Centrepiece by Sarah McCartney for 4160Tuesdays 2015


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It was a Monday to remember. Late getting up and having to rush to a Doctor’s appt. Rushing out the door, but stop to grab my decant (thank you Lillian Betts Holloway!) of the new Centrepiece edp by perfumer Sarah McCartney.

Centrepiece by 4160Tuesdays 2015

Centrepiece by Sarah McCartney

Centrepiece 4160 Tuesdays FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accordsin one line:
Honey, green tea, frangipani, musk, cedar, vanilla, sorbet, chocolate

OK. I get it. I was rushing so of course I tragically spill the the WHOLE decant all over my arm and clothes!

SOTD: Centrepiece by 4160Tuesdays. LOTS of it…..(read on…)

Well shit! No time to wash, so out the door I go and I smell FREAKING amazing!!! Holy cow, this is some GREAT stuff!

Now usually I don’t wear any scent for a medical appt. of any kind. Clinics get fussy if you do. So I thought “well…it is what it is.” So off I go.

I stop at my Cafe to check in and all I hear is “Oh my god is that YOU? You smell incredible!!” Ok. This is good.

I walk into the clinic and it’s the same thing. From every single receptionist, nurse, blood draw technician, and finally my beloved doctor, and he has a COLD for god’s sake!

Centrepiece 4160 Tuesdays  Doctor TNS Sofres FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

From LuckyScent: Originally created from a chance selection of ingredients and accords that inspired relaxed, peaceful feelings, Centrepiece is that most fundamental of 4160 Tuesdays-style creations- lighthearted, inspired, devoid of typical haute perfume pretension, and downright lovely. Focused around the sweet, tropical floral note of frangipani, Centrepiece further adds to the indulgent (but never cloying) bouquet with sweet honey and creamy vanilla, balancing it all against green tea and rich but gentle cedar. The results are entrancing, an everyday-suitable, gently powerful white floral that soothes, seduces and relaxes in equal measure. Simply beautiful.

Centrepiece 4160 Tuesdays Frangipani_flowers WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Further reading: Ca Fleure Bon
LuckyScent has $110/50ml
4160Tuesdays has £15/9ml

PS……..4160Tuesdays also has an extrait strength for sale on their website, and that’s the one I ultimately. All I can say is…..”Um…..well dip me in honey and color me joyous!”

So the moral of this story? Who the hell knows.

All I know is I do is that this ‘fume indeed smells amazing!!!

What is your 4160Tuesday?
Robert Herrrmann


11 thoughts on “Centrepiece by Sarah McCartney for 4160Tuesdays 2015

  1. Hey Robert,
    Great to see you here at APJ! Thanks for writing about 4160 Tuesdays today. loved your post.
    Portia xxx


    • Thanks P! Just sitting here minding my own business, sipping my morning coffee, hoping I actually managed to get the woodstove fired up, and BAM! First thing I see in my mail is this! Thank you SO much! ??????


    • Thanks Sarah! Your perfumes aer exquisite, and the Centrepiece Extrait is…..is……well. No words…..!!

      Have a VERY Happy Christmas!


  2. Hi Robert,
    I carefully avoid perfumes of any kind when visiting the doc, lab techs, etc. but it seems that your medical crew really enjoyed Centrepiece! Perhaps, for them, it was a much needed scent break from their world of disinfectant gels and soaps. Maybe I will try just a little of one of my favs the next time I go in. Anything to counter the smell of some of those soaps that seem to linger for years. And yes…”who the hell knows”!
    Azar xx


    • Thanks Azar, as luck would have it my nurse practitioner who commutes over from Friday Harbor EVERY DAY, is a closet perfumista!! It was fate (with a dash of clumsiness thrown in!)


  3. It’s absolutely the best when you send someone a fragrance you love and they wind up loving it just as much as you do!


    • You are SUCH an enabler!!! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  4. Hands down my favourite is Dark Heart of Old Havana. Dirty, sweet, dark and funky. I really need to get my paws on the newer stuff. I’m always blown away by 4160 Tuesdays.


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