Scent Diary: 25.2 – 3.3.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

This week has been big. Even in the depths of despair we are often asked to rise up and be the best we can for an occasion. Sometimes the very act of becoming ready to do something is enough to shore up failing resolve, broken hearts and loss. Thank everything for friends and  perfume, my buoys in a sea of sadness this week. Also, Mardi Gras!

Scent Diary: 25.2 – 3.3.2019

Monday 25:





Started on the TRVIA Q&A

Alice, Kath, Anna Maria and Johnny for roast pork and crackling with roasted root vegetables, capsicum and steamed spinach. We ate it with Pink Gin and Lemonade. Yeah, I completely forgot about it having lemonade and had two glasses. NAUGHTY PORTIA!! That’s a lot of sugar.

SOTNight: Le 3′ Homme de Caron

Wrote Mum Waples Eulogy


Brain fried. Going to bed.

Tuesday 26:

Got up super early and finished TRIVIA Q&A.

Went to see podiatrist. My feet aren’t perfect and we are going to have to monitor them. Sugars pool in your feet and cause innumerable problems. Slight concern but pretty good.

Readied for Mum Waples Funeral. Wore so much Opium it was like a fog.

So many people. The Palm Chapel was buzzing. I swept the room with vintage Opium, chairs, flowers and even some for the people at the funeral got a spritz. The whole room was perfectly Opiumed! The celebrant did a fine job and then asked me up. Eulogy was solid, hit all the points I was allowed and it didn’t feel too long. It felt like the whole family was riding the eulogy with me, so much information and memories woven into 5 minutes that we’d all supplied.

Kath had done a video photo montage to Lukas Graham’s song Love Someone. It was freaking amazing. Old photos, new photos, family, friends and Mum in all her glory. Not a dry eye in the house.

Then Dad got up and thanked Mum for their wonderful life together. He asked that we enjoy Vera Lynne’s We’ll Meet Again and halfway through when the choir joins her he asked us all to sing along. It was a lovely moment. Then Dad asked us all to give Mum a round of applause. The clapping went on for ages. She was so loved.

Hung out with a group of our friends afterwards at the wake. Champagne was flowing freely, all other drinks and some snacks. It was a glorious sunlit day, not too hot and we spent most of our time on the verandah, chatting, laughing and reminiscing.

Came home and both Jin and I fell fast asleep. Waking only at the alarm to get up and go to work.


Fell asleep immediately

Wednesday 27:

Woke late.

Let the dogs in and cuddled Paris on the couch till midday while watching The Umbrella Academy.

Got up and blogged. Perfume Posse and APJ pretty much set for March. Got so much done. I’m covered in fragrance now. Smelling wonderful.

SOTEvening:  Niki de Sain Phalle. THUNKED my bottle. Oh rejoice!! I get to open a new one tomorrow. Yes, there are nearly a dozen backups around the house.

Jin is home. He’s organising our Honeymoon, currently looking after the Mongolia leg. He’s also sending his parents on a holiday and is torn between Vietnam and Taiwan. He’s so excited to be sending them somewhere, like a kid.

I’m bushed. Night.

SOTBed: Nevermore by Frapin. Thanks to Libertine Parfumerie

Thursday 28:

Woke up completely muddled this morning with super dry mouth. I must have snored so much I rattled my brains. Jin is on the couch which means at some point during the night my snoring went crazy or I hit him and woke him up.

SOTMorning: Champs Elysees by Guerlain. This dewy floral girliness is getting quite a bit of action for the 2018/9 summer. The bottle looks like I used hardly any till I turn it upside down.

Jin and I did some running around today. Organising my outfit for Mardi Gras, getting stuff done and lunch in an el cheapo Korean restaurant. It was fun.

Now I have a garment to complete and am feeling utterly overwhelmed. So I’m at the computer procrastinating like crazy.

SEWING SEWING SEWING!! for Mardi Gras. Here’s my Aqua, Glass Beaded, Sequinned Silk fabric. It started life as a sari, bought in India in 2017.

Wearing Divine EdP to sew. Smelling amazing.

At 8pm I’ve broken a packet of needles. Luckily I stocked up and have 6 more packs.

Finished the frock at 10pm. Went looking for my foam to make a headdress. Seems I’ve run out. GRRR! Oh well. Early night.


SOTBed: Dia Body Lotion by Amouage

Friday 1:

Jin got home around 7am and when he came to bed woke me. We chattered for a while before he slept.

