Scent Diary: 22.1 – 28.1.2018




Hi there Perfume Junkies,

This week has been humid, close to Equatorially humid. I love the warmth and sunshine but find the humidity hard to deal with, especially in Drag. My whole body feels like it should be rippling up with water logged-ness. There has been loads of couch time under the fan, sitting still, drinking water and tea. Mostly my fragrance choices have reflected the heat but a couple have embraced it. There have been a few catch ups, some yummy food and a bunch of fabulous scent too..

Scent Diary


Scent Diary: 22.1 – 28.1.2018

Monday 22:

Up quite early to get the dogs fed & walked. The heat, even at 8am is stifling here today with very high humidity. Walking in it was lovely, it really feels like summer.

Straight into the bath because I’ve got to see my dentist this morning. Now wearing oodles of Guerlain Neroli Outrenoir from a decant. So good in this weather, white flowers, tea, smoke and some twigginess. Interesting and cooling.

This is how Sydney city looked today in the bit I was in . You can see the old Hospital, the Mint, a particularly constipated statue of Queen Victoria and Hyde Park.

Dr Ryan and I have been friends for decades. He is the best dentist and I travel into Macquarie St to have my gums & teeth cared for four times a year. My mad lifestyle from 14-40 has definitely taken its toll tooth & gum wise and he is the only man I trust in there. Doesn’t hurt that he is a diamond class spunk, the thumbs up guy. They’re both pretty gorgeous.

After my teeth I got a call from Phil, whose Mum died last week, he was finishing up in town so we met and I drove him home on my way to my home.

Spent the afternoon organising my Trivia gig tonight.

Divine EdP tonight. I feel the need for an old school fragrance that zings and smoulders.

EXCELLENT gig. Had a freaking ball.

Home to write Trivia Q&A

Tuesday 23:

2am DONE! Triple spritz of Guerlain Shalimar EdP to celebrate!

Scotty and I did the office work today and had delicious sandwiches for lunch at the cafe nearby. It’s so warm my head found it hard to focus. Did get a Christmas Card though, our AusPost takes time.

After he left I had a nap under the fan.

To work tonight I wanted to smell unbelievably gorgeous and to swim with the heat. I don’t get it out often but it was definitely a Rochas Byzance kinda night. It was freaking STELLAR! So many happy memories of my sister and Mum wearing this for a few years.

SOTBed Grandiflora Madagascan Jasmine. WOW! I forget how over the top this baby is. It smells like the most intense cross between Jasmine and Murray and is unbelievably intoxicating. So rich and fatty.

Wednesday 24:

LAZY DAY! Wearing Mugler A*Men Kryptomint. Chewy mint over the Angel base. Freaky and fabulous for a steamy summer day where I plan to do absolutely nothing.

Jin is on nights currently so we spent a happy couple of hours with the AC on dry mode watching the Australian Open Tennis. Chung is the first South Korean player to make it to the Quarter Finals of a Grand Slam. Serious excitement around here. That last set was absolutely fabulous and now Chung (pronounce djoung) is the first through to a Semi-Final. We were shouting and laughing at the TV like idiots, so fun.

It’s about 7.30pm now and I’m about to take the dogs for their wee. Feeling the need to spritz something new and wanting to stay in the patchouli family it’s CHANEL Coromandel EdT.

Cleaned up my jewellery drawer and make up tray this afternoon. They were both really messy and I needed to remember all the jewellery I have so some neglected stuff can get a wear. 2 very happy hours went by in the blink of an eye.

Spent the evening on the couch watching Heroes. Had Jin’s leftover Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner and was in bed quite early.

Thursday 25:

Thursday dawns warm & muggy. It’s overcast though so I took the chance of a cooler walk with the dogs. We walked about 1.5km around our area and they loved it.

Wearing Cartier Baiser Volé, the original one. It’s a cool, wet lily with a hint of vase water and tomato leaves. Very refreshing in the muggy heat. Rather than fine fragrance it smells like the entrance to a five star hotel in Singapore. That’s not a complaint, I really like it.

Off to meet my friend Linda for a cuppa around the corner. It was so good to sit & chatter away an hour or so.

