Scent Diary: 4.3 – 10.3.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

YAY! This week was infinitely more level and low key, Still got to wear some of my favourite fragrances, saw a bunch of mates and hung out with the love of my life Jin.  I love chill weeks and reckon I’ve earned a couple.

Scent Diary: 4.3 – 10.3.2019

Monday 4:

Slept in till 9.30am. BLISS!

Wandered the dogs through warm, sun shiny streets.

Had some brunch

SOTDay: La Fin Du Monde Etat Libre d’Orange. WEaring this lovely from GHreg’s collection. My memory of it is quite different but THIS is so much better. I’m really happy it has been added to the collection. It’s all the notes but also smells like cooking rice to me.

Bollocks moment of the day. I’m doing the clothes washing and decide to do a quick dust while I’m waiting for a load to finish. My parents wedding pic jumps off the ledge and lands safely on the floor, PHEW! As I go to pick it up a picture of my first long term partner jumps and the corner lands dead centre of the other pics back. SMASH! Thank everything the photos remain intact. Bloody dramatic though.

Started writing TRIVIA Q&A.

Jin came home and we had dinner together. Then he needed some help with his resume and some job applications.

After walking the dogs it is now 11.30pm and I’m back to TRIVIA Q&A. More La Fin Du Monde spritzed with gay abandon.

Tuesday 5:

Got up early-ish, gave the dogs a wee and went straight to the computer to finish TRIVIA Q&A.

SOTMorning: Escapade a Byzance by Olibere Paris from my Press Sample. The more I wear it the more I’m loving it.

My toenails have been taking a pedi break. About a month or so ago they needed a cut so I got a girl at Fresh Nails in Parramatta Westfield to give them a trim. She was so friendly and no nonsense I decided to go back for the full pedi experience. EXCELLENT! Plus it was only $28, including foot shaving and colour. Wonderful, she’s my new pedicurist.

Green is my favourite colour so I quite often have green toenails. Aunty Tracey is a big fan of the green and it always reminds me of her, so……….

Grabbed the mail on the way home and then collapsed on the couch. Watching Travelers on Netflix. Also finished my shit book and starting in on another that I’m hoping will be better.

Bathed and spritzed Eau Absolue by Mona di Orio. Smooth lavender and resins, like a cool glass against my cheek.

Went to work as a guy. LOVED IT! So comfortable. We had 71 players tonight. I think that’s really good.

Home and Jin is already in bed, dogs are fed & walked and I’m going to watch some more Travelers on Netflix.

SOTBed: Vetiverus by Oliver & Co

Wednesday 6:

I set the alarm, Jin was up and asked was I going. STILL! I didn’t go. Totally bummed at myself. Will get to aquarobics on Friday.

SOTMorning: Adjatay by The Different Company

The First In Fragrance order arrived so I spent the day packing up everyones stuff and making some samples to send out with them. I really enjoy doing it when it all runs smoothly like today. Now I just wait to hear that everything arrived safe & sound.

We had a torrential, monsoon style 20 minute thunder storm at about 2pm. So glad I got back home before it started.

Wearing Gravel, a new sample that came in the FiF order. MMMMMMM

Watching Travellers.

Work. We had 8 teams at Greystanes Inn tonight. It was wonderful.

SOTBed: Jacomo Art Collection #2. Chewy vanilla and suede with weird plasticky, heavy base. I love it so much and there’s quite a lot of air in this bottle. Went looking for a backup but it has disappeared from all sites.

Thursday 7:

I slept till nearly 10am.

It’s way cooler today and lovely. The dogs were quite playful on their morning walk.

Slobbed around the house.

Did a bunch of blogging. I am so fragrant right now. There must be six or seven fragrances on different parts of my body.

Watched Travelers on Netflix

Jin came home and I helped him write his cover letter for the new job application.

SOTEvening: Nevermore by Frapin. This new, revised version is bloody good. I think a full review might even be coming. Thanks Libertine Parfumerie, I really love it.

In thanks he took me out for Indian dinner. We tried a new place that we pass regularly saying we should go. The food and service was utterly delicious. We went a little crazy ordering food because we wanted to check a cross section of what they offer so we could get a feel for their food. Paneer Tikka, Onion Bihaji, Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, Aloo Mutter and Garlic Naan. Jin had a Mango Lassi and I had Mineral Water. OMG! It was freaking DELICIOUS! We scoffed nearly all of it down and only had enough takeaway for one single meal.

