Padre Aura: Nera Orchidea Candle + Discount Code




Hi there crew,

My mate Thierry is director at City Perfume. Recently I was coffee-ing with him and he was really excited about his line of candles. Full of enthusiasm, Thierry has worked hard to make quality products at an affordable price. Going through the range together it was easy to become bundled up in his joy and they do smell good.

Padre Aura Nera Orchidea Triple Scented Soy Candle

The line is based on fragrances, it’s a cool concept. They take a few popular perfumes from the same genre and create an analogous simple scent that has a few of the crossover notes. So the candle I chose, Padre Aura: Nera Orchidea, has a few notes from Tom Ford Black Orchid, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, Narciso Rodriguez and Bvlgari Jasmin Noir. While it smells unlike any one of them particularly it does resemble parts all of them.

Padre Aura: Nera Orchidea gives a fruit sweetness over spicy white florals and vanilla.

One of the things I like about these candles is they don’t have the heavy, thick scent trails so many other brands leave. I don’t want my apartment overtaken by candle fragrance, what I want is a scent to neutralise man, food and dog smells and leave the place smelling fresh, inviting and loved. Padre Aura: Nera Orchidea does this perfectly. Burn the candle for an hour till the top of the wax is liquid, then blow it out. The warm wax will continue scenting your home for a couple of hours afterwards at a low level.

You get approximately 80 hours burn time and with the double wick the wax melts nearly to the edges. The wick doesn’t discolour the candle and there is only a little smoking at blow out. There are a bunch of selections in the range that are similar to such fragrant luminaries as Coco Mademoiselle, Alien, Aventus, Spice Bomb and many more.

City Perfume has offered APJ readers a 10% DISCOUNT CODE* (AFG17) and FREE AUSTRALIAN EXPRESS SHIPPING if you spend over $150

Padre Aura: Nera Orchidea is $59/400gm

So what is your candle of choice?
Portia xx


*Discount excludes CHANEL products

NEW! Pierre Guillaume presents L’Atmosphere


Post by Portia


Woo Hoo!
Sexy man and grande perfumer Pierre Guillaume presents his newest idea. It’s about ambient scent and they look fantastic. Can’t wait to try them. I’ve copied and pasted the bits I thought were fabulously exciting from the Press Release.

The 240g Cruise Collection Scented Candles : ARUBA, AMSTERDAM, HIBISCUS, LEAF, SAÏGON and TAÏGA, propose to shade the room with a touch of exoticism, as visual as olfactive.

La Gachette (the trigger) 500ml, available with 4 fragrances : HIBISCUS, LEAF, SAÏGON and TAÏGA, set an olfactive ambience with just a gesture from the index.

Pierre Guillame Facebook 1

Pierre Guillaume presents L’Atmosphere

latmosphere-par-pierre-guillaume screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-12-04-23-pm screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-11-55-24-am


Nocturne. Ainslie Walker for Alexi Freeman


Post by Ainslie Walker


Hello my favourite fragrant folk!

Earlier this year I developed a fragrance to accompany the scenic launch of Australian fashion designer, Alexi Freeman’s latest collection. The scent was released ambiently during the catwalk showing of White Noise trans-seasonal 2016 on the clifftops at MONA Museum, Hobart – possibly the most southern and most scenic catwalk in fashion history!

“As daylight shifts to the still of night, silhouettes move upon a cliff face. Ultra violet light reflects from pale, voluminous and translucent threads. Nearby vineyard fruits sweeten the air. Vapor escapes from shimmering bitumen. White leather treads, pulsing the earths surface. Light amber woods waft upwards carrying the salted air if the river towards us. Soon darkness reigns, broken only by the glimmer of the star filled sky”

Byron Myers, Alexi Freeman, Ainslie Walker

MONA is one of the worlds most iconic Art Museums. I am honored to have been the first ‘fragrance artist’ to scent the iconic outdoor space. Here’s hoping there will be more scent events at MONA in the future! Over a few glasses of the local Pinot Noir I talked to owner, art collector David Walsh, discussing ‘scent as art.’ David finds wearing perfume “misleading.” He likes to smell the “natural scent of a person,” deeming it sexy, rather than “a false mask that wears off and is no longer there in the morning.” We discussed basic instincts and attraction in humans and the potential to find a lover attractive due to their natural odor and how wearing fragrance can potentially mess with proceedings and attract the wrong person! (The concept of odiferous ‘beer goggles?!’)

Curator Brian Ritchie (ex bassist Violent Femmes!!)

The event was curated by Brian Ritchie, ex-bassist for The Violent Femmes. Each day as he passed by me he opened his collar for a few squirts of Nocturne and a giggle. He loved it and even read it’s description out for the whole crowd!! (My teenage-90s-grunge inner child SQUEALED all the while, believe me!)

Ambient scent plug tested by MONA officials

Morag from Aussie Fragrance Network Facebook Group came along to the show with her daughter and here she describes the evening:

“We walked uphill from the bitumen car park past lawns and sculptures. Looking out over the river we watched the mix of fashionistas and conventionally styled audience members drift in. We took our seats on heated benches beneath the ** installation, to wait for the fashion show to begin.

We basked in the change from daylight to night, watching the silhouette of gum trees against a darkening sky. The sculpture’s coloured lights shifted through the rainbow, whilst seamlessly melding with the sky.