Then I went to Lunch with BFF Kath and wandered the shops for a while. Spritzed the CHANEL Bois des Iles EdP on my arm and sniffed while I chugged along. Funnily I kept thinking I could smell someone wearing Samsara and then realised it was the CHANEL.

Home with a very sleepy Jin for a while then he went to work.

I went to town to teach a mate of mine how to do a turn. He asked for a pirouette but he wanted to be able to turn without feeling nausea while he does Flag Dancing. It’s a beautiful remnant of the 1970s disco era where you have a piece of fabric in each hand and swirl them in beautiful patterns. Sounds awful but it is magical if you get a talented operator. Gareth is amazing at it but is not trained to do anything except walk while Flagging. He is trying to add an extra layer to it.

He is also a fabulous artist and I bought this sketch from him. Not my hand sadly. In the next few months Gareth has two exhibitions of his work coming up and a bunch of creations for the 40th Anniversary Sydney Mardi Gras Festival. He’s a total cool kid.

Got home and spent the next few hours making Beef, Barley & Vegetable Soup exactly like my Mum used to make. You have NO IDEA how happy it makes me to have a big container of out in the fridge. There’s my meals sorted for the next 5 days.

SOTBed: Evocative Perfumes Imogen. Refund it while going through my travel bottle box. Imagine if Shalimar had been created by and Indie perfumer in the 21st century? This is what it would smell like. Not a Shalimar dupe but an oriental perfume that would fit a modern young persons mindset, and mine.

Friday 26:

Australia Day? Invasion Day? I really wish they’d change the date. It’s a shame to throw it in the faces of the original inhabitants of our beautiful country each year. I’d like it if we could make Jan 26 a day of remembrance for what has gone before and Jan 27 a day of celebration for the nation we are becoming, or make the LANDING day of Captain Cook at Sydney’s Botany Bay around Jan 20 the day to celebrate. The 26 January public holiday was only declared in 1994 and it is NOT the day Cook landed but the raising of the Union Jack in Sydney Cove and the official declaration of British sovereignty.
So, in consequence, I don’t celebrate but hope that everyone who did had a safe and fun time.

Australia_Day WikiMediaWikiMedia

This morning I spritzed some Burberry Brit EdT and Parfum and LOVED it.

Jin and I slobbed around the house then he went out to visit a work mate who has had to be placed in a mental health facility.

While he was gone I vacuumed and dusted, cleaned my bathroom and did some washing. By the time he got home this place was spotless. I love that feeling. Burned some incense to get rid of the bad juju and had a cuppa.

Watched the Federer/Chung Australian Open Tennis game. What a disappointment. Jin is devastated.

My mate Phil came over for tea, cake and biscuits. He is the best company, I love him so much.

Played on the computer, cuddled the puppies. LAZY, lovely day.

SOTBed: Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cologne. Perfect heat beater.

Saturday 27:

Woke up and gave myself a few spritzes of Guerlain Mitsouko EdT.

Jin and I had a daytime Barefoot Investor Date Night today. It was all about Superannuation and Jin’s checked out to be A OK. I don’t really have Super but the little I have serendipitously ends up being with the best of the best, very cool.

We spent the day hiding from the heat in the house watching TV. A/C on Dry Mode.

Our girlfriend Hyeon came for dinner tonight. We sat around chatting and laughing for HOURS! We had my soup and buttered toast for dinner. Drinking Mojitos made by Jin and the Proseco and lastly a sweet Moscato. I so rarely drink because as a youth I would get aggressive and un-fun but that didn’t happen tonight, it was jolly. Sorry I forgot to take a photo. We were all quite boozy by the time Hyeon left.

SOTBed: Vero Profumo Onda from a decant found in my box. Today it smells like smoky citrus and homered mint. Working beautifully in the heat.

Sunday 28:

Well, I slept like the dead. No recollection of my head hitting the pillow. Must have drink some water though because I woke up without the dry mouthed drinkers morning or the headache. Though I have no memory of it the dishwasher was packed and run, the dogs put out for the night and I found myself waking in there spare room with the fan on me.

I’m perfume blogging today so there will be a few fragrances through the morning.

After my bath I drenched myself in vintage Nina Ricci Nina and got a few very nice compliments tonight at trivia.

