Scent Diary: 22.1 – 28.1.2018




Hi there Perfume Junkies,

This week has been humid, close to Equatorially humid. I love the warmth and sunshine but find the humidity hard to deal with, especially in Drag. My whole body feels like it should be rippling up with water logged-ness. There has been loads of couch time under the fan, sitting still, drinking water and tea. Mostly my fragrance choices have reflected the heat but a couple have embraced it. There have been a few catch ups, some yummy food and a bunch of fabulous scent too..

Scent Diary


Scent Diary: 22.1 – 28.1.2018

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Scent Diary 24.7 – 30.7.2017




Hey there Perfume Junkies,

Here’s a shot of my outfit for the Sydney Stingers on Saturday last week, taken by Daniel Kirkwood at the event. Yes, I am a fur & sequin galion under full sail.

Scent Diary 24.7 – 30.7.2017

Monday 24:

This morning, in the middle of winter, saw the return of spring in Parramatta. The sun is shining, bulbs are pushing through the soil, there’s a hint of greenery on the breeze and it was lovely to be out and about on a mornings ramble with the dogs.

I decided to let the faux spring choose my fragrance and what better reminder of spring than Penhaligon’s Ostara. Sadly this gorgeously green narcissus and bouquet of other fresh flowers scent was not a big hit for them but it is so lovely and has made me smile this morning.

After last weeks creative extravaganza I’m way behind on all things blog and trivia so this morning is dedicated to answering comments, this afternoon and evening will be new posts and my Q&A. Woo Hoo! I think I’m ready for it.

So instead of working all day I went and spent a big happy chunk of it hanging out with TinaG who is back at her parents house recuperating after her hospital stint. We went and lunched at a wonderful Thai restaurant in Windsor. Pressies from Tara at A Bottled rose, beanie crocheted by Vanessa of Bonkers About Perfume. She LOVED them

Then we went on an adventure ride to The Fruit Bowl, a cafe that specialises in home made pies of the sweet and savoury styles. I had Scones, Jam & Cream with a cuppa and Tina had Chamomile tea. We saw them making their pies, bought Apple pies and Honey. MMMMMMM

Home by 5pm. Started working at the computer on Trivia. Having a coffee break now and a spritz of Grandiflora Madagascan Jasmine. BEAUTIFUL!!

Jin came home and wanted to watch Despicable Me 2. What could I do but succumb to his sweetness.


Tuesday 25:

Catch up. Catching up. Blog, Trivia, Postage, eMail and FaceBook. Not caught up but definitely making inroads.

Today has been so glorious but I’ve been house bound, BUMMER.

Wore Etat Libre d’Orange Fat Electrician and it’s zingy metallic vetiver was an excellent choice.

Jin had the Telstra man come in. We are changing to Optus and he needed to do some fixing. We are now without internet in the house so I’m tethering the phone to my computer. It’s surprisingly effective.

Bath time today was in B&BW  bubbles, Kiehl’s Original Musk lotion and atwork I wore Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain EdT. Very nice. A smooth, spicy, fresh fruit & greens, balmy scent that ends a resinous dry wood. It smells like old rooms, recently aired but the wooden furniture and polish and a very slight hint of cold damp linger and blend with fresh sheets.

For bed? I wanted something odd so chose Sarah Jessica Parker Covet. A perfect Frankenstein’s monster of a smell that leads me deeper and deeper till I sleep. Never enough one thing or the other it seems to find harmonious balance in it’s utter lack. Plastic geranium, waxy white flowers, cool amber with thoroughly unnatural musks. Excellent night scent, I could imagine it being the choice for ghouls and vampires.

Wednesday 26:

WOW! An amazing day with my mate David who currently lives in UAE working as a butler/EA. He’s in Sydney visiting the family and friends and we had had today in the book forever. I had COMPLETELY forgotten but he reminded me last night so I sent through three ideas for the day. He chose one and we added a second and it was a terrific catch up.

I got a bus & train to town and we met at the NSW Art Gallery at 10.45am. I knew we could do an 11am free tour of the main gallery BUT when I arrived it was with fabulously happy surprise I noticed their current exhibition had the name O’Keeffe. Could it be? I asked myself. Fortuitously the answer was yes. Georgia O’Keeffe in an exhibition with two Australian women artists of the same era; O’Keeffe, Preston, Cossington Smith – making modernism.

