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Hair oils you’ll love and maybe one you won’t!

As I’ve talked about before, I hit the gym fairly often and as a result, I need to wash my hair A LOT. It is annoying for me, and I’m fairly sure my hairdresser would happily stab me to prevent me cracking out the shampoo on a sometimes twice daily basis.
All things considered my hair isn’t in too bad condition, probably because I rarely use straighteners or a hairdryer. But truth is, it could be in better condition – and as you’ll have seen in the shops, the latest thing for perfect hair is Argan Oil.

Argan Oil Haircare

Applied to the hair, generally after washing, it’s meant to help heal the hair, act as a conditioner and defrizz. Read the promotional info here.

I think my first foray into Argan Oil was a freebie thanks to a David Jones promotion. I got a mini bottle of Agadir Argan Oil. This is a relatively thick oil similar in consistency to olive oil with a pleasant mild fragrance. I like this oil, it does make my hair feel nice – but whether because I don’t use a hairdyer, or just the weight of my hair type (relatively fine), it does make my hair feel dirty relatively quickly (ie greasy).

When my little sample ran out, I decided to look for a replacement. The Agadir oil is relatively pricy for it’s small size AU$24 for a standard size bottle – that’s only 66ml). I decided to try the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Mist, I think it was on special one day. I was drawn to this because of the mist spray application thinking it would ‘feel’ less oily if it wasn’t applying with my hands.

OK, so this I really don’t like. And really it’s my own fault. It makes my hair feel dry and straw-like. I should have checked the ingredients before buying (caveat emptor right here) because first of all, there is no Argan Oil in it, and secondly the second ingredient listed is alcohol. Why would spraying alcohol on your hair EVER be a good thing? They package this up in a posh orange glass fully imitating the argan oil brands – it’s misleading, so be warned. Stay away.

So after the horror of the L’Oreal product, by chance I picked up the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Miracle in-shower oil. . I’ve never actually used this in the shower, mainly because my shower is over-bath and I would rather not slip and break my neck while naked having applied an oil to my hair or body. I apply this as a post conditioner treatment before wrapping my wet hair up in a towel, this way the excess stays in the towel. This I LOVE! The texture is a lot lighter than the first oil, it applies well and my hair doesn’t look immediately greasy. All in all, a winner. It says also for skin use, but thus far, I’ve not tried it, maybe next week! 🙂

Have you found an oil treatment you love? Tell me about it!
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Keratin Hair Straightening: *Hair*way to Heaven


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Beauty, as you all know is not just about the goo that you apply to your face and body. It covers everything from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. In this post I’m going north to my locks.

Like most people, I wish for the hair I’ve not got. I am lucky in some respects, I have a full head of hair on my head that isn’t in too bad condition. (a particularly impressive outcome since I’ve been dying my hair since about 1988) BUT, it is neither curly nor straight. I have a forehead that could display widescreen movies. I am, underneath many layers of dye, grey, revealing my age to anyone (un)lucky enough to see a grey hair, or million, reflecting in the sunlight.

Keratin Hair Straightening

*Hair*way to Heaven

I am probably my hairdresser’s worst customer. He diligently and reliably colours and cuts my hair every couple of months or so. I leave looking like wonder woman (in the hair department at least), until I turn the corner from his street and tie my hair up, out of sight, where he won’t see his beautiful blow dry wasted! This is where it stays, save washing, until I walk back into the hairdresser 8 weeks later. In an effort to persuade me to let my locks loose, he has been talking up keratin treatments at the cost of a small mortgage, promising easy to care for, smooth, quick drying hair that would be easy to manage and I could wear loose. Also known as Brazilian Blow Dry, Permanent Blow Dry and Keratin Hair Straightening.
Eventually, after reading a random beauty article which mentioned “permanent blow dry” and how evangelical this person was about it, a big call when celebs could easily call out botox or fillers as their best beauty treatment. I gave in and called the hairdresser to get the treatment.



The keratin treatment process is: Wash Hair, Apply Keratin Product, Apply Clingwrap, leave for period of time, remove Clingwrap, dry hair (with product still on), straighten hair with extra hot hair straighteners to embed product, part with small fortune, wait three days without tying back hair or washing it, straighten twice a day, wash after 72 hours and reveal smoothed and gorgeous hair.


Broadly, this is how it happened for me. The 72 hours of having claggy dirty (with product, not dirt) hair for three days that I couldn’t tie back was my own special hell. That first wash was heaven. Now, having had the treatment in for two weeks I can tell you, it is smoother than it used to be. And I do think it dries slightly quicker, but I’ve never been the type of person to religiously dry my hair, so the benefit (to me) is small.

Is it worth the small fortune I paid…? Right now, probably not. Being wavy curly, keratin did not straighten my hair – and I did know that in advance, but when blow dried, it is straighter than usual, and less frizzy, which is good.


The treatment is due to last between 3-6 months depending on washing frequency and aftercare – I have to avoid certain activities (swimming in salty water) and must use certain (sulphate free) shampoo products. I will update you more in a few months time.

