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Post by Portia


Hi there Fellow Fumie Travellers,

Landing in a new city is both thrilling and daunting. Yes, you want to have your own authentic holiday experience but you also don’t want to miss a few of the reasons where you are going is popular, right? Jin is our Master Holiday Planner. He does the research, finds the hotels online and then goes into the Travel Agent armed with his top 3 and the best prices he can find online, he scopes the area and picks a few Must Do attractions and the rest of the time we walk. Yes, you read it here first folks, we WALK, often 12 hour days walking. He also prefers to take the local public transport, every time we reach a destination he says, “See, we are SO LOCAL” and he is happy. How can you deny such simplicity? I certainly can’t.

Travelling with him is fun and exciting, always full of wonderful adventures. My travelling was always about meeting friends, hanging out and once upon a time doing the club scene. Both ways are fun.

Here is a FABULOUS new helper for those that love to travel. Thank you Louis Vuitton.

Portia xx

Louis Vuitton City Guide AppPhoto Stolen Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton City Guide App