New Sniffs + Thunked: 14.3.2019




Hey Hey Perfume Junkies,

OK I’m adding a THUNKED section here too. It’s becoming an APJ obsession and I love the idea of us using our fragrances and hoiking the vial, decant or bottle. Thunk is the sound of an empty hitting the bin so you must empty it for the thunk to count.

Anything worthy of comment, either good or bad, that’s passed under my nose through the week will get a short write up. If I think something is terrible, shamefully lazy, greedy or stupid and you should know about it, it will be said. As always YMMV.

I’d love it if you get involved: agree, respectfully disagree, have any thought-out opinion and want to share, do so in the comments below. The point is starting a conversation.

New Sniffs + Thunked: 14.3.2019

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Up The Apples and Pears by Sarah McCartney for 4160 Tuesdays 2016




Hey there APJ,

Sarah McCartney has been trying to get samples to me FOREVER! It has been a complete labour of love and finally it has happened thanks to a perfume mule who brought the set all the way from the UK and then sent it to me here. I won’t name you but a million thanks indeed.

The box arrived and I couldn’t stop myself from jumping in and finding something to spritz. One of the names that has often stood out, among a series of names that could positively beguile you, as fun and fabulous. From cockney rhyming slang Up The Apples and Pears means up the stairs to bed.

Up The Apples and Pears by 4160 Tuesdays 2016

Up The Apples and Pears by Sarah McCartney

Up The Apples & Pears 4160 Tuesdays FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Hops, apple, pear, gin
Heart: Whiskey, woody notes
Base: Bread

From 4160 Tuesdays: Up the Apples & Pears – an unusual fragrance that evokes the scent of a London pub in 1933; apple pie, pear syllabub, gin, beer, roll-ups, wooden floor and bread rolls.

Now I can’t say the note list looks particularly promising. Terrifying in fact, and the blurb from the website is equally freaky. An old drinking pub from 1933? Sounds ghastly, right? Well, I’m going to give it a go anyways….

Sweet fruits and tart gin, like apple lollies done sour. It’s an attention grabbing opening, fun and reckless. Can’t help but smile at the utter whimsy Up The Apples and Pears begins with. It’s lovely.

This fun opening takes a few minutes to segue into the whiskey section and its booziness rem,ends me faintly of Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Nights but the treacle thick patchouli is missing, or greatly diminished.

Now HERE is where I get the idea of a pub. Having lived and worked in the UK in 1994-5 I was lucky enough to work in some of the smaller country gay bars. We’d catch the train out, work, stay the night and come back to London next morning. These smaller pubs would have a lived in a loved smell about them that was partly old beer and carpets, but also had fruity cleaning products and a woodsy smell. Though not captured exactly and definitely glamorised into a fragrance form Sarah has definitely hit the memory mark.

Up The Apples and Pears by Sarah McCartney Ewan Munro Zeitgeist at the Jolly Gardeners FlickrFlickr

Without the story and knowledge of the meaning I think anyone could wear Up The Apples and Pears and smell good doing so. It is a lovely smelling fragrance.

One thing I really love here is the fearlessness, the bold adventure undertaken and the immediate, raw and fun look at how perfume can be created from a story. That is the grand prize that small batch independent perfumery can bring to the table. Clearly not created to sell billions of bottles and make Sarah McCartney the next by Kilian or Annick Goutal in department stores the world over. This is for lovers of the fun and whimsy of perfumistahood.

Sarah McCartney 4160 Tuesdays

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4160 Tuesdays has £120/100ml and Samples
ParfuMaria has a great selection of 4160 Tuesdays and ships worldwide

This is so exciting for me, which 4160 Tuesdays should I try next?
Portia xx

Centrepiece by Sarah McCartney for 4160Tuesdays 2015


Post by Robert Herrmann



It was a Monday to remember. Late getting up and having to rush to a Doctor’s appt. Rushing out the door, but stop to grab my decant (thank you Lillian Betts Holloway!) of the new Centrepiece edp by perfumer Sarah McCartney.