So we had a cuppa, did the 11am Gallery Tour, had another cuppa, did the 12pm O’Keeffe, Preston, Cossington Smith Tour and finished our gallery time with lunch in the Members Lounge.

We wandered across the Domain to Sydney City and had dessert at the David Jones Food Court Cafe. I wanted David to come through David Jones and try some fragrance. He’d been so nice to us in UAE when we were there and I figured EVERYONE needs a new scent. Sadly he wanted none of it. I did get him to spritz DIOR Leather Oud and CHANEL Bois des Iles. Maybe he’ll fall in love with them and ask me to grab them for him one day. As all good things must come to and end then it was time to go

Thursday 27:

Walked the dogs, Bank, Post Office and had an early lunch with Jin at our favourite local cafe. It’s been a beautiful morning, lazy & slow.

Afternoon much the same.

Serge Lutens Daim Blond for work. Got quite a few compliments. Surprising because I think of it as such a subtle beauty, well apparently it was wafting itself into peoples hearts.

Friday 28:

My right knee is playing silly buggers. Not so long ago the patella decided it wanted to drift around, it seems to have decided it needs another vacation from its prescribed spot. A throbbing, uncomfortable feeling that lodges itself in my stomach. Did ALL the exercises my guy prescribed last time it happened.

We took the dogs to the Off-Leash Dog Park nearby today and I was freaking out but the dogs seemed to love it, Jin loved it too. I was a bundle of nerves.

Actually I’m a bit glum. No reason, just a little bit bleach.

We’d organised a Korean BarBQ get together for a bunch of our mates but completely forgot that I have a Christmas In July Fundraiser tonight. Sometimes I surprise myself at how vague I can be. OOOPSIE!

I wore loads of Reem Acra because I wrote about it on Perfume Posse this week and felt it needed an outing. Perfect hefty sheer radiant white floral extravaganza that nods to history but is completely in the now.

Christmas In July Fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital was a grand success. We raised a bunch of money and the participants had a ball. Already talk of doing it again.

Saturday 29:

Jin decided he wanted to try Archery a few months ago. He wanted it to be a big fun day out for the crew but no one was interested. So, because we love him dearly, his BFF Matt and I said we’d go. Anyway the day was perfect and it was really easy to understand the basics, we had fun BUT my fingers are fricken killing now. STILL, nearly 12 hours later they are red and feel like they have pins & needles.

The guys were much better shots than me but I did manage one bullseye.

Home for a Saturday afternoon nap. I grabbed Paris my dog and we cuddled for the nap, Jin slept in front of the TV and his dog on the dog bed in front of the TV. LOADS of snoring from all four of us.

Kath’s dads birthday party tonight. The whole family there. Jin and I grabbed Take Away Chinese. The Lee family did the cake. Kath made sure there were gifts and drinks etc. We had a ball. I think Dad has a photo on his phone that Jin took of us all (Second shot). There was so much fun and laughter, we all had great stories to tell and it was a terrific night. As the birthday cake was being lit Dad (the birthday boy) started saying women didn’t know how to light matches and all hell broke loose. It was apocalyptic, and hilarious, everyone having a go at him for sexism and we were all laughing so much that my tummy hurts.

When I got home my buddy Michael sends me this pic of us in the dressing room of the Fridge in Brixton, London. We were Go-Go dancers there on Saturday nights and as you can see, high as kitten. Great memories.

Sunday 30:

Lazy Sunday with Jin at work, me home with the dogs. Only left the house today to walk them till work time. Heavenly Sunday.

Finished this lovely little shower gel in the bath today. B&BW Pretty As A Peach. Bubbles over my head. It was glorious.

Slathered myself in Guerlain La Cologne du Perfumer today. It’s a beautiful cologne, wears very fragrantly for about an hour and then softens off to almost a functional white musk but stays just interesting enough to jump that hurdle. Funnily, I can’t smell it after 2 hours but I got a compliment tonight at the end of work as I kissed Anna-Maria goodbye. That was five hours later.


