Figue Aoudii by Jean-Claude Gigodot and Irina Zhurikhina-Nesa for Maison Incens 2014


Kate Apted



I was inwardly devastated when my youngest son announced he will be moving to Canada when he turns 18. D, now 12, then added that he didn’t expect me to make the long journey to visit him; his awkward teenage way of saying he doesn’t want me to visit. Still, I hugged him and responded that I hope he finds Canada not too cold. As I always do when I hug him, I take a deep breath in of his skin scent. D has the most divine natural smell. I will miss that not being around.

When D was about 2, he wore the most adorable navy blue Clarks runners with yellow laces. I have kept one pair of those shoes because the smell of Dede and the rubber of the soles created a scent combo that is forever etched in my mind. I have even placed them in a sealed bag to preserve the scent.

By chance, earlier this year, I found a lovely niche house that has two fig scents in their repertoire. The first I tried is a crisp green fig, and the second gave me the most unexpected jolt of instant recognition. This gem of a fig is Figue Aoudii by Maison Incens.

Figue Aoudii by Maison Incens 2014

Figue Aoudii by Jean-Claude Gigodot and Irina Zhurikhina-Nesa

Figue Aoudii Maison Incens FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, orange
Heart: Fig, ylang-ylang, violet, iris, leather, cedar
Base: Agarwood (oud), sandalwood, amber, musk

As a fig scent, it is unique, particularly because of the addition of the oud note, which is not principally sweet or smoky. It opens with a strong, deep fig; much like the late season figs that drop onto the ground. This lasts only moments before the oud barges in to give a heavy hand, along with a striking dry leather note. The scent stays linear throughout the three hours of arm’s length projection I get. The ylang ylang is brought to the fore after that time and becomes a skin scent for another hour or so. The notes listed on Fragrantica include iris and bergamot, which I got nothing of, but I do detect a faint backing of violet in the first hour.

Figue Aoudii by Jean-Claude Gigodot and Irina Zhurikhina-Nesa for Maison Incens 2014

You are now wondering, rightly, what Figue Aoudii has to with my son’s declared intention of migrating and a pair of smelly toddler’s shoes? Figue Aoudii is reminiscent of the scent of D taking off his shoes as a child. I kid you not! (Pun most definitely intended.) So, should D actually move out of home, I have no sentimental reason to ask him for his pillow, or a toy he slept with, in order to keep his scent alive. I have Figue Aoudii!

Now that I have needlessly placed this connotation in your mind about a beautiful fig fragrance, let me assure you that it took quite a few weeks for me to understand why Figue Aoudii was so instantly recognisable. I wore it simply because it is sublime in the cooler months of autumn. The falling brown leaves and the last of the summer harvest of figs begs for such a scent to be worn.

Figue Aoudii Maison Incens schleichpost0 pixabayPDI

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Maison Encens has 139/100ml (FREE World Shipping)

Do you have a fragrance that reminds you of someone you love? Or someone you once loved but have gone from your life?

19 thoughts on “Figue Aoudii by Jean-Claude Gigodot and Irina Zhurikhina-Nesa for Maison Incens 2014

  1. Fahrenheit reminds me of an old boyfriend in high school/college days. And, I wore Raghba layered with Al-Haramain Oudi two years ago when my dad died. He thought my frags were too strong since he had a big, sensitive nose like me. He was awake and alert on the day he passed but couldn’t talk. I walked into the room to kiss him and he curled his nose and held scrunched up his face in the universal sign for “PeeEwww.” When I wear those, I think of him.


    • Gina, I am sorry to hear of your dad’s passing. But wow! Your dad’s response to your scents… They certainly had an effect on him. Did he ever wear scents himself? Were there any he liked on you?


  2. Hey Kate,
    LOVE that Santa photo. Brings back so many memories. I played Santa for YEARS at a few of the Sydney pet stores for my BFF Kath. She called it Santa Claws and it gave her Christmas money every year. Imagine Sydney summer in full Santa regalia trying to deal with pets. Everything from spiders and snakes, birds, dogs, cats, even a horse one year.
    Fig is a fave of mine in fragrance. Thanks for introducing me to a new brand.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia,

      That photo will surface in another 9 years for D’s 21st. I am not sure how it will be received, but it is my most cherished photo. Captures D in full D-2.5 yo mode. It simply makes sense that D is immortalised by a niche scent!

