Veil (Nebula 3) by Oliver + Co. GIVEAWAY




Hey APJ lovers of new,

My mate Oliver Valverde got in touch recently to tell me about his newest release. He’s so sweet and genuinely excited about having something new to offer you all. This week a 30ml Press Bottle of Veil arrived to review and share with you guys. Isn’t that freaking cool?

Before we get to the fragrance though Oliver & Co is now ONLY selling through their website. Oliver has wrested back control of his business from the pressures of selling through retail outlets and is going it alone. That means he can offer better prices (we have already seen them drastically reduce) and FREE SHIPPING to the world if you spend over €160, less if in Europe. Currently the most expensive 50ml bottle he sells is €78! Isn’t that amazing. I really rate his work. It’s challenging and out there but smells wonderful.

Veil (Nebula 3) by Oliver & Co.

Oliver Valverde

Ginger, metallic rose, lemon and a sparkly bunch of something, something, somethings combine to create a fragrance quite different. Spacious, air altering, modern and a little bit weird. I get hints of salty seaweed and later a very modern patchouli just dirtied up a little bit. Veil is the fragrance Buck Rogers would have worn (obviously the space references have sent my mind down this path but now I’ve thought it, it remains unshakeable).

The sheer, unearthly heart and dry down are quite like the smell of an empty can of beetroot after you’ve given it a rinse when you are taking it to the recycle. Sharp, vegetal, pickle sweet and tinny. That’s about the best analogy I can bring you.

Leave a comment below. Four lucky people from anywhere in the world will get a decant.

Have you tried any Oliver & Co?
Portia xx


15 thoughts on “Veil (Nebula 3) by Oliver + Co. GIVEAWAY

  1. Honestly, this one sounds yucky to me. But, I am not a big fan of conceptual houses (aka Zoologist). I’ve tried the following Oliver & Co., which all were just okay for me on a scale of dislike, okay, like, love/wow, with the exception of Dunard, which garnered a like:
    La Colonia


  2. What first drew my attention to this brand was , believe it or not, the bottles! (would love to have a few of those on my pristine white perfume shelf in the bedroom) I haven’t tried any of the juice yet but would be open to it. And great news to hear perfume houses lowering prices rather than marking up. I wish Oliver lots of success doing it solo!


  3. I just had a quick squiz at the website and I must say that the prices for an independent perfume house are very reasonable. I have seen those bottles before and they’re eye catching. I’d willingly test this, not put off by the vegetal reference at all.


  4. I so very much love his M.O.U.S.S.E II and need another bottle. For a while I searched the fragrance houses and couldn’t find it, so I assumed he had gone out of business and gave up until I recently read to the contrary. Thanks for this reminder!


  5. Really curious about the smell. The bottle itself looks amazing, at least for my taste 🙂 also i kinda like the concept behind but never had the chance to try anything from the line. Thanks for the chance ✌🏻


  6. I have not tried any of his fragrances. This one sounds interesting for sure. The nebulae collection bottles are very cool. Thanks for the chance!


  7. I was so happy to hear about M. Valverde gaining control of the company. I know it was quite a shake-up as it was happening (especially right before the holidays). His work is so interesting, on-trend, and ground breaking. This is a very exciting release! Thanks Portia 😘😘😘


  8. Since I’m on a permanent “no buy” for samples, I decided I would participate in all draws for perfumes I haven’t tried yet since it’s the only chance for those brands that I don’t know and don’t have in stores around here to get to my collection and, maybe, my blog (yep, in this order – there are probably more perfumes that I pay for and not write about than those that I write about and do not pay for).


  9. I have a 16ml bottle of Vaninger and I really enjoy it. It’s a rather different vanilla scent, grown up and not sweet. I have been wanting to try Resina but I have promised myself no blind buys this year. Would be wonderful to try the Veil I think as Olive & Co has such an unusual style 😀


  10. I haven’t tried any Oliver and Company. Your description is, shall we say, intriguing. Do I really want to smell like a tin of beetroot that’s about to go in the bin? Not sure about that.


  11. I’ve tried Vetiverus, Resina and Ambergreen so far, the latter didn’t work for me but I admire Oliver’s vision. I have to admit that perfumes with metallic and mineral notes can be tricky but I like to try them nonetheless 🙂


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