Perfume, Punk, and Cookies.


Val the Cookie Queen


Hey APJ Perfumistas, Music Fans, and Cookie Monsters

I am gonna be interviewed live, on a local radio station on the 15th of March.  Talking about perfumes, punk, and cookies.  I am so freaking excited I asked Portia if I could share the news with you.  I mean, what is the definition of local radio in 2019 huh?  You can all listen to it online anywhere in the world.


Perfume, Punk, and Cookies.

So yeah.  Two hours of some of my life changing tunes from back-in-the-day, mixed in with, who knows what?  I am being interviewed by Kristina, who does two shows a month on the station.   A couple of weeks ago she contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing it.  I mean, does a bear crap in the woods?  She is working on her masters degree in digital media, in Vienna, and comes back here to do the shows.  We met up for coffee last week.

Twenty years ago, when I was just starting out with my business, I went into the local schools selling muffins in their break times.  Turns out that Kristina used to run down the stairs as fast as possible to make sure she got a blueberry one from me.  Made me laugh.  She is so into music that it made me feel like I was talking with my 25-year-old self.  She has been doing her show for seven years, and I asked her how she got into doing radio:

“To be honest, the whole radio thing was the result of me sneaking out of class during school. I remember standing in the corridor, when I saw a couple of people walk into a class room.  I am always very nosey, and so I sneaked into the room and asked the what they were up to.  Apparently one of the catechists wanted to start a radio show by the students, for students.  I was a year below them and I never attended any religious classes, hence the reason I was not officially invited to the meeting.  Still, I managed to get in on it, and after the second live show the lovely people from  Freies Radio Salzkammergut asked me and a friend if we were interested in having our own show.  Standing behind the microphone felt like the most natural thing to me and since I am always listening to music, coming up with play lists for the show is pretty easy.”

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We will be doing the show live, in English.  March 15th.  18:00 – 20:00.  Central European Time.  FREIES RADIO SALZKAMMERGUT    


Favourite reggae albums. 

I nearly popped a blood vessel choosing around 15 tracks for my playlist.  I am nearly there; but not quite decided which reggae tracks I wanna have.  Hmmmm.

I’m gonna take Luten’s Tubereuse Criminelle,  Vero`s Roxy Extrait, and Hiram Green’s Hyde.  Hoping we cam sniff all three on air.


What perfumes would you take?

Video did not kill the radio star.  Hope some of you might be able to tune in.

WPOD Bussis






54 thoughts on “Perfume, Punk, and Cookies.

    So funny that Kristina was one of the students who bought your muffins. Life, eh?
    She looks super cool. Not sure how you’re going to stick to just two hours…

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    • Hi Tara! Although to be fair I have sold muffins and/or cookies to most of our local population at some point or another over the last twenty years. But yeah – it is great connection. Kristina is incredibly nice, and wickedly into music. I don’t meet purple like that much any more, if they even exist. I am incredibly excited to do the show. Hope you can tune in. The interview will be available afterwards but NOT the music because of copyright laws. I will list it afterwards though for anyone who cares. Hugs. xxxx


    • Portia – that would l be your time: 04.00 – 06:00 on the 14th of March. With the link in the post. I will remind you the day before, in case you might be awake. A million bussis. xxxxx


  2. That will be such fun! I think I would take Rozy EdP, Irisistible and vintage no 5 EdT. Now…for reggae, Redemption Song? Is this love? Could you be loved? Get up, stand up?

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    • When my now grown up Grandaughters and my nephew were small they loved Bob Marley. They used to march round the house in a little line singing along to Buffalo Soldiers. It still makes me smile when I hear it. XX

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    • Hi there Hamamelis!! Much as I love all the Marley tunes, it was not at all what I was listening to back in the day …. so at this point I am gonna go with Big Youth, Screaming Target and something from the Upsetters, maybe Soul Man. Nice perfume choices, although I have yet to try the iris. Yeah, I thought of the Rozy edp, but the Extraits and the bottles that they are in are really interesting for someone who is not familiar with any kind of alternative perfumes. IMO. We shall see!! Bussis. xxxxx


        • I dunno about advanced. But I worked for four years in a predominantly black club, and then went to the Shebeens afterwards, so got pretty immersed in the scene at the time. Plus thy played amazing reggae before the punk gigs …. and The Clash covered so much classic ska and reggae stuff, bringing it to the attention of us. Pressure Drop, Police and Thieves etc etc. But I listened to Bob too. I was living in St Paul’s in Bristol at the time of his death. All the dreads were wearing black armbands; a sad day. xxx


  3. Hi! I’m looking forward to hearing your interview and your music selections. As a side note I’m loving Brass Against while working out, never heard of them before your post but I’m a fan of the music they cover. Your fragrance choices are lovely.
    I’d bring some of my fave Chanel, loving 1957, Bois des Isles, 1932, and No 5 lately.

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    • Hi Kathleen! Hey subscribe to the Brass Against newlsetter. It is so cool. They always add a lost of what they are all reading, and what they are listening to. It is really interesting. I love love love all of those Chanels. But am going with perfume houses that will be unknown to anyone who listens, if anyone listens. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh. I have pretty much narrowed down to around 15 tracks. Once I stopped treating it as trying to pick my favourite 15 songs it got a lot easier. Tunes that contributed to who I am today ……. xxxx


      • Will do re newsletter!
        Looking forward to hearing your chosen tracks, no doubt challenging to choose only 15. Your listeners will love it all!


  4. Oh and as for what I would take, a tend to travel with *way* too much perfume. I make decants or have travel sizes and bring loads. Hiram Green Dilittante and Slowdive go with me everywhere. As does Misia. The first for happiness, the second for comfort, and the third for kicking butt.

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  5. SLowdive defintiely kicks butt, as does Hyde. Will have to be careful not to allow more than a quarter spritz of the stuff, otherwise we might both drop dead in the studio. Oh gosh, Misia, glorious. But no.I am sticking with the three, otherwise I am gonna have a complete meltdown before we even get as far as the date. 😉 xxxxxxx


  6. I hope i can remember the date and time and listen to you. I think i would bring some Dzing! with me. And on my playlist there would be The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Klaus Nomi and lots of Soft Cell and Marc Almond….Today at work when i was alone i turned on the speakers for some Front 242 in extra loud…

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  7. Great news, Val! I’ve saved the link, the date and the time and I hope I’ll be able to tune in for a while. I’m looking forward to hear your voice to add another part to the picture 😉

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  8. This sounds like so much fin. I will try to listen in unless I have someone visiting. At my school back in the day it was mostly boys listening to this music, but in retrospect it really has better quality than much of the softer pop music.

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