Scent Diary: 12.8 – 18.8.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

Another week with the kids. Jin is a saint, the best uncle ever. They don’t know how lucky they are. I’ve pulled my ankle again, it’s fairly ouchie. So many wonderful fragrances this week, I’ve been pulling boxes out from the cupboard. Woo Hoo!

Scent Diary: 12.8 – 18.8.2019

Monday 12:

OK, so my ankle is really sore today. It feels like pulled/tight/torn muscles and is torture even lifting it in the wrong direction. Supposed to be cleaning day and Aquarobics but not possible.

SOTDay: Ambre Ceruleen by Huitieme Art

I spent the morning and early afternoon watching The Originals on Netflix and doing the clothes & linen washing.

Got onto the TRIVIA Q&A early-ish. More than halfway through by 6pm. I did take a break for a cuppa and social media check.

SOTEvening: Dangerous Complicity by Etat Libre d’Orange

Did some more TRIVIA Q&A

Had dinner with Jin and the kids. Had a nap 8-9pm

Finished TRIVIA Q&A before midnight.

Watched some The Originals.

SOTBed: Vintage Arpege Eau de Lanvin by Lanvin. Promise her the world but give her Arpege!

Tuesday 13:

SOTMorning: Oriental Brulant by Guerlain

This ankle is still too sore to get out and about. Even walking the dogs was a punish this morning. It’s not killing pain but it is hard to be normal.

Watched The Originals.

Shaved and bathed.

SOTEvening: Boucheron EdT

We had about 60 people in tonight. They’re such a fun bunch. Parramatta RSL has been going gangbusters for nine years. Some of our players have been coming from the very beginning.

I gave the kids some money to take Jin out for dinner as a thank you. They went to his favourite Japanese fish restaurant and ate WAY TOO MUCH. The three of them came home so happy and excited, full of stories and news.

Watched some The Originals.

SOTBed: Slowdive by Hiram Green

Wednesday 14:

Ankle still sore. GRRR!

Fed & walked the dogs this morning.

Hit the couch, watching The Originals.

Went out to the Libertine Parfumerie and Agence de Parfums seasonal launch of new to Australia stuff and Christmas. It was a fabulous array. Everything from Clive Christian’s new Travel Set, L’Artisan, Miller et Bertaux, Penhaligon’s and Costume National fragrance releases to Cire Trudon and Carriere Frères candles. SO MUCH LUXURY!

They gave me these two bottles. Reviews and GIVEAWAYS to come!

I put Menta y Menta by Miller et Bertaux on my left arm and Cairo by Penhaligon’s on my right. The minty excitement in Menta y Menta calms quickly but Cairo is a winner, the whole roo swooned when it was first spritzed to cards for us and on the body it wears magnificently. cairo smells like a winner to me, in the very woodsy, saffron, rose and patchouli vein, drying down to a woodsy vanilla. Loving it.

Home for some more The Originals and some lunch.

Work was heaving tonight. The place was really full and we all had a ball. I didn’t do a headcount but it could easily have been 60-65 people playing.

Jin and the kids have commandeered the lounge tonight. I might go to bed early (I didn’t)

Played on the computer.

Had a fabulous bubble bath which warmed me right through.

SOTBed: Guess by Marciano Woman.

Thursday 15:

WOW! Today is as perfect a day as I could dream of. Sunshiny 21C after a 3C night. Jin and I are off work for a couple of days and can spend some time just hanging out with the kids. We all had a lovely sleep in.

SOTD: Encens Flamboyant by Annick Goutal

We all went and had Thai for lunch. Jin treated us. The kids have only ever eaten Thai food once before so it was a fun learning experience for them.

There was a SUPER SALE at Chemist Warehouse today. I bought Killer Queen by Katie Perry for Sindy and L’Homme ideal Cologne by Guerlain for Daniel. They were only AU$20 each. What a bargain! They are so excited.

We hung out in the mall for a while.

Went to the movies and watched Emma Thompson’s new film Late Night. It was totally fun, on so many levels. I’ve always adored Emma Thompson, she also married Greg Wise who I hung out with at the Cannes Film Festival way back in 1994 and TOTALLY adore. Mindy Kaling is the writer and star. Bloody good film. Loved it. The kids enjoyed it too, which was a bit of a surprise.