OK, so you’ve read my life. How was your week? Share a story that’s fun, family, food, friends or fragrance oriented. Anything you’d like to share, we’d love to read it.

Portia xx

Madagascan Jasmine by Michel Roudnitska for Grandiflora 2015


Post by Portia


Hello Fabulous Fumies,

Can you believe I live in the same city as Grandiflora yet I’ve never set foot in the place? Well, sadly it’s true. Not because I’ve purposely stayed away but I just never seem to be in that part of town without a time budget, or I’m there after hours for work. It is on my bucket list to get there though so hopefully sometime soon I’ll be able to show you some pics of a visit. Till then I’ve finally been to Surrender To Chance and grabbed myself a decant.

Madagascan Jasmine by Grandiflora 2015

Madagascan Jasmine by Michel Roudnitska

Madagascan Jasmine Grandiflora FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Jasmine, Green notes, Musk

The first person I knew that had Madagascan Jasmine was Ainslie Walker and I tried it at her place but was woefully under impressed. I’m not sure what my problem was but even then I felt maybe I was missing the point. I was.

Madagascan Jasmine opens green, yes, I know that that term covers a lot of ground. It’s the green of tearing soft, fleshy, succulent leaves. The green of hedging camellias, rubbing your nail down the long thin, dark green leaves of clivia, the metallic green of clean kitchen basins and the extreme yellow green of narcissus. It’s also white, the white of the jasmine growing over the side fence, the white of expensive little bathroom soaps, Lily of the Valley white and the soft plush white of clean flannelette sheets. Laundry musks but done as a binding note rather than a solo performer. Though they are huge and in your face they seem to buoy the rest and keep it floating and radiant.

Madagascan Jasmine Grandiflora Narcissus_medioluteus WikipediaWikiMedia

Imagine being sandblasted by scent, it’s so full on that it rips away your skin and bones leaving you a sheer, bodiless, cloud of scent. If you close your eyes while wearing Madagascan Jasmine I think it could take you anywhere. The most gorgeously engulfing jasmine and it lasts well too. Almost as adamant as Tawaf by La Via Del Profumi.

Beyond beautiful.

Madagascan Jasmine Grandiflora clouds Radiant White PixabayPDI


Further reading: What Men Should Smell Like and Persolaise
Peony Melbourne has Au$185/100ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $5.50/ml

What is your Jasmine?
Portia xx

Queen Of The Night by Bertrand Duchaufour for Grandiflora 2016


Post by Ainslie Walker


Hello gorgeous APJ people! I have some local Sydney fragrant goings ons to share with you today:

You have to be very swift if you wish to chat to Sydney based, floral artist, Saskia Havekes about any particular project, as the minute she completes one she dives head first into the next. I find her humble, inspirational and extremely driven. Beautiful in both looks and personality, I always enjoy and feel privileged for the times I’ve popped into her “flower cave,” Grandiflora in Potts Point for a catchup.

Queen Of The Night by Grandiflora 2016

Queen Of The Night by Bertrand Duchaufour

Saskia Havekes of Grandiflora – A Head Spinning Catch Up and a new fragrance!!

 Queen Of The Night by Grandiflora Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 4.50.45 PM

Later this month Saskia will travel to France where she will release Grandiflora’s fourth fragrance – Queen Of The Night by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. BERTRAND DUCHAUFOUR!! My mind boggled at how she came about working with one of my (and many of your) favourite perfumers: “ I made contact with Bertrand on a bended knee after I was formally introduced to him by by a dear mutual friend in Cabris. He had heard of our work and of course I always loved his Calamus he created for Comme des Garcons…..An all time favorite of mine” said Saskia.

The transient Queen of the Night flowers open for only 1 hour at night and are rumoured to be a very strong aphrodisiacs, hypnotic, “stirring up the loins.”(Oh my!!) After it flowers, it is spent, thus it is a real privilege to experience it – both the scent and visually. Late night parties do occur to observe the flowers bloom – attending one is now firmly on my bucket list!

