So…? + So…? Kiss Me by So…?


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Recently I was contacted by Tara of Portobello PR who are looking after the So…? range in Australia. This is not a brand I’ve heard of though they have been around for 20 years. Tara asked if I’d like to try any of the range and I really am overwhelmed here at the moment with releases but there was something super friendly and engaging about her email that had me replying, “Yes, send me some through.” They arrived the other day and Scott & I had a sneaky spritz, we went in with no expectations and…..

So…? and So…? Kiss Me by So…?

So...? So...?  FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

So…? by So…?

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Tangerine, orange blossom
Heart: Rose,  jasmine, ylang-ylang
Base: Sandalwood, vanilla, amber

SURPRISE!!! Balmy resins, orange blossom, creamy ylang and vanilla. So…? smells a LOT like something my Mum wore at some point. I can’t place it as any of the regular scents I remember her owning or spritzing but the scent jolted me back to her warm embrace faster than the speed of smell. Even though you can tell So…? is a reasonably priced fragrance up close with your nose to your arm from a short distance it all combines beautifully into a smooth, satin soft Fl-Oriental with a slightly dressy overtone. It’s better than some of the $150+ niche being brought out and is basically free. Beauty HQ has $13.50/30ml

So…? Kiss me So...?Photo Stolen So…?

So…? Kiss Me by So…?

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Blackcurrant, pineapple, citron
Heart: Lily of the valley, freesia
Base: Vanilla, musk, woody notes

Remember the opening of Enchanted Forest by the Vagabond Prince? Imagine that but toned down for a mass market youth audience. While not being something I want to wear I can tell that it will go down a treat with the younger crew. It’s a freaky synthetic screech of fruit at the top with pineapple and blackcurrant vying for which is sweeter, the heart escapes me but I do get a squeaky vanilla and some generic musks in the base. Not groundbreaking but quite nice, especially for the price. To be fair, it’s similar to many of the current designer and mid market beauty offerings and I bet it grabs compliments.

So…? can be purchased at Beauty HQ, and instore at larger Priceline.
Check out their UK website

Want to try them? See below……
Portia xxx

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1 x 150ml So…? Kiss Me Body Spray

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13 thoughts on “So…? + So…? Kiss Me by So…?

  1. I remember So…? To me, it smacks of the 90s and Dolly/Girlfriend magazines. Like many budget price fragrances of the 90s, I’m glad they’re still around. Even though I have expensive taste, I still love budget fragrances and will sing their praises till the day I die.

    I nominate Le Couvent des Minimes – Cologne of love.



  2. Hi Portia, ‘So’ rings a bell with me somewhere in the recesses of my mind!
    I follow you by FB, and email.
    A budget fragrance line which is fun and inexpensive is Library of Fragrance – so many to choose from and great to layer! Couldn’t beat it with a big stick! 🙂


  3. Hi Portia,
    I’m beginning to see myself as the Queen of Cheap. I am loving this post AND the budget favorites mentioned in the comments of my fellow APJs. I think my all time favorite budget friendly fragrance is Liz Claiborne Curve Kicks. A couple of others are Red Moscow and Basile.
    I follow by e-mail and Bloglovin. Thank you for another great draw.
    Azar xx


  4. Oooh Portia, god knows I loves me a great inexpensive frag!! Follow by email, and one of my all time favorite budget frags is “Pure White Gardenia” by bodycology. $10. US on Amazon, and a really great gardenia, head and shoulders above some in the $100.+ range.



  5. ‘It’s basically free…’
    ?? love it Portia!
    I’m surprised you weren’t aware of this brand, I’ve seen it on every shelf at Target, Priceline and other chain stores for the last 15 years ?
    It was one of those go-to scents almost every teenage girl I know owned. And yep I owned a bottle of the original So…? Myself. A nice cheapie!
    My fave cheapie would have to be Anna Sui original, in the purple bottle. Smells like grape juice and rosy flowers, seriously addictive and goes with any weather or occasion. Highly recommend it!
    Ps I follow on email.


  6. Hello. I’m fragrance lover from mongolia. I love to read your posts. Thank you so much. I won 2 giweaway before 🙂 thank you so so so much 🙂 i follow via email


  7. I follow by e mail.Have not heard of this brand and my favourite budget fragrance is White Musk Libertine by the Body Shop


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