Centrepiece by 4160Tuesdays 2015

Centrepiece by Sarah McCartney

Centrepiece 4160 Tuesdays FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accordsin one line:
Honey, green tea, frangipani, musk, cedar, vanilla, sorbet, chocolate

OK. I get it. I was rushing so of course I tragically spill the the WHOLE decant all over my arm and clothes!

SOTD: Centrepiece by 4160Tuesdays. LOTS of it…..(read on…)

Well shit! No time to wash, so out the door I go and I smell FREAKING amazing!!! Holy cow, this is some GREAT stuff!

Now usually I don’t wear any scent for a medical appt. of any kind. Clinics get fussy if you do. So I thought “well…it is what it is.” So off I go.

I stop at my Cafe to check in and all I hear is “Oh my god is that YOU? You smell incredible!!” Ok. This is good.

I walk into the clinic and it’s the same thing. From every single receptionist, nurse, blood draw technician, and finally my beloved doctor, and he has a COLD for god’s sake!

Centrepiece 4160 Tuesdays  Doctor TNS Sofres FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

From LuckyScent: Originally created from a chance selection of ingredients and accords that inspired relaxed, peaceful feelings, Centrepiece is that most fundamental of 4160 Tuesdays-style creations- lighthearted, inspired, devoid of typical haute perfume pretension, and downright lovely. Focused around the sweet, tropical floral note of frangipani, Centrepiece further adds to the indulgent (but never cloying) bouquet with sweet honey and creamy vanilla, balancing it all against green tea and rich but gentle cedar. The results are entrancing, an everyday-suitable, gently powerful white floral that soothes, seduces and relaxes in equal measure. Simply beautiful.

Centrepiece 4160 Tuesdays Frangipani_flowers WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

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LuckyScent has $110/50ml
4160Tuesdays has £15/9ml

PS……..4160Tuesdays also has an extrait strength for sale on their website, and that’s the one I ultimately. All I can say is…..”Um…..well dip me in honey and color me joyous!”

So the moral of this story? Who the hell knows.

All I know is I do is that this ‘fume indeed smells amazing!!!

What is your 4160Tuesday?
Robert Herrrmann


I Scream For Green!


Post by Ainslie Walker


I’m in Bondi. The sun is shining and I am toying with several green scents intending to put the spring back in my step after some heavy times. It generally always feels like spring/summer in Sydney and right now is my favorite time – not too hot! Warm, sunny, not humid and thankfully no tropical downpours. That’s why when Sydney was hosting the Olympics “they” chose September…Sydney at its best.

I Scream For Green!

Lulu Guinness Lulu Guinness FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Clementine, cassis, apple blossom, sweet pea, lily-of-the-valley, lily, amaryllis, bellflower, narcissus, jasmine

Lulu Guinness: Lulu Guinness had five fragrances in her collection, however she is best known for her better-than-fabulous handbag/purse designs. I have two: One, a giant circular flamingo basket and the other a sequined lobster clutch. I feel like I am in the freaking B52’s when I strut along with them. Nose, Rodrigo Flores-Roux created Lulu Guinness in 2003, the initial fragrance launch for the brand. Talented and gifted I love many of his works:

The bottle is super kitsch, ceramic-look printed glass. The 50 ml is handbag friendly and feels nice in the hand. The scent is strong, distinctive, fresh, green and floral. Lily of the Valley I rarely wear due to the plethora of toilet sprays and cheap talc’s from childhood that have ruined it for me. In this blend however I like it. Not everyday, mind you, but the days I do, it hits the spot. Its bold like the brand rather than shy like the flower. Fresh and just-walked-into-a-florist-like. All cut flowers and screaming greens with no obvious crowd-pleasing attention given. The opening hour is uncompromisingly fresh and green and if you get past its polarising narcissus punch you are in for a treat. An all-floral flush of slightly powdered lily, apple blossom and sweet pea as it dries down. Blackcurrant (cassis), jasmine and clementine contribute to a hyper-surreal evolution towards natural nuances. If you don’t like this one instantly, I do suggest to try again.