      I love fig in all its forms too. Green, biting ones, especially! I’d love to know your fig choices.

      Maison Incens do a good deal on samples.


      • Oh my word!! You as Santa Claws would be a hoot! Best image to start my day with!

        I love that you try so many things in life. Certainly a life fulfilled!!


  3. The last thing I need is yet another fig fragrance, but after reading your description, I have decided that just one more is not going to ruin me. I love the idea of fig and oud.


    • Hi Ines,

      I hear you, honey! I apologise, yet this is a beautiful take on fig. I first tried it in a pack of fig samples and it stood out as the most warm, enveloping and interesting of the 6. I got some more samples to confirm I love it….yeah. I do. Let me know how you find it if you decide to get a sample from Maison Incens.

      K xx


  4. It is not a personal memory but you know that kind of smell you encounter when you enter an airconditioned place where rich people are mingling with each other. There is a mix of sophisticated smells in the air including rich perfumes, the leather of the furniture, the wood, and so on. When I first wore original formula of ELDO Jasmin et Cigarette (I believe it has been reformulated, more like a thinner version now), I got a similar vibe because you know it has jasmine and that cigarette ash as the most dominant notes. I must say I appreciate ELDO for being avant garde but only Jasmin et Cigarette won me over.


    • Hi Fazal,

      Funnily enough, I agree with you. I love how you have described J&C. The jasmine and the cigarette both give an air of class. No other perfume, I know of currently, gives that same effect. Such a unique concept! I wonder about the story behind J&C and what lead to it.

      K xx


      • Hi Kate,

        I am not sure if I recall correctly but I would say the inspiration was on the similar lines as Caron’s Tabac Blond. Maybe it is a modern interpretation of how women smell when their perfume combines with the smell of smoke from their cigarette. Modern perfumes are kinda transparent as compared to the past so instead of Tabac Blonde’s resinous leather. Jasmin et Cigarette is relatively transparent.


        • Fazal, of course! Makes a lot of sense. There is almost an 80s feel to J&C too. Reminds me of Chanel No 5 and women who smoked cigarettes called Ardath. I think… They were very heavy tobacco smelling cigarettes. Rich and potent. All ELdO scents have a retro feel to them. Like I can place them in a particular era. But yes, J&C is quite transparent. Imagine if it DID have an 80s concentration of notes!! Oi yoi yoi!


    • Hi Verbena,

      Brown paper shopping bags. Awesome scent! Ever found any perfumes that bring that scent alive?

      And rose soliflores bring so many memories back. It would be wonderful to have more bath and body products in rose.

      Thank you for responding, Verbena.


  5. I have not tried any fig scents but would like to. Shame that the ylang-ylang is so subtle or I would definitely try this one. (I’m not a big fan of oud unfortunately.). However all I could think of reading your review is that you shouldn’t despair over your son moving to Canada. He has 6 years until he’s 18 and will probably change his mind 50 times between now and then. Breathe deep, enjoy your perfume, and wait until he’s at least 16 or 17 to worry 🙂


    • Hello Kandice,

      Sorry to say, but the ylang ylang is not noticable to me at all. There is another fig made by Maison Incens, but it is a sharp green scent. I adore both; for the fact they work two facets of the same fruit, but in completely different compositions. The house provides a great deal on samples, so if you are curious, give them a try.

      K xx


  6. My grandfather always had a fig orchard when he was alive..the smells the taste, love it. Mixed with oud would be amazing too.
    The santa photo is a classic! Thanks for bringing Maison Incens to our attention, maybe a few samples cant hurt!


    • Hello Anna Maria!

      How fortunate you grew up knowing the fig scent. I’m sure you know intimately how the fruit changes taste over the season too.

      Maison Incens produce a gorgeous musk as well. I am yet to try their new chypre, so looks like I’ll be getting more samples too.

      K xx


  7. Hey Kate! I don’t like fig scents, but I do love fig candles. I tried all the Maison Incens frags in Milan. I liked them as far as I remember. Must dig them out. ❤️❤️❤️


    • Hi Val! Thank you for stopping by. Fig is pretty much a like/don’t like note. I’ll have to try a fig candle. I’ve been ODing on my Mon Guerlain candle. Soooo good. I need to invest in some FBs of Maison Incens. Quirky takes on traditional notes.

      K xx


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