SOTBed: Niral by Neela Vermeire Creations

Friday 8:

Up with the chickens.

SPTMorning: Eau Duelle by Diptyque

Bus and train to town. Arrived early and had myself a coffee and a wander along the waterfront at Barangaroo.

Breakfast with my high powered banking buddies Alice & Michael. I forgot to take a photo. Chatter was fun and interesting. I really love these guys.

Wandered up to my old stomping ground home Nightclub where I worked for a few years. Loved every minute of it and had some of the best, most outrageous, silly, fun, crazy nights of my life there. They have the idea that they’d like to ru a trivia night. It could work. I met with Sophie and she blew me away, as did her Mum when I met her later. It was wonderful meeting with two such powerful, secure, friendly and beautiful women on International Womens Day. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

This is the view from the front of the club where you can sit and eat/drink during the day.

Then I walked back up to Wynyard Park where I met Phil. We sat and chatted a lunchtime away. Grand ideas and plans were hatched. More when they firm up.

Jumped on the train and met my BFF Kath for a cuppa. So much catching up to do. It was a chatter packed 40 minutes. I’m so grateful to have her in my life. It would be far less wonderful without.

FINALLY remembered to buy Gina perfumes for APJ reader Gina. YAY! Will pack and send them on Tuesday.

Home, walked the dogs and then went to get them some dog food. We are utterly dry.

Jin came home and we did nothing. Ate dinner, both having repeats of different things.

I blogged, Jin watched some TV.

Reading Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman. I feel like I’ve read it before but am pretty sure that I’ve not. Weird feeling. Bloody good read though.

SOTBed: Un Jour d’Ete by Keiko Mecheri. Bloody love this sheer summer staple.

Saturday 9:

Whoopsie! I slept in. Had to rush down to the grocery store to get breakfast fixings while Jin walked the dogs. TinaG is coming to brekkie! YAY! I’m too late to clean thew house so I’ll make do with cleaning a space on our table.

It was wonderful having TinaG over. We had french Toast with Crispy bacon, steamed Asparagus and Maple Syrup. Washed down with juice and tea. A few laughs, some sniffs and she was off to her next adventure.

Jin and I watched the whole series of Ricky Gervais After Life. BLOODY HELL! We both started crying quite early on, then in  in earnest in the second last ep. By the end of the last ep I was sitting there with tears rolling down my face unable to even make the appropriate crying noises. I feel like my emotions have been run over by a semi trailer and then put through a clothes wringer.
You must see this. After Life on Netflix.

Also watched the last couple of eps for Travelers. Not the worst ending. I will miss them

Sunday 10:

SOTMorning: Batucada by L’Artisan.

Off for Yum Cha with this fabulous group. It was so much fun. We ate and chattered and laughed.

Thunked my Molton Brown Rose Absolue Shower Gel from my TinaG Xmas present. It’s so beautiful.

Off to work wearing Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations.

Austral Bowling Club tonight with one of my besties Anna Maria.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

52 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 4.3 – 10.3.2019

  1. P, you are my kinda guy…seven fragrances all at once 🙂
    the Indian food looks amazing!
    Why don’t I get such great shows on my Netflix? I think the US Netflix is crap…seems other countries get better shows.
    My week was busy but good…Mindfulness book talk at work is going well…I brought empty 2ml glass bottles so that folks could bring home their choice of my e.o. blends to use for meditation when they practice at home (if they do-LOL!)
    My PPP arrived and I have been having fun playing with all the fumes…and continuing to wear my Brigitte which is growing into a massive love because not only is it pretty but it’s a no brainer in the morning and no one at work has complained about it.

