Scent Diary: 21.10 – 27.10.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

So many perfumes I’ve not worn in ages. This warm weather has brought them all out to play. Saw some buddies, worked a bit, hung around with Jin. Lovely week Chez Portia .

Scent Diary: 21.10 – 27.10.2019

Monday 21:

It was so warm and sunny walking the dogs this morning. Feels like summer already. I like to get an early shot of vitamin D.

This came up in my FB feed and it gave me a smile.

SOTMorning: Samsara EdP. It was my scent last night and I have loved it so much I’m doing it again. MMMM Creamy sandalwood, ylang and stuff.

The house dusted, vacuumed, kitchen and bathroom cleaned. Four loads of clothes washed and hung. It takes all day to get it done but there are some excellent gaps where I watch TV and veg out at the computer.

Started on TRIVIA Q&A.

Jin got home around 6pm. He wanted meat pies for dinner and did roast veggies to go with. SO FREAKING DELICIOUS! So I’m calling this a Jin Style Roast Dinner. It’s BASICALLY Beef Wellington, right?


Finished at 2am.

SOTTV: Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori. I really love this salty, aquatic, white floral with herbaceous borders. It’s pretty much my perfect warm weather spritz right now.

Stayed up watching TV till after 5am. What is wrong with me.

SOTBed: Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson. Great drift off to sleep slug of sweet vanilla patchouli.

Tuesday 22:

Slept till Jin woke me around 9.30am. Rolled over and slept again till just after 10. BLISS.

SOTMorning: CHANEL Jersey. Just a single sneaky spritz to me chest. That lovely lavender, MMMMMMM

Another mildly amusing cartoon.

Today was spent watching TV and starting to organise next months blog posts.

Seriously, I hardly moved.


SOTEvening: Leather Oud by DIOR

Work was busy with 69 players. It was really good.

Home. Fed and walked the dogs through the cool evening air. I only did 3,100 steps today. MOST of them tonight while walking the dogs. NAUGHTY!

Back to TV.

SOTBed: Opium by Yves Saint Laurent vintage

Wednesday 23:

For no reason I slept in till 10.30am this morning. Woke when Jin came home but rolled over and went back to sleep.

It’s so warm, a perfect temperature.

SOTDay: Baghari by Robert Piguet

Fed & walked dogs.

There was some conversation on FB about what states in the USA we’d visited. It brought back a very happy memory from our 2014 trip. Jin had a dream since he was a kid. It was a pretty easy one to make happen. We drove from LA to Vegas in a red convertible, music blaring. It was fun. He was so happy and we stopped a couple of times to eat and shop the outlet malls. There was no timeline and we spent nearly a whole day going.

Went out with my girlfriend Nikki for lunch today at a fabulous Thai restaurant, Thai Riffic. Then we wandered the Parramatta Westfield shops together for a while. lovely catch ups.

Grocery shopping, Post Office, Chemist and various runnings around.

Home and BATHTIME!

SOTEvening: Sang Bleu by Le Galion

Work was heaving tonight. 62 players, everyone had dinner and a few drinks. It was merry bedlam.

Home and Jin & I walked the dogs together before he trotted off to bed.

TV watching.

SOTBed: Velours by Yves Saint Laurent. MMMM Smoky, BarBQ Amber goodness. I have really come to love this fragrance since buying it from my buddy Michael. YUM!

Thursday 24:

My telephone went off at 6am. I forgot to put it on silent. Got up, did some computer work, had a cuppa and went back to bed till 9.30am.

SOTMorning: Le Temps d’une Fete by Parfums de Nicolai

Watched TV. Finished the series I’ve been watching. Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. I have been utterly obsessed with it. Staying up till all hours. Thank everything it was only 4 seasons.


SOTEvening: Truth or Dare by Madonna

Tonights gig was a Trivia fundraiser for the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation. Helping HIV/AIDS patients live lives of dignity. HalloQueen, with a hefty nod to Halloween. Super fun. Hosted with Joyce Maynge, she came as Divine and I was a Viking Warrioress.