All the while, the air was filled with colour, Ainslie Walker’s Nocturne. Rich, luscious fruits and florals – deeply velvet. Byron Meyer produced accompanying soundscapes which in turn carried ethereal gowns, white on white, floating and gliding past us: Alexi Freeman’s White Noise collection. Shorts and tank tops, beautiful gauzy dresses over bodysuits threaded with silver and textural contrasts of leather and perspex glowed under UV, surrounded by the darkness of night.

A feast for all the senses. A subtle fusing and truly experiential. A sensory experience full of provocation.

Wearing Ainslie’s Nocturne, I am transported to that evening and beyond. Because what I smelt that night was just the beginning. On the skin, the scent is much much more. After the voluptuous ripeness dissipates, there is a calm quiet center of gentle leather and musk. The easing into the night after a spectacular sunset.”

Nocturne. Ainslie Walker for Alexi Freeman

Nocturne Vial 2

Nocturne Vial

APJ READERS OFFER: contact Ainslie Walker to order sampler in card, including postage for $20

Nocturne Ltd edition Candles $65 Ainslie Walker

Nocturne Ltd edition Candles $65 Ainslie Walker 2

Nocturne limited edition candle from Ainslie Walker or Alexi Freeman’s Studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Limited edition Nocturne parfum via emailing

PS big thanks to Morag for her support and story xx

Please tell me about a scent installation you’ve attended?

Xx Ainslie

All Photos donated by Ainslie Walker

MUD01: Mud Australia Candle by Ainslie Walker 2014

Hey there APJ Family & Friends,

One of our very own APJ correspondents, Ainslie Walker (Jasmine Award Winner 2014), has been working for nearly a year closely with the Mud Australia crew designing a fragrance and creating a candle and beautiful ceramic/porcelain re-usable vase/candle/container. I have been lucky enough to be a watcher and listener through this process. Much trial and error, some highs and a bunch of lows as the wick, soy, fragrance, vessel all had to undergo testing and retesting till it is exactly how Ainslie envisioned and Mud Australia was thrilled. Then the packaging became its own separate drama.

Finally I am extremely proud to announce….

MUD01: Mud Australia Candle by Ainslie Walker 2014

Ainslie gives these featured accords in one line (the extended notes list for perfumistas): Tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom, tolu balsam, fresh green ginger, warm spices, cinnamon, clove, prune


MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #4Photo Donated by Ainslie Walker

From Ainslie Walker’s site: Tuberose, green ginger, tolu resin and spices were fused to encapsulate a warm, sensual, feminine, gently spiced, green-floral scent for the home. In developing this fragrance for Mud Australia I wanted also to represent the smooth, innerside of Mud Australia’s iconic porcelain, so focused on a creamy texture to the scent.
Handmade in Australia, each soyblend candle is presented in Mud Australia’s unique porcelain vessels, with five colourways available (dust, milk, red, slate and ash). After burning, these vessels can be reused, utilising Mud01 candle refills or as a vase etc for the home.
Each candle comes with a small mud sniffer plate to place candle on, and cover when not in use. Candle burn time is 80 hours.

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #7Photo Donated by Ainslie Walker

Just so you know I am quite superstitious and have some very embarrassing beliefs around the burning of candles. Yes I’ll share them. Firstly, I believe that the light attracts good energy and prosperity into the house. Secondly, I believe the flame helps to burn the bad energy and the heat in the air and fragrance (smoke too if burning incense) captures bad energy to ground and neutralise it. Not only bad energy but all other bad odours etc that could be lingering or lurking. What I want from a candle then is scented but not overpowering, clear the air not perfume it heavily.

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #3Photo Donated by Ainslie Walker

Though Ainslie mentions tuberose as her number one ingredient, and yes there is a lovely warm, creamy, white flower sensuality to MUD01 I find it to be a fully rounded balmy and spicy fragrance. The candle is quite fragrant on its own but until you light the wick you miss out on some really gorgeous smoky overtones that heat and relax the whole fragrance. Here we have a perfect synergy at work and my room smells freaking amazing. Maybe I need to change my list for a candle, I am surrounded by the most beautiful fragrance. I could imagine this being the signature fragrance for my home. People would smell it every time they walked in and it would become the scent memory of home. Then, should they be lucky enough to be given a MUD01 candle, or purchase one, the fun and good times we have at our place would be a forever memory that would make them smile down the ages.

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #2Photo Donated by Ainslie Walker

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #1Photo Donated by Ainslie Walker

I love that the vessel is refillable and that it can be used as a vase, toothbrush holder or glass: the porcelain is 100% food approved. Shiny on the inside and matt on the outside, which Mud Australia is famous for. All hand made so each vessel is slightly different, unique and created with love.

Ainslie Walker has MUD01 candles $100 (min. burn time 80 hours), refills $60 (min. burn time 100 hours)

SPECIAL APJ OFFER: Add Coupon Code: APJMUD01 and Ainslie will add 5ml of her original Parfum that was the inspiration for MUD01: Mud Australia Candle

From Ainslie they come beautifully gift wrapped and she can send to the world as a wonderful gift for someone you love, or yourself.

Mud Australia stores/stockists are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Soho, New York.

BRAVO Ainslie. I am so happy for you and proud to be your buddy.
Portia xx