Tonight at Austral Bowling Club the $1000 JACKPOT went off. Winners are grinners and the Sluts United team were very excited.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fun or Fragrant, with Friends and Family or maybe even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share?
Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

32 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 22.1 – 28.1.2018

  1. Yes, the tennis has been fab! We were also aboard the Chung Train, but anyway Fed is a cutie, and has just WON!
    The early mornings have been cool here too, nice to walk in the park with dogs, I have met so many new friends this way and always set my thoughts for the day as I walk.
    Have been wearing Trayee this week, and Ambre Eternel…must be in the mood for spice!


    • Hey JackieB,
      Trayee and Ambre Eternal are beautiful choices.
      Yeah, Federer is my favourite. He’s such a gent.
      Portia xx


  2. Portia, reading about your week is a delight. Love the gorgeous parure you’re wearing!

    I’ve had a rather quiet week. Three words: films, series, workout. It’s freezing cold here, – 10 or even colder. Yuck!


    • Thanks Diana,
      I broke that bloody rope of pearls while getting undressed tonight. So annoying, it’s the easiest of all my jewellery.
      Good luck surviving your winter, only a few weeks till spring.
      Portia xx


  3. Love all the food and perfume! Hooray to wearing Britt…very few perfume enthusiasts ever mention that one and I just adore it along with two of its limited edition flankers (Gold and Red).

    Had a very busy week work wise…Tuesday after work hours meeting followed by Wednesday before work day meeting at another building…by the time Friday rolled around I was exhausted.

    Spent five days in Goldfield & Banks Wood Infusion …it was glorious and because it is parfum strength a little went a long way. I like this idea of spending time with one fragrance and really getting to know it and I may very well do it again this week with another fragrance.


    • YAY! Another Brit fan.
      I was watching your Goldfield & Banks Wood Infusion marathon. It’s interesting wearing a single fragrance over a few days. Did you find its wore differently each day CM?
      Portia x


      • Yes it definitely does wear differently..I find my fragrances alter depending upon the weather and my mood….all in all it was a great experiment and I picked a great fragrance to do it with. i am really going to have to start exploring the hidden treasures of Australia’s talented perfumers.


  4. Did Pint for a Pint: give blood and get a coupon for a pint of fancy ice cream. The first time I gave blood was at university and they too had PfaP, but it was a pint of beer. Not done anymore for obvious reasons.


    • Hey AnnieA,
      What a lovely think to do. I used to give blood but gays can’t give it in Australia now.
      On behalf of anyone who might need your blood. Thank You.
      Portia xx


  5. My week was going along swimmingly until Friday lunch when my beagle escaped the backyard and went on a three hour “hunting” spree. The only time I saw him was crossing the street in full pursuit of 3 deer. Stressful because although our neighborhood isn’t super busy there is still traffic and when he’s on the hunt he’s not exactly looking both ways to cross. After the 3 hours he limped home smelling of deer scat so had drop everything for a bath. We were both exhausted by supper time! Today wearing Alahine, although I’m pretty sure my bottle is post-reform and even though I like it, I expect that it’s not as dreamy as the original.


    • Oh NO! Beagles are smart and naughty, we had one growing up. Her name was Pixie and she got into everything. Thank goodness yours got home safe.
      Alanine is beautiful, pre or post reform.
      Portia xx


  6. Byzance! So happy to see that old favourite. Brit is fun too, love all the variations of that one, especially Gold.

    It was a tough week for me, fighting with anxiety and depression due to menopause, but I am on the upswing now, yay!


    • Hi there TaraC,
      Sorry to read the black dog has been around. Glad you’re on your way back. Depression is shit.
      I hope you spritzed some lovelies.
      Portia xx


  7. Ah…. the wonderful memories of Nina.. what a glorious fragrance, now long gone from my collection. Thank you Portia for the sweet reminder.
    Well this week i have been all fired up doing some major reorganisation and clearing out in our home. I have a brilliant and talented interiors wiz who doubles as my best boyfriend of over 40 years!
    This week my fragrance choice was limited to cool spritzes of Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea and Mimosa. I keep it in the fridge during the summer for a super refreshing pick me up.
    It’s been a perfect very light clean scent during my home makeover.
    It’s hideously hot here in
    Melbourne and my tolerance for fragrance seems to change on very hot days. I always go for the lightest and usually cheapest fragrances I own. Happy summer daze!