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    • Hey Brigitte,
      HA! VERY fragrant day.
      So glad to read your talk is coming along. I hope they take them home and use then with full mindfulness.
      Woo Hoo! The packages are all sent with love. Glad you’re enjoying them.
      Yeah, Mum and dad were a very handsome couple. Even though they were ten years older than all the other parents I always felt they were the most beautiful.
      Portia xx


  2. Hey Portia,
    Fingers crossed for the nightclub gig and Jin’s job hunt.
    Excited to hear what plan you’re hatching with Phil when the time comes.
    I want green toenails now 🙂


  3. My Mom always chooses green as well for her toenails when I take her for a pedicure. I am all over the board with my color choices, different color each time. Your parents photo is beautiful, and best wishes for you and Jin with your possible new ventures.
    I had a busy work week, and also am taking care of an older dog with cancer. I love him so much, and treasure each day. I’ve had a very fragrant week. I’ve been exploring/purchasing some older fragrances and it is so fun and rewarding. Prices are reasonable, almost a steal, and I’m so impressed with the oldies but goodies. Fragrances were so rich! Fath de Fath for Women, Oriental floral that smells so vintage. I bought a mini, possibly a reformulation, but I love it! Annick Goutal Songes; I read about it in a book, so creamy and romantic. Also, I’ve been wearing a lot of No 5 Eau Premiere this week.


    • I have been a very very naughty girl myself….Portia gets another enabler pin for the tiara because I purchased 2oz Niki de Saint Phalle online for 22 USD….. Also, a 3.3 oz tester of Noa for 23 USD because it’s a great office scent that used to garner me many compliments…very very pretty but non offensive which is how I roll these days at work (ever since a co-worker yelled at me about me causing her a migraine and my fear she would go to administration) … with these two I am taking a walk down memory lane of the fragrances I wore a lifetime ago just like you! I figured if they don’t suit me anymore someone in the house will snatch them up 🙂 I hope Neva is NOT reading this!!!!! I was supposed to be sticking to a NO BUY with her-LOL!


      • LOL, I also have a 2oz Niki de Sainte Phalle in my fragrancenet shopping cart for my back up bottle. It is also $20, and I know I’ll be disappointed in the future if I don’t stock up now while available. I purchased a bottle of Fath de Fath from beautyencounter, its getting more difficult to find. So I’m being proactive, right?
        I have to be so, so careful at work with my fragrance as well. The majority of co-workers are fragrance adverse which I cannot relate to!


    • YAY for your Mum Kathleen, I tend to mix it up a bit but when I can’t decide it’s always green.
      Thanks on all fronts.
      SONGES!! One of the best from Annick Goutal. When I first started down the niche rabbit hole I used nearly a whole 100ml bottle. YUM!
      Portia xx


  4. After Life is on my list to view, thanks for the recommendation.
    My boyfriend is flying to Budapest this afternoon and i feel a little anxious, because there is a storm outside with a strength of 10-12…. I hope the flight will be safe!


  5. Visited my parents at their vacation place in Palm Springs. Noticed mom’s Parkinsons symptoms are getting worse, made me sad. But they are both in good spirits. I won’t see them again for seven months as we are going back to Montreal early April. It’s hard to see them getting old and being so far away, but I can always buy a ticket and go see them if need be.

    Despite the foul weather I am anxious to get back to Montreal and see my doctor about the terrible shoulder pain I am living with since the end of January. So hoping there is something he can do for me.

    Holding thumbs for your nightclub gig and Jin’s job applications!


  6. Bit of a rubbishy nothing week but three good things:
    * the Three Body Problem trilogy, by Liu Cixin is remarkably good and thought-provoking science fiction
    * I’ve been having a lot of fun the last few days getting my @scentosaurs account up and running on instagram. Having been taking silly dinosaur and perfume photos on and off for months, I figured it was time to add some words to them
    * Green & Black 85% cocoa chocolate is extra delicious when it’s 25% off at the local supermarket

    p.s. So glad it was only the glass, and not those cherished photographs damaged.


      • Yep… a the Three Body Problem is a book trilogy. (There was the start of a film project based on it, but, I think that stalled on rights issues. One of Liu Cixin’s short stories, The Wandering Earth, was adapted recently and has become an absolute box office smash in China. Looks like it’s been released in Australia, too. But it’s not here in the UK yet.)

        Scentosaurs is kind of a perfume mini-blog thing that I’m doing on Instagram.

        also: mmmm. Chocolate.

        Saw below re: Jin’s work situation. Argh. That is a tough situation to be in. I hope there is a really good opportunity for him to move somewhere less under the sword.


