Scent Diary: 15.4 – 21.4.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

Busy week of friends and fun. Fragrance wise I’ve been celebrating with Facebook Fragrance Friends Guerlain Week. What a fun idea to wear my favourites and get out a bunch of them that have lain ignored and unloved for a while. What a happy reminder of the charm and depth of history of this house.

Scent Diary: 15.4 – 21.4.2019

Monday 15:

Good Morning APJ. Woke up, jumped out of bed to take the dogs for a wee walk and Paris had already pissed all over his bed. Poor boy, he knew he’d done wrong and was looking so hangdog. Still, he got told he was NAUGHTY! The ultimate reprimand in this house.

I was going to go to the pool but couldn’t make myself so I started doing the weeks washing.

SOTDay: Guerlain Shamilar EdT and extrait to mark the start of Facebook Fragrance Friends Guerlain Week. Expect to be seeing a lot of Guerlain here this week too.

10am four loads of clothes/linens washed and hung. Replied to Sundays Scent Diary comments.

Starting on more TRIVIA Q&A. Get used to this. It will become a theme over the next three weeks.

At 3pm I got up, dusted the house, broomed the tiles, vacuumed the whole house and cleaned the bathroom. Afterwards I lit candles and incense. Walked the whole house with candles in my hand saying “Burn away negative energy, leave only positive energy”. Sometimes everyone needs a little Woo Woo . The house always feels cleansed afterwards.

SOTAfternoon: Rose Nacree du Desert by Guerlain. One of the few EdPs I prefer to dab like an extrait.

Back to TRVIA Q&A

Jin came home at about 6.30pm and cooked Alio Olio. Green fettuccini with chilli, garlic and olive oil. PERFECTION! He added prawns to his but I don’t like them.

SOTEvening: Guerlain Vega. My bottle is nearly empty. So sad. My SmellFie for FFF Guerlain week

I was writing my Q&A and I went to bed for a shut eye to get my head back together.

Tuesday 16:

BLOODY HELL! Jin woke me at nearly 9am with a phone call. Up and running like crazy to finish TRIVIA Q&A.

SOTMorning: Cuir Beluga by Guerlain

OH! This came in the eMails today. I know Oliver will be happy that I shared his generous offer with you. I MIGHT have shopped a little. Oliver & Co €15 Discount

OK. 11.30am. TRIVIA Q&A done & dusted. Dogs fed & walked. Clothes washing brought in and folded.

So sad about Notre Dame burning.  Here’s a pic of the stained glass window taken back in 2017. What a terrible shame.
You know what shits me though. The Catholic church is one of the worlds best funded businesses. Why is everyone donating money for this restoration? The Church, which pays zero taxes, should be paying for its own freaking upkeep. Rant over.


Bathed & shaved.

SOTAfternoon: L’Heure de Nuit. My one has gone this funky khaki colour. Such a shame. It was blueish when I bought it. Still smells fabulous.

Had a spectacular night at Trivia. 78 players! Including two of the Aquarobics instructors and their families. It was seriously fun having them there tonight.

SOTEvening: Elixir Charnel Oriental Brulant Guerlain. When they DCd this beautiful baby I went a bit crazy and bought a couple of back ups, even though this is all I’ve used of the original bottle. My excuse was that I’d gone through a 10ml decant reasonably quickly. It is bloody gorgeous.

I’m going to watch some TV and then hit the hay.

Wednesday 17:

5am wake up from Jin. Off to Aquarobics.

Vetiver by Guerlain

Lunch in the park with Linda and Sue at Windsor Fish & Chips. Wandered the stores, had the most outrageous Nutella Crepe with Strawberries between the three of us.

Stopped in to see Scotty at St V de P.

WOO HOO! Aftelier is releasing a new fragrance! Mandy has been hard at it creating and as usual this promises to be stunning! Aftelier Perfumes Embers and Musk.
Character: Sweet smoky, clean musk, wild, ethereal, dry
Fragrant Notes: Ambrettolide, pine tar, guaiacol, pink pepper, apple, red champaca, yuzu

Nap time.

