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Hair oils you’ll love and maybe one you won’t!

As I’ve talked about before, I hit the gym fairly often and as a result, I need to wash my hair A LOT. It is annoying for me, and I’m fairly sure my hairdresser would happily stab me to prevent me cracking out the shampoo on a sometimes twice daily basis.
All things considered my hair isn’t in too bad condition, probably because I rarely use straighteners or a hairdryer. But truth is, it could be in better condition – and as you’ll have seen in the shops, the latest thing for perfect hair is Argan Oil.

Argan Oil Haircare

Applied to the hair, generally after washing, it’s meant to help heal the hair, act as a conditioner and defrizz. Read the promotional info here.

I think my first foray into Argan Oil was a freebie thanks to a David Jones promotion. I got a mini bottle of Agadir Argan Oil. This is a relatively thick oil similar in consistency to olive oil with a pleasant mild fragrance. I like this oil, it does make my hair feel nice – but whether because I don’t use a hairdyer, or just the weight of my hair type (relatively fine), it does make my hair feel dirty relatively quickly (ie greasy).

When my little sample ran out, I decided to look for a replacement. The Agadir oil is relatively pricy for it’s small size AU$24 for a standard size bottle – that’s only 66ml). I decided to try the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Mist, I think it was on special one day. I was drawn to this because of the mist spray application thinking it would ‘feel’ less oily if it wasn’t applying with my hands.

OK, so this I really don’t like. And really it’s my own fault. It makes my hair feel dry and straw-like. I should have checked the ingredients before buying (caveat emptor right here) because first of all, there is no Argan Oil in it, and secondly the second ingredient listed is alcohol. Why would spraying alcohol on your hair EVER be a good thing? They package this up in a posh orange glass fully imitating the argan oil brands – it’s misleading, so be warned. Stay away.

So after the horror of the L’Oreal product, by chance I picked up the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Miracle in-shower oil. . I’ve never actually used this in the shower, mainly because my shower is over-bath and I would rather not slip and break my neck while naked having applied an oil to my hair or body. I apply this as a post conditioner treatment before wrapping my wet hair up in a towel, this way the excess stays in the towel. This I LOVE! The texture is a lot lighter than the first oil, it applies well and my hair doesn’t look immediately greasy. All in all, a winner. It says also for skin use, but thus far, I’ve not tried it, maybe next week! 🙂

Have you found an oil treatment you love? Tell me about it!
AF Beauty

10 thoughts on “Argan Oil Haircare

  1. I have a wavy hair and I’m using Orofluido beauty elixir at the moment. It smells amazing and leaves my hair soft and shiny. I like it ☺


  2. I like the idea of the shower oil. My hair is dry but thin and I can’t put even conditioner on it but I bought a bottle of Deciem The Ordinary argon oil online and it works. Just a drop or two, rubbed between my palms and ruffled thru dry hair makes it less frizzy and it’s very cheap. I wish I had your work out motivation!


  3. I have not used oil for my hair yet, but I would like to give it a try, especially for dry ends.

    My son uses Agadir styling mousse on his hair. He likes it very much, and I adore the scent. It’s gorgeous, a bit like Bvlgari Black without the rubber tire. 🙂


  4. Coconut oil before shampoo, sometimes left in overnight, really helps with definition and condition.
    And then either that or vanilla shea butter on the ends during drying.

    Many of the treatment oils in the drugstore have a lot of silicone in them or other things that irritate my scalp. But most of the natural stuff can get pretty greasy pretty quickly. It’s tough to find stuff that works so I guess sticking to what does work is a great strategy!


  5. I agree with you, the OGX miracle oil is great. I use it post conditioning on towel dried hair mostly, but I put it on before I shampoo if my hair is feeling dry. Have to say it didn’t cling to the bath or make me slip! An even better oil is the Josh Wood hair oil which I get from Marks and Spencer.


  6. Heya AF Beauty,
    My last partner Varun used to put Olive Oil through his hair once a week and then go to bed (with a towel on the pillow). His hair was so thick and lustrous.
    I tried it once and it just made my hair look like I’d not washed in months, it all clumped and hung like seaweed.
    Portia xx


  7. Hi AF Beauty,

    Looking for hair treatment is the next thing in my list. My ends just don’t seem to cope well enough with standard conditioner now so thanks for the hints. Sneaky L’Oreal …. hum.

    Tina G


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