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Hey there APJ Crew,

Megan from our Mood Scent 4 crew is working with Atelier des Ors. She has kindly sent me samples of the new Atelier des Ors Riviera Series to try and get a feel for. They are based on the classic cologne style but given a full rework with the best ingredients and fabulous longevity. Rather than showstoppingly huge they are more moderate projectors, you will be fragrant but not obnoxious. Perfect warm weather or reminders of warm weather. I can imagine them being a perfect winter pick me up. Also, those bottles are swoon worthy all by themselves.

Atelier des Ors: Riviera Series 2019

Pomelo Riviera by Atelier des Ors 2019

Top: Grapefruit, Jasmine, Bergamot
Heart: Orange blossom, Salt, Rose
Base: Cedarwood

Grapefruit! A clear, fresh, clarion call bursts out of the opening. It is tarty and pithy, and smells like breakfast in my childhood. Mum and Dad would have half a grapefruit each most mornings. Through the heart the citrus stays for such a long time with white flowers giving it a voluptuous tilt. Normally salt pricks my nose deliciously but it doesn’t appear for ages in Pomelo Riviera, the cedar is lip pencil shavings and I also smell a make up like waxy iris rather than rose.

Riviera Drive by Atelier des Ors 2019

Top: Lemon, Marjoram, Rosemary
Heart: Cedar leaf, Absinth, Patchouli
Base: Cashmeran, Cedarwood, Musk

A herbaceous citrus, like driving along the coast after a storm where leaves and branches have come down. There is the metallic twang of electricity and the cool breeze of evening. Riviera Drive is a softly bitter, salty green and I get a scent reading of artemisia, the wormwood plant responsible for absinthes flavour. It smells like nothing in my collection and is uplifting for me. This will become a favourite that I will wear year round.

Riviera Lazuli by Atelier des Ors 2019

Top: Lemon, Cypress, Bergamot
Heart: Clary sage, Cedarwood, Gaiac wood
Base: Immortelle, Pine resin, Frankincense

WOW! The citrus and salt hits you immediately. Riviera Lazuli is a modern fresh aquatic style fragrance. The woods are fully present in the heart and the whole fragrance gives me sunny day and the beach picking up driftwood for a fire in the evening vibes. Through the dry down a cool, smoky incense spars playfully with the honeyed immortelle but the salty sea breeze blows through it all.

Atelier des Ors is stocked exclusively in Australia by Peony Melbourne.

Which of the Atelier des Ors Riviera Series sounds most alluring to you?
Portia xx

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  1. Riviera Lazuli seems most interesting as it probably impressed you the most as well. It starts with a cool vibe and seems to end on warm notes such as immortelle.


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