Got up, did some computer stuff.

Opened a new soap for the bathroom sink today. The old one was getting a bit nasty so it’s gone on to the kitchen sink where all our old soaps go to die. There is currently a bunch of slivers in four different colours all bonded together making the kitchen soap. Ugly but effective.

SOTMorning: Mitsouko EdP by Guerlain

Walked the dogs in the lovely cool morning. Our first day of Autumn.

Did some last minute running around for Mardi Gras.

Had a cuppa at one of my fave cafes, which has had a renovation and looks mighty spiffy.

Lunch with my mates Patrick & Wayne.  I love these boys but forgot to take snaps, sorry.

Home to finish my hat for the event. It looks pretty snazzy.

SOTAfternoon: Elizabeth & James Black

SLOB TIME on the couch.

Had a bath, dyed and clipped my beard.

Thunked this Dr Bonners Almond Soap. YAY!

SOTEvening: Hermès Apres la Mousson

Saturday 2:

Mardi Gras morning! Slept peacefully till 8.30am. Didn’t even notice when Jin came home from work. Happily, it’s only going to be about 28C today.

SOTMorning: Methaldone by Aether. I love this weird modern hot metal and blown fuse fragrance over furry cushions vibe. Freaky but fun.

The house is done & dusted. I love coming home to clean home after partying the night away. Jin is looking at me funny because I’m cleaning on a Saturday and doing a full “Mother In Laws Visit” clean.

Into the bath, shaved and scrubbed. I opened a new thing today and had Sung by Alfred Sung Shower Gel bubbles. Very pretty. The crew at AFN gave me aldehydic floral as my choice of fragrance for this evening. Bathed with Sung, lotion with Amouage Dia and still can’t decide on fragrance.

Here is my lineup of choices. I can’t find my damn bottle of Sung. All a little bit vintage smelling, or indeed from last century. Only one modern contender in the lot.

Giorgio Beverly Hills (my Mum’s), Hermès Caleche (from Michael Edwards), Divine (my 30ml refill bottle), Ungaro DIVA, Boucheron EdT and CHANEL No 5 EdT.

Curious lull in the mayhem around here. One lovely hour to chill out. Going to make myself a cuppa.

Righto. Arrived at the showgrounds and we all got to have a couple of hours of chatter and bike oggling. It’s a really fun, chilled atmosphere and it was excellent to spend some catch up time with my old mate Glyn. We’ve been buddies since he arrived in Sydney from the UK back in the 1990s. I’ve not so secretly had a burning crush on him for all that time. When he asked to be my rider at Mardi Gras I was over the moon.

Here are my last years rider Luke, Glyn and I in the marshalling area.

On the bike in the parade. Hilarious! We were having a ball.

After the ride I was dropped at my regular hosting gig Sideshow where I met up with Andrew Mercado and we spent the night in happy banter.

These guys are the APPLE contingent. I am taking a photo of all their iPhones with my iPhone. They went apeshit bananas for it.

Here is the Vodaphone float. I get excited to see them every year because they are my provider.

I was sad to see a lot less politically satirist comedy in the parade this year. There were 200 floats and it was a fun filled, colourful event.

Jin and I then went on to the Mardi Gras afterparty with 15,000 of our nearest and dearest friends. It was Jin’s first time going and we danced three happy hours away. This is the first time I’ve ever done a dance party drug free since the 1980s, including alcohol. Funnily, I was having so much fun it felt like I was high anyway. Saw Courtney Act, PNau and some other guy who I never heard of perform. The shows were so good and fun. We loved it. By 2.30am we were BUSHED and went home to walk the dogs and sleep. BLISS!

Sunday 2:

OMG! CHAFFING! Walking like a ruptured spinster today. Bloody hell.

SOTMorning: DSH Perfumes Uptown Moonshine. From my Press sample. I really love this boozy beauty.

Spent most of the day trying to recover my equilibrium.

Bathed, shaved and scrubbed.

Worked tonight in Equistrius by Parfum d’Empire.

