Ruh by Pekji




Hello friends, it’s Narth here in a very good mood! I was fortunate this week to try Ruh by Pekji. Pekji is a niche house from Turkey with some exciting fragrances that are now more readily available than in their even more niche past.

Ooo Ruh, what have you done to me.. this jubilant fragrance from Pekji is a joy. A very modern Oriental, it briefly reminded me of the original Badgely Mischka but it’s much more exciting!

Ruh by Pekji 2015

Ömer Ipekçi

Ruh by Pekji

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Amber, Cardamom, Coffee, Jasmine, Musk, Oud, Patchouli, Rose, Saffron, Sandalwood

There’s a beautifully rich chocolatey note to start with, like an expensive chocolate truffle. Coming in sharp the top notes are indolic and my first thought was “who wee’d in my chocolate” and then I started laughing because this combination is just delightful. You’ll get a whiff of camphor there too and this adds some excellent structure to the sweetness. The whole thing is both potent an delicious, a powerful scent you don’t need much of but you will want much of! This would be a comforting rich treat in the cold but it’s an all season scent with the heat bringing out its joyful sensuality. I wore it both on a cool day and in a sticky 32C and oh my goodness it made me question why we spray ourselves with heat fighting citruses when we can just lay back and embrace the warmth. The drydown is particularly good for the hot weather and it took me a while to remember what it so strongly reminded me of. It is Juicy Fruit gum. You still have the camphor, the saffron, the backdrop of amber making this a grown up scent but that Juicy Fruit drydown makes this one of the happiest Orientals I’ve ever worn.

Ruh by Pekji

My curiosity about Juicy Fruit had me googling to find what that flavour is and while Wrigley is tight lipped about the details there’s some strong speculations out there.Bananas, pineapples, jackfruit, isoamyl acetate and whisky all feature in this mystery that you can read about in detail here.

All in all Ruh is a beautifully balanced scent, full of nuance, distinction and happiness. Not a somber moment. If you enjoy Orientals, gourmands, fascinating flavour mixes or just being happy and smelling mysteriously fab you must try it! I received three compliments down the pub wearing this, a rare event.

We often think of Florals as the happy scents, what’s your happiest Oriental?

See you in a fortnight,
Narth X

4 thoughts on “Ruh by Pekji

  1. Hey there Narth,
    Omer is such a frag head himself I’m not surprised the fragrances are amazing. While we were in Paris last year Scott and Michael went and smelled the whole range with him and got incredible insights from Omer about how he hoped the collection and specific fragrances would turn out and be taken up by the perfumistas.
    I’m yet to get my sniff on them,
    Portia xx


  2. What a lovely review. You piqued my interest. I don’t like dark ambers but am starting to like sweeter and softer and lighter ambers. *just being happy and smelling mysteriously fab*. works for me! I will keep my eye out for some samples.


    • Hi Maya, I myself am not an amber fan. I even gave away my L’Artisan Amber extreme because I just don’t care to wear them. This was just something very unique, sure it is definitely amber but.. it’s not a big yawn like I find most amber.


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