2016 Standing Book

Saskia is behind the enlightening floral artistry within the pages of Michael Edwards – Fragrances Of The World, 2016 guidebook, releasing this month. Her partner, Gary Heery is a renowned photographer and together they truly have made magic happen, ensuring every composition is emotive and captivates. The pictures tell the story of each fragrance-family group. Saskia uses her materials – flowers, woods, greenery, spices, honey and more, just like a painter, focused on colours and textures. Materials are overlapped, teased and made prominent. Increased attention to space and light around the materials was given, compared to the dense nature of the beautiful work she did for Fragrances Of The World 2013 guidebook.

Last month I was lucky to work with Saskia and her team as part of Australian fashion label, Aje’s Sydney Fashion Week show at Carriageworks, Sydney. It was my job to fill the huge space with Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine fragrance, creating an unexpected and much talked about scented ambience for the runway – a first for Sydney fashion week!

grandiflora jasmine candle

In April, Grandiflora released their first candles, Madagascan Jasmine and Queen Of The Night, collaborating with France’s oldest candlemakers, Cire Truden. Both are encased in gold dipped, Italian porcelain vessels and housed in beautiful Magnolia Grandiflora packaging and available from the Grandiflora store and online.


Busy, right?! What an incredible woman and just so great for us she is Sydney based. I’ll be back soon with some more on the Queen of the Night launch in France later this month and hopefully a giveaway or two! In the meantime I think we should all be rushing to find some of these incredible plants so we can all experience the magic of the Queen of the Night in bloom! Have any of you experienced this phenomenon?

Until next time,
Ainslie XX

Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine and Magnolia Grandiflora Michel 2013


Post by SarahK



These are the first fragrances released by Grandiflora, a Sydney-based florist. Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine was the final fragrance developed by Sandrine Videault before her untimely death last year. Originally scheduled for release in August 2013, its launch was delayed following Sandrine’s sad passing. Instead, it was released in early 2014 together with Magnolia Grandiflora Michel, which was developed by Michel Roudnitska, son of Sandrine Videault’s mentor at the start of her career. Ainslie Walker also reviewed these two fragrances here at APJ, Jordan River did a wonderful lead up on APJ too, but as these two scents were only recently released, and there aren’t many reviews of them yet, I wanted to offer my take too!

Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine and Magnolia Grandiflora Michel 2013

Magnolia seems to be a popular note in perfumery currently, but these two scents are no bandwagon-jumpers. Do not try them expecting heady floral notes like those found in En Voyage’s homage to the magnolia, Zelda, or Guerlain’s powdery L’Instant. You won’t find anything like that here.

Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine Grandiflora FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Lemon, grapefruit, white pepper, green notes, woody notes, watery notes and musk

Sandrine: This, to me, is a grapefruit fragrance backed by fresh (not marine) watery notes and some clean musk. Imagine you’re breakfasting on grapefruit and a glass of spring water. You’re sitting at a table covered by a starched white tablecloth on the airy, sunny terrace of a posh hotel somewhere Mediterranean. The grapefruit note feels natural, though the underlying musk has a touch of the functional, starchy ‘laundry musk’ about it. For me, that doesn’t detract from the scent – rather, it adds to the feeling of airy breezes and stiff white linen. That being said, there is definitely an aromachemical in here that gives me a feeling of being smacked across the bridge of the nose, and I wouldn’t be surprised if others found it headache-inducing. The fragrance is not complex, and is pretty linear, but it’s nicely done, aromachemical reactions aside. I am not a fan of 90s-era ‘ocean fresh’ calone/citrus scents, but I would find this very likeable if not for the nose-smacking.

Magnolia Grandiflora Michel Grandiflora FragranticaPhoto Stoilen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, magnolia, vetiver, patchouli and musk

Michel: This opens as an aquatic floral and stays that way for a couple of hours. It’s a realistic waxy, green, watery – even slightly milky – magnolia and, like the real thing, smells better from a distance than up close. When I sniff my wrist, I have to confess that, owing to the lactonic note, I don’t love it at this stage, though the sillage is nice. It’s very different to Sandrine’s interpretation of magnolia. Where Sandrine is the evocation of a breezy, sunny and warm day, Michel is a magnolia tree after a cool rain shower. Over time, the milky aspect fades and by hour three I am left with a fresh green floral that I like much more. By hour four we’ve reached the base, where there is an easy-wearing echo of the grapefruit and woods (though none of the starchy aromachemical) found in Sandrine.