I’m SO HUNGRY! What’s wrong with me? I had a delicious steak and veg dinner at work and my tummy has been rumbling since about 15 minutes after I finished it.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

58 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 25.2 – 3.3.2019

  1. Your post made me cry …. literally….what a beautiful send off for Mum 💙💚💛💜
    My week was filled with ups and downs…lots of close friends dealing with their own or family member health issues coming out of nowhere…. work stress and late nights…. good news for two of the Marzipans…the youngest was accepted into the same university as the two eldest…the eldest was offered a job in the hospital she is interning at now….and my bottle of Brigitte arrived and I am really digging it…. might not save it for my bday next month… might just wear it now LOL 🤣 😂….and getting more positive feedback regarding my book talk…I bought 2 ml vials so each participant can choose their favorite of my e.o. blends and take it home to use when they meditate.
    Hope all APJERS had a decent week.


    • Hey Brigitte,
      Thanks, it was really lovely.
      I’m a Save It kinda guy but if you really want tot you should wear Brigitte now.
      Woo Hoo! The Marzipans all in one Uni, so sensible. Congratulations to your oldest, a job offer is a very fine thing.
      Portia xx


      • Thank you Tara!!! Two less things for me to lose sleep over 😉 Cause you already know what a worry wart I am-LOL!


    • Delighted for junior Marzipan and also the senior junior Marzipan ☺️ What great news to cheer you up in your time of work stress and life battles. And get you and your Personalised Perfume. Such a fancy pants 😆


      • Thank you cassie! You know how it is…a mum’s always worrying no matter how old they are! Ha! I guess I am a bit fancy pants 🙂 But since she still had the recipe on file and I had a 15 percent off coupon code I got it for a song!!!!


    • My friend and I ate a big hole out of the ozone layer in the early 90s in Giorgio. It’s a wonder we weren’t barred from premises.


      • Ha! it was a powerhouse, right? If I ever decide to write I will share the Giorgio story…I wore it when it first came out…when no one had even heard of it. then when it became so ubiquitous I stopped wearing it and gifted my bottle to a friend.


  2. What a wonderful send off for Mum.I’m sure she was looking down and loving every minute.
    The Mardi Gras sounds fab. You looked fab as well.Loved your dress and headress. Talented Portia XXXX


  3. Mum Waples’ funeral sounds so full of Opium scented love and gratitude. Perfect. And didn’t Dad do well?!

    Wow Portia, aqua is definitely your colour. Never seen you look more stunning – and all your own work!
    I had a lovely wkend with my pal. Dennis Severs’ House blew me away and we had a wander around the V&A. Had dinner at Poppies and thought of you.


    • HA! Tara, what a perfect way to encapsulate Mum Waples funeral. It was.
      Thanks. I love wearing aqua, so vibrant yet cool. It always feels like an unassuming flamboyance. Does that make sense?
      I don’t really know who Dennis Severs is?
      Portia xx

      Liked by 2 people

      • Me neither. No clue. Thought it might be a serial killer. But I Googled him. Some dude who did up his house in some correct historical way. I‘ll check it out when I do not have my hands in dough. 🤷🏼‍♀️

        Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve never managed to visit Dennis Severs House when I’ve been to London. I’ve read about it in guide books and on Wiki. Sounds amazing. Glad you enoyed your visit.


  4. Stunning head dress, Portia! I bet you were a milliner in a former life. : )

    Had a fabulous visit with my young Rainbow brother/co-worker in from the West coast. He’s an INTP and I’m an INTJ so we really ‘get’ each other. Up until the wee hours talking, walking all over the city, laughing, hanging out with the cats, testing out mt new air fryer. Weather was all over the place-rain, snow, high winds- but when you’re with a good friend, weather doesn’t matter. Rediscovered Goutal’s Heure Exquise. No idea why this doesn’t get a lot of love, but hey-more for ME!

    It’s slowly starting to look, smell and feel like spring here though another blizzard or two during March and April would not surprise me at all.


    • Hey Cee,
      When I studied fashion millinery was my elective in second year. I loved it so much.
      YAY! Having someone around who gets the heart of you is important. I’m so glad you had some QT with someone simpatico.
      Here Exquise is yum. Annick Goutal gets passed over a lot and I really rate the brand. Even after everything Pacific Amore has done to wreck it.
      Woo Hoo! SPRING! I bet you are feeling extra good because of it.
      Portia xx


  5. Still recovering from my cold + laryngitis, but much better today. What a great Mardi Gras parade, we don’t have things like it in Germany, seems like a great event.
    As my old employers now want to get rid of me extra quick it will have 2 months free in between the old and the new job. I won’t get any money, but luckily i have enough put away. Thinking about a week in London oder Amsterdam in my free time.


  6. Portia, what a beautiful way to say goodbye to Mum Waples!. And oh my God, you always look glamourous but in these Mardi Gras pictures you are absolutely divine!