  7. Very tough week work-wise. Opening walls in the bath/spa project revealed some terrible wiring decisions made in an earlier reno. Unexpected. I had no choice but to issue revised electrical plans likkety-split. So lots of pressure and late nights working. All is back on track now, so I can return to my perfumes ways. For some reason I cannot wear fragrances when I’m under the gun. No head space left for perfume decisions.
    I’m looking forward to further exploring my MMPP (Mrs. M Perfume Package) this week. Thanks Brigitte!
    And Portia! Your mother was a real looker!! Gorgeous wedding photo. So evocative of the times.
    Good luck with branching out on Trivia night!


    • Hey Marcella,
      Having done a few renos and having a sparky for a husband I hear ALL the stories. Everyone thinks they can gerry-rig stuff and it causes so many problems. Horror stories.
      Glad it’s fixed and you’re moving forward.
      Thanks Marcella, I thought Mum was the most beautiful woman on earth, obviously.
      Portia xx

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  8. I’m happy that your week has been low key and relatively uneventful. You need to decompress. Love to see your green toes back in action. That’s a great colour. I’ll be doing my tootsies soon. I like to give them a break from polish during the winter. Fingers crossed for Jin’s work application, and for your own plans. And don’t you just have fancy breakfasts😉 Wouldn’t have thought of having asparagus but I’m going to do it next weekend when we have friends staying over. (I hope my Hollandaise sauce doesn’t curdle, it’s been a while since I’ve made it. The world’s laziest cook). It has been a week of contrasts here, my boss’s brother-in-law died suddenly, the guy was super fit, and the family had lost a sister just before Christmas. It has rocked them to the core. Two of my friends have birthdays this week and one of them had a surprise 40th on Friday night. Great fun, lots of food and drinkies and dancing til silly o’clock. One of them was staying with me and we sat up until sunrise chatting about life struggles she’s having. Her son is in a bad place and is a source of great worry and mental torment. I did cheer her up somewhat with a mixed bag of birthday pressies, nearly all of the smelly variety, of course😉. One was a perfume decant, which she loved. I’m going to surprise her with a full bottle to take with her on her trip to the US at Easter. I checked it out and couldn’t believe how cheap it is! Wohoo. One of her pressies to me was a gorgeous new soap, which I’ve already mentioned. Today I’m lazing like a walrus on the couch and catching up on several episodes of This is Us. I rarely get through an episode without tearing up, haa such an old sap. You and Jin must look hilarious sitting there with tears flowing. I have to check out that show, I really like Ricky Gervais. Have you ever watched Derek? It’s quirky.


    • Hey Cassieflower,
      I gave my toes a little break this summer because I was in and out of the pool so much and I was worried about getting an infection and not knowing.
      HA! French toast is not very fancy, just sounds it. Asparagus was on special and I gelt we could all do with a hit of green. He He he.
      Having friends stay is so good, isn’t it. We love filling this apartment.
      This Is Us? Never heard of it.
      I couldn’t watch Derek, it rubbed me the wrong way all the way. Jin loved it.
      PLEASE keep up the finger diarrhoea. I love reading your week.
      Portia xxx


  9. I made it into the blog!!! Thank you for your unending kindness, Portia. I must have missed something. Why is Jin looking for a new job? Good luck whatever the reason. I hope he goes to work for someone who appreciates and values him. Talented guy. My yesterday was amazing! I went on a perfume rampage at local perfume store in Cleveland where I live. They are having their spring sale and she has a clearance rack in the store for things she is discontinuing. For $199 including tax, I scored all of this:
    Got deluxe samples for free of Luxor Oud by Memo; Godolphin, Herod and Layton by PdM; The Zoo’s Everlasting; Jardins Descrivains Orlando; Jovoy Les Jeux sont Faits; Olfactive Studios Close Up; and a big mini of Ann Gerard Perle de Mousse. I could have taken more but I didn’t. For every $10 you spend, you get to take a free sample. I could have had 20!!!!
    For free, she gave me a 10-15 ml of a discontinued frag by Hiram Green called Shangri La and a free full bottle of ELDO Tom of Finland!
    And, drum roll, please, for my $199, I got:
    Four i Profumi di Firenze: Plenilunio, Bora Bora, Vaniglia e Fichi and Patchouly Rosso. Dasein Spring and Shay and Blue Salted Caramel. Each of these costs like $120-180. Holy shite.
    This is how I buy so many perfumes. I am a cheapass and love the hunt.

