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Hello friends, it’s Narth here reminiscing about a recent perfume frenzy in perfumeland. I was walking past a small perfume stand in a shopping centre, the sort with everything ON SPECIAL and where at times some real gems show up. Stuck in the middle of all the Joops and Rober Cavallis was a Guerlain I had never noticed before and it was only 20.00! After a bit of phone research I bought it, ripped it open and sprayed myself all over. This was fantastic! I posted about it in perfumeland and seemingly simultaneously did many other people. And that’s when the frenzy began as information flew about as to where to find more bottles, could you still buy it on the website? Was it really that wonderful? Were we all lemmings? It was fabulously fun and I bought five, three for myself and two for gifts.

Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cologne 2015

The Frenzy and The King

Top: Orange, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Grapefruit
Middle: Almond, Neroli
Base: White Musk, Vetiver

This scent, now sadly discontinued is a multifaceted freshie which truly has earned the moniker THE KING because it’s such a wonderfully affordable treasure. It’s bright and creamy, not in stages but all the way through. The almond is impressive. It’s not a marzipan but rather the white smooth interior of the nut. That and the white musk are always there, providing a beautiful backdrop to the citrus. It’s a fantastic hot weather scent and on cooler days it surprises with its depth.

Perfume frenzies are a lot of fun.. and a lot of pain, depending on your wallet and how likely you are to have regrets over being caught up in them. During my BPAL days I was on that frenzy train monthly. Yes there’s an addictive element, a definite high with the ordering, the searching, the speculating about notes. Nowadays these bursts of excitement mostly pass me by. I’ll look at my phone and whatever amazing thing appeared is already gone. And while I’m okay about that because I am now supposedly a responsible consumer of perfume I very much enjoyed my Guerlain L’Homme IDEAL frenzy and if I find another one I’ll be buying it!

Tell me your perfume frenzy stories, triumphs or tragic misses!

Bye for now,
Narth xx

10 thoughts on “L’Homme Ideal Cologne by Guerlain

  1. I have been curious about this one for a while because of the almond note. No more frenzies for me. With all the daily new releases it’s too overwhelming. And 99 percent of the new stuff I have had the good fortune to sample thanks to my APJ family doesn’t really knock my socks off. I guess after half a century of perfume wearing I have become a bit jaded LOL 🤣 😂


    • I agree with you. After so much testing, nothing catches my attention anymore. And I have not even tried 1% of what you have. I am glad to hear the new stuff has not impressed you much. Money saved, my friend! 😉


  2. I happened upon this one at Marshall’s for about $20 so I immediately bought it unsniffed. Fortunately I really enjoy it and can share with my son. I won’t try to replace it though- I’m done with the frenzy too!

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  3. Hey there Narth,
    I LOVED this being so cheap and bought a few as gifts. All received excitedly.
    I’d already paid full retail for mine, it still wasn’t ridiculously expensive even then.
    I think there’s one last bottle here unopened that will make someone’s birthday special.
    Portia xx


  4. Yes Portia I’ve gifted mine but if I see them again I will be stocking up for future gifts. DJ’s has them at full price but what’s the fun in that!


  5. I got caught up in this sale too. I didn’t lash out, just buying one bottle. I agree with your review; it’s a great hot weather scent, but a bit different to the citrus bombs and oceanic “sport” fragrances typically sold as summer scents.


  6. I grabbed a couple of bottles when they were $20. I found the L’Homme Ideal range quite hit and miss. EDP and L’Intense are great, Sport and Cool are horrible and the EDT and this are somewhere in between. Definitely a good fragrance for the price but I wouldn’t have paid full retail.


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