Both fragrances are unisex and have moderate-soft sillage, though they last a good 8 hours on my skin (but I have to say most fragrances do).

LuckyScent has both US$185/100ml
Peony Melbourne has both AUD$185/100ml

Have you tried either of the Grandiflora scents? Were they what you expected?

SarahK X

Magnolia: The Note + The Fragrances


Post by Ainslie Walker


There’s hype about Magnolia. For us Australians it’s led by the release of Grandiflora’s two Magnolia Grandiflora inspired perfumes, Sandrine and Michel. At Sydney Perfume Lover’s Meet Up this week we met Saskia Havekes in her flower workshop. She talked us through the emotional and fairytale-like journey she has undertaken, getting these two fragrances to market – a 4 year process, plus more than 25 years hard slog as a floral designer!

For those of you in Europe, if you are lucky enough to be seeing the big waxy blooms of a magnolia tree waving at you from above: HOORAY!! Spring is finally on it’s way, breaking through the dreary, dragging grey of winter and bringing a sparkle of hope for longer, brighter days.

Magnolia Grandiflora WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Magnolias are considered one of the most ancient flowering plants, even preceding bees. It was bugs that helped these big blooms to fertilize. If you don’t know what they look like pop to the nearest park or botanic gardens containing one– they truly are something old-worldly and special. Stand near one, shut your eyes and listen. Often you will hear petals crashing through leaves to the ground. Petals are big, thick and kind of tough for a flower. Breathe deep. The blooms smell different when first opened to when closed, by day and by night, in summer and in spring. The big white waxy flower petals weigh heavy and remind me of floppy bunny ears. When I think Magnolia I think about movement and change. Strength and beauty. Spend some time getting to know Magnolia trees and their huge blooms.

Magnolia Grandiflora Flower WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Magnolia as a perfume note is considered creamy, sweet and lightly citrus. Perfumers play with the citrus, green, aquatic and or spice notes to individualize, add dimension and express their interpretations, eg representing the whole tree / the flower/ the surroundings. Many say the Magnolia note is a bit of a “non-event”…perhaps that’s the reason for the artistic license of the perfumer – trying to represent such a magnificent flower, with only so few clues?

Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine

Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine Grandiflora FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Lemon, grapefruit, white pepper, green notes, woody notes, watery notes and musk

Michel and Sandrine interpret magnolia quite differently:

With Sandrine I observed notes of citrus, grapefruit and lots of pepper on first whiff, followed by fresh astringent green and dry wood accords, blurring with gentle-ish marine (I’m not an “aquatic” fan…but this passes) and musk undertones. It is the whole tree, growing in Sydney Harbour. It is unusually beautiful and breezy. The journey dances you through the branches of the magnolia tree, passing all its components of leaves, woods, and blooms, in the sea breeze. It was the final fragrance made by Sandrine Videault before she sadly passed away, last year, so there is a very emotional air in the perfume world about this one too. It seems to contain not only the spirit of Magnolia but encapsulates an essence of its creator also.

Magnolia Grandiflora Michel

Magnolia Grandiflora Michel Grandiflora FragranticaPhoto Stoilen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, magnolia, vetiver, patchouli and musk

Michel immediately hits as a white floral, with rounded citrus top notes, lemon, and bergamot, not as sharp or dry as Sandrine. Patchouli and vetivert, add depth. Hints of green – a nod to the tree. Magnolia, Jasmine, Rose and ylang make it more palatable for the masses. It’s like your face is pressed inside one of the big flowers – but, Michel adds a touch more than nature provided the poor Magnolia flower – amping it up somewhat.

Further reading: Grain de Musc and Jordan River on Australian Perfume Junkies
LuckyScent has both US$185/100ml
Peony Melbourne has both AUD$185/100ml

Ainslie Walker x

There are loads of fragrances that list Magnolia as an ingredient here are a few below for you to go sniff ;

Acqua Di Parma – Magnolia Nobile
J’Adore – Dior
Tokyo milk – Paridiso
Chloe – Eu De Parfum
Allure – Chanel
Gucci Flora – Gucci Glamorous,
Kenzo – Eu De Fleur De Magnolia,
Santa Maria Novella – Magnolia,
Yves Rocher – Magnolia

Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine by Sandrine Videault for Grandiflora 2013


Guest Post by Jordan River



The fragrance world lost a cherished luminary in 2013. Perfumer and fragrance visionary Sandrine Videault passed away on July 3rd last year. Today we remember not only her amazing fragrances, but her touching, inspiring words.


Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine by Sandrine Videault for Grandiflora 2013

Sandrine studied perfumery under Edmond Roudnitska. Her final perfume is Magnolia Grandiflora, which she worked on with floral artisan Saskia Havekes. This extraordinary fragrance has been highly anticipated by the fragrance community and was launched this month on Lucky Scent.

Magnolia Grandiflora Bottle Hero

Magnolia Grandiflora
Perfumer: Sandrine Videault
Release Date: August 2013
Classification: Soliflore
EDP 100ml
Recommended Retail Price: $185 AUD / $168 EUR

Top citrus, grapefruit, pepper
Heart dry woods, fresh garden accord,
Drydown marine, musk

Grandiflora Arrangements cover


Many flowers today are bred to be beautiful but not necessarily fragrant. Saskia has sources for particularly fragrant flowers which she artfully combines with beautifully bred ones for a scented atmosphere with visual delights. Photographing nature is also a passion. Grandiflora is the name of Saskia’s atelier in Potts Point.

Saskia outside Grandiflora, her atelier in Potts Point, Sydney.

The story of this fragrance begins millions of years ago, before humans or many other creatures we know today existed. The ancient genus Magnolia appeared before bees did, and pollination occurred thanks to the help of beetles. The tree adapted to the strength of its hardworking pollinators, resulting in the longevity of this beautiful, fragrant tree.

The magnolia is a true sight to behold – tall trees mantled with startling blossoms come to life in the springtime, shrouding surrounding areas in a fragrance known to this earth for more than 20 million years. The magnolia’s timber is heavy and robust, and the flower has continued to bloom and burst with lush fragrance across the ages, yet the flowers fade so fast. To hold magnolia’s fragrance is a kind of magical blessing.

Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine Magnolia WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

Many of us will remember Sandrine through the tropical intensity of Manoumalia. In the Pacific tourists are often charmed by the scent of the local manoi oils which are used for tanning, moisturising skin and hair as well as for bath and massage oil. Manoi oil is coconut oil usually blended with the Tahitian gardenia known as Tiare but also with frangipani, ylang ylang and vanilla, in an enfleurage type process. Coconut oil is the carrier fat for the scent. Unfortunately when these oils leave the tropics the scent changes to ‘off’ or more precisely, indolic at the unpleasant end of the spectrum. The amazingness of Manoumalia is how Sandrine captured the heady lush scent of The Perfume Tree (Fragrea), Tiare, Ylang Ylang, Amber, Vetiver and Sandalwood within a perfume that could then be enjoyed anywhere in the world like an instant tropical holiday. Truly an expression of the art of perfumery.

Her other notable works – Ambre Indien by Esteban, Violeta by Les Néréides, and the recreation of the ancient Egyptian Kyphi live on in the hearts and minds of those of us grieving her passing.

Sandrine lived in New Caledonia and loved working in her creative laboratory in Noumea. In an interview with Perfumes, Trends and Inspirations, she said:

“Avoir son lieu de création près de Dame Nature est un cadeau”
(“Having a place of creation near Mother Nature is a gift”)

In an interview with Perfume Shrine, she said living in New Caledonia connected her with her roots.

“I feel more beaming or blooming and I am more serene. If something is wrong inside of you then you won’t create with harmony. You can not cheat with perfume authoring. States of mind come to light in perfume authoring. Bad moods are forbidden. Moreover, New Caledonia with its nature and ethnic groups is a mine of inspiration for me.”

Sandrine was both a perfume visionary and a woman wise beyond her years. She will be remembered for the scents she created and the words she left behind. May we now cherish the gifts she has left behind, and learn from the lessons she sought to teach.

“The most important lesson…..that we know nothing! So many things left to learn, to discover, to live.”

© AFP Photo/Marc Le Chelard

© AFP Photo/Marc Le Chelard

Farewell Sandrine, you will be missed.

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