SOTAfternoon: Chamade by Guerlain

Worked at Greystanes Inn. We had an excellent crew, loads of laughs and a good meal. I love Wednesdays.

Home. Jin is on the couch watching Korean TV.

SOTEvening: Cologne du 68 by Guerlain

Jin decided it was time we watched The Greatest Showman. WOW! We loved it. What a cast. That soundtrack. Zac Efron!

Thursday 18:

Morning all. Dogs are fed and walked. I’ve had a quick splash in a very short bath and am dressed & ready to greet the world.

Sunny day in Sydney so I’ve brought out the very pretty Champs Elysees by Guerlain.

BUSY day running around. Jin drove me up to Lidcombe Station because he was getting some Korean food that they only do right at one store in Sydney.

On the train I hopped, but only a few stations later we stopped at a non-regular station and the guard told us after about 15 minutes that we’d better get buses. There was a holdup at one of the stations ahead. Coolio. I’m checking the Public Transport App to find the appropriate bus and a VERY handsome, dark haired, suited man asks if I know where I’m going to get to town. Yes, it’s Bus Bay A. He asks how long the bus will take. 40+ minutes. A pretty ash blonde severe bob cut woman behind us says “40 MINUTES” loud and angry. Then, “Hey, I’m on work time. They will want me back there ASAP. Want to share a cab? The company will pay.” Guy with me says “WOW!” I don’t even turn around but snag the cab that’s about to pass us, the only one in sight on a flat road with plenty of visibility. I say, “Lady, you get the front because you’re paying” and the two of us jump in the back. She is Emma, a corporate lawyer, fun and gregarious and clever AF. He is Thomas, an IT Consultant, not so clever but charming and I think probably quite tough and demanding but seems like a fair guy. When I tell them I’m a Drag Queen they fall over themselves with questions and they also have stories to tell. Our 20 minute cab ride is three people connecting and laughing. They drop me right outside DIOR and are going around the corner closer to their destination. Really good moment.

At DIOR I have Scott’s broken Mitzah bottle. The spritzer has stopped working. I pull it out and to show Jolanta it isn’t functioning I press the atomiser. It freaking squirts all over me. We are LAUGHING!! Clearly it’s OK now. She couldn’t do much here in Australia anyway and was having zero success in getting a new bottle sent here.

Then I went and saw my dentist. the other day when he pulled my tooth I didn’t yet have my new QANTAS Medical Insurance Card so I still had to pay. Also, he had run out of his bottle of Aventus so I had grabbed him a new 120ml of it as a Thank You for all his amazing work over the decades on my teeth. He’s a happy camper now.

Luckily Evie had some time to have lunch with me today. I met het around the corner and we had some delicious Nom Noms at the Cafe Courtyard in the MLC Centre. She had a Caesar salad and I had a Greek Salad with added Haloumi and extra Olive Oil. We just don’t get enough time to spend together so grabbing this sneaky little hour was wonderful.

I walked from there down to Barangaroo where I first met up with Alice and then Michael joined us. They ate some interesting salads from a place called Bings. Not really my cuisine scene but they were happy. SO MUCH catching up to do. I love them both.

Then I had a Myer Gift Card that needed spending. Bought myself the Le Labo Santal 33 Shower Gel and the Byredo Vetiver Hand Wash.

Jumped on a train and came home.

This is my street in autumn afternoon sunlight. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s morning sunshine on this side and dappled shade in the afternoon.

Jin went off to work this evening and I watched some ARROW.

SOTEvening: Promenade des Anglaise by Guerlain. I really wish Guerlain would get rid of those shitful pumpers or at least give us a choice of a REAL atomiser. GAH! So freaking annoying, surely it would make 100% more sense. Also, I’d wear the fragrances so much more if they were easier.

Friday 19:

Woke at 8am. WTF! It’s my complete day of nothing and my body didn’t even give me a decent sleep in. Celebrating my early wake up with quite a lot of Guerlain’s Samsara EdP. The opening of the modern stuff is sharper and harder, less luscious but not far in there is definite Samsara.