    • Hi there MRT,
      Nina is beautiful, I keep forgetting between wears how much I love it.
      Does your house feel drier and cooler after a declutter?
      I love the idea of having a cheap in the fridge for summer spritzes and those Green Teas are all very nice. Yet to meet one I don’t like.
      Portia xx


  8. Hi Portia! That soup looks amazing. Nothing beats a decent, home cooked soup. Balm for the soul.

    It sounded like a calm week and just the zen you needed.

    How bad is the humidity?! Very out of the ordinary for us in Melb. I’ve found it hard to feel settled with my scent choices. They either die in the heat or seem totally wrong. Not even Jicky gets my attention. Rosalie by Teone has bloomed and been my companion, though. I never thought a rose would work in the humid heat.

    I am too tuckered out to go the gym as regularly as I should. Seems I spend my after hours atching up on water!! Bahahaha! So, water chugging whilst wayching My Name is Earl marathon has been the bulk of my time spent after work.


    • The soup is GOOD Kate,
      The humidity! OH THE HUMIDITY!
      Rehydrating seems to be the exercise de jour. Good luck down there.
      Portia x


  9. Portia, I forgot how much I enjoyed reading what you have to say about fragrances! Loved this entry. I’ve stayed away from Chanel because it was my Mom’s but reading that there was something Samsara in the air is going to make me reconsider. Thanks! 😍


    • Hey Roberta,
      Isn’t Samsara YUMMY!
      If you like that then Bois des Iles might ring your bell too.
      Portia xx


  10. Hey Portia, thanks for sharing. Couch time and air con was the order of my last week.
    Got square eyes and a square bum from just laying low after work watching tv in the cool!! ha ha
    Pretty quiet otherwise. Funnily enough even though its hot i’ve had the need to pull out some knitting so i’ve undone two nearly finished projects to start again with better suited patterns.
    Trialled plenty perfume – found some worthy of another try and ordered some more!
    PS tried the new Bottega Velours – its quite similar to original xo


    • Hi Melanie,
      Ahhhh, interesting about the Bottega Velours, I’m buying a bottle the minute it hits the discounters. That bottle is TOO good.
      Lying low and TV watching in the cool is a must for this summer. Even walking the dogs leaves me sweating.
      Portia xx


  11. Your soup yum! Portia, soothing and familiar.
    Your Nina Ricci I recognised the bottle i used to wear it, when I see your posts I am reminded of past bottles that I have worn and the era of my life too, that’s a wonderful thing I reakon.


    • Heya Anna-Maria.
      YAY! Soup is so yummy, even in the heat,
      When you come on Thursday don’t wear perfume. We can spritz you.
      Portia xx


    • HA HA HA HA! Greg, that is hilarious.
      Having said that I’m still very happy with having the Queen up top. Who wants to give ANY of our current politicians more power? A president? No thanks.
      Portia xx


  12. My mother-in-law passed away suddenly last Tuesday. Earlier in the day, before we got the news and we’d left for the hospital to see her for the last time, I’d dabbed on a sample of another scent, but it kept reminding me of something else. Later that evening, I realised what it was: SJP’s Lovely. I hadn’t worn it in over a year because we’d kind of ‘broken up’, but suddenly, that scent was all I wanted to smell. The next day, knowing what a difficult day it was going to be, speaking with the funeral directors and clearing out her room at the residential care facility where she’d spent the last months of her life, choosing her final outfit (you get the drill) I spritzed on a goodly amount of Lovely, and I cannot tell you how comforting that scent was for me on that day, and the next. I felt cocooned and safe in a beautiful, soft, comforting cloud of Lovely, and it made a difficult day slightly easier to bear.


    • Oh Tess,
      Losing Mums is shit, even MIL. Sorry to read it. Cyber HUG.
      Lovely is perfectly named. Excellent choice to float above the awful.
      Portia xx


      • Thanks Portia. While I’m sad for all of us who loved her, I’m happy for her – it was peaceful and she’d been telling us for months that she was more than ready to go. Hugs back.


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