Douleur by Bogue Profumo and Freddie Albrighton 2019


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Hello APJ.

There is no pleasure without DOULEUR:  French for pain.

“Pain and pleasure. …… I think it is subtly strange, and uncomfortable, and disturbing …… and yet there is a softness, and a sweetness that gradually shines through, that cannot immediately be seen through the piercing beginning.  This has been a love filled, explosively creative project, and I am so excited for people to experience DOULEUR.”  Freddie Albrighton. 


Douleur by Bogue Profumo and Freddie Albrighton 2019

I first met Freddie Albrighton in 2014.  It was at the now legendary Bloggers’ Meet in London at the first Bloom Perfumery.   We are all still friends.  It is amazing how anxiety, perfume, and chips form a life long bond.  Strangely enough, on that same day Antonio Gardoni of what was then a very young Bogue Profumo popped into Bloom Perfumery, as we all attempted to take over the place, but none of us were aware of that.  He worked in offices across the road from the store.  ( Freddie was the only one who knew Antonio at this point.)

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Two moths later I was in Milan at the Exsence where I met Antonio for the first time.  Freddie had hooked us up.  From my notes “We had a date with Antonio Gardoni from Bogue Profumo and I was stoked.  Antonio is so passionate about what he is doing and it was a joy to get to know him.  Bugs and juniper barrels, cypress oil and the four seasons ….”   The time spent with Antonio  was the beginning of a friendship which is still going strong.  We have met many times since, both in Milan and in London.


Fast forward five years and I sit here writing about DOULEUR, the collaboration between Freddie and Antonio.

“So having known Antonio since he started sharing his experiments with the world, I contacted him last year, and said straight out “So I want to collaborate with you, let’s make a perfume.”  He was cautious, but politely enthusiastic,  and we both started talking.  After a lot of back and forth, we had our concept …. heavy use of rose oxide because we both shared a mutual love for the synthetic note.   Months later, and having sniffed a few tasters, some fascinating, and some not, I took off for Italy to be hands-on.  Crash, bang, sparks, and a lot more work, and we finally had DOULEUR!  Freddie Albrighton. 

I received samples of DOULEUR last week.  I could smell the metallic rose through the envelope and the plastic in which they were wrapped.  I triple-wrapped more plastic around them and stuck them in my cupboard.  And waited a couple of days.

DOULEUR.  How Long is a Piece of Rope?

It opens with a gleaming metallic rose.  I was expecting a Technicolor onslaught of everything,  but could not have been more wrong.  Nectarous sweet and fragrant, it must be worn on the skin.  Paper-strip or nozzle-cruising does it no favours, it’s screechy.  Except it isn’t.  I was surprised  with the soft texture of the scent, much like the candy-floss note that has been whipped into the centre of it.  The rose remains metallic throughout, but kept comfortable with a mint note along the edge of it, which in turn keeps the sweetness of strawberries and melons – a Fruit Salad Chew vibe – in the centre of the fragrance.  There may or may not be a tad of vanilla that turns up in the base. So how DOES Douleur smell?  How long is a piece of rope?



Wanna know more? @freddiealbrighton and @bogue_profumo. DM them.  It will be available sometime around the end of September at all Bogue retailers including Bloom and Luckyscent, and other retailers soon to be announced.  Somewhere around 160 euros, give or take.

What do you get when you cross an architect with a tattoo artist?  An extremely passionate and heartfelt project.

I love them both.

CQ. xxx


All collages and pictures my own.





14 thoughts on “Douleur by Bogue Profumo and Freddie Albrighton 2019

  1. O M G! Couldn’t be more excited for this Val. WOO HOO!
    That perfume meet was so fun. It was my first meeting of almost everyone there, though I’d know a bunch online. I think that was the year Michael Borg came too right? Legendary indeed.
    Love this post. Can’t wait to get my sniff on it.
    Portia x


  2. Sounds interesting, although melon and metallic are not usually my favourite smells. Will give it a sniff when I get a chance, which won’t be until mid-October. It’s not going to be some super limited release with only 50 bottles or something is it? I hate that.

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    • Hi there Tara! Nope it is not a limited release, and it will not be everybody’s cup of tea. On saying that, absolutely give it a sniff if you get the chance. I was so surprised at how soft it is. Mind you I did not spritz it ten times. Could be that that would be too much. But I have such sticky skin I was scared of doing that. Same with the Vero´s. I cannot overspray, they would last for weeks. Hugs. xxx


  3. Antonio is definitely a lovely person, with passion for design and his daughter – and parfum. (I cherish the photo I made of you two in London). His parfums are huge things bursting of passion ! I had to LOL about „the rose remains metallic throughout, but is kept comfortable with a mint note along the edge of it…“ – sounds like it‘s not for the sissies among us.

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    • Hi there LJG. Actually I think that this is the easiest Bogue to wear, and I wish the opening last forever, its fantastic. Yes his perfumes burst at the seams with passion, they really do. I think Freddie might have tied (!) his hands a little bit here. Mwah. xxxxx


  4. Great post Val.

    I couldn’t be more excited for Freddie. What a cool project. Had no no idea Antonio came into Bloom that momentous day. Changed my life for the better in a thousand different ways.

    I noted down ‘soft’ when trying Douleur for the first time today. Wasn’t expecting that either. I’m missing the piercing opening but maybe that’s the result of dabbing and not spraying. Need to test again but I find it full of fabulous contrasts and agree it’s the most wearable Bogue. They’ve done a great job.


  5. Val, you lead a charmed life 🙂 I have yet to try a Bogue…I know Crikey is a fan of Mem …that’s the lavender one, right? I wouldn’t mind sniffing it and Douleur as well. Great review, Val, as always.

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  6. Oh, what a dream team and great name for a perfume! It sounds all kinds of weird and interesting. I was wearing Nombre Noir the other day and thinking about Freddie, who gave me the sample yonks ago, and then came across this post. Love your closing line, haha.

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