Home afterwards. BUGGERED!

SOTBed: Gentleman’s Jockey Club by Oriza L Legrand

Friday 25:

Woke of my own accord at around 9am. It’s hot today. Already 27C (80f). The dogs we’re panting hard after their walk.

SOTMorning: NYC New York City by Santi Burgas. Excellent citrus plus bells & whistles fragrance. Great longevity even in this heat. Gives a real feeling of the excitement and zeal of dreaming the NYC life.

Off to pay for my mate Rose’s new dishwasher. They gave me an extra discount today so hers was $50 cheaper than mine that I bought just over a week ago. Happy for her, bummed for me.

Also, it was a BIG postcard day with beautiful cards coming from Ingeborg in Norway, Lisa in France, Mum Peggy in Ibiza and my lovely cousin Karen in Queensland. Everyone had written thoughtful notes; hellos, accounts of adventures and invitations to see them. Feeling loved.

PEDI DAY! I went with aqua blue, it looks like car duco from the early 1980s. YES, I know I have hairy Hobbit feet.

Home. Watched Green Lantern again as it’s just been returned to our netflix. I bloody love it. You nay sayers are wrong.

Computer stuff for a while.

SOTAfternoon: Rose & Cuir by Malle.  My left arm still smells magnificently of this mornings NYC New York City but I REALLY wanted to get the thrill of this new baby again.

Watched He’s Just Not That Into You

Jin came home. Dinner was pizza. We watched some episodes of The Boys and the start of Aloha, but it was shit.

SOTBed: Giverny In Bloom by DSH Perfumes

Saturday 26:

Jin and I went for waxing early this morning. OUCH but feel clean and fresh now. I could still smell the green galbanum remnants of last nights Giverny In Bloom by DSH Perfumes. Here’s Jin getting the bits I can show waxed.

Went shopping for tonights dinner. We were both STARVING so ended up with so much food it’s ridiculous. We are idiots. It will all get eaten though, by us or the dogs.

DISHWASHER UPDATE:  Bugger! It was supposed to be an integrated machine. I’ll spend next week fixing that drama up.

SOTDay: Rahele by Neela Vermeire Creations. It will always be the happiest memories of our wedding day.

Home and the dogs got a late feed and walk in the glorious heat. 31C. This is the upper level of my happiest heat margin of 10-33C. The sun feels really good though as we wander the streets at 1pm.

Home. Relax. Had the most gorgeous 2 hour siesta.

BATHTIME with Korres Basil & Lemon bubles

SOTAfternoon: 24 Faubourg by Hermès. Why don’t I wear this white floral beauty more often? So glam.

Cleaning started at 4.30pm

People arrived and Jin had created a sensational array of fresh produce for us to make our own Vietnamese Rolls. It was a really fun table. We had 6 mates and quite a bit of wine. I forgot to take a photo but Kath shot the table and I’ve stolen her pic. Lisa brought a cheese platter that was To Die For.

After everyone left I cleaned up most of it. Ran the dishwasher and packed leftovers for this weeks lunches.

SOTHalloween: Memory Motel by Une Nuit a Montauk. Thanks Amy for this freaky fabulous fume. I love it.

Then I went off to Scotty’s HALLOWEEN PARTY! It’s an annual event where his whole back yard is transformed into a spooky set. It takes him and his crew weeks to get it together. Got to spend some time with TinaG, Kerri and Simon; always a big plus. Kerri and I even had a dance. TBH I am not a party person, they are too hard work to talk over the loud music and everyone is constantly distracted. Kerri seemed to sense this and sat with me just chattering, I’m grateful. Everyone went to so much trouble. I can as Old Age Creeping Up On You.

Sunday 27:

Got up. Lazed.

SOTMorning: 4711 Remix Cologne

Did a bit of cleaning up after last nights dinner.

Wandered with the dogs in the sunshine.

LUNCH! of leftovers and a perfect mango.

Saw this on the net Squirrel Sniffs Flower. AWWWWWW

BATHTIME! L’Occitane Cherry blossom bubbles. A gift from my girlfriends Sue, Linda and Marian for my birthday. Gorgeous.