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    • Our few niche perfume stores never have real sales like that. In fact I’m green with envy! Anne Gerard has several very good fragrances. I’m not familiar with the bottles you bought from i Profumi di Firenze, but have tried several of their other perfumes, usually very well crafted. Enjoy all your new lovely bottles and samples!

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      • Thank you. I will. She has a clearance rack and doesn’t list those online. Wish she did since it’s about 35 minutes each way to her store. I work two jobs and care for a horse and elderly mom. I don’t have half a day to drive and sniff. This was only about my fifth time there because my frag friend from Pennsylvania came into town to visit and wanted to go. It made it a destination and an outing. We had a blast. The owner is very generous to her regulars. I belong to her monthly Scented club and have bought a bottle or two online. My motto is “Never pay retail and buy used.” Hugs around. I wish I could share sniffs with you all. This is the bestest group ever. Such luvies.

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        • Wow, you did great and have many lovely fragrances. That day must have felt spectacular. Sounds well-deserved with how busy your life is.


    • Holy shite on the double! Unbelievable to have scored that haul. I’d be a gibbering wreck in that store, and probably slavering from my chops. I would have to bring a bag-carrier with me cos I’ve only got two hands. Well done you. Enjoy every minute of them.

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    • *swoon*

      what a truly amazing haul for your dollars. You have some real beauties there (even just in the samples and freebies… I really dig Everlasting, and Shangri La is fabulous.)

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    • O M G!! Amazing deal. Good one Gina.
      Jin’s work looks like it is slowly shutting down. They just laid off half the crew. From being the largest employer and producer of tradesman in Australia it is now down to under 30 guys. The writing is on the wall and Jin is honing his application and interview skills before he gets the inevitable chop. Should a decent, well paid job with a future and space to grow come his way then he is going to take it. The whole of our states public transport maintenance is being privatised. It’s a very sad day.
      I’ll be packing that stuff up for you tomorrow to send.
      Portia xx

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  10. Thanks Portia for mentioning Afterlife! It sounds right up my alley and will watch it this evening. Love it when on the blog people mention what they loved reading or watching (and sniffing ofcourse). I have been wearing lots of Vero this week, and a small bottle of Vol de Nuit vintage extract arrived, so very lovely. Walking goes better everyday, and I had a lovely meal with my BFF in a very good restaurant, upcoming Michelin star, and the guy cooked vegan for me on request. It was delicious. And…we had two ravens at the birdfeeding table, they are endangered over here. Such clever and impressive birds, and big!


    • Welcome Hamamelis,
      I hope you really enjoy After Life.
      VERO ands Vol De Nuit!! What a sensational week of fragrance for you.
      So glad to read that your walking is improving.
      You’re vegan? The whole hog? No leather or wine?
      Ravens! I’ve been reading a little about them. Inspired by getting a bottle of Frapin Nevermore. Interesting birds. So intelligent. Lucky you. Did you say nevermore to them?
      Portia xx


      • No hogs ;-)…I am relaxed about leather and honey, but no dairy, meat, eggs. It is more a health choice than an ethical one, although I have never been really comfortable with the amount of obvious killing that went into my food. I read somewhere that quite some meat farmers in the UK are having the same experience, of driving with their livestock to the abattoir and then boom, they can’t take it anymore and turn back with their animals and stop with meat farming. I suppose it is the amount of killing that would get at you, hunting in the pre-rifle/industrial farming being so fundamentally different.
        I didn’t know the nevermore reference! As there were two I thought of Huginn and Muninn, Odin’s ravens!
        Watched After Life first episode, started with one of my favourite songs (Lovely day) and then ofcourse the dog….she looks a bit like ours, so German Shepherd like. Big soft spot. Great series. Have lovely week Portia!


  11. Escapade a Byzance is the only scent by Olibere that I have not yet tried, and so thank you for reminding me that I need to get that one sampled. Gina perfumes for our friend Gina, yay! I will be looking for her reviews soon, she does such good ones–honest and to the point. By coincidence, I started watching “Call Me By Your Name” yesterday but have only gotten to the volleyball scene part early on where the Elio begins to feel resentment toward Oliver, possibly I will get to watch the remainder later this evening. Best wishes for a lovely week!


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