MUD01: Mud Australia Candle by Ainslie Walker 2014

Hey there APJ Family & Friends,

One of our very own APJ correspondents, Ainslie Walker (Jasmine Award Winner 2014), has been working for nearly a year closely with the Mud Australia crew designing a fragrance and creating a candle and beautiful ceramic/porcelain re-usable vase/candle/container. I have been lucky enough to be a watcher and listener through this process. Much trial and error, some highs and a bunch of lows as the wick, soy, fragrance, vessel all had to undergo testing and retesting till it is exactly how Ainslie envisioned and Mud Australia was thrilled. Then the packaging became its own separate drama.

Finally I am extremely proud to announce….

MUD01: Mud Australia Candle by Ainslie Walker 2014

Ainslie gives these featured accords in one line (the extended notes list for perfumistas): Tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom, tolu balsam, fresh green ginger, warm spices, cinnamon, clove, prune


MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #4Photo Donated by Ainslie Walker

From Ainslie Walker’s site: Tuberose, green ginger, tolu resin and spices were fused to encapsulate a warm, sensual, feminine, gently spiced, green-floral scent for the home. In developing this fragrance for Mud Australia I wanted also to represent the smooth, innerside of Mud Australia’s iconic porcelain, so focused on a creamy texture to the scent.
Handmade in Australia, each soyblend candle is presented in Mud Australia’s unique porcelain vessels, with five colourways available (dust, milk, red, slate and ash). After burning, these vessels can be reused, utilising Mud01 candle refills or as a vase etc for the home.
Each candle comes with a small mud sniffer plate to place candle on, and cover when not in use. Candle burn time is 80 hours.

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #7Photo Donated by Ainslie Walker

Just so you know I am quite superstitious and have some very embarrassing beliefs around the burning of candles. Yes I’ll share them. Firstly, I believe that the light attracts good energy and prosperity into the house. Secondly, I believe the flame helps to burn the bad energy and the heat in the air and fragrance (smoke too if burning incense) captures bad energy to ground and neutralise it. Not only bad energy but all other bad odours etc that could be lingering or lurking. What I want from a candle then is scented but not overpowering, clear the air not perfume it heavily.

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #3Photo Donated by Ainslie Walker

Though Ainslie mentions tuberose as her number one ingredient, and yes there is a lovely warm, creamy, white flower sensuality to MUD01 I find it to be a fully rounded balmy and spicy fragrance. The candle is quite fragrant on its own but until you light the wick you miss out on some really gorgeous smoky overtones that heat and relax the whole fragrance. Here we have a perfect synergy at work and my room smells freaking amazing. Maybe I need to change my list for a candle, I am surrounded by the most beautiful fragrance. I could imagine this being the signature fragrance for my home. People would smell it every time they walked in and it would become the scent memory of home. Then, should they be lucky enough to be given a MUD01 candle, or purchase one, the fun and good times we have at our place would be a forever memory that would make them smile down the ages.

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #2Photo Donated by Ainslie Walker

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #1Photo Donated by Ainslie Walker

I love that the vessel is refillable and that it can be used as a vase, toothbrush holder or glass: the porcelain is 100% food approved. Shiny on the inside and matt on the outside, which Mud Australia is famous for. All hand made so each vessel is slightly different, unique and created with love.

Ainslie Walker has MUD01 candles $100 (min. burn time 80 hours), refills $60 (min. burn time 100 hours)

SPECIAL APJ OFFER: Add Coupon Code: APJMUD01 and Ainslie will add 5ml of her original Parfum that was the inspiration for MUD01: Mud Australia Candle

From Ainslie they come beautifully gift wrapped and she can send to the world as a wonderful gift for someone you love, or yourself.

Mud Australia stores/stockists are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Soho, New York.

BRAVO Ainslie. I am so happy for you and proud to be your buddy.
Portia xx



19 thoughts on “MUD01: Mud Australia Candle by Ainslie Walker 2014

  1. Congratulations Ainsley! I had a look at them at Portia’s place, and was fascinated by the reusable vessel. A lot of thought has gone in to that design. And the candle fragrance is simply wonderful! Such a perfect home candle, love it!

    Tina xx


  2. Gosh, These sounds beautiful. Please bring one on next visit. I hope it kicks Ainslie into making a living from her creativity and talents. Emotional highs and lows but worth every second. xxxx


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