To my utter surprise they actually turned up on the day that Bonkers About Perfume wrote about the scents, followed a few days later by A Bottled Rose.  They were safely stashed in a make up bag that I seldom use.  I have no doubt that as I put them there I made a mental note of it.  That turned out well huh?


Botan is the Japanese name for peony.  They are known as Pfingstrosen in German, which would translate as the Pentecost Roses.  They bud around  Easter time and open into the most exquisite blooms a while later.  They smell divine.

Notes include: peony, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, “velvet woods”


The above photo was taken by The Silver Fox.  He kindly allowed me to use it.

The EdP and the Oil are very similar,  I lean towards the oil because I love to dab perfume, I find the oil sensual, and to my nose it is a richer scent..  Botan could be described as a dusky floral, with a vanilla and sandalwood centre.   A sweet as in a candy.  The outer layers of peony and rose, blushing pinks, melt slowly away, allowing the vanilla and sandalwood to shine through, the vanilla leaving a slightly salty trail.  In combination with the “velvet woods” that Maria uses, it they keep the sweetness of the flowers at bay.

It might be interesting to note that we, as westerners recognise vanilla to be sweet, because that is how we receive it in our foods, or in migraine inducing fake vanilla bath and shower stuff.  Try and allow your senses to search for something different in vanilla.  It is delicious used in lamb and beef dishes for example, or a vinaigrette maybe.  And if you try, you may find a more briny aspect to some vanilla.


Geisha Botan lasts for hours on me, the oil longer than the EdP.   I already own the oils of Geisha Noire and Vanille Hinoki.  I don’t know what the secrets to Maria´s oils are, but they are outstanding creations.  As appropriate for yoga and meditation, as they are for parties and seduction.

Maria ships all over the world. The Botan EdP is 100$ and the Botan Oil  is $60.

Botan Bussis



17 thoughts on “aroma M Geisha Botan by Maria McElroy 2018

  1. It’s great to hear how much you love the oil. Perfumes in that form are often dismissed but they are perfect for travel and as you say, exercise.
    Botan Geisha was a surprisingly complex fragrance for me, as I’d expected it be a light soliflore. I loved the moss and the vanilla core.
    Now I want to try vanilla with lamb…

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    • Hi Tara! It is most definitely not a light soliflore, it is rich fragrance that borders more on oriental. Yep – there area number of savoury recipes that call for a vanilla bean, or at least the gooey blacks seeds inside. See you Friday! xxxxx


  2. Lovely dear Val. I am now sorely tempted to find a sample of it somewhere. Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have thought of pairing vanilla with savory dishes. Hmmmm….
    Sandra xo

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    • Dearest Sandra! I am sure it will come your way sooner or later. Things that we want usually do. Look around on Google at the different ways using vanilla in savoury dishes. Vanilla is not really sweet, I mean the seeds out of the pod. If you get the chance to smell them, or buy a pod and scrape it out yourself, and sniff with an open mind. It is not actually sweet. Hugs. Mwah. xxxxxx


  3. The oils are going on my must try list. I am a little fatigued with trying new perfumes at the moment and am focused on my current collection, but oil for meditation sounds divine.

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    • Oh my gosh MMKinPA – a little fatigued? I have next to no interest in trying anything new, especially in the niche or whatever you wanna call it category. I bought two new things this year, Chanel and Hermès. That says everything. I like Maria`s creations a lot, and I was very grateful that she sent me some samples. I am waaaay excited for the new Hiram Green. Aoart from that? Bring on my Chanel N°5 please. Lots of love. xxxxxx


    • Hi Honey! Yep – aroma M is lovely house, all aspects of to. It was Daisy Coolcookstyle that introduced me to it in 2015 when we met up in New York. Which reminds me – we should meet in New York one day. No hurry, but one day huh? Love ya. xxxxx


  4. Val! Isn’t Botan terrific!! I will admit to wearing both the oil and the edp layered, because if it’s worth doing, it’s worth OVERdoing as my Mom used to say. Honestly, Maria creates such bottled beauty it takes my breath away. Dying to hear how the Chanel 5 works out, I know it can be a divisive scent but I LERRRRVE it. And the re-released Dry Body Oil…(clutching my invisible pearls) 😘😘😘😘

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    • Hi there Mr FW! It is absolutely gorgeous. I just put some more on now. It wraps you up in florals and vanilla – but somehow refrains from being really sweet. My cat loves it and would lick it all off if I let her. I wonder what oil Maria uses? 😉 I love Chanel N°5 and always have done. I wear the current parfum a lot. I have the edp too but am not as keen on it as I am the parfum. It was always the Parfum. And I can barely wait to have a old bottle of it. I will most certainly report back. I am not into vintage and have never actively sought it out, but this ………. xxxxxxxx. I already want more. Hugs. xxxxx


  5. Hi Val!

    The number of new houses and new releases never ceases to amaze me. This is the first time I’ve heard about Aroma M, maybe I’ll get to try them one day. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you safe travels, tell London I said hi 🙂


  6. Great to get your take on Botan – I know how selective your perfume likes are, so it is a big deal when something makes the cut. I have grown to love oils, largely thanks to Maria’s dual fragrance formats. I misguidedly thought of them as ‘sticky’ before. Now I agree that it feels like a proper ‘anointing’ ritual in the oil version.


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