Came home. Jin and the kids have taken over the kitchen. I will have a nap. YAY!

SOTEvening: Honey Blossom extrait by Aftelier Perfumes

We all trotted down the road to Jin & my favourite Indian restaurant tonight. The kids have never had Indian food, it was a taste revelation for them. We had three courses of share plates and loads of laughs and chatter. Good night out. Sindy took these two shots because I completely forgot to.

Home and did some blog, social, eMail stuff on the computer.

SOTBed: Patchouli Patch by L’Artisan

Friday 16:

SOTMorning: Indian Study by Miller et Bertaux

Jin had us up early to get ready for our days adventure.

Car and train ride to town. We grabbed a coffee as we wandered to the Sydney Opera House to hear the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. YAY! It was wonderful. Mozart’s Symphony No.29. A concerto for a wind quartet and a theatrical symphony.

We wandered down to Circular Quay afterwards and grabbed some Hungry Jacks for lunch. Sitting in the sun watching the passing parade, view and the boats was lovely. 25C in WINTER!

The Museum Of Contemporary Art was right next door so we took the kids into a couple of the rooms to give them a hit of Modern Art.

Then we wandered up to Nespresso for Jin and Burberry for Sindy. I think she looks amazing in the new 70s collar & revere trench at a very flattering 3/4 length, featuring lovely much tortoise shell buttons and gilt features. It’s a wardrobe staple. We didn’t buy it but I really think its retro-ness would keep it stylish forever.

Back on the train and drove home.

Sindy’s hair has been looking a bit brassy so we grabbed a purple toner and put that through her hair this evening. I know, BEST UNCLE EVER! It now has a much more brilliant sheen and ashy blonde look.


Jin went to bed, I watched more The Originals on Netflix.

SOTBed: 1957 by CHANEL

Saturday 17:

Jin was up and out with the kids at some gawd awful dark hour. Daniel went SCUBA with the seals two hours south from us. Jin and Sindy visited BFF Kath’s Mum’s grave down there and did some shopping, lunching and seasideing.

I got up groggily at about 9am and started organising stuff. BFFs Kath and Alice came over to help me organise the paperwork for the unhappy customer who is taking me to an NCAT.

SOTMorning: Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations

It wasn’t all work, obviously. We caught up, had some laughs and lunch. It was one of those terrific afternoons spent doing something important with the people you love. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for their support and friendship. Whenever this this threatens to overwhelm me they are strong and wise and smart, not to mention wickedly hilarious. Completely un-PC over the top funny. We were squawking like seagulls, Kath nearly choked with laughter.

Jin came home with the kids and had added his bestie Matt on the way home. I sent them all out of the apartment or on errands as I cleaned the place. STILL LIMPING BTW!!

SOTEvening: Bohea Boheme by Mona di Orio

Alice and Kath did a Cheese Platter for appetisers. Australian Sparkling all round. Kids had soft drinks.

Jin and Daniel were in charge of the Spicy Pork BarBQ. I put together Potato Salad, Garden Salad and Jin quickly did some Shallot Salad.

Next arrivals were Evie and Lola. They settled in and last to arrive, but well on time, newbies to our table Linda & Peter from Wednesday TRIVIA. The table was pretty full with 11 adults at it. Wine, food and conversation flowed effortlessly all night. Stories, memories, plans and so much. Sometimes there were three plus conversations running concurrently. Happy bedlam.

Dessert was Berries and Cream brought by Linda and Rockmelon brought by Evie. Fruit Salad is the best dessert of them all. So indulgent but not really naughty. We had tea with it.

The dogs let me know, in very certain terms, that it was time for their walk. That was basically the end of the night.

I came back and we all hugged and it was done.

Sat up watching the very last couple of episodes of The Originals.

SOTBed: Russian Tea by Masque Milano

Sunday 18:

Jin and the kids were going to the markets this morning. I wasn’t going to go but decided at the last minute to accompany them.

SOTMorning: Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations

Mohur Neela Vermeire Straight Milan 2017

It was fun. we wandered around. Had some lunch. Bought some necessities and junk. It’s fun just to hang with the three of them.

Still limping. Booked physio for tomorrow

Home. Computer.


Bathed and shaved. Used the very last of my Shower Gel Anna Maria. It has been so lovely splashing around with the Acs In Paris Bubble Bath.

