New Sniffs + Thunked: 14.3.2019




Hey Hey Perfume Junkies,

OK I’m adding a THUNKED section here too. It’s becoming an APJ obsession and I love the idea of us using our fragrances and hoiking the vial, decant or bottle. Thunk is the sound of an empty hitting the bin so you must empty it for the thunk to count.

Anything worthy of comment, either good or bad, that’s passed under my nose through the week will get a short write up. If I think something is terrible, shamefully lazy, greedy or stupid and you should know about it, it will be said. As always YMMV.

I’d love it if you get involved: agree, respectfully disagree, have any thought-out opinion and want to share, do so in the comments below. The point is starting a conversation.

New Sniffs + Thunked: 14.3.2019

Over 50 responses I will draw a Secret Scent Sample Pack (from my collection)

Last Weeks Winner: Crikey

eMail me at (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with your address please

New Sniffs:

I found a bunch of 4160 Tuesdays samples hiding away in my collection. Here are a couple that I enjoyed

Be Careful What You Wish For by 4160 Tuesdays

A fancy fruit cocktail quickly segues into a vanilla patchouli with oud backing dancers. If by Kilian were doing Indie this is what it would smell like. I’m enjoying it much more than most of the by Kilian recent releases. This has panache.

Raw Silk & Red Roses by 4160 Tuesdays

A zingy rose fruitchouli. The first few moments attacked like a ferocious celebuscent. Once that initial scorching opening died down I warmed to the super sweet fruit compote over red roses and a funky/plastic/earthy patchouli.


Dzhari by Phaedon

Sweet, boozy, woodsy and a hint of those yummy pitted dates you can buy prepackaged. Dzhari is smooth and very lavish, softly plush like velour. Not really food, it smells much more resinous than that. Through the heart the dates take soft but insistent control. Beautiful.

Jardin Clos by Diptyque

I have a 2 x 2ml sample box of this beautiful lilac/hyacinth and oak moss 2003 beauty. No idea where the little box came from. One is now thunked. So pretty without being delicate or winsome.

Rose Absolue Shower Gel by Molton Brown

This was one of the travel sized bottles I got in my Xmas gift from TinaG. If I see it in store I will definitely grab another. Dark, glamorous roses.

Vintage 2016 by Molton Brown

A FULL BOTTLE! What’s more, it’s my second bottle. When Ainslie Walker gave me the first for Xmas 2016 I fell madly in love and went straight out and bought a backup thinking it would last me a lifetime. NOPE! Two and a bit years later and they’re both gone.

Have you tried any of these? How did they work for you?
Portia xx

86 thoughts on “New Sniffs + Thunked: 14.3.2019

  1. I’ve not sampled any of your new sniffs and thunks Portia. My new sniffs this week include YSL Velours (wood, orris root, amber), Dior Belle de Jour (beautiful pear, peach, rose), and still enjoying relatively new to me 1993 version of Fath de Fath (Gorgeous Oriental floral).
    I”m not doing well thunking anything, too busy with acquisitions!


  2. My new sniffs this week were Byredo Flowerhead and ELDO I am Trash. Definitely like the Byredo but don’t need it. The ELDO has moments but wasn’t a show stopper. I like the fruity opening, but the drydown smells kind of generic (the iso E super maybe?) I do like the concept of using unwanted materials, though….


  3. Congrats crickey!
    Jardin Clos I know of as it was thunked via confiscation last year by my best friend of 51 years who is just getting into fragrances…full bottle too.
    Thunked a bottle of Reglisse Noire, decant of Santal Nabataea, samples of Tobacco Rose, Angelique, Heart of Darkness and Vietaanne.


      • It’s the bottle I bought in November. The birthday bottle is still wrapped on Mr Marzipan’s side of the closet for him to gift to me at the end of next month 😁.


      • And it isn’t YOUR birthday bottle which I am actually hoarding because it’s the original Reglisse !!!! I am certain it’s been reformulated.


