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Hi there crew,

My mate Thierry is director at City Perfume. Recently I was coffee-ing with him and he was really excited about his line of candles. Full of enthusiasm, Thierry has worked hard to make quality products at an affordable price. Going through the range together it was easy to become bundled up in his joy and they do smell good.

Padre Aura Nera Orchidea Triple Scented Soy Candle

The line is based on fragrances, it’s a cool concept. They take a few popular perfumes from the same genre and create an analogous simple scent that has a few of the crossover notes. So the candle I chose, Padre Aura: Nera Orchidea, has a few notes from Tom Ford Black Orchid, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, Narciso Rodriguez and Bvlgari Jasmin Noir. While it smells unlike any one of them particularly it does resemble parts all of them.

Padre Aura: Nera Orchidea gives a fruit sweetness over spicy white florals and vanilla.

One of the things I like about these candles is they don’t have the heavy, thick scent trails so many other brands leave. I don’t want my apartment overtaken by candle fragrance, what I want is a scent to neutralise man, food and dog smells and leave the place smelling fresh, inviting and loved. Padre Aura: Nera Orchidea does this perfectly. Burn the candle for an hour till the top of the wax is liquid, then blow it out. The warm wax will continue scenting your home for a couple of hours afterwards at a low level.

You get approximately 80 hours burn time and with the double wick the wax melts nearly to the edges. The wick doesn’t discolour the candle and there is only a little smoking at blow out. There are a bunch of selections in the range that are similar to such fragrant luminaries as Coco Mademoiselle, Alien, Aventus, Spice Bomb and many more.

City Perfume has offered APJ readers a 10% DISCOUNT CODE* (AFG17) and FREE AUSTRALIAN EXPRESS SHIPPING if you spend over $150

Padre Aura: Nera Orchidea is $59/400gm

So what is your candle of choice?
Portia xx


*Discount excludes CHANEL products

3 thoughts on “Padre Aura: Nera Orchidea Candle + Discount Code

  1. We have an amazing Middle Eastern restaurant in Seattle called Mamnoon. They developed a candle with a local candle company (Marigold and Mint). It is WONDERFUL. Orange blossom and cardamom. Some scented candles can be almost piercing – this is just subtle and beautiful.


  2. Wow! that candle sounds fantastic!

    I used to LOVE Pacifica candles -my favorites being Tibetan Mountain Temple, Egyptian Bergamot Rose and Avalon Juniper (these were also my favorite perfumes from the line too). But the company has discontinued many of my favorite perfumes and it looks like their soy candles may now be on the chopping block as well. A pity, because they smelled divine, burned clean and were highly affordable.


  3. What an awesome idea – hope it goes well for them.
    My candle of choice would be Glasshouse Sistine Chapel. Ecoya is good too – Lotus flower a fav.


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