Scent Diary: 27.1-2.2.2020




Hey there APJ Crew,

Where the hell did January go? It’s just flown by. Finally back in drag this week. Wore a bunch of favourite fragrances, opened a new weekly event, hung a bit with Jin and our mates and generally had a pretty chill week. Biggest drama being out China & North Korea legs of the February trip cancelled because of coronavirus.

Scent Diary: 27.1-2.2.2020

Monday 27:

This morning I was up till about 2am doing the clothes and linen washing, changed the bed sheets and towels. Hung it all out to dry. In between I was organising TRIVIA Q&A.

I’m sad: That Bettina Arndt, pro pedophile and abuse advocate, won an Australia day award yesterday speaks volumes about who is in power to choose such things and tarnishes the institution.

I slept right through all the Aquarobics classes for today. DAMNIT!

Up around 11am, Jin had come home from work fun the early hours but I didn’t even notice him getting into bed. Woke up sweating, SO HOT!

Vacuumed the house. I’m so sweaty it’s like I just got out of a pool.

Jin put the AC on dry mode. Blessed relief.

Made us a chicken and salad lunch from leftovers.

Jin went back to bed.

SOTDay: Love Mimosa by Amouage. A refreshing and beautiful blast of cooling floral gorgeousness. Dewy and crisp mimosa with a very light honeyed taint.


WOW! Trivia Q&A done & dusted by 9pm. Just got to send everything out to the crew.

Watched Sex Education on Netflix. On to the second season and everything is making So Much more sense now I’ve fully watched season one.

SOTEvening: Liberté by Cacharel. LOADS of it.

It’s humid like the tropics but unlike them there won’t be a night storm to cool and dry the air. After walking the dogs I am dripping wet, wringing wet. HA! Some under the fan time I think and some more Netflix.

SOTNight: Niki de Saint Phalle. All the chore goodness, dry, green and mossy. This is my bottle gifted from Scotty. It’s fricken GORGEOUS!

Suddenly it’s nearly 3am.

SOTBed: Zephyr by Teone Reinthal. A boozy resinous fragrance with hummus rich earthiness and dark animalics. Poopy white flowers and vanilla underneath.

Tuesday 28:

Up early and off to Aquarobics. It was a good class today.

SOTMorning: Nuda by Nasomatto. ALL the jasmine

Home and did some blogging.

Jin woke up around 10.30am and we hung for a while. He brought me a surprise bunch of Muraya flowers from his walk. Gorgeous breathy white flowers that have thoroughly taken over my office. MAGIC!

I went back to bed. Slept like dead people.

Walked the dogs in the baking midday sun.

SOTAfternoon: 4711 Remix Cologne. A joyous pop of citrus. Refreshing and fun.

BATHTIME! Today I had a cool bath. It was perfect and I feel so much better for it. Shaped and shaved the beard. Got myself feeling gorgeous.

SOTDay: Futur by Robert Piguet

OPENING NIGHT in the new Club Parramatta was fun. Obviously there were some trials and tribulations. People hate change and are vocal about it. We muddled through with a fabulous room full, 61 players.

Got home. chatted with Jin, watched some Korean TV, did some computer stuff.

Saw this and had to share.

SOTBed: Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations. Citrus, radiant white flowers and a very pretty rose float effortlessly over a woodsy marzipan. Beautiful and sparkling but rather than refreshing it’s cozy and comfortable.

Wednesday 29:

My body seems to be craving sleep above all else. I was in bed by about 1am, slept till 11am. Woke up feeling heavy with sleep. Beautiful.

SOTMorning: 24 Faubourg by Hermès

Faffed around a bit. SUDDENLY IT WAS TIME TO LEAVE!

Got dressed so quickly, gave my teeth a clean and heard the bus come just as I was putting my shoes on. DAMNIT! I drove to Westfields and parked then walked to the train.

High Tea at the Sir Stamford with my gorgeous mate Kerri. We had the loveliest time. So much chatter and catching up. I also learned about her childhood and added layers and layers to my knowledge. Amazing. Excellent way to spend an hour & a half.
For those worried about my diabetes, only ate the savoury level and the scones. Kerri took the sweet plate stuff home to her partner.

SOTAfternoon: Blackbird by Olympic Orchids. Kerri happened to have her bottle. I absolutely adore it. Clever fragrance, smells amazing.

Train back to Parramatta. For over four hours at Westfields cost me only $11! WINNING!

I went straight to work. So busy tonight. Almost every table was taken and some of my favourite hotties were in the house. YAY!

Home. Fed & walked the dogs.

Faffed about for a while.

