White Shirts and Perfume.


Val the Cookie Queen.


Hey there APJ Crew and Friends

“White shirt now red, my bloody nose,  Sleeping, you’re on your tippy toes,  Creepin’ around like no one knows, Think you’re so criminal …….” Bad Guy.  Billie Eilish.

I recently bought a white shirt.  Damn expensive, beautiful cotton, no collar.  I have wanted one for years but every time I tried one on I looked like death warmed up.  White shirt, gray hair.    I fell in love with this one particular shirt in the window of a store which was at the time shut, and asked Blondeswunder to go in have look at it for me when it was open. Next thing I knew she called me and said she had bought it and that I owed her money.   I love it.  And I have to say that a well cut shirt is worth the extra dosh.  And as long as I put a ton of slap on and wear a coloured lipstick, I don’t look like the grim reaper.

 White Shirts and Perfume.

Now I know this is totally psychological but I find myself reaching for specific perfumes to wear with this white shirt.  It seems that they smell different worn with it.  Yeah, that is kind of it.  There is something about the smell of the cotton itself, along with the crispness of the material, that calls for a certain “je ne said quoi”.  Which I am sure is quite different for each person who understands what I mean, and  those who who have no clue what I am rambling on a about are probably not cruising perfume blogs.

I wore the shirt to Vienna a couple of weeks ago.  A childhood friend of mine was playing a solo gig at a club, and we went to see him.  I wore Frederic Malle’s Rose et Cuir, and it blended with the smoke of the venue to perfection, intensifying the “badass” vibe of the scent.   (Do take a look at Claire’s Take One Thing Off  when you have a few minutes.  It is an excellent piece.)


Sat with Wayne Hussey of The Mission former guitarist with The Sisters of Mercy.  Chelsea Club.  Vienna. 

IMG_0783 2.jpg

My White Shirt Perfumes so far include:

IUNX L’eau Baptiste by Olivia Giacobetti.   Orange blossom.  Wheat. Beeswax. As glorious as it sounds.

JORUM STUDIO.  Trimerous by Euan McCall.  “A triptych of veils shading the finest facets of prized orris root.”  (I will write about this at some point, I need time to gather my thoughts.)

NARS:  Audacious by Olivia Giacobetti.   Transparent, incense, frangipani, ylang ylang ….. sandalwood, cedar smoke, musks.  Serene, quite still, but nevertheless quite tenacious on my skin.  I have used my official sample, (2.5ml glass sprayer, pictured) and will buy a bottle.

FREDERIC MALLE.  Rose et Cuir by Jean Claude Ellena.  .  Crushed green stems.  Bourbon Geranium.  Bitter and sweet.  Very adult and extremely elegant.  I have nearly finished my travel.  This was made for me.

Do you have white shirt fragrances?  Is there even such a thing?

Starched Bussis.





39 thoughts on “White Shirts and Perfume.

  1. Yeah, I get it. I’d plump for something aldehydic. And even though the Rose & Cuir doesn’t fall into that category exactly it has that effervescence from the geranium. Or a damn good powder would work a treat.I love white in summer, but I’m a terribly messy individual and am guaranteed to drop something down my front within five minutes of getting dressed. Doesn’t stop me wearing it, though.

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  2. Hey Val,
    I don’t remember when I last wore a white shirt. For decades I had a New Romantic cotton floaty thing with crossed pin tucks down the front that I wore everywhere. It was the best night out dancing, picnicking, shopping, brunching shirt ever. Lent it to a mate and it never came back.
    If I lose another 10kg I might go grab a UniQlo linen one this summer. They are simple and gorgeous and I’m Jonesing one like crazy.
    What frags will I wear with it? Probably Penhaligon’s Savoy Steam, Piguet Notes, Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori and Hermetica The Source.
    They aren’t importing 10ml Rose & Cuir to OZ, I’m bummed.
    Portia xx

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    • Never lend stuff you love to mates. I will have to Google UniQlo, I have no clue what that is. There is something about a white shirt huh? Not quite sure what yet, but I will be finding out. Hahahahaha. I am gonna wear it again in Vienna at the weekend. Going to see The Lumineers. Part of my celebrating turning 60 events. Staying in a hotel and not driving back in the dead of night for a change. Blondeswunder coming along to. Really? No 10ml Malle’s? They really are the best. what about the box of three? You could share them – or are you only getting bottles? Mwah. xxxxx


  3. The only white shirt I own languishes in the back of my closet, I had to buy it for a group event and Haven’t worn it since. Never liked myself in white, and I wore plenty in my concert band days. I’m wearing Philosykos with my imaginary perfect white shirt, though.

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    • I think white is really difficult to wear. The shirt is ok because it is baggy and I can wear a vest/tank (whatever you call them) underneath. But a white t-shirt?? No way. Ever. Never. Another Giacobbetti vote. Nice. 🙂


  4. White makes me look ghastly (I have gray hair too) and I always manage to get a spot, so I don’t own any. But I imagine Ellena and Giacobetti are perfect for starched crispness, as well as perhaps some Comme des Garçons scents. I need to try that Audacious.

