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Hey Hey Perfume Junkies,

The idea is that anything worthy of comment, either good or bad, that’s passed under my nose through the week will get a short write up. Up till now I have kept APJ positive comments only, those days are gone. If I think something is terrible, shamefully lazy, greedy or stupid and you should know about it, it will be said. Not everything works for everyone and it would be pretty boring if it did >>> YMMV. I’d love it if you all agree, respectfully disagree, have any thought-out opinion and want to share, do so in the comments below. The point is starting a conversation.

New Sniffs Aug 2018

Anything that I’m not keeping becomes a super simple GIVEAWAY. All comments are entered. Next week I’ll tell you who picked. If the winner doesn’t eMail me during the week it will JACKPOT to next weeks winner who will get both.

Last Weeks Winner: Cassieflower

eMail me at (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with your address please

New Sniffs: 15.11.2018

Not sure how new all these sniffs are going to be. Found an old box of samples that I wanted to sniff through. TinaG came for lunch and stayed to sniff. SO FUN! You lot should bloody come for one of these sniffs, they are anarchy.

Guerlainade by Guerlain

Very floral with a lovely hit of Lily of the Valley. Imagine a windswept Diorissimo with peony additive. Softly curvaceous.  TinaG cannot stop sniffing it.

La Belle by Byredo

WOW! We can smell bacon here over a cold, metallic incense. Smoky and heavy. Is there a bunch of resins?  TinaG is getting a very cold hearth feel but my nose says warm like inside as the fire is burning. I think this was an unbelievably expensive limited edition. It’s OK. Whoever wins this week will get their nose on it.

Hamsa by Olympic Orchids

WOW! Swampy green, pine, broken leaves and twigs, herbs and ………  TinaG just said, “Absinth makes the heart grow fonder.” DEEP SHIT! Now we are both laughing. The heart smooths out considerably and it smells like pulling your fingers through old, cold, ashes of a wood fire. Ellen seems to have done an amazing trick, starers out confrontational and halfway through becomes smooth as beach glass.

Metal Hurlant by Collection Crosier

Fruity opening, sheer and sparkling, with a citrus cleaning product floating underneath. A zing of mint lifts it from the urban and makes it really interesting. This is from Pierre Guillaume’s 100% created molecule rang. Such a divergence for him and I really like what he’s done.

Quand Vient la Pluie Edp by Guerlain 2017

The warmth here is supplied by praline, amber and patchouli drizzled lavishly over a violet heliotrope core. So much more than that and excessively gorgeous. If you can get your nose on this baby, do so.

Smooth Thai Floral Oudh by Grandawood

Poo, medicine, band aids, camels, the carpet in an old folks home toilet and a little hint of flowers in very old water. This is the oudh equivalent of sandals with socks.
You bitches think I hate this. NOPE! I freaking love it. The first 20 minutes are hilarious. TinaG and I are trying to outdo each other with descriptors.


Have you tried any of these? How did they work for you?
Portia xx

52 thoughts on “New Sniffs: 15.11.2018

  1. haven’t tried any of these but would like to try Hamsa based on the name alone!!! Along with the great interview you did on Ellen over at the Posse.

    Congrats to cassieflower!

    No need to enter me in this week’s draw, P 🙂


  2. La Belle by Byredo, wow. Now that’s some intriguing description , bacon over a cold, metallic incense. To me it sounds really great 🙂 i would have never imagine that olfactory picture in a perfume 👌🏻👌🏻. Also Quand Vient la Pluie with “praline and patchouli drizzled lavishly” it’s right on my alley. This is the first time i read about this fragrance, never heard of it before. Now i think i’m a little bit hungry :))))


  3. OMFG! I’ve frightened my 3 legged cat with my shrieks of mirth over some of the descriptions, Portia! I have never seen him move so fast to get away from this pajama clad, cackling old queerdo mistress of his. : )

    Smooth Thai Floral Oudh by Grandawood-if there was a Pulitzer Perfume Description prize for scent notes, this one would have put you in first place. What a treat it would have been to be there sniffing these with you and TinaG.

    Thanks for making my morning full of mirth. ❤


    • YAY! So glad Cee.
      Poor cat but glad you got some laughs.
      TinaG is an excellent scent sniff player. we both smell things quite differently in a lot of cases which really makes it interesting. If we both LOVE something it’s often for varied reasons.
      You’re so welcome.
      Portia xx


  4. Now that was a great read, Portia! What’s sticking in my mind is truly bizarre, tho. I see a slightly off-kilter person walking along in socks and sandals, hurling bits of metal through the air on his way to an old folks home that smells of poo, bandaids and bacon. He’s going to visit his grandmother who smells like a camel. He sees her only once a year believing that absinthe makes the heart grow fonder and besides which, she’s a bitch and he hates her. 😂😂.
    Olympic Orchids has my ears perked up and nostrils a-flaring. The Guerlain sounds good in theory, but being a new-ish release and not having heard much buzz about it, I’m kind of leary.
    Congratulations Cassieflower!
    Wish I’d win again, I liked that ☺️


  5. Imagine APJ crowd come to Australia for a sniff session! There would surely be a riot 🙂

    Anything by Guerlain (their newest hits, however, excluded) makes my heart pop. La belle and Hamsa sound great, too.
    I’ve only tried two new frags this week: Moschino pink something and Ajmal Celestial Orchid. The former smells as if it were made for a tween, and Ajmal is nice but too sweet for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yayyy, awesome to win again😃 thanks heaps. Please DNEM this week for anything.
    I’m pmsl here at your description of Smooth Thai Floral Oudh, but I think you should rename it with something more suited to its description. We could have oodles of fun with that one. But I think I’d give it a pass. The Guerlains sound a bit scrumptious, and speaking of scrumptious Pierre’s Metal Harlant sounds rather good too. Think I would sidestep the baconish Byredo, if I wanted to smell like that I’d just sit out in the boiling sun, har har. My only new sniff this week was your Indian Study Santal, the sneaky Sandalwood. I like that very much, it’s very smooth.


  7. You are hilariously funny Portia! I quite enjoyed your Grandawood review. Sounds stinky in a wonderfully fun way!
    Now I want to sniff these two Guerlain! Guerlainade and Quand Vient sound good to my nose. I can always count on you to mention frags I need to know!


  8. Not sniffed any of these, but the pleasure is as much in the reading as the smelling…

    that said, Quand Vient la Pluie sounds bloody lovely.

    (is the bacon note in the other kind of like the smell you get when you make lapsang too strong? or full on bacon sarnie bacon?)


  9. I have not tried any of these, but the Guerlains sound right up my alley.
    Have not even heard of the others, so it is great to have insights into them (even with the toilet carpet bit!)


  10. Haven’t tried any of these. The Byredo I can safely let pass, not a big fan of bacon or Byredo in general, even if I see Byredo as a good entry point to niche, well suited to go with the Scandinavian fashion in clothing and design in general.

    I like the perfumes in the Collection Croisière, and have stolen some spritzes from a bottle my sister owns. However, Métal Hurlant is not my style, I would guess.

    Quand Vient la Pluie is the only one which really grabbed my attention, I have nothing like that in my collection.


  11. Sniffing perfume with perfumista friends is wonderful! Ever since we became so active here on APJ I think what fun it would be to have a gathering of all the people involved 🙂
    I’m not familiar with any of the perfumes from this week but I’m interested in Metal Hurlant ever since I’ve read the first review of it but still didn’t get my hands on it. Guerlinade, the classic, would also be worth a sniff.


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