SOTEvening: Sakura by DIOR. Using up my decant before I open my bottle.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

37 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 21.10 – 27.10.2019

    • Hey Anna Maria,
      Jin is so freaking cute, eh? Doesn’t he look like a movie star in the Vegas pic? Poor bugger, he lets me take photos of him at the most inopportune moments. At that very moment he was having hair ripped from his nether regions.
      Thanks. We can spritz our day away together on Tuesday!
      Portia xx


  1. I always LOVE reading about your week, P!!!! It brings a smile to my face:)
    Loved the cartoon of the cat. But I must say that my “furry granddaughter” is a cat who is like a dog. She was in a shelter for almost seven years (her entire life) until my daughter adopted her recently, is cross eyed, extremely petite and missing teeth but she is like a dog who follows you around and demands cuddles all day long. When my daughter brought her to visit she slept in our bed with her head in my open hand and her paws draped over my arm. Poor Mr. Marzipan had about six inches of the bed but he didn’t care because he probably loves Pickles as much as I do.
    I had a rough week for personal family reasons. So I pretty much wore Reglisse Noire at work (left the bottle there at my computer in my office). I also had to go in to work yesterday (Saturday) for more training/classes. In between Reglisse I wore some lovely decants and samples from Kathleen and also Incense Pure yesterday and Habinita and Smoked Poppy today.
    I hope everyone had a good week. I look forward to hearing all about everyone else’s week.

    PS P, you really need to come to NY again!!!


    • Hi there Brigitte,
      Bringing a smile to your face is ion of my life directives. Happy to have achieved.
      I’m really happy you’ve found a kitty to love. That your daughter adopted an older pet speaks volumes for how good a person she is, that puddy tat will love you all so much..
      Sorry you are going through the wars. If anything is going to help it’s Reglisse Noire. LOVE Habinita as well. MMMMMMM
      We will be back in NYC after you have a regime change. Can’t wait.
      Portia xx


  2. Chanel Jersey….mmm, my little parfum is nearly empty. Onto the Christmas list it goes!
    Waxing…I remember the first time I ever got my legs waxed, it was in Singapore and the Asian girls, who have very little body hair, were laughing at my cries of anguish!


    • Hi JackieB,
      OOOH! I have a Jersey parfum here too. I never cut the cord yet but get the bottle out every now and then and enjoy its perfection.
      That is an EXCELLENT waxing story. I used to get my legs done, then I went to clipping and now I don’t bother. Double stockings: flesh fishnets and then ballet tans.
      Portia xx


  3. Hey Portia, another great mix of a week.
    I told Mum Peggy you finally got her postcard and she was really pleased.

    I don’t like parties either but I’d make an exception for Scott’s legendary Halloween bash. I’d sit chatting in the corner with you.

    Went to a cool exhibition at Tate Modern yesterday by Olafur Eliasson. You’d have liked it. Very interactive.


    • Thanks Tara,
      Your Mum Peggy is a superstar. So thoughtful.
      Our chatter corner is yours if ever you should be in Sydney for Scotty’s party. I’ve promised next year I’ll arrive early, in costume and get involved properly. Let’s see if I can fulfil my end of the bargain.
      Did you get some cool pics of the Olafur Eliasson or was that verboten?
      Portia xx


  4. Great week! Who on earth phones at 6am? I hope it was an international call, that would be the only excuse. Did you get your hairy toes waxed? LOL. Looove the photo of Jin in the convertible.

    I spent a very hot, dry week wearing big arabic perfumes: Encens Mythique, Songe d’un Bois d’Été, Amouage Epic. And drug out some patchouli too: Montale Patchouli Leaves. Found out that Bath & Body Works discontinued my favourite patchouli body lotion while I was away in Canada, so I scurried over to ebay and happily found a few sellers who had some. Also wore a nice incense perfume yesterday, it’s from a Thai indie house called Parfums Prissana, the scent is Ma Nishtana and reminded me of Avignon. Need to wear SSS Incense Pure again soon. Tested Arte Profumi Samharam and Velvet Rouge, both very good as well.