SOTBed: Adjatay by The Different Company. Leather and white flowers.

Thursday 30:

Bloody 2.30am and I can’t sleep. ANNOYING!

SOTInsomnia: Truth or Dare by Madonna. WHITE FLOWERS and stuff.

Up and out to Aquarobics. I drove the car today. There is a lot of ground to cover that would be excruciating on public transport.

SOTDay: Sampaquita by Ormonde Jayne

Met my mates April and Julie for our monthly lunch catch up. SO MUCH chatter I forgot to take pics.

Met my school buddy David for coffee. He’s moved back to Sydney and I’m really excited to hang with him.

Came home. Had a quick rest & organised myself for trivia.

21st Century Trivia opened tonight at Club Parramatta! We had 36 players on 11 tables. Unbelievably good result for the first evening. I’m so excited and happy. Even Jin came along to support it.

Came home and I fed & walked the dogs. Did well over 9000 steps today PLUS my Aqua class.

SOTEvening: Sang Bleu by Le Galion

Had some Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls for dinner.

Chatted to Jin for a while.


Friday 31:

Woke up around 9am.

SOTMorning: Oriental Mint by Phaedon

Lunch with Sharon & Paul. Saw their new, fabulous house by the beach. AMAZING!

Catch up with Andrea & Ian.


SOTEvening: 1957 by CHANEL. Still no idea why I love it as much as I obviously do.


Saturday 1:

OMG! It’s a fiery furnace out there today. 46C (nearly 115f). Just walked the dogs slowly around the park, came back wringing wet with sweat.

SOTMorning: Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations. Leaning into the heat with this spicy rose and all the trimmings.

Had Yum Cha with Jin, Michael & Hyun. Excellent fun.

Jin wants a sound bar for the TV. He is slowly getting deafer and needs the extra volume. This is Bose but I think we are going in another direction.

HOME> SWEATING! Slept under the fan.

Dinner with Jin Alice & Kath. These three people are special to me.

Jin booked our European flights tonight. We are off in November!


SOTNight: I Am Trash by Etat Libre d’Orange. If I lost my whole collection the this is a rebuff in the first week. I love its citrussy flowers.

Sunday 2:

SOTDay: Madame Rochas by Rochas


02.02.2020 seems like a fairly auspicious day to announce change.


This will be the last month of Australian Perfume Junkies. It’s come up for renewal and after 8 years we’re done. We started 29.2.2012. It’s been amazing. YOU lot are amazing.

SOTD will move in March to Perfume Posse
Mood Scent 4 will move in March to A Bottled Rose
Scent Diary and Saturday Question (after you all gave me 100 fabulous new ones too) will go the way of the dodo

Australian Perfume Junkies has been an amazing place, created friendships all around the world, been fun, torturous, amazing, wonderful, crazy and challenging.
So many incredible contributors, commenters, perfumes and perfumers. Our last four standing; Narth, Sandra, Val the Cookie Queen and myself love you all so much and thank you from the top to bottom of our hearts.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

106 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 27.1-2.2.2020

  1. Big big news!
    How will I live without your scent diaries Portia!!
    I have learnt so much and enjoyed myself…also love all the comments and discussions through words describing scents…
    The world is changing gotta get used to it…

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  2. I wondered if something was wrong when I didn’t see your usual post in Aussie Fragrance Network.
    I can’t take it all in yet but will say two things.
    Thank you Portia, for your incredible generosity in sharing your life and thoughts and collection. I can’t tell you how I will miss the Scent Diary. I feel like I have gotten to know you and I will miss you and your stories, your love for Jin, family and friends.
    I know you love the interaction If APJ but I’m guessing you will enjoy a little more time for yourself, or to redirect to the many interests and people in your life.
    Thank you everyone who chimes in and gives little bits of themselves to all of us.
    I’ve been a bit teary this week and now with this I’ve hit the wall, but will come back soon to read how everyone is going.

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    • Hey Sue,
      Yeah. I’ll miss the Scent Diary too. It’s been a fun way to catalogue both my adventures and perfume choices. This family will now change a bit but we’ll see each other around the traps, especially the SOTD thread when it moves to Perfume Posse.
      The hope is that I’ll spend some more time looking after my businesses and grow them again for a few years. They have languished a little and need some love.
      Hugs and love for your teary week and sorry to add to the feeling.
      Portia xx

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  3. Ohhh but your scent diary is my favourite part! I love the slice of life. I’m going to miss APJ, and I’ve only been following for a fraction of the time others have. I suppose if you go a few months and miss it, you could always start it back up? But I appreciate that making the choice and having clarity can be such a relief. Wishing you all the best. Xx

    P.S. Surprise flowers are the best! ❤

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  4. This news has made me a bit sad, this is one of the few perfume blogs I still follow as I learn something every time and no one takes it all too seriously.
    I am glad you will still have an online presence though, and best of luck with the other ventures.
    Hugs from Perth

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  5. Very sorry to hear this but totally understand. Will miss reading your blog a lot even though I seldom comment!
    Very best of luck for the future.