    My week was kind of slow, work as usual, I watched more Buffy, reread a book (one of the Witcher series). I can’t wait for the spring to really start.


    • Thanks Diana,
      It was the least we could do for Mum Waples. She earned a fitting farewell.
      I do admit that I took extra care with my look for Mardi Gras. It’s a high fallutin job.
      Your week sounds heavenly. I’m still trying to finish another book that hasn’t grabbed me.
      Portia xx


      • Portia, thank you, you’re so kind. You know, I used to finish every book I’d started but then I realised that some books just don’t deserve it 😉


  7. You are such a talented tailor/seamstress. I can’t sew for shit and so admire that talent. Lovely Mardi Gras outfit. You looked amazing. And so happy. that’s nice to see.


    • Hey Gina,
      Thanks lovely. I really wish I loved to create as much as I did in the early years. It’s a huge mental block for me. Once I get started though it all flows and runs like clockwork. Fortunately, I’m also really quick so it’s relatively painless.
      Yeah, it was unfettered happiness. There’s something extremely heartening about taking over the streets and being our fabulous selves.
      Portia xx


  8. hiya, Portia! your week sounds unforgettable.

    It is so hard to say good bye to a loved one, especially a Mum. Opium was the perfect scented send off and I’m sure your words of tribute were also perfect.

    Sari silk and mardi gras, E&J Black and Mitsouko, food shared with friends. So many good things can give comfort and joy as dark clouds retreat, also when they gather ahead of us.

    Have a wonderful week, APJers. I wish sunshine and happiness for each of us. 😀


    • Hiya, Tiff!!!! always LOVE seeing you here!!! (it’s CM8, btw) Wishing you sunshine and happiness right back xoxoxoxoxo


    • Hey Tiffanie,
      2019 has started with a bang. So much joy and loss. You’re right, it will be one of the unforgettable, momentous memories.
      Thanks, we wish you gentle satisfaction, good friends, food and a hearty belly laugh.
      Portia xx


  9. Great job on the costume and Mum Waples’ sendoff, well done! A busy week here but all good. Puppy got to meet grandma & grandpa for the first time, she was a good girl and everyone enjoyed her. Mommy was proud. 🙂


  10. Thanks Portia for sharing. A week of ups and downs for you. Mardi Gras looked like the best party ever – glad you enjoyed yourselves. Your make up looked amazing xx
    An ordinary week for me -busy at work, some family stuff that creates tension and tears, and it was way too hot. Highlight was securing tickets to see Hugh Jackman in August. I splashed out and will go twice. Insert ‘very happy dance’ 💃😍


    • Hey Melanie,
      Thank you.
      Family is always so fraught. I hope you’re feeling better about it all. Is there resolution in sight or is this a recurring drama you need to deal with regularly?
      HUGH JACKMAN! That will be super fun. I hear the show is going to be spectacular.
      Portia xx


    • Sorry for the family drama but I second Portia’s HUGH JACKMAN!! I’ve recently been obsessed with Hugh Jackman song and dance man, so I’m jealous!


  11. What a week Portia!! Ultimately it’s all a celebration of life Mum Waples and Wendy .., the Mardi Gras. Your friends are so lucky to have you 🆒🎉💯
    I absolutely love your cool blue Mardi Gras outfit!!
    Dinner at your place was wonderful and Jin’s roast pork mmm…..
    I lost my uncle Joe and Domenica had a surprise engagement party!!
    I wore coco Mademoiselle as the kids gave it to me a few years ago.. and to my uncles funeral this week will wear Chloe..
    The 1957 Chanel I found to be very elegant and it stayed in my T-shirt for a couple of days xx🆒


    • Hey there Anicasunny,
      You’ve had a week of highs and lows too.
      You’ll see the frock next weekend at Austral BC. Can’t wait till you get a real look.
      All the congratulations to Domenica, wishing her decades of love. They both have done so well finding each other. They also have excellent role models in you two, 30 years of marriage is an achievement.
      Very nice frag choices, you’ll smell fabulous.
      Portia x


  12. Quite the week you had there! Quite the 2019 I could say. You seem to handle it all with such aplomb. Kudos.

    I had a bit of a week from hell. No funerals, thank goodness, but too much drama at the workplace and no one with the authority to fix things willing to do it. It has bad effects for people just starting out and that makes me furious, which doesn’t really help anything. Just remembering I spent most of last weekend in the Salt Lake City airport (eight hours on Friday) or LAX (I’ve literally forgotten how many hours on Sunday). So yeah, a stupidly crap week all around! And now I’ve got a flu.

