Scent Diary: 19.11 – 25.11.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

What a week of fragrance! So much on my skin. Saw friends, finally saw Bohemian Rhapsody, fell off the food wagon a bit but did some exercise. Not low key but within limits.

Scent Diary: 19.11 – 25.11.2018

Monday 19:

First thing I did this morning was weigh myself. Woo Hoo! 111.6kg is over 8kg lost. I’m so happy.

I dropped Jin at the station and went to the Sydney Olympic Park Pools. Did 2 Aquarobics classes and 500m in between. Really enjoyed it today but missed having Jin there to laugh with.

Straight from there I met BFF Kath for brunch. We had the most delicious food at a cafe near her work. SERIOUSLY!! Having done so much hard work this morning I decided to go with my all time favourite breakfast, EGGS BENEDICT! O M G! So good.

Came home quickly to grab some pre-prepared food I did for Ma & Pa Waples. While home I gave myself a quintuple spritz of this little beauty. Damascene Roses! Very pretty. Lasts about 40 minutes on me. BUM!

Ma & Pa Waples were in fine form. We had an excellent chat, cuppa and they loved the ready meal.

Jin has gone out to Oberon with his boss from about three jobs ago. They are staying in a converted train carriage and fossicking for gold. Yes, you read right. When I asked Jin if I was invited he said “You didn’t invite me to Paris & London earlier in the year!!” Real bitchy like. Then he did ask if I wanted to come, it was an easy and hard NO from me.

Cleaned the house from top to bottom. I love it when Jin is away, the place stays lovely for more than an afternoon.

Got started on my TRIVIA Q&A.

Suddenly it’s 8pm and I am starving!! Went shopping and fixed some dinner. Very simple chicken and veg. YUM

Spent HOURS trying to decide on an Air BnB for Paris in May. Wasted half a night and still can’t choose from 3 very good prospects. Harrumph.

Now I’m BUSHED. I think I’ll finish the Q&A in the morning.

SOTBed: Niral by Neela Vermeire Creations

Tuesday 20:

Morning. Up bright and early to finish my TRIVIA Q&A. It’s not quite 9am and I’m done.

Sitting in a cloud of Smell Bent: Tibet Ur Bottom $$. As you can see, it’s an old favourite worn over the years a LOT! Incense with fruity, smoky, happy vibes.

There’s a new Greyhound in our area. His name is Bob and master is Sam. We bumped into them on our walk today and had a leisurely wander together with Jinx and Paris. Very nice having another couple of blokes to join our crew.

Scott is on his way for OFFICE DAY! Without him the last few weeks I have done NOTHING!!! So huge catch up.

We did Bills, APJ Prizes, Post Office, dropped off at Goodwill, entered new purchases into the system and had a lovely chat. Scott is excellent company.

Bathed, shaved and did all the necessaries.

SOTBed: Escapade a Byzance by Olibere Parfums. Just arrived from my mate Jakub. Smells great. 21st century niche done well.

SLEPT! Like a dead thing for 2 glorious hours.

Make up and off to work. It was a bit quiet tonight, only 55 people. Still we had a big laugh and some fun.

SOTNight: Epic Woman by Amouage. Roses, woods, saffron and greenery. So pretty yet commanding.

Wednesday 21:

Wednesday morning and I woke up from deepest slumber like rising from the depths of the ocean. It was calm and leisurely, I was able to stretch and roll over and cuddle a spare pillow as I gently rose to awareness. I LOVE SLEEPING ALONE! There, I’ve said it.

Walked the dogs through a muggy cool morning.

SOTDay: Madonna Truth or Dare

Jin came home from his gold digging expedition. He had a wonderful time but found out his buddy has some noxious political ideas and no knowledge to back them up. Very disappointing for our boy. He had to stop all political talk because it was become agro mansplaining.

Cuddled up with Paris and had a wonderful nap.

Off to work. Grabbed Wendy and we had a fine house tonight, not very many at the end but a good turnout.

Home, bed.

SOTBed: Cuir Cannage by DIOR Prive. I bought a bottle but am still finishing my decant.

Thursday 22:

Up and to the pools.

Home to breakfast and walk the dogs.

SOTDay: Cuir Beluga by Guerlain

Up to Westfield to do some shopping for dinner tonight.

Collected the BIRTHDAY GIRL Alice and we scooted up the mountains to the Hydro Majestic for High Tea. Perfect place to celebrate the attaining of another circle round the sun.