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  6. Devastated by this news… have been reading for years. Don’t always comment but enjoy the read… all the best Portia xx


  7. I KNEW something was up, Portia! Was going to write you an email and ask, but then decided not to bother in case you had something major to deal with. Thank you for everything you’ve done, I’m happy to have met so many beautiful people here, you’re an incredible community.
    I hope to see you guys on IG so it’s not really a goodbye, and I’m wishing the very best to each and every one of you. Lots of love.

    PS Safe travels, Portia!

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  8. What! No more APJ 😢 Congratulations tho, you have done well with your APJ Much love always, Aunty Tracey xxxx 💕🌺🌴

    Sent from my iPad


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  9. I’m devasted to read your news. This is my favourite Saturday/ Sunsday reads. I’ve enjoyed all the input from posters and learned about new to me perfumes. I feel that I know you all even though we’ve never met. I feel very sad this morning ….boo hoo.
    I wish you every success in any new ventures. XXXXXXX

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      • I know we wont lose you completly, but it won’t seem the same. In my shock at reading your news I forgot to thank you for my wins.You introduced me to lots of other perfume houses. I’ll also miss seeing the pics of you and Jin with all your lovely friends.You and Jin are surrounded by love.
        Once again I wish you and Jin much love and happiness not to mention great success in your new ventures.
        Hugs and Kisses XXXXXXX

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  10. Portia, thank you for all your time invested in hosting APJ and sharing your life with us. I am saddened that this weekly get together is ending; however, I understand the huge time investment for you and the need to move on and focus on other interests. I look forward to reading your posts on Perfume Posse if you remain a contributor, and wish you and Jin all the best in the future. Hopefully your perfume shop will one day become a reality! I will miss you, and all the commenters. xoxo

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  11. Oh nooooooo ….. I am so very sad. I will miss you – and not just for the perfume, but for news of you and Jin, your fantastic travels and sage comments on life, the universe and everything. I hope you will still pop up on other blogs so I can get my Portia fix.

    Thank you for the journey. All the best to you, Jin and the beautiful dogs.

    With love

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    • Hey there Jillie,
      Sorry to upset you.
      Yes, there will be loads of me around still but without the time burden of keeping a blog afloat.
      You’ll still get most of the gossip and Jin will be making regular cameo appearances.
      Hugs and love to you.
      Portia xx


  12. Now that I’ve gone and digested this I’m back to say a big thank you for all your efforts, and no doubt at times it has been an effort. It has been an amazing place to hang out for the last couple of years, and it has been so informative but above all FUN. We’re all going to miss you, and each other, too. You can concentrate your energy on your business and have more time for enjoying your life and loves. You’re a very generous soul and I hope that will always be reciprocated. You can bow out gracefully on a high rather than fading away. I’m missing you already💋💋💋

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    • Cassieflower,
      I will miss you and the girls bantering every week. Fortunately SOTD will still be alive on Perfume Posse. We will still be meeting up there and chatting, shit talking and making ridiculous typos. A new beginning.
      You’re the bomb, we won’t lose touch.
      Portia xx


  13. Nooooo! But of course, I fully respect your wish to move on, I’m just being sad. Thank you SO much for all the fun I’ve had and things I’ve learned here! Thanks for always encouraging me on my own little blogging journey, and my travels down the rabbit-hole of fragrance! Maybe you’d like to do an occasional guest celebrity post at Serenity Now? I’ll PM you! Wow, eight years — you should be so proud of the delightful community you’ve built here at APJ. I’ve loved the glimpses of your life and friends in Australia. Thank you especially for sharing Jin with us, and your love story. They have been a highlight of APJ for me. Love to you both!

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  14. My last CQ post will be on Tuesday. Nearly 6 years to the day of my first post. I will write my goodbyes then. Tune in. I have no memories of my life before APJ, and my dearest friends have come because of APJ. But the beat will go on. ❤️

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  15. Portia, you and your blog will be missed so much!! I have enjoyed reading your scent diary, and the photos of you and Jin and your perfumes and travels. I wish you the very best!