  5. Nice week Portia! Great nail colour that’s perfect for your fine weather. I’ve just switched mine up to a dark oxblood red. Very vampish.
    Work is rolling along smoothly for a change, but like Brigitte some family ‘issues’ have cropped up to disturb the calm. I guess it’s always something.
    I was sad to see all the restaurants and cafés closing up their outdoor terrasses this week. It’s another sign of the filthy weather to come. I need to learn how to embrace the PSL, hygge, cozy sweater culture. But you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Especially when the dog is stubborn as a mule.


  6. Scent Diary is one of my favourite reads of the week. I have to say, it was me who sent the Norwegian postcard (which it is hard to believe has been sent by air, it’s taken a while to get there!).

    I’m still struggling with a lack of energy, so the week has been quiet. I still have a pile of unanswered correspondence and other tasks to get done at home. Work has been without much drama thankfully, even if a survey about employee satisfaction with work cinditions came back with a less than stellar result for our unit.

    Highlight of the week was getting my hands on the used/vintage scents bought online and also finding a 20% off code on most of the items at L’Occitaine en Provence. Some early Christmas shopping done, plus a face mask and shower gel for myself. Also, have sprung for a Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch which will arrive in a few days. I think it is going to be an eye opener when it comes to exercise and sleep! I’ve newer had a sportswatch, so figured I don’t need the Apple Watch as a first one, given the high cost.

    Annoyance of the week: Had to complain about faulty goods delivered from the supermarket (very visible mistake, so why did they not catch it?), and the second largest cosmetics chain here filed for bankrupcy, so it is probable all loyalty points have gone when new owners come in now and save some of the shops.


    • OMG!! I went and fixed that Ingeborg. I don’t know why I wrote Hamamelis. Sorry love. LOVE the postcard. Yeah, things take a LONG time to get here some days and others they’re really quick. I think it’s a Sliding Doors thing.
      Lack of energy, that’s so hard to combat.
      Are your work going to do anything to change the lack of joy for your team?
      YAY for new perfume. Did you get some good bargains?
      Woo Hoo! L’Occitane has excellent sales. I love their products too.
      That FitBit will change your life.

      BUMMER on both counts. Never hoard points. Use them up as soon as you can. We had an airline in OZ go bust a few years back that many of the business community used exclusively because of its great points scheme. They lost everything too, big bummer.

      Thanks again for the beautiful postcard.
      Portia xx


  7. hahahhaha, cat and dog memes are always the best. I tried to identify the car from the pic and not sure if I guessed it correctly but did you guys rent red chevrolet camaro convertible?
    Hermes 24 Faubourg is really awesome.


  8. Love the cartoon posts, your sense of humor tickles me Portia!
    Denver is extreme cold and blizzard as I’m heading in to work. Very icy roads and delayed light rail trains. It was 70 degrees on Sat! We have had no fall, from unusually hot September to winter, crazy fluctuations in temps. We could get a foot of snow with part 2 of the snow storm tomorrow!
    Cold weather has me reaching for amber based perfumes and with dry skin, beautiful perfume oils from Brigitte .


  9. Well well well, I’m scandalously late but I didn’t get a chance to read the Sunday diary properly until Monday night in bed. Had a ridiculously busy weekend with work, travel, socialising. I really need to cop myself on and realise I’m Not a Youngster anymore. Anyway, as has been said already, it’s my favourite read of the week, and I also loved the Saturday comments this week. With every week that goes by I’m gonna be getting more jealous of you, P, because Summer! And some absolutely beautiful frags too, Samsara and our twins bottle of Opium. Loved your photos, too. Yeah, cats are really special little brats, especially the ones with attitude, I used to have one that was convinced he was a dog. Hope everyone has a good week, with not much family or work hassles. There’s a lot of it going on, a bit on my end as well.


  10. Oh yeah, forgot to say, loving the Hobbit’s toes. One of my fave toe colours. So summery. Ah God, Summer, will I ever see you again?


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