SOTAfternoon: Le Jardin de Monsieur Li by Hermès

This week I went to work in guy mode. We had a complaint last weekend about my language and I am much less controversial as a bloke. This Austral job is part of my life. Anna Maria and her wonderful family, the Muffies team and the Immortally Addicted crew are so special to me. It would be a real shame if this night ends because I’m a foul mouthed fool.

Excellent night. The crowd was fun and we all had a good time. Daniel and Sindy came and ate and then kind of zoned out. I get bit. It’s not their scene.

Home now. Going to get started on the clothes washing, watch some Harry Potter and chill.

SOTBed: Eau Duelle by Diptyque


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

60 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 12.8 – 18.8.2019

  1. I’ve had a guest from Paris this week so it’s been a lot of fun hanging out with her. We’ve been enjoying cooler temps for the past ten days which has been wonderful but we are back in the steam bath now, ugh. My new couch ordered four months ago finally arrived, yay! Other than that just dealing with puppy antics, teaching her good manners and trying to be patient while she goes through the terrible twos.


  2. Go and get some help with your ankle…how can you possibly perform a good mince with a bad ankle?
    On a foodie note, It is hard to imagine that those kids have never been exposed to Indian or Thai food, I think I have eaten my way twice around the world!

    Neela Vermeire here all week. Trayee.


    • Hey JackieB,
      Yeah, booked in for tomorrow. Usually it all clears up in a few day. this has been a bit more epic.
      Yes, we were surprised too. Their Dad is a VERY Korean cuisine loving guy and they live in a tiny town in Slovakia. There’s not very much choice. Every time we’ve been there we go to the same steakhouse and the rest of the time we eat Korean home food. Yeah, Jin and I are food adventurous, he much more than me.
      WOO HOO for a week of Trayee. YUM!
      Portia xx


  3. You and Jin really ARE the best uncles ever! Wonderful to expose them to new foods 🙂

    I have had a whirlwind week myself which also includes lots of eating! Celebrated two birthdays with two ice cream cakes (oreo cookie for youngest, strawberry cheesecake for eldest) and we ate Indian food, Guatamalan food, Malaysian food and Chinese food. Lots of fragrant gifts for all three…youngest got three Jo Malone soaps, four Jo Malone travel sprays and a full bottle of 1000 Flowers Ode forH. Eldest got two bottles of heavily discounted Escadas which she had thunked and wanted more of (I actually gave them to her a few weeks ago when she was home) and three Jo Malone travel sprays. Middle one (whose bday is actually a few months from now) got my first ever successful ebay purchase! Two pristine bottles of two d/c Pacifica scents that are impossible to find. She was over the moon! Gave them to her now so that she can take them back to university! Eldest came home yesterday to say good bye to her baby brother. She took middle one back with her this morning as they are living in the same city with one working at the hospital and the other starting her second year at University. We also opened bank accounts, took permit test, got drivers permit and did massive Walmart shopping for school (still need to pick up a few things for youngest who leaves next weekend).

    Perfume wise I have started and will continue my fortnight of Chanel :

    P, I hope your ankle is healing up!!!


  4. I thunked a bottle!!! eau de Merveilles Bleue!!! It was nice, but not my favorite, i like other freshies better.
    Today i sewed two underpants for boyfriend, blue with little stars and now i am making a shirt for him with pale blue checkers.


  5. Portia, I hope that your ankle is in good shape soon. How painful that must be! Love all the activities and fun you are having with the kids. You all look so happy! For how long are they going to stay?
    Nothing exciting this past week for me. Mom and I went to see the Blue Men Group show last night. So much fun! I had made reservations for dinner after the show at a Persian restaurant that we both love. However, my mother changed her mind at the last minute, because she was dying for a caramel frappe, french fries and chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. I was shocked! I cancelled the reservation, and headed to a nearby McDonald’s where we indulged in junk food instead and enjoyed it. As long as she was happy that was fine with me.
    I thunked many summer perfume samples this week and will continue to do so until the end of the season.
    Pretty warm day today. It will be really hot and humid the rest of the week. No complaints! I am enjoying it a lot!
    Doing now my usual weekend stuff at home and ready to face another woring week.
    Hope everybody has a nice and peaceful week.