Ealing Green 4160 Tuesdays FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Grass, rose, thyme
Heart: Geranium, lavender, violet
Base: Patchouli, oakmoss

Ealing Green by 4160 Tuesdays: In England “greens” are beautiful natural spaces designed to provide relief and a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of city life. A place for reflection, picnics and to host happy little fairs and markets. Ealing Green is in West London and the inspiration for perfumer Sarah McCartney’s green floral delight – one of my favourite perfumes from her 4160 Tuesdays collection.

I love the green grass and rosy geranium balance. I often find geranium masculinised and more than anything think it a little unfair. In Ealing Green the floral aspects take the spotlight. Shiny, bright and rosy. In addition violet and patchouli laydown a cool, sweet and soapy depth to the mix and continue throughout. A fresh-out-of-the-shower-herbal and clean feeling emanates from a sparky combination of thyme and lavender and works well. Dry down is soft salty oakmoss and powdered rose absolute like a dusting of makeup. Softer and prettier than expected. I had my Marilyn Monroe moment with it, waking still engulfed. I look forward to wearing more throughout summer. Now available to buy shipped to Australia at eScentuals! Bliss.

What is your green?

Ainslie Walker xx

Urura's Tokyo Cafe by Sarah McCartney for 4160 Tuesdays


Post by Poodle


The name of the company (4160 Tuesdays) is based on how many Tuesdays you’ll live if you make it to 80 years old. The idea is that that’s all you’ve got so make the most of them. Sarah McCartney is the writer and perfumer behind the brand. From what I can gather she’s based in London and had no formal training as a perfumer. Her scents were originally bespoke creations for friends and perfumes created to scent characters in a novel.

Urura’s Tokyo Cafe by Sarah McCartney for 4160 Tuesdays

Urara's Tokyo Cafe 4160 TuesdaysPhoto Stolen 4160 Tuesdays

4160 Tuesdays gives these featured accords in one line:
Grapefruit, tangerine, opoponax, tolu balsam, geranium, violet, rose, raspberry leaf

Recently I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Urura’s Tokyo Cafe by 4160 Tuesdays on Indiescents. I just started hearing about the line so I was excited to try it. If the rest of Sarah McCartney’s perfumes are like Urura’s Tokyo Cafe, she is proof that you don’t necessarily need training to be really good at something. For some it comes naturally.

Urura’s Tokyo Cafe was created to raise money for a charity event. The name of this does not really give an impression of what’s going on in the perfume. Actually it’s hard for me to pin that down as well. I mean that in a good way. It’s a chameleon on my skin. Depending on the day, the weather, my mood, who knows what else, it smells a bit different each time. It was easy to wear but hard to dissect. After wearing it almost daily for a week here’s what I can say.

Urara's Tokyo Cafe 4160 Tuesdays geranium PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

At times I get a lot of grapefruit and tangerine, more rind than juice. There’s a jammy quality but it’s never too sweet. It doesn’t smell overly citrusy either. I think the geranium keeps that in check lending an herbal bitterness which comes and goes to my nose. Some days it smelled chypre-like to me with an almost mossy quality. The rose changed on me day to day as well. It was dark at times, slightly sour and metallic on others, and then full bloom bouquet on the days the violet made an appearance. I have to admit I liked them all. The scent is well blended and a better nose might be able to pick it apart note by note, but I can’t, nor do I want to. It just smells good and unlike anything else I own. With the way it’s changed on me you might have a totally different experience with this perfume too.

Urara's Tokyo Cafe 4160 Tuesdays Pimm's Cup ImpromptuKitchen FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Somehow it made me think of a cocktail, a Pimm’s Cup, which I believe are popular in London. Sweet yet bitter, fruity yet herbal. (I wonder if that was an inspiration in making this perfume…)
I think it’s easily unisex and I get hours of wear on my skin, on clothes it lingers for days and I find I bury my face in my scarf to smell it.

4160 Tuesdays has £40/30ml

Until next time…