Scent Diary: 18.3 – 24.3.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

Where did this week go? Suddenly it’s Sunday again and I feel like I got nothing accomplished. Still managed to get some spectacular fragrances on my skin and into my nose, saw some mates, hung with Jin, went exercising and got all my work done. Chill but fun week.

Scent Diary: 18.3 – 24.3.2019

Monday 18:

WOW! It’s only 4pm here and I’ve already had quite a day of it.

Aquarobics this morning.

WOO HOO! This week I have dropped below 108kgs.

Did some grocery shopping and general running around.

Cleaned the house. Dust, vacuum, bathroom and hand did tile floors in kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

Three loads of washing done and hung.

Here we are at 4pm.

SOTAfternoon: Seville a l’Aube by L’Artisan.

Started writing TRIVIA Q&A.

At about 6pm I went and grabbed Kath’s Dad and we went to Hawa and got Middle Eastern Chicken for dinner with pickles, garlic sauce and chips.

I added some sourdough bread and a leafy green salad with pear and hard, salty pecorino romano cheese smothered in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Dessert was strawberries and blueberries with passionfruit yoghurt.

We had a small bunch. Six of us all together. Fun night. I forgot to take photos, sorry.

Dropped Dad back home.

It’s 10.30pm so time to finish my TRIVIA Q&A.

SOTNight: Diptyque 34 EdP.

Tuesday 19:

I didn’t finish my TRIVIA Q&A last night so I went to bed and woke at 3am, jumped up and finished it all up by nearly 5am. Back to bed till Jin got up at 9am and stomped around the house telling me how sick he is. Sick! He was nearly DEAD!

Morning Tuesday.

While walking the dogs my thongs gave up the ghost. Thank everything Jin had bought me a brand new pair, exactly the same, for Christmas. Now I have lovely new thongs.

SOTMorning: Sculpteur d’Epices by Lalique from a decant. I’m seriously thinking to buy some of this lovely scent. It’s nothing super new or groundbreaking but it smells so good on me.

I’ve been puttering awaiting Scotty’s arrival but I think he’s forgotten me. Oh well, better get on with Office Day.

FYI Doing Office Day without Scotty is boring AF. I got everything done but it was fairly torturous. Bills had mounted sky high and I changed my Health Insurance to QANTAS Health Insurance and paid for a year.
No more PERFUME BUYING this month.

Bathtime. Another luxurious bubble bath with C O Bigelow Lime Coriander bubbles. MMMMMM Smells so good.

SOTAfternoon: Lolita Lempicka EdP.

Work was fun, as always. A couple of people noticed my fragrance which spawned the Saturday Question.

Wednesday 20:

6am Aquarobics.

Home to catch up on blog messages and then I’m having a nap before brunch.

SOTMorning: Ashoka by Neela Vermeire Creations. That figgy, wood goodness has me swooning.

Went to Kath’s Dad with Jin and we helped with some gardening and Jin fixed a breaking step with cement and formwork. It was a delight to behold. I tore my T-Shirt on the side of the house and got a couple of scratches but other than that we both survived unscathed.

Home for a late lunch.


SOTEvening: Velours by YSL. I can’t get enough of this baby., YUM!

Work was excellent tonight. We had a busy pub, everyone ate and drank and it was a fun vibe. I love Wednesdays.

Walked the dogs through the gloriously cool evening. We had a Super Moon tonight and it was pretty cool too.

BUSHED! Doing a spot of blogging, watching some TV and sleep.

SOTBed: Alahine by Teo Cabanel. My 50ml is half gone.

Started rewatching the Mummy series of films. I love Brendan Fraser so much. What a honey.

Thursday 21:

Lazy morning around the house blogging, dogging and napping. The weather has cooled considerably and I am loving it. Back to jeans weather.

Arrived today so I’m wearing LOADS of it. Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield & Banks. Fresh, briny with woodsy additives. Expect a review.

Went to town because my mate Rose is back in Sydney. She’s been off galavanting around the world for a year now. I picked her up and we had lunch in Balmain then wandered down to the park by the water and sat in the dappled sunshine chattering for an hour or so. Then we wandered up to the shopping area and had another cuppa. We also went into Mecca there and tried some Diptyques on Rose, Tempo and L’Ambre dans l’Eau. Tempo was stellar on her but the other was all mucky roses, weird.