    • Hiya PL67,
      Saw the physiology today. She gave me some exercises and did some manipulation. I’ll know better tomorrow how the ankle is coming along.
      Kids are here till Thursday. It has been really fun this time.
      Currently seriously loving your Mum. How fabulous. Sometimes McDonalds is the ONLY answer.
      Glad to read the hot weather is something you love. Enjoy it while it lasts.
      Portia xx


      • Hope the exercises make you feel better soon, Portia!
        I am glad to hear you have so much fun with the kids around. I am sure next time they visit again it will be greater!


  6. Portia, you pack so much wonderful perfume, delicious meals, and time spent with family and friends in a week! As usual I am liking your perfume choices: Arpege, Boucheron, PG, Aftelier, and Chanel 1957! I wore 1957 last evening and was reminded how much I love it and how “me” it feels. ! I’m so happy you approve of it after your initial hesitation.
    We watched a fabulous fireworks show last night after dark! Otherwise, I had had a wonderful week of sampling perfume and early morning dog walks on non-work days. And I babysat a French Bulldog puppy with more babysitting scheduled in the near future! Puppy love and antics are the best!
    I hope you ankle is on the mend soon!


    • Hey there Kathleen,
      You know I look back on my weeks and wonder how I fit it all in. There’s always plenty of rest and reflection time too.
      YAY! Yes, 1957 fits a 1957 hole in my wardrobe I never knew existed. It’s on the use this tray in my wardrobe now.
      OOOH! Frenchies are the cutest. there’s a positive plague of them here in Oz, and the Boston Terrier. Every second or third dog that wanders past seems to be one. Lively little buggers with oodles of personality. Enjoy your babysitting ward.
      Portia xx


  7. I love to hear thunking news, and rather miss not hearing about it on Thursdays. Planning to work on finishing off a couple of decants this summer, as they really are being overlooked. Good health to all…


  8. Is there any fragrance Russian Tea reminds you of? I love the Attesa from this line, def. one of the best iris perfumes around. BTW, this Arpege ad tagline “Promise her anything but give her Arpege” is arguably my most favorite of all time. Whoever came up with this was brilliant.


  9. You must have been very naughty to have someone complain about bad language😂 Ah well, never mind, perhaps they learned something from you. Fabulous Neela frags. I adore Pichola. You certainly packed in a lot of activity considering you’re semi-hobbled. Hope you get it sorted sharpish. Had a busy week myself with family visiting and the Smallies are also in residence. Had a lovely day out with our friends on their boat, they had their Smallies with them, too. We had a full on day grandparenting. It’s exhausting, mind you. Kids are definitely for the young – well, I think so anyway. It’s lucky we can hand them back😆 They’re here for another few days and then I’ll have my house back to myself. I won’t be going around like Basil Fawlty., except that I don’t have a Manuel. The weather is driving me crackers, it’s still mostly warmish but every now and then there’s a sudden deluge of rain which makes it almost impossible to get out of the house for some exercise and fresh air. We haven’t gone anywhere on holiday this year and I’m really feeling the need to hit the sunbed with a cold drink in hand. Maybe next year. Have a good week everyone.


    • Hey Cassieflower,
      Yes, I suffer from Potty Mouth.
      Kids are DEFINITELY for the young. They are exhausting, mentally and physically. Anyone who has them and raises them to maturity is amazing in my books.
      Holidays are the best reset, have you thought about a mini break to somewhere nice nearby?
      Portia xx


  10. Oh seriously wth is going on with WordPress? Every time I write anything more than a line or two it falls into the abyss😡🤬 I forgot to copy text before I posted. Dammit anyway.


  11. In a nutshell: loving the Neela frags, esp Pichola. Get the ankle sorted sharpish. Good uncle-I got, they’ll keep young. Busy week here with Smallies. Have a good week everybody.