  16. I’m not gonna lie, this sucks 😢. But then again, I understand completely. So often, I have read your well-crafted replies to us, marvelling at the time you devote. I’m especially thinking of your return comments on the Scent Diary. It’s a labour of love. Make no doubt about it though, those comments were greatly appreciated and your efforts did not go unnoticed.
    APJ has been a wonderful place to chat and hang out, thanks in no small part to your generosity. And HUMOUR! That sense of fun carried over into our SOTD comments, with posts that often had nothing to do with perfume, but everything to do with sharing laughs and camaraderie.
    I’ve had a splendid time here and for that I am grateful to you and all the terrific people I have enjoyed. My Sunday mornings will change. Your Scent Diary was appointment reading for me. I will miss popping in on SOTD to read what everyone was up to, but the time I have spent here has left me enriched. Thank you Portia 😘

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  17. Utter sadness. Just when I feel like I became a member of this family. Thank you, Portia. I got to know you through this blog and hope to always remain friends. I will miss the news of you and Jin, your travels and fragrances and dinner parties. You inspired me so much. Many blind buys I made and love are because of what you wore. On to your next adventure! Enjoy.


  18. Dear Portia,

    Good luck to you – whatever you’re going to concentrate your efforts on next. I hope, it’s something wonderful.

    Thank you for these eight years: they were great, and I fully appreciate all the soul and efforts you put into APJ.

    I’m extremely sad. I so used to your blog being here – even when I didn’t have time to comment, but it was fun to read – thank you for sharing sparks from your life with us, we all will miss it. But I still hope we’ll meet one day.

    I’m not sure if your APJ family would want that, but I could offer my blog as a platform for a weekly Question: I always liked that feature on Olfactoria’s Travels first and then on APJ.

    Love you.

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    • OMG! Undina,
      that’s a terrific idea.
      We just got HUNDREDS of new ideas for Saturday Questions. I’ve copied them all down and they’re ready to go.
      It’s so easy for me to send you the template and you can make it your own.
      YOU have been the life and saviour of APJ. One of the very first people to join us and comment.
      THANK YOU!

      We need to get this PureDistance adventure done this month if we can, or I’ll pop it onto Perfume Posse if not.

      All the love in the world to you my dear friend.
      Portia xx

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      • We definitely can! I’ll e-mail everyone tomorrow, and we’ll set the date. Maybe it’ll be the last (or one of?) draw on APJ.

        And I still demand that rain check on meeting with you (and Jin) 😉

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    • Very good idea! Plus you reminded me of another blog (Olfactoria’s Travels) and how I was looking for a new blog to read once that blog had to stop. I guess we always have to expect change!

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  19. Oh Portia I completely get it but I will miss you, Val, Jin, the dogs and all commenters greatly. You have been one of my life’s pleasures! I regularly quote I am percolating to my husband so you will remain part of my life! I do hope the weekly question will move to Undina so we can keep meeting up. It is sad to see another much loved blog go. I still hope we will meet sometime, maybe with Val in Amsterdam! Please keep visiting the other blogs, look after your gorgeous husband and lots of hugs and thanks for all the joy you brought. Xxxxx

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    • Hey Hamamelis,
      YAY! Percolating an idea is the best way to describe waiting for it to be ready. I’m glad you have picked up this Portia idiom. Saying it makes sense of my need to shelve ideas till they’re ready for easy action.
      Amsterdam is on the cards in 2021. We have a BUNCH of people to see in the area and it will be a perfect rallying point. I’ll keep you posted.
      Portia xx


  20. Portia xxxx
    I know you’ve still got a month up your sleeve, but it’s been a joy to have been involved with and contribute to APJ. Congrats on a wonderful 8 years! Amazing!
    Chat soon, lots of love
    Tina G xx


  21. Sad and shocking news! Despite being part of this APJ family for a very short period of time, I enjoyed this blog immensely. The Saturday Question along with the Scent Diary were my favorite readings. Portia, you are a wonderful human being and I learned a lot from your generosity, kindness and the great value that you give to friendship. Thank you! I will miss you a lot, but at the same time I am happy that you have decided to start a new decade with new changes that will bring brighter and better personal and professionals opportunities to you and Jin. You deserve it! Lots of blessing and keep going! I wish you the very best today and always! ❤🌷🙋‍♀️

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    • Sorry PL67,
      It’s been fabulous having you in the family, even though it’s been briefer than we expected.
      We will see each other in a bunch of different places, never fear. We are even talking of coming to Canada in 2021 for our 10 year anniversary.
      Portia xx


  22. I too am sad, as the Scent Diary is my all-time favourite perfume reading. Thank you all for the fun posts and comments on AJP, and see you around in perfume-land.

