James Franco: Made To Measure by GUCCI Mini Movie

Hello lovers of fabulous frag ads,

GUCCI has made a stunning choice in James Franco, looking debonair and dangerous he owns the screen and makes me want to retry Made To Measure. As I was profoundly disappointed with my original testing I think I need to go back and give Made To Measure by GUCCI another chance, James Franco has turned my head, and how…..

Made To Measure by GUCCI 2013

Made to Measure Gucci FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Calabrian bergamot, Tunisian orange blossom, French lavender and aniseed
Heart: Sri Lanka nutmeg, water lily, juniper berries, plum and cinnamon
Base: Labdanum, patchouli, leather and amberLabdanum, patchouli, leather and amber

James Franco: Made To Measure by GUCCI Mini Movie

James franco Made To Measure GUCCI AdPhoto Stolen GUCCI

Do please enjoy these.
Portia xx

The Making Of…

The Made To Measure Mini Movie

DIOR: Miss Dior Infintity Mini Movie: Le Parfum

Hiya Gang,

Here we have another beautiful fragrance ad. DIOR has taken the simplest concept and made it spectacular, of course. Though I’m not a huge fan of Miss Dior it is a worldwide hit and has an enormous following. Here also are Australian Perfume Junkies Mini Review and Natalie Portman Ad and Miss Dior: The Floral Waltz Mini Movie

Miss Dior Infintity Mini Movie: Le Parfum

Miss Dior EdP new FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Italian mandarin
Heart: Egyptian jasmine absolute and rose
Base: patchouli and musk

christian-dior-huntlogoPhoto Stolen huntlogo

Whether or not you love the fragrance the Mini Movies are always worth watching.

Please enjoy Miss Dior Infinity: Le Parfum
Portia xx

Louis Vuitton: “Up On High Heels” Mini movie

Hello Hot Steppers,

I don’t know about you but shoes are something I adore. I have a 10 pair of male and 10 pair of female shoes rule because my collection was excessive and I had to downsize it, do you see a theme running through my life? Anyway, now it’s one in and one out, unless I have a breakage or disaster. So this fun mini movie with shoes, design, art and dance was right up my alley.

So I hope this entertains you while we wait and wait and wait for the Louis Vuitton fragrance…………. STILL WAITING…………

louis-vuitton-fall shoes-2013-stylefrizzPhoto Stolen StyleFrizz

LV Spiel: Louis Vuitton invites you to dance and take a leap in time, moving from more recent collections of shoes to past designs that have marked the House’s fashion history. See the story at http://vuitton.lv/Kn9Xiz

Portia xxx

Louis Vuitton presents Up High On Heels

L’Invitation Au Voyage – The Louis Vuitton Advertising Campaign Film

Hello Fragrance Freaks,

I know you only want to know about scent but this is beautiful. Marc Jacobs is doing sensational things at Louis Vuitton. If only they would get their damn perfume on the shelves. GRRRR!

BTW Does anyone know if this is Kiera Knightly? It sure does look like her to this blind old tranny.

Louis Vuitton Summer 2013 Ad ChicsFillesPhoto Stolen ChicsFilles

Do please enjoy.
Portia xxx

L’Invitation Au Voyage – The Louis Vuitton Advertising Campaign Film

GUERLAIN – Gloss D’Enfer: Nails + Lips 2013 Mini Movie


Here’s some more of the Guerlain 2013 mini movie fest. This one is so fun and 50s. I love it. Makes me smile just watching and the colours really POP this season. Lucky us.

Gloss-dEnfer-Guerlain jetsetfashionmagazinePhoto Stolen jetsetfashionmagazine

Guerlain’s Spiel: Discover Gloss d’Enfer collection made of 20 shades of bare lips sensation gloss and 10 colourful nail polishes. Play with colour and shine to capture your admirers’ hearts even more than ever.

Enjoy it,
Portia xx