Not only did we have a window seat for this spectacular view but there was a bird of prey who spent most of its time hovering in the gale force winds. Occasionally doing death defying swoops to the ground, presumably for food.

SOTAfternoon: Eau Duelle by Diptyque

Tonight we had some friends for dinner and I was going to show the 1976 A Star Is Born. sadly the DVD has disappeared. I think it might have been put in the wrong box or maybe lent out and never returned. GRRR! Such a bummer. Dinner was really fun though, lively conversation and some good laughs. I forgot to take a photo, sorry.

SOTHBed: Indian Study Santal ++++ by Miller et Bertaux

Friday 23:

I was supposed to get out of bed and do another Aquarobics this morning. I was awake in time, had two choices of times I could go and really wanted to do it. What actually happened was that I turned off the alarm 4 times and slept.

SOTDay: Equistrius by Parfum d’Empire

We had such high winds last night that some of the trees have lost branches, big ones, all around our area. All pretty calm this morning as I walked the dogs though and no damage to houses or cars that I saw. Phew!

Went and had my bloods done again. The doctor is so pleased and noticed I’d already started losing weight. I get the results next Friday. Did you know you should drink two big glasses of water an hour before having blood taken? It plumps up the veins.

This afternoon I have liberally spritzed with Map Of The Heart: Gold Heart. Hate the bottle but LOVE the fragrance. Spicy milk tea, MMMMMM.

Jin came home and we had At Home Korean BarBQ. He’s the best. It was bloody delicious. Not especially diet friendly but O MG! So yummy! This is the before pic. I fell into a food coma soon after.

It’s a full moon. I walked the dogs under its spectacular beauty, so bright.

SOTEvening: Vintage Miss Dior EdT and Extrait. I smell all kinds of freaking fabulous.

Hung out with Jin and chattered. He has been trying to fix our internet over the last few months. We’ve changed providers, new modem, blah blah blah and still it’s a steaming pile of turds. Most frustrating.

Had a VERY late Olympic Orchids Amber Labdanum Bath Oil bath. So luxurious.

SOTBed: Vintage Coco extrait by CHANEL

Saturday 24:

There is something seriously wrong with my greyhound Paris. He is unable to hold his wee. I’m taking him to the vet on Monday. Poor little critter.

SOTMorning: Petit Guerlain. I saw this tester in a store in Vienna. It had been DCd for a while and the SA let me have it for next to nothing. Lavender, mimosa and tonka create a very pretty overlay to a morning bed head smell. Unusual and interesting.

Just saw Bohemian Rhapsody with my BFF Kath. I now understand why the gays are up in arms. Hardly a happy gay moment or character to be seen. So full of implied hatefulness, besmirching, making gayness out to be the baddy. There was no joy or levity, no playfulness or fun in his flamboyance or the incredible ride of being a multitalented, top of the world, drug fucked superstar. Also, I know it’s a story, not a biography. Yet, I LOVED it. SO MUCH. I laughed, cried and sang along with the rest of the 12 or 15 people in our cinema. What a beautiful memoir/fiction. We saw it on the anniversary of Freddy’s death in 1991, that felt special too.

SOTAfternoon: MajainaSin by The Different Company

Sunday 25:

Woke up slowly. Jin had come home from work a little earlier and I heard him coming to bed but didn’t rise enough to acknowledge him.

The dogs walked and fed

I am wearing Le Cri de la Lumière by Parfum d’Empire. I bought a bottle but it’s awaiting the emptying of my decant before I use it.

Jin cooked some ready meals for himself for work this week. I got started on this weeks  TRIVIA Q&A because I have a gig tomorrow night.

Bathed, beard dyed, shaved and had a nap.

SOTEvening: Pluie de Soleil by Phaedon. Juiciness so over the top and fun that it fits this late spring weather perfectly.

Home. Dogs fed & walked.

SOTNight: Badgley Mischka original extrait. Continuing with the fruity theme of this afternoon.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

39 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 19.11 – 25.11.2018

  1. I’ve seen Petit Guerlain mentioned quite a lot recently. Looked it up, it was made primarily for babies and children. Pink bottles for girls, blue for boys.


  2. Wow! Another fantastic week for you , P and congrats on the weight loss! I am sure your blood work will come back great!

    Short work week for me (thanks God!) and the eldest mini Marzipans home for several days (they head back to university today for another three weeks of classes and finals).