    P.S. It seems anti-climactic to mention, but this week I’ve been working on my decant of Beige edt…


  23. I am going to miss reading this blog. What a great sense of community, warmth, love and – of course – wonderful perfume advice. It has meant a lot to share in all of the wonderful stores and life adventures. Best wishes to everyone!

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  24. Ahhhhhhh, your journey is ending at APJ but this should not be surprising as such is life. It is not easy to manage a blog and life keeps taking new turns. Will miss it a lot.


  25. Thanks for everything you do Portia. I haven’t been here long but I will definitely miss this place. Best of luck for the next chapter 🙂


  26. Thank you so much for the time & energy you’ve dedicated to giving us such joy. Best of luck to you all. I will miss your posts – always so interesting & informative.


  27. Congratulations on 8 years and to new beginnings, Portia! I will miss APJ, Scent Diary being one that I always made time to read. I’m glad I met you and Jin in 2014, one of the highlights of an otherwise very dark year for me. Much love to you, Jin and the APJ gang, writers and commenters alike!

    P.S. I like Undina’s suggestion of Undina’s Looking Glass hosting Saturday Question!

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  28. Portia, you truly are a star. Have loved reading about you, your adventures and amazing scents. You were and are my inspiration to wear more than one perfume a day. Know you have created an absolutely amazing space, filled with so many friendly and lovely people. Sent with hugs xx

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  29. Oh my Portia!!!
    Well, congratulations on an amazing 8 years. I’ve very rarely commented but I’ve visited your site almost daily since you’ve started. You have such a wonderful wit, knowledge, sense of humour and your amazing wonderfully open loving heart. It’s been so fun to get a peek at what life might be like way over there in Australia, dreaming with you about all the perfumes, travelling with you to so many different places. Coming along with you as you visit with so many of your friends and family. I’ve thrilled to see your relationship with Jin bloom and grow and loved hearing about your work adventures, property owning enterprises, and dog tales. You’ve even inspired me to pull up my socks a little in the diet, and exercise along with you as you shared your story about your health adventures.
    Through knowing you on this site I’ve found you to be such a generous, graceful and joyous presence. It’s been wonderful of you to share your life so thoughtfully. Your site has been so positive and welcoming and I’ve felt like a part of your bountiful family and I will definitely miss it. You’ve made the world a better place. Thank you so much!
    I wish you all the best in your further adventures
    Sonoma Velvet


  30. Like many others I’m sad know this friendly place will soon be history. I want to thank you,Portia, for giving us glimpses of what’s going on in your life and answering so many comments every week. I have been educated, challenged and I’ve most of all had fun.

    I’m glad to see you have returned to aquarobics, and hope you will have time in the months to come to keep up the good work! Best of luck also with strengthening your business in the years to come, providing work for others and yourself.


  31. Coming in late to add to the thanks for the wonderful space you have created here Portia! It blows my mind your generosity with your time and talent and perfume and I am so happy to have had the chance to hang around with you virtually!

    PS Mohur is the bomb. But you know that. Wore it and the Mohur extrait this weekend and it made me truly happy.


  32. I’m sad to see APJ go, what a lovely and positive place it has been, and what fun to follow your adventures every week. I do understand the enormous time commitment and I know we will still see you in all of the other places. Looking forward to Saturday questions on Undina’s blog! The landscape has changed so much over the last few years so we who love the written word all should treasure the blogs we have!


    • Hey MMKinPA,
      You have been one of the vertebrae in the backbone of APJ for such a long time. Thank you.
      Yes, the connection and voices have been slowly fading as quicker, less interactive ways to shout to the universe are becoming more popular. We have lived through a golden age and must keep on reading and commenting all over the place to keep it alive.
      Portia xx


  33. APJ has been the best place on the internet for me. I can’t express how much I love my APJ family; y’all hold a piece of heart. I will miss you. 💕

    Portia- thank you for creating this magic, magic place. I love you so much. I wish you & Jin amazing adventures & hope to meet you in Sydney or Canberra someday soon. 😘


  34. I don’t know how long it’s been since I “popped on over”, but I know that for quite a few years now this site has been my go-to perfume blog–because it’s entertaining, fun and informative, but also honest and heart-felt. Thanks for providing us a glimpse into your life. Best wishes always to you and Jin. ❤


  35. Hello gorgeous.

    This is devastating news…

    Thank you for creating and maintaining a fragrant and safe corner in the cyberspace for as long as you have. I am one of the fortunate ones who have met you in person through APJ…

    XXX… T


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