Hair Removal – I suffer the pain, so you don’t have to


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So before I start, I’ll have to give away that this post will probably contain more TMI moments than any of the others before, but have faith that I’ll not take it too far ☺

Hair Removal

I suffer the pain, so you don’t have to. (Unless you want to!)

I have a very light hair removal/tidy routine, half legs, underarms, eyebrows (tidying, not removal).
I am not very daring or extravagant, I can tolerate pain, but rarely when others inflict it, so these are a couple of hair removal techniques I’ve tried – along with varying levels of success and pain scales.

Starting at the top – Eyebrows.
I used this Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper. It’s odd – it’s very little like wax. It has the texture of a thick glue. The pen has a nib of sorts through which the wax comes through like a globby ink. It has a squareish end that is useful for smoothing out the wax across the right spot of the eyebrow. It comes with cotton strips, cut with pinking shears to minimise fray. You simply apply the wax, smooth the cotton over the wax, then strip (in the direction opposite to hair growth – for eyes that’s usually toward the middle of your face).


The wax washes off the cotton strips, super easily and they dry quickly to be re-used. I find this pretty easy to use. The wax comes out a bit uncontrolled with the way you need to turn the twiddle at the end to get it to come out – I always end up with a bit more than I’d ideally need. But it’s easy enough to apply once out. I’ve been using this for about a year, and so far I’ve not ripped off an entire brow! ☺
Success rating – 9/10 depending on skill of wax application.
Pain scale – 7/10

Down at the bottom – Legs.
I either shave – because it’s quick – or use an epilator, if I have time and want to be hair free for longer. I use this epilator but looking at the website, there are a load of new versions, which look very exciting!


The epilator is a unique beast. Basically it has rotating wheels which create tweezers that pull out each of your hairs, one by painful one. If you’re reading this and you’ve involuntarily crossed your legs and winced, then you’ve correctly determined the appropriate level of pain. The epilator *is* effective – if you can tolerate the pain. No question there are times when pain is more tolerable than others, choose that time to use the epilator, choose other times to shave. One other thing to note, use the epilator in the brightest light you can find, preferably natural light. Take this as a free lesson to not walk away “finished” only to discover that patch of hair you missed just as you walk down the street on your night out or at work when you look down during an important meeting!
Success rating – 8/10 depending on diligence to cover all areas
Pain scale – 200/10

Obviously the easiest option for hair removal is shaving, but depending on your skin type and hair type it can be uncomfortable or cause ingrown hairs. What do you do to control hair?

What do you do with your excess hair?
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Mr. Whiskers Beard Balms by Laurie Stern for Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery


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I received a lovely bunch of samples from the Fragments 2015 show. The little burlap bag from Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery was one of my favorite discoveries. Inside were samples of Honey which I reviewed last time and Mr. Whiskers Beard Balm which I had to try just because of the fabulous name. Laurie Stern is the perfumer behind the brand which is named in honor of her two cat’s. She uses natural ingredients and the products are made in small batches. They are also cruelty free. I’ve enjoyed sampling her perfumes so I was hopeful I’d like the beard balms.

Mr. Whiskers Beard Balms by Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery

Mr. Whiskers Beard Balms by Laurie Stern

Juniper & Cypress Forest, Piñon Desert, and Vetiver Breeze

Mr. Whisker’s Beard Balm! Velvet & Sweet Pea’s PurrfumeryPhoto Stolen Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery

Ingredients – organic oils of jojoba, avocado, rose hip seed, organic cocoa butter, beeswax from their own bees, virgin oil de coco creme, essential oils

Let’s clarify one thing. I don’t have a beard so I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth I’d want with a beard balm. Well, I have dry hair and lately I have a head full of frizz. I’ll try just about anything to calm it down. Why not beard balm? Hair is hair.

The first one I tried was Juniper & Cypress Forest Beard Balm with notes of, you guessed it, juniper and cypress. Compared to most of the fruity and flowery hair products out there this is a refreshing change. It smells forest-like and clean. Piney, but not like a Christmas tree. It reminds me of a cabin in the woods.

Vetiver Breeze is great for vetiver lovers. It’s fresh and earthy. I enjoyed catching a faint whiff of this one in my hair.

Next up was Piñon Desert with notes of piñon pine and sandalwood. This was my favorite of the three. It’s woody, but not sharp and synthetic. It hints at being in a lumberyard. There’s a warmth and a softness to it as well.

Mr. Whisker’s Beard Balm! Hipster Ryan Ruppe FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

These scents are not going to overpower. They’re linear and light but it’s beard oil not perfume so that’s fine. I can’t imagine anyone wanting a strong scented product to use around their mouth area anyway. They’re somewhat solid in the container but melt on contact with warm hands. They’re oily but they are not heavy feeling and would probably work well as a body oil in winter. I didn’t use much and they did calm down my frizz and give my hair a decent bit of shine without silicones. For me, Beard Balms seem to soften and smooth my hair and skin pretty well so I imagine they’d work great when used on beards as intended. I’m curious to see what hubby says when he sees beard oil on my Christmas list.

Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery has $22/10ml

Guys, do you use a beard oil? Do any of you use hair oils? What’s your holy grail dry hair remedy?

Poodle xxx