I got to open a new soap for the bathroom sink today. Always fun choosing. Rosewater by Crabtree & Evelyn. It was a gift but I can’t remember who from. Thank you. I love it.

Jin and I had brunch together. It was really nice. I cooked savoury French Toast with cheese, tomato, onion and bacon. It was ENORMOUS! I had to give some left overs to the dogs, who absolutely LOVED it.

TRIVIA Q&A and pre writing some Saturday Questions for the blog. Just over two weeks till Jin and I are off on holidays.

SOTAfternoon: Guerlain Paris – Moscow. I have only about 20ml left so this baby rarely gets a ride. Bloody love it.

Had a sensational nap.

MORE Trivia Q&A

Watched some Arrow.

Cooked Fish Fingers with Tartare sauce and had a salad with it. YUMMERS. Salad is half a head of lettuce and capsicum, one each of apple, carrot, onion, thin sliced parmesan like cheese and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was so freaking delicious I ate every morsel.

Tara from A Bottled Rose called just as I sat down to dinner. I ate and we had a fabulous catch up afterwards. So much to talk about. I bloody love her, just like the adores little sister I always dreamed I’d have.

I tried to concentrate on more TRIVIA Q&A tonight but my head wasn’t in it.

SOTEvening: Lui by Guerlain

More Arrow, fed & walked the dogs, had a magnificent, boiling hot bubble bath to clear my head.

SOTBed: Tiare Mimosa by Guerlain. Another glorious beauty that languishes in its box till I remember it and wear for a couple of weeks. That spiced citrus opening into white flowers and cleaned up waxy mimosa over white musks is laundry plus glamour.

Saturday 20:

It is beautiful outside today. Sunshine and a cool breeze. The dogs and I did a double length walk around the suburb to celebrate. I wore a singlet to get some Vitamin D action before winter steals all the health giving benefits of sunshine.

SOTMorning: Vintage Vol de Nuit extrait by Guerlain. Pristine perfection.

Went and hung out with Thierry and Steven at City Perfume today. We did a couple of videos. Talked about some exciting upcoming adventures together and got to see the AlexandreJ range. Architect turned fragrance house. The gift boxes are freaking amazing.

Don’t forget we have a 10% Discount Code on the side there>>>> They pay to have it there but I also love them and they are 100% frag nerds themselves. Talking to them is always like a master class in current perfumery.

I did get some fragrance on me. Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose. It’s fabulous. Sorry I forgot to take a pic.

Jin and I then met up with Kath, Alice and Dad for Indian. BLOODY HELL! I ate so much I’m feeling utterly bloated. A new feeling since the great diet started in September. So uncomfortable. How did I eat like this every day? It was so delicious though. Amazing. In the pics Alice Kath & Jin are being the Three Wise Monkeys. We have to find new ways to take photos of kath without her being in the shot, she hates them.

Home and can’t even think properly, I’m too full.

SOTBed: Black Perfecto La Petit Robe Noire by guerlain

Sunday 21:

Up and out in the sunshine with the dogs this morning. People were up and about, very chatty and friendly.

Happy Easter for those that celebrate.

It’s the last day of Guerlain Week and I’ve had a ball. Didn’t get to wear them all but I gave it a red hot go. Maybe I need a Guerlain Month?

SOTMorning: Mitsouko extrait by Guerlain in the cutest plastic box. I love this one and bring it out only for special occasions. I smell freaking amazing.

At the computer writing TRIVIA Q&A! It’s getting slightly monotonous and my work is suffering due to boredom. Be through it soon though. I’m about half way.

Jin called. He is now talking about going to see Swan Lake in Russia and is organising it with our Tour Guide. How bloody exciting! I love Swan Lake. Probably my favourite after The Nutcracker. Jin is the bomb.

Jumped in the bath, was going to dye my beard but I’ve run out of beard dye. BUGGER! So I just shaved and washed.

SOTAfternoon: Samsara extrait in the Meteorites bottle by Guerlain. Oh yes, this is too gorgeous for colour TV.

Got ready for work and TOTALLY FORGOT Guerlain week and that I already had Samsara on both wrists. Spritzed Granville by DIOR.

