HYDE by Hiram Green 2018


Val the Cookie Queen


Well Helloooooo APJ.

I am going to be working with Hiram Green in April, at the Esxcence 2020.  It will be for three days, and the first time that I have actually had the opportunity to work full days.  I am so excited.  I love his brand and his work and it will be an privilege to do so.

HYDE by Hiram Green 2018


HYDE.  Lemon, birch tar, cassie, labdanum, vanilla, oakmoss. 











One of my top scents of 2018 Hyde went on to win the Artisan Art and Olfaction Award 2019.  Festivals, leather jackets, incense sticks, malted vanilla.  A vibrant opening, a sultry  woody smokiness, oakmoss clinging at the base.  Challenging, yes,  It will not be for everyone.  But who would want it to be?

Burning Man Bussis


All Photos from Unsplash.  Except the bottle of Hyde, which is mine.


38 thoughts on “HYDE by Hiram Green 2018

  1. Wow, an incredible time for you at Esxcence this year with Hiram Green! Envy!
    His fragrances are gorgeous. My fave is Shangri La, I purchased Lustre this year, and Slowdive on my FB wishlist.

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  2. Hi Val, I admit it was your list of favourite perfumes some months, maybe a year, ago that made me order a sample of Hyde (you influencer 😀 )
    It’s really nothing for the faint of heart. On my skin it is bitter burnt wood, ash and some kind of rubbery smell. The drydown is cozier yet still sooooo ashy and dry. It makes me want to cough after I smell it. I am the experimental type with perfume but this was too much for me 😀
    I think it’s wonderful that you’ll be working with Hiram Green and I hope you’ll be reporting back with your impressions of the other perfumes from the line.

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  3. Great news! One of my current top 3 favourite houses…Hiram couldn’t wish for a better friend/colleague/mate/stand-occupant at Esxcence. Hope for lots of reports and maybe possibly a new addition to Hiram’s perfumes….? Iris?

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  4. I ordered a sample pack from Hiram and was so impressed when the accompanying card was signed by Hiram himself.
    I just spritzed Hyde and waiting to be tamed – sofar it‘s pretty wild and sharp on my skin.
    My fave is Slowdive…

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    • I will definitely get Slowdive when I am down in Milan. I have used up a travel of Arbole and half a full bottle of Lustre. I wear Hyde rarely but that does not dampen my love for it, I jut have t be in the mood. Sometime Chris wears it, but I have to remind him not to spray too much. I hope we manage to meet up this year!! Bussis. xxxx


  5. Hi Val
    This one is a no-no for me. I smelled like my own skin was singed with an overlay of burning tyres. The only Hiram of those I’ve tried that didn’t work for me.

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  6. Like others, Hyde didn’t work on me at all, but I love his line and am super envious of this great opportunity for you! I’ve corresponded with him by email and he is so kind and gracious. I wish him every success.

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    • Hey Tara C! We will have a brilliant time together. He will stand out in the crowd there, and you need to. I helped little last year, as you might remember. But this is gonna be proper work. Cannot wait. 🙂 Hyde is yes or no. I doubt there is any in-between. Lustre is the polar opposite, Dark and light. Love them both. xxx


  7. It’s great that you’ll be helping the brand you love and have emotional connection to. After trying all perfumes from the brand and finding exactly one that I like (and own) – Arbole Arbole, I can tell that this brand isn’t for me, but I’m glad it has many fans and hope that you’ll help them to find even more.

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    • Hi Undina – yep, I hope it pays off for Hiram, people were really interested last year. Unless you have been you cannot imagine what a zoo it is, and how much uhm – does not work on my skin – stuff there is there!! I am looking forward to spending some time with Neela and her husband and a couple of other people too. But it still three months away. Hugs, and a strong coffee, as ever. xxxxx

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  8. Wearing Lustre today as chance would have it. Hyde is a home-time pleasure for me. I am a huge fan of the line and can’t wait to see what’s new.


  9. I bought a decant of Hyde in a hurry thinking it was “the green one” (Arbole) because I associated the name with Hyde Park! When it arrived I was like…ummm what is this? And then I tried it and I died. I was slain by birch tar. But seeing the popularity in this thread I’ll have another go!

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  10. Damn, it sounds like my kind of thing! A friend sent me a sample of Hiram’s Voayge, – can’t wait for it to arrive ’cause it’ll be my first encounter with HG creations!


  11. Hey Val I recently had a quiet day at home and it was no longer sweltering so I tried Hyde again. I had Hyde on one wrist and Papillon Anubis on the other. They started off very very similarly but the Hyde drydown had far more depth. I detected a strong tea base note and some vanilla?! Meanwhile the Anubis was flat. So thanks for this post! I can’t see myself over spraying Hyde but it will definitely be coming out in the winter for more dark smoky, tarry tea nights.


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