Home and watching The Mummy Returns.

SOTAfternoon: Lolita Lempicka. I found another 30ml nearly empty bottle in with some samples and decants. Smells deeper than my current bottle, richer and more amber/honey.

Jin came home and we had some dinner. He’s really not well and I’ve told him to stay home tomorrow. He went to bed early.

Onto the third Mummy movie, Tomb of the Dragon Warrior.

SOTBed: Kenzo Amour

Friday 22:

SOTMorning: Opium Posie de Chine

Took Jin to the doctor. He’s now on antibiotics. Loving this guy is the easiest thing, even on our shit days, poor bugger. This tonsillitis is really kicking his ass.

Went and grabbed some Vietnamese and took it around to Kath’s Dad where we had lunch. Nice catch up.

I went out to City Perfume (the guys who give you a 10% discount as an APJ person, look in the right column) to do some video sniffs with them. I am utterly fragrant. There must be 30 spritzes of different perfumes over my body. The smell in the car on the way home was so thick I had to chew each breath 30 times before swallowing.

Home and cooked up roast sweet potato and onions to have with left over chicken. YUM! Gotta get Jin back to full health.

Spent the evening organising the latest international perfume arrivals and getting it all packed up to go to its respective owners. Did a whole bunch of decants to go with it because they didn’t even send me one sample per person, let alone one per bottle. Feels a bit stingy.

SOTBed: Kolonya by Rasei Fort

Saturday 23:

Jumped out of bed and gave the dogs a wee.

SOTVotingDay: Miss Dior extrait. (Photo taken Gangtok, India 2017)

Headed out to vote. In Australia voting is a right and a duty. Fines of $150 for not voting. I love this about our country, we are able to let some small freedoms of choice slide for the greater good. Things like mandatory voting, compulsory car seat belts, motor/push bike helmets and our ban on semi automatic weapons. Not just giving us all our say but saving the country billions in medical and lives. Even at 9am the Democracy Sausage Sizzle was on, another blissful part of our countries voting day etiquette.

Slothed around the house. Feel sad. Don’t know why. Going to read my book.

My mate Michael and I were going to see the Mumbai Hotel movie and Rose came too. WOW! Terrifying and fabulous. Dev Patel is such a lovely actor, so real and believable.

Then we went and grabbed a whole bunch of Indian food and came home where Jin, Kath and Alice are awaiting a feast. We all sat and chattered for a couple of hours. It was a really splendid day and night. So much fun I forgot to take photos. DAMNIT!

Stayed up for another couple of hours reminiscing and chatting with Rose. We lived together with my last partner for a couple years in early 2000s. Since then she has been travelling the world Executive Chef-ing for Nobu and the Azerbaijan dictator. Her stories are fabulous.


SOTBed: Vintage Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme


Sunday 24:

This morning my eyes sprung open at 9am. I slept through Jin going to work.

SOTMorning: Equistrius by Perfume d’Empire


Rose was getting up at the same time so I went to breakfast mode. French toast, bacon and maple syrup. Coffee done in the stove top  She is so happy when anyone cooks for her.

We wandered around North Parramatta with the dogs.

Came home, more chatting.

Beard dying day. Bathed, shaved and scrubbed. Thunked my C O Bigelow bottle of shower gel!! YAY!

SOTEvening: Granville by DIOR

Work was a little bit quiet tonight but Rose came along and joined the fun. That made it extra special. Here’s a pic of us with my beautiful boss Karen at Austral BC.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

32 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 18.3 – 24.3.2019

  1. Oh yes, the best thing about voting is the sausage on a bun, with bbq sauce!
    The cooler weather has me enjoying flower scents now, the night flowering jasmine outside the bedroom window is so narcotic, love it! Today I planted sweet peas and picked frangipani flowers for my altar. Stinky plants are the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG JackieB,
      My Mum used to plant Sweet Peas every St Patrick’s day. They would grow up a trellis under my bedroom window and poke their heads up like an upwards floral curtain. My room was cats corner to the kitchen window and also had spinach, parsley and other herbs in it.
      Thanks for the happy memories.
      Portia xx


  2. Been a tough week for a lot of reasons–not least because of the way my country is tearing itself apart over Brexit. (The woman who started the current big petition to show the support for revoking Article 50 has been getting death threats, FFS.)