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    • It makes me look ghastly too unless I am in the right mood and the right event and as I said with a colored lipstick. No lipstick and it looks just awful. But I am really happy to finally own one that looks like I have had it forever and fits well. Like something I throw on without a second thought. Hahahahahahahahah. Not such a rare event that I have to write a blog post about it, and buy a new lipstick. LMAO. xxxxx


  5. I wear a lot of ironed white shirts to work, and I do find myself gravitating to certain scents when I wear them. Chanel No.5 EDP, No.22 EDT, and Beige EDT; Malle L’eau d’hiver, Prada Infusions d’Iris, and Lutens Encens et Lavande are the ones that come to mind.

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  6. Hey Cassieflower! I have never worn white, as it does not really suit me. But on saying that have coveted a white shirt for years, so I will get over myself and wear it anyway. I will not wear it when I plan to eat anything though. Hahahahahaha. Sure to to cover myself. And getting stains out of black is so much easier than white. Aldehydes. Absolutely. The Rose et Cuir was made for it. xxxx


  7. I wear a lot of white shirts, but very seldom a white outfit. I have different style shirts, some years ago I even had two with double cuffs, so needed cuff links. Apart from stains, I find shirts so easy for work under a kind of blazer. I don’t really mind the ironing either, but the better quality Egyptian cotton is usually the easiest to keep clean and without creases.

    I agree most scents with green, bitter notes would go well with a white shirt. I sometimes use M.Margiela Untitled.Also the tea scents from Bulgari would work well. I’m really curious about that Malle, but don’t want to make a blind buy, given leather in perfume seldom pleases my nose.

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    • Oh. no …not a white outfit. Sheesh. The shirt is already out of my comfort zone tbh … but I am working on it I agree about the cotton, has to be good quality, I see from one that it made a massive difference to the cheaper shirts that I have tried. Greena dnbitter, absolutely. Perhaps you will get a chance to try the Malle at some point – you might be surprised. I really want a bottle of it. If I finish the travel, which I will because I nearly have, I will go for it. It is my favourite perfume in a really really long time. I own nothing like it. xxxxx


  8. I only wear a white shirt when I have to (as part of a referee’s uniform). I’m just not a crisp, ironed sort of person…but I’d choose Vent Vert or Bel Respiro. Greens with a sharp edge.

    Trimeous though, strikes me as a mix of worn-till-soft grey linen and velvet.

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  9. I love white shirts, they are so easy to wear and go so well with jeans. I’ve got several men’s tuxedo shirts in a nice heavy-weight 100% cotton twill (I buy them in the smallest size, but they still have that over-sized look and feel). I like a starchy iris with these. Hiris works great but so does 32 Rue Cambon. In summer, I switch out the heavy twills for linen. For the flowy, lived-in linen I usually end up choosing one of the Hermès Jardins perfumes, or Bel Respiro and 28 La Pausa.


  10. Hi Val, Loved reading this. Back in the day when I worked in Vienna, I wore white shirts all the time with a skirt and blazer. It was wonderful not needing to choose a specific outfit. My all time
    Favorite white shirt perfumes are Chanel No 5 and Chanel 19. Have a great time in Vienna.
    Sandra xo

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  11. Hi Val, of course the white shirt has a special place in the wardrobe. I have several but most of them are the chiffon type that does not require ironing, just a few are cotton ones and I’m having them ironed each time I wear them. If I had to do it myself, I’d stop wearing them immediately.
    White shirts go with classy perfumes: EL White Linen, EL Estee, EL Knowing…or with woody perfumes: Feminite du Bois, Jil Sander III…or with some typical vintage male fragrances: Aramis, Trussardi Uomo, Jazz…

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    • I would love to try white linen again My Aunt sent me a bottle from the US when I was about 17 or so. I remember being the only one who had it, and have no idea if it was available at that time in the UK.
      I have IUNX Blanche on my radar. (My birthday is coming up and I might order the travel …..) Sounds like you have a number of short DS, my one will be more than enough!!! xxx


  12. I do crumpled white linen in summer, but that’s it. I am not a particularly starched — or perhaps better not at all a starched — person. That said, I love the perfumes that evoke starched cotton. I am completely dying to try the Trimerous, but will have to wait until I am in the UK next summer. Also very curious about IUNX. Telling myself waiting is good.

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  13. I love wearing white shirts, jeans, bright red lipstick and a few pieces of Mexican or Navajo silver jewelry. There are photos of Millicent Rogers (1930/40s heiress who had an amazing collection of Southwest Jewelry) wearing a white shirt and armloads full of her jewelry. I love that look – minus the huge, puffiness of the sleeves 🙂 The look needs to be accompanied with a big, bold perfume – maybe Coromandel or a huge floral like Amoureuse!

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    • Hi Eliza! Patchouli and a white shirt is a gorgeous match. I used to wear a ton of silver jewelry — but over the last twenty years or so of running my business, that has stopped. It is a pain to keep taking it off and putting it on again. Maybe I should bother. I love Coromandel in the summer. xxx


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