Hair Removal – I suffer the pain, so you don’t have to


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So before I start, I’ll have to give away that this post will probably contain more TMI moments than any of the others before, but have faith that I’ll not take it too far ☺

Hair Removal

I suffer the pain, so you don’t have to. (Unless you want to!)

I have a very light hair removal/tidy routine, half legs, underarms, eyebrows (tidying, not removal).
I am not very daring or extravagant, I can tolerate pain, but rarely when others inflict it, so these are a couple of hair removal techniques I’ve tried – along with varying levels of success and pain scales.

Starting at the top – Eyebrows.
I used this Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper. It’s odd – it’s very little like wax. It has the texture of a thick glue. The pen has a nib of sorts through which the wax comes through like a globby ink. It has a squareish end that is useful for smoothing out the wax across the right spot of the eyebrow. It comes with cotton strips, cut with pinking shears to minimise fray. You simply apply the wax, smooth the cotton over the wax, then strip (in the direction opposite to hair growth – for eyes that’s usually toward the middle of your face).


The wax washes off the cotton strips, super easily and they dry quickly to be re-used. I find this pretty easy to use. The wax comes out a bit uncontrolled with the way you need to turn the twiddle at the end to get it to come out – I always end up with a bit more than I’d ideally need. But it’s easy enough to apply once out. I’ve been using this for about a year, and so far I’ve not ripped off an entire brow! ☺
Success rating – 9/10 depending on skill of wax application.
Pain scale – 7/10

Down at the bottom – Legs.
I either shave – because it’s quick – or use an epilator, if I have time and want to be hair free for longer. I use this epilator but looking at the website, there are a load of new versions, which look very exciting!


The epilator is a unique beast. Basically it has rotating wheels which create tweezers that pull out each of your hairs, one by painful one. If you’re reading this and you’ve involuntarily crossed your legs and winced, then you’ve correctly determined the appropriate level of pain. The epilator *is* effective – if you can tolerate the pain. No question there are times when pain is more tolerable than others, choose that time to use the epilator, choose other times to shave. One other thing to note, use the epilator in the brightest light you can find, preferably natural light. Take this as a free lesson to not walk away “finished” only to discover that patch of hair you missed just as you walk down the street on your night out or at work when you look down during an important meeting!
Success rating – 8/10 depending on diligence to cover all areas
Pain scale – 200/10

Obviously the easiest option for hair removal is shaving, but depending on your skin type and hair type it can be uncomfortable or cause ingrown hairs. What do you do to control hair?

What do you do with your excess hair?
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8 thoughts on “Hair Removal – I suffer the pain, so you don’t have to

  1. I really love your beauty posts!

    I have my eyebrows threaded. You might need to try a few before you find a girl who does them just as you like them, but it’s worth it.

    For the rest I now have my beloved Boots SmoothSkin Gold IPL. I LOVE it. The epilator is a device of torture but while the SmoothSkin hurt the first time I used it, that was the only time. You use once a week for 12 weeks after shaving and the results are fantastic. You can top up once a month if needed after that.


  2. Hello AF!
    Being old and grey has very few advantages but one has to do with body hair management. While the hair on my head still grows like crazy – thick, wiry and more unruly than ever – the rest of the crop is so light and translucent as to be barely visible. I spend virtually no time on my legs anymore. Unfortunately the eyebrows are also disappearing. In addition to the grey/white hairs that seem invisible, most women’s eyebrows tend to thin and shorten as they age (while men’s get bushier!). When I was young I had heavy, dark eyebrows – almost mono – and spent a lot of time fussing over eliminating unwanted hairs. These days I fuss over shaping, trying to pencil them back in! 😉
    Azar xx


  3. hey there AF,
    I wish I could find a beautician out west who does the Back, Sack & Crack. Going to town is fine to have it done but sitting down after for an hour to get home means angry skin.
    Portia xx


  4. I love the epilator. Yes, it hurts like hell the first few times but each time there’s less hair to yank out and you do tend to get used to it and now I don’t find it painful at all. You have to really be persistent and consistent in the beginning to get past the pain point.


  5. I used an epilator once. Once. For two seconds. I cried for days. Portia, you are clearly more of a woman than I will ever be!

    I used to shave from head to foot when I wore lady clothes only because I hated pantyhose and I have the hairiest chest and tummy known to man…if I could’ve avoided it, I would’ve have!

    I love it that you’re suffering for us…really into the Christmas spirit!!

    KCV xxx


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