    Good things: I finally have an appointment set for the first day of work on the big tattoo I have planned. Not till October, but, yay! In three weeks I’ll be in Hong Kong. This week I’ll be getting my hair coloured in again though I’m still debating whether to stick with pinks, or to branch out. The Australian use of “thongs” still makes me giggle, in just the same childish way that the American “fanny pack” does. Almost five million people have signed that petition now, which is more than 10% of UK electors, and it’s 29% in my constituency.


      • Aye, the least sweary but appropriate word i can come up with is “omnishambles”.

        Worried people not just here, I know: it’s like they forgot ENTIRELY about the Good Friday agreement until the last minute. (Scotland is being treated shabbily, but the risk is on a different scale.)


        • This must be such a stressor for so many in the UK, for so long now. We´re worried and sad here too in the Netherlands and ofcourse many people hope somehow the UK government comes to its senses. At the same time similar sentiments as those given rise to Brexit are quite present here too, and in our multi party system were the the biggest in provincial elections. Stability is never a given.


          • Aye, the rise of “populism” is cause for concern all over, and has some very nasty side effects.

            I was so sorry to see about the attacks in the netherlands last week. The shock of that runs deep.


    • I watch Brexit and it scares me Crikey. What a debacle.
      YAY! Hong Kong! I’ve never been but my Mum and Dad used to talk about the flight in through the buildings. By the time I was travelling it had all been more safely organised.
      Thongs! Yeah, I love how its meaning changes elsewhere, He He he.
      Portia xx


      • Piss ups and breweries, Portia 😦

        That old route into the airport was mind blowing! (I lived in HK as a teenager, but went to school in the UK, so went back and forth a lot.) It’s going to be just as mindblowing, I think, returning almost 35 years later!


  3. Hey Portia,

    Rose is in town! Nobody likes to cook for a chef so can imagine she loved it when you did.

    Do you get a sausage for voting in Australia??? I mean, I thought it was a great country but that is next level.

    Amazing Super Moon pic.

    Hope the antibiotics are working for Jin.

    I had an amazing yoga session on Friday which released a load of stored up anxiety from the move. Felt like a different person afterwards.

    Made a reed diffuser earlier in the week but it was a big fail. Think I need to try vodka instead of an oil base.


    • Tara!!
      Having lived with Rose since before she became such a world class chef and cooked for her the whole time it’s not quite so stressful for me. She really appreciates anyone doing the grunt work for her and we often discover new flavour combinations to her just through my everyday, throw it all in the pan and hope for the best stuff.
      HA! At most Polling Booths there is a Sausage Sizzle set up to make money for the school that it’s held in. For $2.50 (about a pound) you get sausage, bread, onions and choice of sauces. It’s a heavenly aroma as you’re waiting in line and the best payoff.
      Jin seems to be coming better, fingers crossed. He’s back at work now.
      EXCELLENT! So glad you are getting back into the yoga groove. We are funny aren’t we? We know how good we’ll feel during and after exercise but getting motivated to go through that door seems like insurmountable odds some days. Then we sit at home and wallow in guilt and purification.
      I think you need to go buy a reed diffuser pre made by a company and drink the vodka.
      Love you, little sister,
      Portia xx

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  4. You seem to have had a busy week. Love how you,Jin and your friends are supporting Kath’s dad.
    You look amazing in the photo with your boss.


    • Hey Matty,
      Kath’s Dad has spent the last six years basically chained to Mum, overseeing her care and well being. We would be utterly remiss if we let him alone. He’s also cracking good company too, so that makes it easier.
      Thank you! I was pretty chuffed with that pic too.
      Portia xx


  5. Portia, you are a great friend. I love that you were able to have a calm, chill week.
    The week was busy at work and the girls were home for spring break. They left this morning.
    I spent the entire week in Sarah Horowitz Parfum Brigitte…no new sniffs and no thunks.
    This week I will stick with Casablanca.


