Buveur De Vent by Les Liquides Imaginaires 2019




Hello friends, it’s Narth here falling in love with a leather just in time for the summer heat.

I’ve only pottered about with the house Les Liquides Imaginaires until now, sniffing nozzles and spraying cards after testing other things. It was never on my radar, the name and bottles having failed to immediately appeal. But I was generously given a sample by  the Libertine Parfumerie section in Myer, Melbourne after I’d been blathering about fragrance to the sales person. It’s gone straight to the top of my wishlist.

Buveur De Vent by Les Liquides Imaginaires 2019

Notes: Juniper, Cypress, Galbanum, Leather

There’s a whole lot going on under that deceptively simple word “leather”. It’s sweet and maybe a bit sticky, but what really draws me to it is the ashtray note. I’ve been looking for a good ashtray note ever since EDLO’s Jasmine et Cigarette which was never potent enough for me, MORE ASHTRAY PLEASE.

The ad copy for Buveur De Vent is romantic enough and captures all the wild grasses this scent keeps wafting at me hours after application (as your stallion thunders across some faraway steppe).

“Born from the saddle leather of a wild creature, trailing its powerful fragrance as it passes. Stallion of light with fabulous strength, created by a god from long ago.”

But with this ashtray note I’m not on a horse, I’m huffing my arm and singing Placebo’s “This Picture”

“Farewell the ashtray girl
Angelic fruitcake
Beware this troubled world
Control your intake..”

Because this is a sweet, sweet grassy leather with a whole mess of old cigarette ash and it’s glorious. It’s not a gentlemanly pipe tobacco, it’s waking up the next day saddle sore (see what I did there) with overflowing ashtrays on the floor, but happy. Very very happy.

Les Liquides Inaginaires Buveur De Vent has a green herbal top note that burns off quickly. Its scent journey is a long and cozy one, all tobacco and sweet grasses with hints of the animalic. Weather and mood shifts the notes about in a way I love, every wearing its own adventure. When I smelled this in the shop it was a hard leather, first test at home it was oddly crisp greenery. Subsequent wearings the sweetness has wowed me. I love it!

I’m sure you could all tell a story about a fragrance that differs from the ad copy. Perhaps a perfume is presented as sensuous but for you it’s your concentration scent you apply when knuckling down. Or maybe you’re like me and a perfume tells a private story that makes you love it because it’s as if you and the bottle have a secret relationship that others don’t share.

Do you have any stories like this? Please share in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Buveur De Vent by Les Liquides Imaginaires 2019

  1. Everything about this sounds great. Apart from the ashtray note. As an ex smoker it’s not really a smell I want to revisit😉 Still, I’d give it a try, just for reference.


    • Do you feel the same way about tobacco? You might be able to talk yourself into seeing it that way if you’re okay about tobacco. There’s a lot going on though so hopefully the ashtray is just a part of the chorus. Now ME, I would like pure ashtray heh.


  2. In answer to your question, yes. The ad copy of Vraie Blonde is the complete opposite of what it smells like to me which is a sweet and innocent ingenue scent… something my petite 20 year old self would have worn as a signature had it been around many years ago.


    • This seems an increasingly common point made about Etat de Libre Orange as their newer stuff grows tamer but their ad copy remains the same. “Marilyn naked under a mink coat” I mean really! One should deliver if they are going to invoke the name of Marilyn!


  3. Hey there Narth,
    OMG! So many perfumes never reach the potential of their name of ad copy. The bummer here is that I rarely buy them so they’re not onsite for brain refreshment.
    So annoying now. I can’t think of any.
    I’l be back.
    Portia x


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