        • And I think the one Annie has devised a way to mule to me is also pre-reformulated. The 15 ml. splashes were the originals. There were three other different bottle types following those.


      • My ramblings are even confusing to me.
        I bought a new bottle in November. That one got thunked.
        Portia’s birthday mini splash I will not thunk anytime soon because it’s original formulation.
        Mr. Marzipan’s birthday present to me bottle was bought recently before the big price hike of Reglisse on the website.

        Just to make myself clear lol 😂….not that anyone cares!!!!


          • My wacky overworked middle aged brain! Plus when I type on my phone (versus the home computer) it is harder for me to see how clearly my thoughts are and change things 🙂


        • I’m following the story 🙂
          Brigitte, I have to ask to learn more about Reglisse Noire, since I’ve been reading your comments. Fragrantica describes it as black licorice? What does it smell like, and why do you love it? I’m just really curious!


          • It’s a gourmand with a dominant sweet licorice note and a touch of cocoa tempered with vetiver…there is also mint in it as well…it sounds like a strange amalgamation but it really works for me. I bought my very first bottle many years ago (2011 or 2012) blind to support Jessica who had sold her house in Canada to move to France to study perfumery. At that time an article on Cafleurebon featured her and she was selling the mini bottles for very inexpensive to raise money to get her business off the ground. I bought it out of support thinking I would gift it to my mother as I did not think I would like it. However, I sniffed it…and fell in love…and bought five more bottles and then two more thereafter. It’s the first fragrance that taught me I could love licorice…..and to give anything a chance as you never know. I don’t know why but it always holds a special place in my heart. Not only because it’s a beautiful perfume but it’s a romantic story and the perfumer is also a very humble, generous and lovely human being.


              • Just read the Cafleurbon piece. 2011 and she was almost packing it all in😱 So glad for her that the tides have turned. I’m going to order the discovery set next week. Have already been v naughty this week, perfume wise. Thanks for that link. You must have searched like a little terrier to find it😏


            • Thank you Brigitte for the explanation and description of your love for Reglisse Noire, and I also read the Cafleurbon post. I wasn’t familiar with Jessica of 1000Flowers and I appreciate the introduction. I love to hear about success stories of fellow Canadians! I notice she has not created a perfume since 2016, but has a boutique in Grasse and her perfumes are available at a few stores in Canada and Holland. I’ve always loved black licorice, and am very curious how it would be in a perfume. I’ll order sample of Reglisse Noire, any others you recommend?


              • I also love Ode and I think that will be my next full bottle purchase from 1000 Flowers. Other folks have told me that Rose Cassis Paradis smells very similar to Lush’s Rose Jam. I had a travel spray of it but my eldest confiscated it. I also like the orange blossom one. Narcotic Flowers is 100 percent natural and very tuberose heavy. She makes a very lovely sampler pack..beautiful presentation…and the entire line is in there in the event that you want to try them all.


                • Where do you order 1000Flowers perfumes from Brigitte? I would be interested in the sampler. I found Canadian website that carries her perfumes, and appears to ship to USA (although I’m Canadian I live in US).
                  Indiescents is webstore.


                  • I order directly from the 1000 Flowers website. It ships from Grasse, France but I have never had an issue receiving my bottles.


                    • Brigitte you’re very sweet to offer to send a sample; however, I ordered the Discovery Sampler Coffret from 1000Flowers. It was easy enough to do, and I will be able to smell all of her fragrances. I appreciate you! Super excited to explore these fragrances!


  4. Thunked a sample of Clean Blonde Rose, which did not smell like rose, but soap and peony. No scrubber, but nothing special. Now sampling Tauers Rose Flash from a sample pack i bought recently.
    A big and syrupy rose, on my skin a bit too sweet. Will use it up but don’t need more.
    Now i am enjoying my free time until june and preparing for my holidays


  5. I gave my bottle of Jardin Clos to Brigitte as it was pretty but didn’t feel like « me ». So glad it has found a happy home!