  12. Working too much and will continue this way till Friday. I may have bitten off more than I can chew, which is rather typical for me in any event.
    Loved some of your perfume choices this week. Particularly Slowdive and vintage Arpège.
    I hope you iced that ankle when you first realized you had an owie. And took an anti-inflammatory. I have skinny ankles and am always buggering them up. Usually cuz of ice or still pretending I can wear high heels. Anyhow, that’s my piece of medical advice for the day.
    I’ve been wearing Le Mat and then when the heat and humidity returned (YAYY!) lots of green. Bracken which is new to me and I’m loving it, Chanel no. 19 (current and vintage) and Bandit. I’m changing it up with First Cut tonight. Very appropriate as the season’s last hay cut is about now. And it always smells deeper, richer and sweeter than the earlier cuts.
    I’m impressed to see how well both you and Jin are keeping the kids entertained and fed. I thought the purple shampoo session was brilliant and very touching. You’re a dear. Except perhaps when you’re being a potty-mouthed Queen, which, let’s face it, is EXACTLY how you’re supposed to be. I would expect nothing less.
    Oh! And guess who won the PPP!! Me, moi, ‘tis I!! So a big thank you.


    • Good luck with the work Marcella, carve that job into manageable chunks and get them all done.
      I have never iced an injury like this, always straight for the dencorub. Couldn’t have gone more wrong apparently. Ice bath and anti-inflammatory gel is the verdict for next time.
      Woo Hoo! You’ve got some sensational fragrances in your roster too.
      Ha! Potty mouthed uncle with skills. Jin is so good with them. We constantly try and give the poor things directions on Western etiquette, It’s a foreign world for them and they aren’t really interested but at least if they know what’s expected then they can make the decision to go with it or knowingly break rules.
      Yay for your win. Please remind me of your address.
      Portia xx


  13. The week started with a carpenter coming to fix the wooden framing around my windows. And about time that was, they were told in May that the corners had cracked. Will have our janitor in tomorrow or Tuesday to have a look if it is really fixed, the result is maybe solid, but doesn’t look stellar.

    The lift in my building and two other lifts in this complex, are still out of service. Turns out they have to do massive repairs, so there may be two more weeks of having to use the stairs. By now a lot of people are frustrated, but not much we can do. At least it didn’t happen earlier in summer, when I wouldn’t have been able to use the stairs on a daily basis.

    Slowly getting into my work again, and luckily there’s at least one interesting project starting now. So a bit too busy perhaps, but hoping for some visible results regarding making cultural and sports events more accessible for disabled people.

    No new perfume yet, prices for used bottles advertised locally have not been low enough to be of real interest. Figuring out which niche shops are willing to ship here and the cost of shipping from abroad proves rather tricky. So have only ordered skin care products online, with various loyalty codes.

    Physiotherapy and exercising three times a week takes up rather a lot of time, but seems to slowly help. I wish we had aquarobics more easily availale here, it would have been a fun supplement to the indoor rower and traditional weight training! We just have too few pools to even ensure kids learn to swim.

    Now enjoying a new Moomin mug, various salty liquorice from Finland and dark chocolate, dieting will have to wait for a while, hard enough to keep up the exercise! Happy to see others (Portia!) finding the motivation for both dieting and exercise.

    Love the perfume inspiration in these weekly posts, will have to look up that Mona di Orio perfume, among others.

    Do get help with that ankle Portia, or you risk getting a sore knee too! Perhaps it is enough to tape it for some days and do some strengthening exercises?

    Would have loved to wander the museums with you Portia, always more fun several people together. My parents always took us to museums and galleries on weekends from the age we were four or five years old, at gives good food for thought.


    • Hey Ingeborg,
      Yay for fixed windows, BOO for broken elevators.
      How are you doing with the extra work and your legs? You say they’re slowly improving and you can now do stairs, that reads like you’ve really turned a corner
      I have a Moomin mug too. Is yours tin or crockery? Mine is tin, from the Tallin to Helsinki ferry.
      Yep, the Physi saw it today. She gave me exercises and some remedial massage. Fingers crossed, back to see her on Thursday.
      Love a Museum or Gallery wander but I prefer to go at times when there’s a guide to give us some explanations. Suddenly things come much more alive if I have some background.
      Fingers crossed one day we could do them together.
      Portia xx


      • Yes, I think Marcella knows what I’m talking about. too! Some of the liquorice from Finland tastes as strong as the old style Dutch liquorice. I had to smile when it said in German that it was salty candy for adults, since kids here usually like it a lot.


          • I had a boss who would offer salty licorice to unsuspecting clients during meetings. Not a common treat in the Seattle area and they had no idea what they were getting. Saw more than a few surprised faces 🙂


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