Miss Dior Web Documentary – Episode 1: The fragrance creation behind the scenes


Actually I almost never say G’Day unless I’m using the Aussie card in a gay bar and trying to pick up. I do love it when out in the rural parts of Australia and everyone says it.

So, Jin has a couple of actresses that he really loves and Natalie Portman is one of them. Here she meets perfumer Francois Demachy and he takes her through some of the notes and the behind the scenes fun of creating a fragrance, Miss Dior 2012. I love that they are talking as if it’s a fragrance made for Natalie Portman alone, it adds a very cool side interest.

Miss Dior 2012 FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Even if you hate the bullshit that goes with selling a fragrance this Miss Dior video captures so nicely the lovely face of Natalie Portman.

Portia xx

Miss Dior Web Documentary

Episode 1: The fragrance creation behind the scenes

Miss Dior 2015: Natalie Portman: Mini Movie

Aha! Hey gang,

I was not crazy about Miss Dior really but recently my mate Natalie from Another Perfume Blog (now defunct) gave me some vintage Miss Dior Cherie and I have to admit it rocked my socks off.

miss Dior 2015 Natalie Portman YouTubePhoto Stolen YouTube

As always Natalie Portman is perfect in her role. This time as the grand daughter of the super wealthy. DIOR has done a wonderful job dressing her and the sets.

Enjoy a couple of minutes of pure escapism.
Portia xx

Miss Dior 2015 – The new film (Official Director’s Cut)

DIOR: Miss Dior 2012 Perfume Review + 2013 Ad. and Making of with Natalie Portman

Hello Lovelies,

With all the kerfuffle and change happening around Miss Dior I thought we should take a new look at the frag and we also get to have a sneak peek at the ads. Enjoy

DIOR: Miss Dior 2012 by Francois Demachy

MissDior2012 FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Italian mandarin
Heart: Egyptian jasmine absolute and rose
Base: patchouli and musk

Sorry but this is about as far away from how I want to smell as you can get. Not a bad fragrance, just so completely not my cup of tea. I know there are many fans of 2012 Miss Dior and I wish you well wearing it. The ads on the other hand are FABULOUS!!!

DIOR: Miss Dior 2013 Ad. and Making of with Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is Jin’s favourite actress, mainly for her perfect beauty, and via osmosis one of mine. I love the 2013 mini movie and here we also get to glimpse a moment behind the scenes. This movie was shot by Sofia Coppola and has a transcendent, ethereal quality that feels very big screen and Natalie Portman is exsquisite. I love to feel a little like I’ve been there, don’t you?

Portia xx

The Making Of…

The Final Mini Movie

Vogue Diaries with Natalie Portman

Hey Everyone,

Today I had hoped to show a video of Radium Maxwell and I doing a LIVE Video Sniff of the Neela Vermeire Creations. The universe has said that it should be shown at a later date, a unilateral decision on its part.

Photo Stolen FashionMag

In its place I have for you a treat, Natalie Portman was the cover girl and did a pictorial piece photographed by Peter Lindbergh for the January 2011 edition of US Vogue. In this video she talks a little about the shoot, the fashion, her role in Black Swan and stuff. What is more interesting than what Natalie is saying is how she says it, very casual, natural and clearly she thinks about what she is saying, but not self consciously. I have watched this 2.30sec clip a few times and really like Natalie Portman playing herself.

Photo Stolen JustJared

Do please enjoy,
Don’t forget tomorrow we have a super Neela Vermeire Creations GIVEAWAY!!

Miss Dior Cherie Review

Hey hey,

How good was Evie C’s interview with Aussie Perfumer Howard Jarvis of Bud Parfums yesterday?

I found this somewhere on FaceBook a while ago, or maybe one of my friends sent it to me. Thank you to who ever it was. Every now and then I come back to it and worry about how silly we are as a race. Will the earth survive us?


Photo of Natalie Portman Stolen from beautysorority

On a completely other track. Below is the incredible Natalie Portman for Miss Dior Cherie. I love her most in the bath with sunnies. HILARIOUS! Don’t you think so?

For me Miss Dior Cherie was too Fruit Tingle-esque, it sizzled away on my skin and though others thought it almost gone; every time I went to sniff, there it was larger than life but not in a good way. This is what the girls of today like to wear and good luck to them. My question though is, “Aren’t there a hundred fragrances out there that smell almost the same but half the price?” On a $20 bottle of Ambre de Cabochard the bow is cute, here I find it offensive and desperate, even though I know it’s a re-representation of an old school Miss Dior bottle. I’m sorry to anyone who loves this fragrance, it just did not work on my skin or for my nostrils. And, of course, because I hated it, it lasted on my skin for HOURS! which has made me tetchy with the whole shebang.

Yes, not a great literary endeavor today, nor is it sufficiently objective, sorry. Didn’t like it, can’t pretend. You may love it, try it at any department store for free. The DIOR SA’s are usually lovely, helpful and smiley.

Have you spritzed something lately that tried your patience? Tell me in the comments, I love to read others tales of fragrant torment too.

Have a lovely day all,

Portia xx