Work was super fun at Austral Bowling Club tonight. We always have a laugh. Anna Maria and I were reminiscing. This time last year we warred in Paris and London. Tempus fugit.

Home now and feel like I have to do one more Guerlain spritz for the week.

SOTBed: Santal Royal by Guerlain



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

39 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 15.4 – 21.4.2019

  1. Oh how I absolutely LOVED that cab story!!!! Three strangers connecting in a most unusual way….fantastic!

    Agreeing with your sentiment on who should fund the restoration……

    Love your Guerlain week! Middle Marzipan “borrowed” my bottle of Meteorites gifted to me by the fabulous TaraC 🙂 Happy she is enjoying it at university.

    Loved the three monkeys…you guys are always having a blast! jealous of your great food!

    Perfume wise not much happening on my end but wearing and enjoying my usual stuff. Will do another go round this week of wearing from my full bottle collection.

    The mister is finally coming around to a small appreciation of fragrances…the other night he sprayed himself with Caron Pour Un Homme without me even knowing it…..I smelled it on him though. He has very wicked seasonal allergies but the lavender and vanilla combo does not seem to trigger anything….so this is good news 🙂 Plus I adore how it smells on him and its a heck of a lot cheaper than First Cut.



    • Hey Brigitte,
      That cab ride felt like a movie. It was so special. I’ll probably never see those people again but they will remain with me.
      OMG! BORROWED a bottle of Meteorites? You are a saint. I would have been furious.
      How exciting that Mr is wearing Caron Pour Un Homme. One of my all time favourites.
      Portia xx


  2. What a lovely Guerlain week you had, I think I ate so much chocolate I just smell like one!
    Swan Lake in Russia, are you going to the Bolshoi? Are you, are you?
    Make sure you get a programme so you can tell me who you saw!


    • HA! I think it’s the Bolshoi but really I have no idea. Is there any other ballet in Russia JackieB? I won’t buy a program but you’ll see when and where we went in the diary, promise.
      So much chocolate you smell like a Guerlain. Sounds good to me. I had one Malteazer and a nibble of a corner of chocolate that Jin was eating. YUM!
      Portia xx


  3. I loved your cab story as well.
    Guerlain I’ve worn this week……La Petite Robe Noir…Champs Elysee…L’Instant… I appear to have 2 Bee BOttles of L’Instant, Lucky me. XXX


  4. Another week of unpacking, organizing and getting the Montreal flat back into shape. Took tons of stuff to the op shop and started another pile for the next trip. Perfume-wise I pretty much did random grabs: Byredo 1996, FM Musc Ravageur, Iris Poudre, Dries Van Noten & Noir Épices, Chanel Sycomore, Dior Fève Délicieuse. It’s been rainy and cold here lately, so ready for it to get warmer. Today it’s supposed to get up to 18 but not until 5pm, which is oddly the hottest point of the day here in Montréal, whereas in southern California the hottest point is normally 2-3pm. Still only 8C, so will hold off on our big dog walk planned.


  5. Classic Scent Diary stories with the cab ride and the not so dodgy Mitzah sprayer.

    Thought my call might get a mention Friday but no, just the description of your fish finger dinner, haha. Will be sending you a series of postcards from the Dior exhibit anyway 🙂
    We’re having an Easter heatwave in the UK and it’s glorious. May hit 26 today. Finally booked a long weekend in Amsterdam for June, staying on a houseboat. Can’t wait!


    • OH NOOOOO! What a bastard I am. Going to put your call in right now. Please read it again.
      POSTCARDS!! My favourite!
      26C in London. How freaking gorgeous.I wish we were there to have lovely Spring times with you like last year. It was about this time we are there eh?
      AMSTERDAM!! You are going to have a ball,
      Portia xx


      • There was no need but what a lovely amendment!
        Thanks Portia.