    Perfume wise enjoying the heck out of Paprika Brasil, eau de Lierre and Solstice Scents Estate Vetiver (why doesn’t anyone talk about this indie house? This is a gorgeous powerhouse of a scent for a very reasonable price for full bottles)….and of course, continue to slather myself in Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Frankincense & Myrrh…lordy, the scent is addictive!


  3. Hey hey Portia!

    Congrats on weight loss-you are doing very well and you should be pleased with yourself and your progress. : )

    Based on your review of Eris Mx., I got a sample from StC. Not sure if I love it-reminds me of Bois Farine to some extent-but it’s nice getting wafts of it from under heavy layers of clothing as the Northern Hemisphere is enrobed cold winter weather.

    Finally found a hair treatment that turns my head of frizzy white scarecrow strands into soft, bouncy, girly curls again-DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture. It’s shea butter like your Nubian Heritage body treat and my scalp and hair love it. Maybe I can slip a few drops of essential oils into it. Once again, your posts inspire and delight me. ❤


    • Hey See,
      Thank you.
      WOW! Bois Farine is another gorgeous one. I don’t find it has such an animal base as Mx. That could just be the funk of my skin.
      Woo Hoo! Finding products that work and delight is the bomb. Lucky you.
      Portia xx


  4. Sounds like a good week…except dog worries. My sister has a guide dog pup with the wee issue, they tested for blood sugar eventualy and put him on meds.
    My students had their final performance on Friday so we had dinner out and had a proper date night! And full moon…
    Back to yoga for the first time since knee injury, so glad to be back. Om.


  5. Good luck with your blood tests! If they’re not stellar, don’t let that throw you off your game. These things can take time and you’re doing all the right things. Good to know about the drinking of water before having bloods taken. I have very small veins which usually require a lot of exploratory poking before success is achieved. I’ll be happy to avoid that next time.
    High Tea! I take my daughters on our yearly tradition of high tea at the Ritz round Easter time and we love it. We do it up right too, arriving perfectly coiffed and in our most lady-like attire.
    I fell in love twice this week. Le Parfum de Thérèse and Tiger’s Nest which you sent me. I like them both well enough on the first go-round, but the second and third wearings put the nail in the coffin. A Malle and a Memo, ugh. Well, hopefully the interest I received at The Wealthies’ cocktail party this week translates into a couple of solid contracts. Or, I could just join Jin in panning for gold.
    Good luck on the blood tests and take care of Paris!


  6. The week flew by! You are doing really well with keeping up the weight loss and exercise with lifestyle modifications. I am concerned about your Paris, please keep us posted. Hopefully a simple UTI that will be cleared up with antibiotics.
    This Thursday was US Thanksgiving, and I’ve had three days of get togethers. I love friends and family and am thankful for all of them, but looking forward to a day at home today. I have thoroughly enjoyed sniffing Eris and Etro samples this week. Favorites are Eris Ma Bette and Etro Heliotrope. I’ve mostly worn Ambre Russe, Arpege, Tauer Les Annes, and Valentino Donna this week.
    Best wishes with blood test results! xoxo


    • Hi Kathleen,
      Paris is booked for the vet 9am Tues morning. Fingers crossed.
      I hope your day at home was calm and peaceful.
      You’ve been smelling some wonderful stuff. Heliotrope is gorgeous, great choice. I liked Ma Bewttew too.
      ARPEGE! What a winner. You smelled beautiful.
      Portia xx


  7. Portia, hope Paris will get better real soon. Other than that, a fab week, as usual. I haven’t seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet (they were showing it in our theatre 😦 ) but judging from the reviews of the people who love Freddie, they did him no justice. I blame Brian May. Frankly, most biopics are bullshit, except for that about Frida Kahlo (that’s the only one that came to mind).

    It’s been a cold week, most of my pupils got sick so I watched series and read.


      • Fewer lessons means less money but more free time so it’s not that bad 🙂 Still, I made a couple big purchases yesterday, I hope this week will bring me more dough 🙂


  8. Congratulations on the continued weight loss! Hope the tests come back good and you can find and resolve the problem with Paris, poor pupper.

    I spent the holidays gritting my teeth and having heart-pounding anxiety with my parents who, as you said so wellabove, have noxious political views and no knowledge to back them up. They also grossly favour my younger brother. I hate family visits.