    End of whining. I’m in a Rose Jam bubble bath now so can’t complain *that* much.


  13. That was some week of emotional highs and lows, Portia. Mum’s funeral sounds like an incredible event, my God, the air must have smelled heavenly. You need to pat yourself on the back and take all due credit. I’ve got that same little Opium. Isn’t it joyous? You’re so flippin talented with your hands and imagination. I’m jealous as hell😉 You looked ah may zing. Glad you danced your asses off. It’s a great form of exercise and a pressure release valve. You really needed that. Can we have a full length pic of your costume next week? Pretty pleeze with a cherry on top.
    My week was pretty ordinary -until Saturday. It was my birthday on Thursday but kept it very low key and actually cooked dinner myself. A small scale Asian inspired thing. Hubby brought home my favourite wine so we made gluttons of ourselves. Didn’t have an early start at work on Friday so I had a nice lazy lie-in. My week was all about new sampling. Crikey sent me a lovey packet, including VC & A First. I bought some more samples from my new perfume buddy here, a really nice guy. Will be testing those this week. Aaaand, while I was trying to make space to shoehorn those new samples in the drawer I came across one that you sent me last year, P. Hermès Monsieur Li. I thought I’d used it up already but there’s still a few wears left in it. I put some on and went about my business. Then it starts to tickle my nose buds. It turned out to be stunning on me, and a new lemming is born. This would be stupendous in the heat.
    Saturday morning and we were in the car all raring to go with the overnight bag packed. Three hour journey north to visit the brand new family that hubby has just discovered. We were staying with his sister. (Still incredible to be writing that. Sister!) We went to his parents where they had gathered. Hilarious to watch them all interact. It’s the best people watching exercise for me. There’s big debate on nature versus nurture and in this instance nature has won out, hands down! The mannerisms, set of the head, gestures, it’s spooky. A total mindf@ck. His dad is a really funny character, laid back with a very mischievous dry wit. I can’t take my eyes off him as the resemblance is so strong. He has mum’s dark eyes, though, and her nose. She’s quite Mediterranean in appearance. And a tiny little bird. We had a great day just hanging, and looking at photos. All day there was a procession of nephews, nieces, hubbies, partners, wives and girlfriends, uncles. It was a relvolving door. Later on we went to his sister’s house, dropped the bags, got ready and hit the town. They had chosen a small quiet pub so that we could chat. The quiet didn’t last too long when the pints started rolling 😏 They are a very lively and chatty bunch, and a couple of good singers too. Had a fun night, and all trooped back to the house in various states of disrepair. Someone fancied toast and fiddled with the knob. Next thing all the fire alarms went off. Much flapping of towels at the units to shut them up.
    Sunday morning and it’s an anniversary Mass for granddad and uncle. I don’t attend Mass except for things like this. There were lots of second-takes from people. Off to lunch then for a couple of hours and then back to chill before heading home. Dad was trying to get us to stay for another night but hubs has things to do today. Met up with friends who are back from Sydney on a visit. More drinkies. Phew. I am bushed (to quote you, Portia). Haven’t lifted a finger yet today, and I don’t even care. All is good in my world. I wish the same for all my APJ family😘


  14. Another emotional week for you Portia with a heartfelt celebration of Mum Waples’ life. Aqua looks stunning on you and your head dress is gorgeous. Great job sewing, wow! Years ago when I lived in New Orleans I rode on a float for Mardi Gras and this brought back wonderful memories.
    I had another week of Chanel 1957, as well as Chanel Bois des Isles and 1932; Givenchy Ysatis; and some samples including Mackie, Dior Blooming Bouquet, Valentina Aqua, and ETDO Une Amorette. I surprised my sister for her birthday weekend. Coordinated with her husband, flew to Phoenix, and her face was priceless when I walked in the house! I took her for a lunch with champagne followed by a massage at the spa. Bliss!


  15. I just love you Portia Turbo, you are truly a wonderful human being and I am so proud of you and Blessed to be your Aunty. xxxxxx


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    > AustralianPerfumeJunkies posted: “. Portia . Hey there APJ Crew, This week > has been big. Even in the depths of despair we are often asked to rise up > and be the best we can for an occasion. Sometimes the very act of becoming > ready to do something is enough to shore up failing r” >


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