    Never tried the shower gel but thunked a bottle of Rose Absolue years ago. Gorgeous scent.

    This week I tried Winter of 99 by Kerosene, it is a yummy sweet smoky scent with nutmeg, vanilla and molasses. Apparently a limited edition only sold on their website. I have four more of their samples I plan to try in the next few days. It’s a fun, offbeat indie house.


  6. Thunked a sample of Ajmal Rose Wood, a fantastic juice, full bottle worthy imho. Really curious about that Molton Brown, never had the chance to try it. Must be damn good if you already enjoyed 2 bottles of it 😊😊 congrats Crikey ✨👍🏻


  7. Didn’t thunk anything this week but am trying hard. New (for me anyway) was Pulp. Bright and juicy but don’t need a fb. Yippee. Eau Sacrée, wouldn’t mind some more of this sometime in the future. Tiny bit naughty ☺️ Decants of Nomade, Angel Muse and Black Orchid (don’t need another bottle). And that’s it, going to stop now. But holy smoke, forgot to say that while I was reorganising some of the perfume last week I found some Carnal Flower that I had forgotten was there. Yippeee.
    Congratulations on PPP Crikey 🎈


  8. New Sniff yesterday was a liberal spray of Bond No 9 New York Musk. It belonged to my friend. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first but the dry down was pleasant.


  9. No thunks this week and probably not for a good long while. I am ready this weekend to go on a sniffing spree, many samples that I have been ignoring and deserve attention. Probably some winners in there. 🙂


  10. Jardin Clos is long on my to try list but it seems to be discontinued because I’ve never seen it anywhere. They don’t have it on Diptyque’s homepage either. Molton Brown bath products are great! I really love them.
    This week’s thunks: a sample of Mugler’s Chyprissime and Womanity. I may be looking for a smaller bottle of Womanity but it’s not a priority.


  11. This week I’ve been trying out some Ex Nihilo samples. I’ve tried Oud Vendome, Musc Infini and Venenum Kiss. So far, VK is my favourite, then OV. I didn’t think MI was anything special.

    Thunked this week (all off to the op shop):
    1. Bulgari Blu Homme. Never got around to this one, and I had two bottles somehow. I donated the first a while back and it sold, so I’ve donated the other one too.
    2. Lanvin Rumeur coffret. This was new but the sprayer was buggered so you couldn’t get the perfume out, and there had been a lot of evaporation too. Wouldn’t you know, the boss jiggered with the sprayer a bit and got it working within a couple of minutes. So some lady is going to get a real bargain.


  12. Nothing thunked this week. I have packed most of my bottles away, and have only about 10 bottles which are half or less full. Portia I have never smelt any of your new sniffs, or thunks, however I’m keen on the Molton Brown shower gels. Are they easily found?
    Also congrats crikey….dnem


  13. I rarely participate in these reports since I almost never finish samples (unless I plan to buy a bottle, which happens less and less often), and we all know that only Brigitte finishes bottles 😉 But today I actually thunked a bottle. Hugo Boss Deep Red. Many years after I bought it, I still find it very enjoyable. And I have the second partial bottle re-homed from another perfumista, so absolutely no regrets!


  14. Thank you, Portia!

    I only have vicarious new sniffs… nothing new for me, but I spent a couple of hours yesterday introducing a friend to an array of scents. Lots of samples and decants passed on so she can play and explore. J’s an aficionado of vintage-clothing–and just crazy stylish–and wanted to learn more about older perfumes. Result! Miss Dior and Bandit had her in raptures. So did MAAI.


  15. Again I’m unfamiliar with the scents. Jardin Clos sounds lovely! Will give it a try when I can.

    No new sniffs, but I hope I’ll have something to talk about next week. As for thunking, I sent some samples I’d made for a couple Russian perfumistas: Jolie Madame, Tokyo Milk Waltz, a few Carons and a decant of Kelly Caleche edt.


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