    That tea looked fabulous! And so many lovely perfumes! I have been sampling too much and not wearing my collection, that stops now, I am taking a break from samples and just wearing what I love for a few weeks. I am also embarking on a mission to catalog my collection in Excel. Wish me luck and persistence!


    • Ha! And now you know why I kept my holidays low key this year! We love our families but holidays can be stressful when all together in close quarters !!
      Yay to wearing from your beautiful collection! This week I am going to try to stick with just three of my favorites. Good luck with the spreadsheet!!!


    • Hey TaraC,
      You are BY FAR our favourite. Actually we think it’s embarrassing how much better you are than your brother. Stuff them.
      Enjoy wearing your collection. Sometimes in all the bustle of new the old favourites get ignored. I love to grab a bottle and spritz.
      Good luck with the cataloguing, it took my mate Morrigan 3 full days to do it. That was with Scott and me helping.
      Portia xx


  9. Well done on your continued success with losing some of yourself. Bet you can feel it in your clothes now. Doesn’t it feel good? I’ve heard nothing only good reports about Bohemian Rhapsody, but I don’t get the casting of Freddie’s part. Two other actors had signed up for the role, and both walked! Many creative differences apparently. Sacha Baron Cohen would, I think, have done the role more justice, as he can portray outrageously camp and hedonistic characters very well. And we know that’s what Freddie was like. Plus he’s got long legs😉But Brian and Roger didn’t want too much emphasis on Freddie as they wanted it to be the Queen story, and of course they’re entitled to have their input. It’s not a Freddie biopic, after all. I will reserve judgement until I see it myself. I hope Paris is ok, he will probably need some antibiotics if it’s kidneys or bladder. My madam here is getting a little lax in the toilet department occasionally too. I’m putting it down to her being an old lady now.


    • Hey Cassieflower,
      I’m not really feeling the weightless yet. What I can feel is the ease of movement and some strength coming back to my body. That is very nice.
      I thought that Rami played Freddie very well, and he definitely did the arrogant swagger exactly.
      Fingers crossed for Paris.
      Portia xx


  10. Looking good Portia! Keep up the good work.
    I hope Paris is ok!
    So happy to see you and Jin this week as I have been working most weekends lately.
    I tried the Red Bottle of Chanel No 5 in David Jones its very nice, but didn’t buy it. Looks very glamorous though!
    I have been binge on True Detective season two and reading a Liane Moriarity book.


    • Thank goodness we got an evening together during the week Anna Maria.
      I always feel a bit lost when you aren’t around on Sunday. Johnny was there though, Rocco and Vera too.
      Thos ruby CHANEL No 5 bottles ARE gorgeous. YUM!
      Portia xx.


  11. Cuir Cannage was not instant love but now I like it. I predict it will go up a lot in value over time. It is clearly inspired by Knize Ten, but with a parfum d’empire-like approach to knize ten.


    • Interesting you say that Fazal,
      I find Cuir Cannage to be really close to Cuir Beluga, Knize Ten always wears very dark leather on me. I love how everyone gets such different things from the same fragrance. Next time I wear them I’ll see if I can find more connections.
      Portia xx


    • I liked it straight away… but in a non-committal kind of way because it felt a bit too cold and elegant. I like it more and more with each wear though. Like becoming good friends with someone who you mistakenly thought was rather standoffish. (I agree on the Knize Ten heritage. CC seems to sit between that and Cuir de Russie for me.)


  12. So many great fragrances there – Cuir Cannage! Cuir Beluga! Nice to see Smell Bent getting some love too, people don’t talk about this brand enough I think. Smell Bent Tok’yo Mama Fizzzz is my go-to 40 degree day scent.

    Cute photo of Jin – you should have gone just so when someone says gold digger, you say no, GOLD PANNER! Haha.

    I should go and see Bohemian Rhapsody. Back when it was in development I was reading about how the other band members bumped Sacha Baron Cohen from the role and how they wanted to make it more about the band and pave over a lot of Freddy’s truths. Other friends have said it’s really good but your feedback is in line with what I was concerned about.

    I hope the vet trip with Paris goes alright. Big pats for Paris. Xx


  13. Hi Portia,

    I hope everything is okay with Paris – so worrying with animals as they can’t tell you what’s wrong!

    Also, congrats on your improving health/fitness & weight loss. I so admire your determination and self-control, the latter of which I am finding extremely hard to come by 🙂 Keep up the great work.


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