New Sniffs + Thunked: 2.5.2019




Hey Hey Perfume Junkies,

SORRY! We are New Snmiff and Thunkless again today

New Sniffs + Thunked: 2.5.2019

No winners while I’m away on holidays.

Last Weeks Winner: Saffyishere

eMail me at (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with your address please

Have you tried anything new or thunked?

Portia xx

26 thoughts on “New Sniffs + Thunked: 2.5.2019

  1. And my new sniffs are my 1000 Flowers. Unfortunately none of them are suited to my chemistry as they don’t last more than five minutes. A pity, because the fragrances are lovely.


    • My new sniffs are 1000Flowers as well cassieflower. They are beautifully crafted bit sadly don’t last on my skin either. Thoroughly enjoying the opening though.


      • Yes, total agreement on the opening. Popping into shower soon and then going to bust out Reglisse Noire. If I even got an hour I’d be happy enough. Sadly though, minutes later it’s a case of poof! Where did it go?😥


      • Whaat? Why on earth? You can’t win ‘em all😏 But I got about 15 minutes from Reglisse Noire, so that’s an improvement. They’re great frags and I think if she tweaked the bases she could improve longevity. (Huh, get me, master perfumer🙄)


        • Feeling bad cause I blabbered on about them wish you guys could have gotten better longevity 😢 but as Kathleen stated sometimes it’s the exploration that’s half the fun.


          • Exploration and learning is such a wonderful part of my fragrance journey. I enjoy fragrances for so many reasons and enjoy all aspects of discovery. When I read about fragrances, or read about perfumistas impressions of fragrances, I want to be part of that, and know more about the fragrance.

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          • That’s exactly it! I love the trying out and anticipation. Not everything can work on everyone’s skin. Last night’s Reglisse did linger on in the far drydown. I had to stick my nose down my top to get it, but it was there. I love that liquorice note, it’s very unusual. I still think a spray sample would work better, for me, anyway, and the addition of some liquid glue😉 And thank you for for bringing this house to our attention. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. Still have Ode to tryout. That will be tonight’s surprise.


      • I appreciate learning about 1000Flowers from you Brigitte, and I am absolutely loving the new sniffing experience. Discovering and learning about new to me fragrances and perfumers is such a pleasure. I love the discovery, and Jessica Buchanan has created beautiful perfume. And I’m so happy to now know what Reglisse Noire smells like and why you love it. Just wish I could smell them after application, but I’ll enjoy them while they last.


  2. Congrats Saffy on your win. I nearly thunked American Perfumiers Desert Flower ,sample in my win from Portia, but saved a tiny bit for another wearing, it’s lovely. X


  3. All sorts of new sniffs here:

    Guerlain Cuir Beluga: all the bone structure of marshmallow, but beautifully made fluffy sweet vanilla and heliotrope meringue.

    DSH Je suis le lune: strange silvery clear jasmine, without the slightest hint of indole. Very, very pretty, and not as high pitched as I feared. Not me, but, this is interesting.

    Rogue Perfumery Chypre Siam: *this* is more like it. Good deep classical foresty floor chypre with a twist–using Thai ingredients rather than Frenchified ones (so, kaffir lime rather than bergamot, and so on.) That’s going onto the wish list, but not till I’ve finished this rather generous shared sample.

    Mendittorosa Osang: balsamic, honeyed myrrh with powdery heliotrope and iris swirled in. Yum. I scored a slightly used travel spray of this for very not much–which is good, because the full bottles with their fancy caps are crazy expensive but I’d been hankering after it since a brief sniff a couple of years back.


  4. moment supreme was my new sniff last week though no new sniff this week yet. I have loved Ma Liberte for a long time so was curious about Moment Supreme. it is, indeed, what inspired Ma Liberte.


  5. My new sniff is L’Humaniste by Frapin. This fragrance smells exactly like gin & tonic. Notes include gin, juniper berries, citrus and spices. This would be a huge winner but the longevity is disappointing. 4 hours and it’s completely gone. Such a shame because I love the scent.


  6. Yup. Tried Maison Inces’ Santal Tislit. A milky, heliotrope sandalwood. Exactly as I expected. Lovely!

    Eau My Soul by 4160 Tuesdays. It is nice, but too much like other slightly oriental leaning types. I get more enjoyment from Queen Latifah’s Queen of Hearts.

    Moringa shower gel from The Body Shop. Glory be! Imma gonna buy me 5 of them.


  7. My new sniffs for this week, or at least pretty new, were my set of Trudon samples. Of these, my favourite was Olim, a really nice warm fragrance that is just right for this time of year.

    Nothing thunked this week. Must try harder.


  8. New??? sniff was Cinema, which i never sampled before. This is a bit sweet for the warm spring, could be nice in winter.
    And i finally thunked a decent of Molecule 01, which i can smell just for some minutes. So i lavishly sprayed it on everything i wore and combined it with some other fragrances.


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