  6. Thanks for my juvenile laugh today, Portia – both the dogging and the thongs – conjures up different imagery for me😂
    My week started off still in celebratory mood as it was public holiday here and I had friends staying all weekend, they went back Tuesday and I was down in the dumps and lonely. Work was work, nothing standout, thankfully. Back in the swing of things now, and house is all sparkling clean again, with the evidence of partying removed to the bottle bank. Well done on your ongoing health regime, the numbers on the scales are a terrific boost. Poor Jin is really suffering, those antibiotics really need to get the job done now. I’m beyond impressed that you get a sausage for voting, it’s very funny. Surprised though that you’re fined for not using your vote, that’s quite draconian imo. Personally I feel that in our free, apparently democratic country it’s a big privilege to have the opportunity to vote, given the oppressive regimes elsewhere, and I always use mine.


    • Hey Cassieflower,
      A house full of people can leave me flat the day after they leave too. One of the best things about Monday Cleaning Day is that no matter how great the weekend was or not I can’t mope because the house needs to sparkle.
      Yeah, Jin is on the mend now. I wish they’d take his damn tonsils out. He loses at least 10 days of work a year through them.
      Portia xx


  7. Personally I am getting better, more walking with less pain, and gorgeous spring weather. In our country people have woken up to both what is called a terrorist attack, although the guy was clearly disturbed and unstable, and should not have been free on the streets, and Muslims here are as dismayed as non Muslims. Anti-anything sentiments are high, causing a political push to the right.

    I have been wearing lots of Vero’s, Onda EdP, Mito Extrait, Rubj EdP. All good.


    • There is terrible fear and unrest about a lot of things that are happening. The world has entered a state of flux, I think.


    • Hey Hamamelis,
      Are you in NZ?
      So sorry to hear and see those attacks. Jacinda is a real superstar from where we are standing. The poor Muslim community worldwide is being targeted for the crimes of a few. The world is going crazy.
      You are smelling amazing.
      Portia xx


      • Hi Portia,

        I am in the Netherlands. A derailed guy started shooting in a tram in Utrecht, the third city in Holland last week. Three people got killed and several injured badly. The guy is from Turkish descent, and although shouting god is great in Arabic, he seems to have acted alone, and he had a long list of criminal offences. Nothing compared to what happened in New Zealand, but still, this is the first of its kind in the Netherlands, and although horrific and utterly wrong, it doesn’t come across anything as deeply evil and premeditated as what happenend in Christchurch. And Jacinda is a superstar, as far as I am concerned she should run the world!
        In Onda EdP today. Such a wonderful fragrance XXXX


  8. Another expensive repair bill this week, fridge died, will it ever end? Other than that just procrastinating on all the packing I have to do and moaning about my shoulder pain (now into the third month, will it ever end?).

    I am so impressed with your weight loss and your caring efforts to make sure Kath’s dad is not sitting at home lonely, that is so sweet. You have a big heart.


    • Hey TaraC,
      Can I tell you a secret. We bought a fridge off eBay when I moved back to Pymble. The people were moving and wanted it gone. A mate and I went and collected it with a trailer. It lasted us ten years and cost less than $100.
      Portia x


  9. What a colourful week, Portia! Hope Jin is feeling better now.

    Mine was okay, I guess, although nothing of note has happened. My students and I have grown a bit tired of each other by now so we decided to take a break 🙂
    I’ve started watching the new Korean drama Kingdom, it’s fascinating.


  10. I actually did some spring cleaning, and sorted out my decants and samples. My, do I have a goodly amount of duplicates, but it’ll be good for when I go travelling.

    Have finished off the last of the Bulgari scented lotion, and have decided that scented lotion is better in the abstract than reality. Speaking of skin cream, though, a colleague had lamented that her Chanel No. 5 parfum was Too Much to wear. I’d suggested mixing it with a skin oil or or unscented lotion; she’s just reported back that doing so has Changed Her Life.

    @Tara, have you gone to a physiotherapist for your shoulder? It’s doubtless an extra expense, but they can come up with great treatments and followup exercises.


  11. Hey Portia, You wear me out reading your blog, I just love reading it, Lots of love, Aunty Tracey xxxx


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    > australianperfumejunkiescom posted: “. Portia . Hey there APJ Crew, Where > did this week go? Suddenly it’s Sunday again and I feel like I got nothing > accomplished. Still managed to get some spectacular fragrances on my skin > and into my nose, saw some mates, hung with Jin, went exe” >


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