        Yes, what a time we had here and across the Channel. I don’t want to ever visit Paris without you now.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Another lovely week of fragrance and fun for you Portia! I love all of your Guerlain choices. How did your L’Heure de Nuit turn green? I need to go check on my bottle, I haven’t worn it for awhile and was still pale blue last tie I checked.
    This weekend I received my sample sets from Cult of Scent and 1000Flowers. I haven’t sampled them all yet, but am enjoying the ones I have so far. Fire Amber Baby! Narcotic Flowers! So gorgeous!
    I also received surprise winner samples all the way from Portia in AUS today! Giddy happy and so very thankful Portia! xx All new to me scents and I appreciate your generosity and efforts with sending to me. This will be a great week of new sniffs! xx


    • Hey Kathleen,
      I’ve been told the vanilla from one of the batches has done this. A bit like the original batch of Seville a l’Aube, it sent the juice electric orange.
      YAY! You have plenty of sniffing to be getting on with then. It will be good to read your New Sniffs and thunked on Thursday.
      Portia xx


      • Interesting! My L’Heure de Nuit is still blue. I love it, but wish it lasted longer. I am having such a wonderful time with new sniffing! I’ll have more new sniffs to report on Thursday. xx


  7. Like Kathleen, I was pleased as punch to get my apj winner sample pack – 4160 Be Careful What You Wish For is staying with me. Last week there was a Vancouver perfume meet-up, so all not-for-me samples and decants went to a good home. We visited the new stand-alone Le Labo store, where they refused to sell the sample-set-and-full-bottle WITH the full bottle, even though Miss V knew already which bottle she wanted. They are silly.

    Unknowingly participated in Guerlain Week with Vetiver Pour Elle. Now I desperately want a lighter like the bottle of Vol de Nuit extrait – and I don’t smoke.


  8. Migraine today but fortunately bear no 19 EdT vintage. Have very few Guerlains, Vol de Nuit, Chamade and Shalimar EdC. More Chanel in my collection.
    Portia I just thought I really recommend you to read A Gentleman in Moscow before you travel there, and have tea or lunch in the Metropol where the story is situated. One of my favourite reads recently.


  9. What a week, Portia! That cab ride surely was legen-wait-for-it-dary 🙂

    We have at least a few dozens ballet companies in Russia, it’s the source of the national pride, after all 😉 . The Bolshoi or not (Jin might have chosen a Mariinskiy performance in St. Petersburg), hope you both will enjoy it.


    • Hey there Diana,
      Ahhh. I’m not sure. it could be anywhere, Moscow or St Petersburg. I don’t care really. Seeing the ballet in Russia is enough amazing. Can’t wait.
      So sad you aren’t able to come meet us. Next time I’m coming to YOU!
      Portia xx


      • Please do, unless I come to Australia first and surprise you 🙂 I can’t wait to read about your adventures in Eurasia!


  10. why Guerlain struggles to get the packaging right? So many of mine in maitre art collection have evaporated by more than half of the amount and I did not even use any of them. It really pisses me off. Some of them had original sprayers attached to them, not the bulb ones but original regular removable sprayers and it seems even they are faulty..


  11. What a lovely week you had–and that cab story is perfect. Love it when things like that happen.

    We are just back from Hong Kong last night… so in that slightly dazed staggering around and doing laundry mode. And now having a loll about and catching up on blogs while the two moggies catchup on their people-snuggling. Incredible week, from a lovely wedding party to exploring adventures walking and walking, gallery wandering, and street art hunting, to nostalgic trips back to where I lived and used to hang out as a teenager…and so much good food. Oh, and a lovely last evening hanging out with the chap who owns the Scented Niche shop, swapping some perfumes and having a good fragchat over tasty Vietnamese food.


  12. Always good to read about everyone’s week. Quiet Easter, really, caught up with family and a few friends. We have had some ridiculously hot and humid weather for April so I am very grateful for Portia’s gift of the Pacific Rock Moss sample. I have been spending some time on Netflix and have a couple of recommendations. Not sure if it is internationally available, but Australian comedy Upper Middle Bogan is achingly funny, and Grace and Frankie – Jane Fonda, Lily Tonkin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston in another beautifully written and very funny family comedy. I’m feeling cheated as I haven’t seen Game of Thrones and would need to set up the DVD player and get the boxed set to do so.


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